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SCTR Retreats

              SCTR facilitates collaboration across traditional disciplinary and institutional lines by sponsoring thematic-based retreats for basic, clinical and population scientists, and community practitioners at all levels of career development.

Past Retreats/Events




October 26, 2018

 2018 Opioids ResearchEvent Page

October 12, 2018

 2018 Neurodevelopmental Disorders ResearchEvent Page
June 8, 2018

 2018 Annual Mentorship Training Symposium

Event Page

April 20, 2018

 SCTR Scientific Retreat on Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases Related ResearchEvent Page

January 26, 2018

 MUSC Translational Research DayEvent Page

October 20, 2017

 Scientific Retreat on Aging Related ResearchEvent Page

July 28, 2017

 MUSC Digestive Disease RetreatEvent Page

June 9, 2017

 2017 Annual SCTR Mentorship Training Symposium
 Essential Professional Communication Skills for Academic Success

Event Page

May 3, 2017

  SCTR Scientific Retreat on the Human MicrobiomeEvent Page

April 6, 2017

  Fifth Annual Women's Health Research DayEvent Page

March 23, 2017

  Scientific Workshop on Vitamin DEvent Page

November 9, 2016

  2016 SCTR Scientific Retreat on Health DisparitiesEvent Page

June 10th, 2016

   Zika: Z to A - What We Know, What We Don't, and How to PrepareEvent Page

February 8th, 2016

   SCTR Scientific Retreat on Transition of Care Across the LifespanEvent Page

December 1st, 2015

   Women's Innovation SymposiumEvent Page
June 5th, 2015

2015 SCTR Mentorship Symposium

Event Page
May 19th, 2015

SCTR Scientific Retreat: Frontiers in Immunotherapeutics

Event Page
February 17th, 2015

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Workshop

Event Page
October 30th, 2014

Scientific Retreat on Tobacco Related Research: "Making Tobacco History: Accelerating Efforts to Reduce Harm Caused by Tobacco"

Event Page
May 23rd, 2014

Scientific Retreat on Pain Research

Event Page
October 29th, 2013

Scientific Retreat on Comparative Effectiveness and Patient-Centered Outcomes Research

Event Page
March 1st, 2013

Scientific Retreat on Implementation Science: "Improving Health Through Evidence-Based Practice & Policy"

Event Page
October 19th, 2012

Scientific Retreat on Obesity

Event Page
April 26th, 2012

Scientific Retreat on Mobile Health Technology

Event Page
October 24th, 2011

Scientific Retreat on Biomedical Imaging

Event Page
February 25th, 2011

Scientific Retreat: "Regeneration, Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Return of Function in Persons with Neurological Disease/Injury"

Event Page
November 19th, 2010

Scientific Retreat on Telemedicine

Event Page
March 23 - 24th, 2010

Scientific Retreat on Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine

Event Page
March 5th, 2009

Scientific Retreat on Cardiovascular Disease

Event Page

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