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Body Composition & Pulmonary Function Testing

Body Composition

The Imaging and Body Evaluation suite provides state-of-art technology for measurements of body composition. The Hologic Discovery A Dexascan uses fan-beam technology to increase precision/image quality coupled with low patient radiation exposure for complete hip, AP spine and forearm scans. Pregnant women, neonates and infants can be studied because of the minimal radiation exposure. The BodPod performs body composition measurements by air displacement in 8-250 kg subjects.

Pulmonary Function Testing

The Pulmonary Function Testing suite contains the Carefusion Vmax 22/62 Pulmonary Function Testing Station with Plethysmograph. The equipment can be used to measure static and dynamic lung volumes; cooperation-dependent pulmonary function tests which include Spirometry/Flow-Volume/Resistance measurements and lung diffusion measurements and bodyplethysmography measurement.


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