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Experiencing Issues?
May I submit a request for services for multiple research studies/projects simultaneously?
I want to create an account to access SPARC Request and I work here at MUSC.
May I select and add services from multiple Service Providers and Programs at one time?
Why can't I find the services I need for my study?
How do I add services to an existing protocol?
What is the difference between a Research Study and a Research Project?
Why can't I move forward from the protocol information page?
Why can't I move forward from the user section in Step 1?
How many Authorized Users can I add?
Why do I see a screening phase ARM?
Why do I see 2 prices on the budget page?
Why can't I move past the visit calendar section (step 2B)?
How do I change the quantity or billing information in Step 2?
What documents do I need to upload in Step 3?
What do I need to click in Step 4?
How does my clinical study get to Epic?
How do I edit an existing study?
SPARC will not allow me to submit a new request for additional clinical Nexus services (lab, nursing, imaging, etc.) to my study. How can I add additional clinical nexus services?
How do I create a protocol for Epic research purposes without having to select research services?
I'm stuck! Who can I contact for assistance with SPARC Request?



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