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2013/2014 MUSC SGA Executive Board


Danny Vo

Hey MUSC! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to have served as your SGA Programs Vice President for the past year. It has been an awesome and rewarding experience to be able to plan various cultural and social events for you. I’ve really enjoyed putting together and celebrating with you the Back to School Party, Winetasting at the Aquarium, Oyster Roast, and Alhambra, among other events. Throughout my 3 years as an active member of SGA, I have witnessed the value and importance of uniting students from all the colleges here at MUSC. We all come from such a wide array of backgrounds and cultures, and this diversity is appreciated when everyone rallies together at the programs we have put on. As an experienced leader in SGA, I would appreciate your vote as I run for President of SGA. It is my goal and duty to further enrich your experience here at MUSC, making sure your concerns are heard and acknowledged so that I can be a voice for you. For example, I will endeavor to assert the value of higher education, especially in healthcare, and do something about our continually increasing cost of tuition! Your opinions are of utmost value, and so essential to ensuring that positive changes occur on campus. Under my leadership, SGA will strive to improve on developing all facets of student life, including academics, social events, and philanthropy to the community. Thank you for your support!

Academic VP

James Atkison

Hello fellow students! My name is James Atkison, and I am running for Academic Vice President of the Student Government Association. I feel that I am well-qualified for this position, as I have served as a representative on SGA for the College of Graduate Studies for the past two years, including serving on the Academic Affairs committee this year. Also, I am the Vice President of the Graduate Student Association, where I have planned several successful events such as the New Student Social, the tea times we host each month, and the Ugly Sweater Holiday Party. Through these organizations, I have been able to participate in many community service opportunities, allowing me to meet students from other colleges and build inter-professional friendships. I am also a member of the College of Graduate Studies Honor Council, and will uphold the integrity of MUSC through my service on the University Honor Council, if elected. Additionally, I will work directly with the Library staff so that students continue to receive the resources for an adequate study environment. I am confident that I am fully capable of performing the duties of this office, so please vote for me as your next SGA Academic Vice President.

 Programs VP

Stephen Thompson
 For the past two years, I have had the privilege of serving as a COM representative in SGA, and I want to continue to serve the MUSC community as SGA Programming VP. I will work to improve student life at MUSC by continuing to offer cultural programs and social events that are available to the entire student body. There are few opportunities that unite the entire university community like SGA programming. As a member of the programming committee for the past two years, I understand what is involved in planning and implementing these programs. As a SGA representative at MUSC and SGA Vice President at UGA, I understand how to listen to student concerns and convey the student voice to the administration. I promise to be a leader for SGA and unite MUSC students through the SGA university-wide programs. Thank you, and I would appreciate your support during this election.

Service VP

Holly Berry

For the past two years, I have had the privilege of serving as an SGA representative for the College of Pharmacy. Not only have I been an active member in SGA, I have also served on both the Communications and Student Welfare committees. During the past two years, my most rewarding experiences have been while completing my service activities within SGA and participating in volunteer activities outside of SGA. Whether it was building houses for Habitat for Humanity or helping with the Cooper River Kids Bridge Run, these events have worked to enhance my experiences at MUSC as a whole. Not only have I been able to give back to the Charleston community and surrounding areas but I have also had the opportunity to interact with students from other colleges. As an SGA representative, I have gained insight into how service can enhance an interdisciplinary institution such as MUSC. I would like to help with broadening the availability of service on campus and to encourage participation from all students at MUSC. As Service Vice President of SGA, it would be my main duty to chair the service committee. Not only would I work to ensure that our student representatives meet their service requirements, but I would work closely with SGA to provide active and rewarding service events for MUSC students. I believe service and volunteering are vital to ensure the success of our communities and I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your 2013-2014 Service VP of SGA.

Communications VP

 Kayla Hill
 Hello MUSC students! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as your SGA Communications Vice President for the past year. I have had the privilege of representing your needs, facilitating communication among the SGA and the MUSC student body, and developing a pilot fundraising program to support SGA-sponsored events. The leadership experiences I have gained this past year will help me to serve you even better. By listening to students’ comments and concerns, I expect to enhance communication among all six colleges and to continue to maintain and improve the MUSC SGA website. I am looking forward to the possibility of working with the new Executive Board and SGA representatives and expanding SGA’s pilot fundraiser to support future student programs and events. I pledge to actively work to improve the quality of student life at MUSC and represent your needs. I would be honored to serve you as SGA Communications Vice President for a second year and I will strive to make your experience here at MUSC as rewarding as possible. Thank you for your support!
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