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-Meeting Minutes- 11 April 2007
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I. President

A.     Approval of March 28th minutes- Approved

B.     Student Welfare

Old Business

1.      Earl B. Higgins Achievement in Diversity Award

Mike Drake (SGA President): The two Earl B. Higgins Achievement in Diversity Award winners were announced earlier this week. I would like to briefly comment on two people. First, Liz Sheridan was one of five faculty nominated for this position. She does amazing work and I am proud that she works so closely with us. Second, Aaron Embry was one of the winners. He was the SGA Academic Vice President last semester and had served on SGA as a College of Health Professions and MSAB representative for the previous three years. He’s very involved around campus and our university couldn’t have a better student that exemplifies the values of Earl B. Higgins than Aaron.

2.      Returning Student Parking

Mike Drake (SGA President): this up-coming weekend will be the 3rd week of parking registration. The majority of parking spaces that we consider “on campus” have been sold out. The following spots remain: 2 in P lot, 4 in K lot, 24 in K lot over the summer, 1 in N lot, 3 in Lockwood, 110 in BB lot, 24 in AA lot. Remember that registration starts this Friday at 5:00pm and ends Sunday at 5:00pm. Last time, about 20 people had problems with registration. The majority of those problems arose from students either typing in the wrong credit card number, the wrong 3 digit security code, or pressing the backspace button before the transaction was complete. We’ve already informed the students registering this coming weekend via email of those problems so that they can be more careful. Please tell your classmates to call the helpdesk if they experience any problems during registration.

3.      SGA Programs VP

Mike Drake (SGA President): We had elections for next year’s Programs’ two weeks ago. The new Programs VP will be Dachelle Johnson (COP).

Dachelle Johnson (COP):  Thank you for your support. If you’ll be around next year, I look forward to working with you.

4.      Alliance for Hispanic Health  

Mike Drake (SGA President): This will be the second reading for the legislation submitted by the Alliance for Hispanic Health.

Peko Tsuji (ISA Rep.): Alliance for Hispanic Health is asking the student body for a spot on SGA for representation. Just so you know, representation between AHH and MSAB won’t overlap. AHH is not a voting member of MSAB.

Mike Drake (SGA President): Can you please reread the bill?

The content of Bill No. 07-06 (which was provided to the SGA reps) is written below:

Bill No. 07-06; “MUSC SGA Membership for the Student Alliance for Hispanic Health”

Purpose: to acknowledge the Student Alliance for Hispanic Health as a university-wide student organization having one voting representative to the Student Government Association.

Whereas, the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association (MUSC SGA) aims to serve the needs of all students of the university, and

Whereas, the MUSC SGA has previously recognized the university-wide student organizations of the Multicultural Student Advisory Board and the International Student Association with voting SGA membership representation, and

Whereas, the Hispanic students of the University had previously petitioned the Association of Black Health Professionals in the College of Health Professions to become a Multicultural Association of Health Professionals to grant them membership, and having been denied, and

Whereas, the Hispanic Students of the University do not currently have specific representation at MUSC SGA, and

Whereas, the increasing diversity within the University and the community includes a growing Hispanic population who will be our colleagues and the people we serve as future health professionals,

Be it resolved by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association assembled in regular session the following:

That the Student Alliance for Hispanic Health be recognized as a voting member of the MUSC SGA.

Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): Didn’t we recently redistribute the number of representatives in this body?

Mike Drake (SGA President): Yes, we came up with an algorithm. Each representative represents 50 students (rounded to the nearest number). In addition, we have 1 representative for ISA and MSAB.

Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): By that definition, isn’t every student already represented?

Peko Tsuji (ISA Rep.): Yes, but it’s more complicated than that. It’s more difficult when you talk about a minority organization. Compare the number of minorities in your class to the number of minorities in this room. As you can see, minorities are under-represented even on SGA. It’s not like AHH would screw up the votes by 1 vote.

Mark Kaldas (COP Rep.): I agree with Joseph with respect to representation. But the problem that I have with this bill is the potential for floodgate. This could lead for individuals of every ethnic group to ask for representation. For example, I’m Egyptian. What if I thought there should be an Egyptian rep on SGA?

Ken Byrd (COM Rep.): Richard, can you talk about what the Academic Affairs Committee discussed after our last meeting and what their consensus was?

Richard Webb (Academic VP): Yes. Last meeting, we meet to discuss the bill. As a committee, we are not in favor of this legislation because like Mark mentioned, it sets the precedent for other groups. I think that it could be better represented under MSAB. Also, AHH is not a minority/cultural organization. It is more of an interest group.

Mike Drake (SGA President): Is anyone in favor of this legislation?

Adrian Sproul (CGS Rep.): Yes, I’m in favor for this. AHH is not just an organization for Hispanics, but it’s also an organization for all health professionals. It’s an organization for people interested in the Hispanic community. Since we’re all health professionals and this is going to be part of the population we’re going to take care of, we should consider granting them a seat. It’s also a university wide organization that’s open to all students.

Jason Delinsky (CHP Rep.): How long has MSAB been a part of SGA or MUSC?

Peko Tsuji (ISA Rep.): Years.

Ken Byrd (COM Rep.): I think the idea of having them represented is a good idea, but ideally, they should be represented in ISA or MSAB. It is not in our best interest to have an interest group in SGA. If AHH wants to be on SGA to represent Hispanics in the community, that defeats the purpose of SGA. It would be the same thing as letting the Public Health Interest Group have a voting seat on SGA. If AHH wants to represent Hispanics at MUSC< then they can do that through another organization.

The SGA voted for or against this legislation.

No. of votes for legislation: 1

No. of votes against this legislation: 34

Legislation 07-06 did not pass.

New Business

1.      Recommendations for Commencement Speaker

a.       Passed around sheet for suggestions for next year.

2.      Flag Bearers for Commencement

a.       Passed around sheet for 2 representatives from each college to sign up.

3.      SGA Evaluations

Mike Drake (SGA President): Please take the time now and through out the rest of the meeting to fill out these evaluations. It’s important that we learn from our areas of weakness in order to continue to improve and strengthen our student body.

4.      1 Rep. to serve on Greystone Education Group Committee

Mike Drake (SGA President): The purpose of this organization is to evaluate our websites. They will discuss how to improve not only the MUSC website, but also the hospital’s. You’d be working with administration and would be putting in a total of 10 hours time commitment. I’m sorry that I don’t have more information on this. I hope some is interested in joining this committee.

è Kate Robinette (CHP) will serve on the committee

C.     April 25th Meeting at Sticky Fingers- RSVP

Mike Drake (SGA President): This will be our last true SGA meeting. We’ll be meeting at Sticky Fingers to have dinner and the meeting. Please RSVP but remember, that it’s still a formal meeting. If you miss it, it will count as an unexcused absence.

II.    Program Vice President

New Business

A.   Alhambra at the Windjammer – “It’s a Shore Thing”

1.      Saturday, April 14; 12:00-5:00pm.

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Alhambra is quickly approaching. Please encourage your classmates to attend. As we’ve already mentioned in previous meetings, there will be buses running from downtown and Mt. Pleasant that will take students to the Windjammer. There will be tons of giveaways: t-shirts, koozies, water bottles, glow-in-the-dark cups, and more. Three bands will be playing (The Secrets, The Soulmites, and The Movement). Food will be provided from Sticky fingers (Food: Barbeque pork, chicken, hotdogs, veggie burgers and great sides, sweet cold treats, kettle corn, and boiled peanuts; Drinks: iced tea, lemonade, soft drinks, and ice-cold beer. Other alcoholic beverages may be purchased on-site).  It will be a fun beach party. Please tell classmates about this event. It’s a change from all the Alhambra’s from the past, but it’s a good change. We hope that you get your classmates excited about attending.

            B.   MUSC Live at Knights of Columbus

                        1.   Friday, April 20th; 7:00-10:00pm

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We have a great turn out of performance groups. So far, we have 12-13 groups. It will be lots of fun and we promise interesting entertainment for the night. Please tell your classmates about this event and stress that this event is open to everyone. The performance groups are from all different colleges. There will be free food and beer.


III.  Academic Vice President

Old Business

A.     Library White Boards

Richard Webb (Academic VP): A suggestion was made to take the white boards from the first floor rooms of the Education Center & Library building and donate them to the College of Pharmacy. I meet with Dr. West to discuss this, but she and staff from the Center of Academic Excellence are very attached to the whiteboards and they will be staying in the rooms. It’s our responsibility to remind our classmates not to block the doors with the white boards.

B.     Library Carrels

Richard Webb (Academic VP): I met with Bob Poyer to discuss this issue and to inform him that my committee had volunteered us to police the carrels. He wants to thank the SGA for our willingness to take this matter in our own hands, but says that he feels a little responsible for letting it happen. He has working relationships with several who camp out in the cubicles. He has asked the SGA to hold of any policies regarding the cubicles until July 1st.  That way, he will allow the students who use them to get through exams and the boards. After that, he says he looks forward to working with SGA to come up with a solution. He’s done some research and has discovered that currently, there are 37 cubicles with students camping out. 20 of those are on the 2nd floor. 17 are on the 3rd floor.

Adrian Sproul (CGS Rep.): Are any of these permanent people from other colleges or are they all from the COM?

Richard Webb (Academic VP): 3-5 are from the College of Dental Medicine and 2-3 are from the College of Pharmacy. But, all others are from the COM.

Mike Drake (SGA President): A good number of these people that use these carrels really do use them to study. People that are complaining are people that study once a week. The students that camp out have less sympathy for those students. Whether that’s right or wrong, that’s their mentality. I’m opposed to SGA collecting stuff, but agree that something needs to be done.

Jason Curry (COM Rep.): The majority of the carrels are taken by my classmates. A few of my classmates don’t agree with this behavior, but most of my class feels what Mike has already expressed. Some have warned that there will be lots of backfire if something happens before the boards. We don’t want the library staff may suffer. They’re ok if something happens after July 1st. They just don’t want things to change before then.

Chris Cutshall (COM Rep.): These students have not been courteous to MUSC students as a whole.

Richard Webb (Academic VP): According to Bob, when this started, it was only a few students, all of which were loyal library studiers. He doesn’t feel comfortable kicking them out prior to the boards.

Mark Kaldas (COP Rep.): Last year, there was an incident in the first floor rooms of the ECL that involved students camping out there and even using coffee makers. What’s the difference between that and someone camping out in carrels?

Mike Drake (SGA President): The ultimate problem is that administrators use those rooms.

Richard Webb (Academic VP): Bob Poyer has informed his staff to forward all library complaints to SGA.

Adrian Sproul (CGS Rep.): So we get all the complaints but we can’t do anything about it?

Richard Webb (Academic VP): Not until July 1st

IV.  Treasurer

Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back: It’s been a great year of service for SGA and MUSC. MUSC Gives Back will be recognizing student groups for their volunteer efforts. One group from each college and one university-wide group will be recognized for their contributions to the community on April 15th.

Old Business

Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): We’re done with service for the year. We had 14 successful service events this year. Thanks for all your work.

A.     Kids Bridge Run

B.     Hope Lodge

C.     Charleston Miracle League

V.     Secretary

New Business

A.     SGA Website      

B.     Student Life Emails

VI.  Intramurals

A.     Softball

VII.  Student Programs

A.     MUSC Annual Art/Photo Exhibit

1.      Work Displayed: April 2nd – May 4th (HSC Gallery)

B.     Roommate Finder Party.

1.       Saturday, April 21st in this room (HSC auditorium). RSVP before Wednesday.

VIII.   College and Organizational Reports

Dental – Nothing to Report

Graduate Studies – Nothing to Report

Health Professionals – Sign up for the ALS HOPE race

International Student Association –1) MUSC International Bazaar on Thursday, April 19th from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm. “Taste the Nations”. There will be international food and live entertainment.  2) International Family &  Friends Picnic on Sunday May 20th from 1:30 – 5:00pm at the James Island County Park. $1. Open to everyone.

Medicine – Nothing to Report

Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board – Our last MSAB meeting / end-of-the-year banquet is going on right now at Little Thai too.

Nursing – Nothing to Report

Pharmacy - Nothing to Report

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