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Pilot Projects

       SCTR will facilitate new and innovative, interdisciplinary, high-impact translational research with emphasis on diseases demonstrating significant prevalence in South Carolina. SCTR supports applications across the translational spectrum - from basic science to population health - including patient-centered and community-engaged applications as well as applications from Early Career Investigators to shorten the time to research independence.

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Request for Applications (RFA) for Technology Development Grants
2017-2018 Funding Cycle


SCTR’s Therapeutics Translation Core (TTC), in conjunction with the MUSC Foundation
for Research Development (FRD) and the MUSC Drug Discovery Core, aims to
accelerate academic innovations into marketed products by providing gap funding of up
to $25,000 to advance innovative, clinically relevant technologies. The awards support
short-term (six month) studies designed to improve the commercial value of the
technologies by strengthening the intellectual property (IP) and moving technologies
further down the development pathway, thus increasing the partnerships and licensing
opportunities with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

AWARD AMOUNT: Up to $25,000 in direct costs for 6 months.


Pre-Application Opens: Sept 4, 2017
Pre-Application Due: Sept 18, 2017

Invitation to Submit Full Application: Sept 25, 2017

Full Application Due: Oct 27, 2017

Notice of Award: Nov 10, 2017
Contact: Ford Simmons, MLIS at (843) 792-2994 or



SCTR Discovery Grants


SCTR’s Pilot Project Program aims to facilitate new and innovative, high-impact translational research. The primary objectives of pilot funding are to support new and innovative, scientifically meritorious projects to collect critical preliminary data for submission of extramural grant applications and to publish research findings. We place a premium on interdisciplinary team science and new collaborations. Therefore if you are applying for this grant mechanism it is required to have an interdisciplinary team collaboration with at least one Co-Investigator/Collaborator from a different discipline.

AWARD AMOUNT: Up to $25,000 in direct costs per 12-month period


Pre-application Submission (REQUIRED) is now closed.
Pre-applicants will be notified with the decisions on whether to submit full applications or not.
Full Application Due: by noon on Friday, (EST), September 29
*Once an application is submitted, you should see a copy of the application. At that time, you should correct any errors to submit/resubmit. Incomplete, late applications and/or applications not responsive to the RFA will not be accepted or reviewed. Once an application is properly submitted, inform the Program at We will confirm whether your application has been received. However, we will not add/edit an application once submitted. 
Contact: Dayan Ranwala, PhD, Associate Director for Pilot Project Program and Team Science Program at

High Innovation-High Reward Pilots
($10K / 12 months)
Purpose: To support new and interdisciplinary pilot projects that propose substantial development of intellectual property and/or commercialization opportunities.

Applications can be submitted on a "rolling" basis and will be reviewed within 3-4 weeks.
When an application is submitted please notify Dayan Ranwala at the email address below.

Once an application is submitted, the applicant SHOULD notify Dayan Ranwala using the email address below.

Contact: Dayan Ranwala, PhD -




The MUSC CGM is launching its third pilot project initiative with the goal of developing new paths of research in genomic medicine that make use of genomics technologies, including next generation sequencing and bioinformatics capabilities on campus. The overall aim of this pilot initiative is to stimulate basic, translational, and clinical research in genomic medicine and genetics for faculty, staff, and students within MUSC who have become members in the CGM.

The main objective of the program is to promote the growth of the CGM through the development of new extramural grant funding, utilization of critical technologies and CGM Core services to allow investigators to obtain genomic data, including NGS based data, to be used in currently pending or future extramural grant applications.

AWARD AMOUNT: Up to $25,000 from the CGM with required $:$ matching funds from the another Department/Center to total up to $50,000 (Direct costs only)


Letter of Intent (LOI) Due: By 5PM on Friday, September 1, 2017 (EST); LOI should be sent to Ginny Davis at

Application Due Date: By 5PM on Monday, October 16, 2017 (EST)

Earliest Anticipated Funding Date: December 1, 2017

*Only invited applicants should submit the full application using the ‘Appropriate Apply’ button.

Program Contacts:  Stephen P. Ethier, PhD, Email:; Phone: 843-876-2298 

Administrative Questions:  Virginia Davis; Email:; Phone: 843-876-2298



  • To provide help for the MUSC investigators who are submitting extramural grant applications.   
  • To increase the quality of the extramural grant application submissions and success of getting them funded.

SCTR Internal Scientific Review of Extramural Grant Application
Limited to MUSC Faculty; Internal SCTR/MUSC scientific review of an extramural grant application (NIH K-series, R-series, U-series, NSF applications)

Application Due Date: Minimum 6 weeks before the extramural grant application due to MUSC ORSP

Once an application is submitted, the applicant SHOULD notify Dayan Ranwala using the email address below.
Contact:  Dayan Ranwala, PhD -


External Review of Extramural Grant Application
Limited to MUSC Faculty; To engage an external expert to review an extramural grant application following SCTR internal approval* (NIH R-series, K-series, P-series, U-series, NSF applications)

* SCTR will make decisions whether to send these applications for external expert reviews based on the needs of the application.

Application Due Date: Minimum 6 weeks before the extramural grant application due  to MUSC ORSP

Once an application is submitted, the applicant SHOULD notify Dayan Ranwala using the email address below.
Contact: Dayan Ranwala, PhD -

To facilitate timely turnaround of the reviews, please submit all required components of the application, and other required information as listed in the "Information" sections.

Upon submission of an application (including the information above) to the SCTR application system, please notify Dayan Ranwala, PhD, via email (

OTHER FUNDING: SCTR Voucher  |  Community Engagement  |  KL2  |  TL1  |  Research Toolkit: Funding & Grant Proposal


This resource provides an online library of successfully funded extramural grant applications to aid in the preparation of new proposals - available to MUSC faculty upon request. These proposals are intended to be used as a tool for educational purposes, and not to be distributed outside of MUSC.


2007 - 2016 Funded Pilot Projects - PDF

Currently Funded


Christine Carr, MD
Palmetto Profiles
Associate Professor
Emergency Medicine
Project Title:
The HEART Pathway: A Learning Health System Project, Translating Evidence to Practice Across the Carolinas
Christine Cooper, MD
Palmetto Profiles
Assistant Professor
Project Title:
Brain Circuitry Changes in Vascular Parkinsonism
Carla Danielson, PhD
Palmetto Profiles
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Project Title:
Trait Loci, PTSD, and Hazardous Alcohol Use

Monika Gooz, MD, PhD
Palmetto Profiles
Associate Professor
Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences

Project Title:
Mitochondrial metabolism as novel therapeutic target in polycystic kidney disease (PKD)

Rochelle Hanson, PhD
Palmetto Profiles
Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
College of Medicine

Project Title:
Using Team Science to Integrate Primary Care and Behavioral Health for Trauma-Impacted Youth

Kyu-Ho Lee, MD, PhD
Palmetto Profiles
Assistant Professor

Project Title:
A Unique Mouse Model of Preeclampsia
Lisa McTeague, PhD
Palmetto Profiles
Assistant Professor
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Project Title:
Extinguishing Fear and Craving: Neuromodulating Shared Circuits

Anna-Liisa Nieminen, PhD
Palmetto Profiles
Associate Professor
Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences

Project Title:
Mechanisms of Mitochrondrial Iron Uptake - Potential New Therapeutic Target

Alicia Privette, PhD
Palmetto Profiles
Assistant Professor
General Surgery
College of Medicine

Project Title:
Information Technology for Teamwork and Communication In Trauma (IT-TACIT)
Kit Simpson, DrPH
Palmetto Profiles
Healthcare Leadership & Management
Project Title:
Discovering Variations in Use and Outcomes in Three Stroke Rehabilitation Settings for Populations Defined by ADL, Age, Race, and Geography
Carol Wagner, MD
Palmetto Profiles
Project Title:
Vitamin D Dependent Effects on Milk Fat Globule Membrane Structure and Composition


Perry V Halushka, PhD, MD
Program Director
Kevin Gray, MD
Associate Program Director
Christine Turley, MD
Associate Program Director
Dayan Ranwala, PhD
Associate Director



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