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Clinical Nursing & Nutrition

Point-of-Care Clinical Nursing: Mobile, Inpatient or Onsite

Studies can be conducted onsite or specially trained personnel can be dispatched to the bedside of acutely ill patients throughout the MUSC campus.

Research nurses and support staff:

  • conduct protocols
  • secure specimens
  • administer medications
  • gather critical data at the bedside of hospitalized patients

This ensures that hospital nursing staff can continue to concentrate on their first priority: providing prompt, safe and effective patient care.


To study the effect of nutrition or control nutrition in research, many MUSC investigators use SCTR Research Nexus services and resources to study various diets and specific nutrients. Staff offer expertise in a unique, controlled environment..

Dietitian Services

  • Collection and analysis of macro and micro nutrients via Food Frequency Questionnaires 
  • Collection and assessment of dietary patterns
    • 24 hour dietary recalls
    • Food diary analysis
    • Other collection tools
  • Individual and group nutrition counseling/education
  • Assist in the management/development of guidelines for specific dietary meals/snacks required research protocols



Karen Packard

Research  Nexus Contacts


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