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2012-2013 MUSC SGA Executive Officer Candidates

Presidential Candidates

Brandon Hagan

 Hello, MUSC students! My name is Brandon Hagan and I’m a 3rd year student in the College of Dental Medicine. It has been my pleasure to serve as your 2011-2012 Student Government Academic Vice President. I’ve learned much during this past year including sharpening my skills in being an effective leader and I feel I am ready to make use of these skills as Student Government President. Part of SGA’s mission is to serve our community as well as our students. Members of the Executive Committee and I have been instrumental in providing with you exciting events such as the MUSC Oyster Roast, Winetasting, Alhambra, in addition to the multiple service projects that are held annually. As the only potential returning Executive Committee member, it’s important to have a leader that is familiar with the tradition and policies that SGA undertakes, but one that is also willing to lend their voice and hard work in providing events that the students enjoy and feel are necessary. As your liaison, I fully understand that we are one part of several important organizations of the MUSC community and in order to fully address our needs we must come to the table with both students and the administration to understand the interrelatedness of our collective institutional concerns. I, as a current executive member believe that we have done a wonderful job in serving as leaders this year, but there is also work to be done. We have to make sure that our campus remains Smoke-Free and that this in enforced to not only keep our students safe, but also our patients and administrators. Our tuition increases every year and this is a legitimate concern that I continue and will continue to address and fight against on a yearly basis. Feel free to ask any questions or bring to my attention any concerns that you may have. I fully support the well-being of each and every student and want to make your experience as part of the MUSC community a memorable one. Thanks everyone and please lend me your vote!
Academic VP Candidates
Cason Hund
 Here at MUSC we use SGA as our voice to achieve the best learning environment possible. As a class representative, I have had the opportunity to be one of the voices of SGA. After learning and serving on SGA, I have chosen to run for Academic Vice President. This position necessitates student leadership in the promotion of learning at MUSC. I will be in direct contact, on a weekly basis, with administration including the MUSC Deans, the MUSC VP for Academic Affairs and Provost, the MUSC President and the Board of Trustees. My goal will be to establish MUSC as a better place of learning for you. It will be my policy to remain open to requests and suggestions, not only from students on SGA, but also directly from any MUSC student that has an issue with faculty, the library, enrollment services, honor council, or student programs. Starting with my position, I want to make SGA members who have the ability to make direct change more available to you, the student. As chair to the honor council I will uphold the integrity of this University and your diploma to the fairest and strictest standards. In my role as Parliamentarian, I will teach and engage each member of SGA in the rules and functions of parliamentary procedure so they will be more confident and able to voice the concerns of their represented groups. This will allow SGA to more effectively and efficiently serve the student body. Thanks for your support!
 Programs VP Candidates
 Danny Vo
 Hey MUSC! My name is Danny Vo and I am running for SGA Programs Vice President. After serving two, awesome years as a class representative on the Programs Committee, I have decided to step up to a more challenging leadership position so I can make a greater contribution to the outstanding events put on for MUSC.  I thrive on being able to develop plans from scratch, see how they unfold, and work on improving them for the future. It would be my goal to continue expanding the programs with the students in mind to enrich their experiences here at MUSC. Additionally, I’d work hard to implement any innovative ideas that anyone may possess on events they would like to see on campus. MUSC-SGA prides itself on bringing fun, exciting events to students, faculty, and employees alike. Through these events, I have enjoyed meeting new people whom I am cultivating relationships with that will, in the future, hold strong in the healthcare world.
 Emily Allen
 Hello, all!  My name is Emily Allen; I’m a second-year PhD student in the CGS.  I want to become the next Program Vice President because I believe that the social, cultural, and recreational programs provided at MUSC are important to develop a well-rounded, cooperative, and communicative student body.  We are all in a field that requires daily collaborations and interactions; student activities promote these connections and keep the lines of communication flowing between all six colleges.  For the past 2 years, I have served as an SGA representative for CGS.  I have learned a lot about how SGA can work for you, and would love to have the opportunity to promote your needs and interests.  I value creativity, and will do my best to make your experience enjoyable.  This past year, I have also served as Vice President of the Graduate Student Association.  My primary role has planning, arranging, and over-seeing social events.  We’ve had successful events at 3 new venues, added a movie night social, and are planning several spring events that take advantage of what Charleston has to offer.  As a member of SGA, I have enjoyed working with the Student Programs Office staff and believe that as a team, we can work together to plan community-building events from inviting engaging speakers to having more social food events.  As Program VP, I will bring experience, a strong work ethic, and enthusiasm to the executive committee.  Thanks for your time, and I greatly appreciate your support during this election!
Service VP Candidates
Caroline Hoover
 Hello, MUSC!  Over the past year I have had the privilege of serving as the College of Pharmacy SGA President and an MUSC SGA representative.  In the upcoming school year, it would be an honor to be elected and serve as the Service Vice President.  I'm drawn to this position because of the potential to chair the Service Committee and work closely with MUSC Gives Back to expand and improve the volunteer opportunities offered by the SGA executive board.  As a professional learning institution in which each college's curriculum is enhanced through community volunteer experiences, I believe that this is one of the most important areas of opportunity that the SGA can impact.  During my year as the College of Pharmacy President, I worked very closely with MUSC Gives Back to organize a university wide fundraiser that provided more than 500 Christmas gifts to the children of the Carolina Youth Development Center.  I believe that no matter what our individual backgrounds, we're very fortunate to be in our respective programs at MUSC and should strive to give back to our community through volunteer opportunities and service learning.  I'm honored to have served as an SGA representative this past year and had an impact on the student affairs handled by the SGA, but I'm even more excited about the potential opportunity to serve as the Service Vice President of the SGA!  Thank you!
Communications VP Candidates
 Kayla Hill
 Hello, MUSC Students!  For the past year, I have had the privilege of serving as an SGA representative for the College of Graduate Studies.  As a voice of the student body, my mission is to not only represent the CGS, but to also address the concerns and needs of all colleges and students by serving you as the SGA Communications Vice President.  With such a diverse student body at MUSC, maintaining effective communication and exchange of information, ideas, and concerns among all colleges is vital to making a difference at MUSC.  As Communications Vice President, my main duty is to facilitate communication among SGA representatives and the student body.  The leadership experiences I have gained this past year as an active member of the SGA Communications committee, as well as Secretary and Service Chair of the Graduate Student Association will hlep me to serve you even better.  By listening to students' comments and concerns, I expect to enhance communication among colleges, collaborate with MUSC staff to improve the MUSC Mobile app (MOX), and to continue to maintain and improve the MUSC SGA website.  I pledge to actively work to improve the quality of student life at MUSC and represent your needs.  I would be honored to serve you as SGA Communications Vice President and I will strive to make your experience here at MUSC as rewarding as possible.  Thank you for your support! 
Holly Berry
A strong communicator is akin to lacking the cornerstone of a building; without one, the success of an elected organization is under constant risk. For this reason, I wish to serve as Communications VP of the SGA. Over the past year, I have had the privilege of serving as an SGA representative for the College of Pharmacy. Through my service as a representative, I have gained insight into how communication is necessary for an interdisciplinary institution such as MUSC to function. The importance of such communications, either through daily emails or records upkeep, ensures that the SGA is organized and the student body is well informed of opportunities on campus.  Being a non-traditional student, I am able to relate to a variety of students while utilizing the experience I have acquired in professional roles to communicate accurately and promptly. In the COP, I participate in several pre-professional organizations, one of which requires me to play an active role in facilitating communication between the Columbia and Charleston campuses. While communication plays a key role, I believe that it should be adapted to utilize as many avenues as possible and to reach the greatest target audience. I would very much like to help with broadening the availability of communication on campus and to help all students receive the most benefit from their SGA.  I believe the attributes listed make me a well-qualified candidate for the position of Communications VP of SGA and I would be honored to serve in this position.
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