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-Meeting Minutes- 23 August 2006
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Welcome Back!!!

I. President

Mike Drake, President of SGA, introduced Dr. Chipas, Associate Professor of Nurse Anesthesia, who came to talk to the SGA representatives about the Inter-professional Competition. Dr. Chipas thanked the Representatives for having him at the meeting and said that he has been meeting with the administration and SGA leadership to create a campus environment where inter-professionalism is part of everyday, not just one day [referring to last year’s Inter-professional Day]. This year, MUSC will be having a campus-wide inter-professional competition modeled after the national Clarion inter-professional competition that has been held in Minnesota over the past 4-5 years. For the campus-wide competition, the inter-professional teams will be made up of 4 students from different colleges. No college will have more than 1 student per team, so there will be no college overlap. Teams will be given a case based on a fictitious sentinel event and is designed to encompass all healthcare disciplines. Each team will have 1-2 months to prepare a root-cause analysis of the case. Teams can use any resource on campus during their preparation. Faculty advisors will also be available to advise their team regarding available resources. In addition, guest speakers will provide all teams with the tools necessary to succeed during three dinner workshops. In early November, all teams will present to local judges, who will determine the top 4-5 teams. In late November, those top teams will present to expert judges and will compete for scholarship prizes.

Scholarship prizes are:
1st place: $3000 team scholarship, plus a spot in the national competition
2nd place: $2000 team scholarship
3rd place: $1000 team scholarship

Questions  from SGA Representatives:
1. When is the registration date and when are the information sessions?
Answer: All sessions will take place in Room 107, ECL Building. The dates and  times are as follows: Thursday, September 7th at 5:00pm;  Friday, September 8th  at 12:00pm; Tuesday, September 12th at 12:00pm;  Wednesday, September 13th  at 5:00pm; *Deadline: September 15th, 5:00pm

2. Who creates the teams?
Answer: Teams will be randomly assigned and will include students from  different colleges.

3. At the meetings, will we be provided with examples of what cases the information meetings?
Answer: Yes, we will provide you with examples of cases and a websites you can  go to learn more about these cases. In addition, students and faculty will be  available at he four information sessions to explain the details of the competition,  provide a sample case, and address questions.

A. Introductions
Executive Officers, Representatives, and Student Programs staff went around the room and introduced themselves.

B. Presidential Succession
Mike Drake: Alex Whitley, last year’s SGA president, who was re-elected to serve again for the 2006-2007 school year, has transferred to UAB, to be with his wife, who was offered a faculty position there. While we are happy for him, his departure created problems related to presidential succession.  Ken Byrd (Academic Vice President for 2005-2006, and current COM Representative) will talk about how I came to be president, what potential problems it may pose, and will propose a resolution to deal with these problems.

Mike Drake stepped out of the room so that that the SGA representatives could talk candidly about their feelings to this matter. He temporarily handed his Presidential powers to Brie Dunn (Programs Vice President).

Ken Byrd (COM Representative): How did Mike go from Academic Vice President to President? Article III, Section 8 of the SGA constitution is why. Article III, Section 8 states: “The Academic Vice President:  Shall act in lieu of the President if the President is unable to perform the duties of the office and shall succeed the office if a vacancy occurs. ” Despite this statement, the constitution seems to contradict itself. In Article III, Section 5 states, “In the event that an elected officer cannot fulfill his duties, or is disqualified from the election, then all SGA members and all candidates for that position will be asked to apply to the general SGA which will elect a replacement based on plurality vote.” Because of these 2 contradictory sections in the constitution, we understand that some of you may have problems with Mike Drake succeeding the presidency. The reason we [last year’s and this year’s executive officers] chose to go by Section 8 is because it is more specific to the duties of Academic Vice President. The Resolution I propose is: “Appreciating the need to fill the office of President of the Student Government Association, bearing in mind that two articles describe how to fill a vacancy in the executive office, realizing that Article III, Section 8, Subsection (g) specifically describes the duty of the Academic Vice president to succeed the office of the President if he is unable to perform his duties, I move that the SGA approve the succession of Academic VP Mike Drake to the office of President in the absence of the elected President” We’re talking about this now, because last year, we did a constitutional review. I apologize for having overlooked these conflicting sections. We can change the constitution later. This resolution is a temporary resolution. This is the first reading. You [SGA Representatives] have 2 weeks to review the resolution.

Joseph Brown (CDM Representative): “I think this resolution is well written. I applaud Ken for taking initiative in this matter”

Ken Byrd: Normally, we would not have to talk about this even though the sections in the constitution are conflicting. We thought we should it bring it up in order to legitimize Mike Drake’s Presidency, since the President will represent all students at MUSC. If Mike Drake does succeed, then Article III, Section 5 will apply to fill the Academic VP position. We will need to elect someone from within SGA to fill the position. Any Questions?

Anna Vulkin (CHP Representative): What are some reasons we should not go by section 8?

Ken Byrd: - People may feel like they’d want to vote.

Joseph Brown: What Ken is proposing is that since Mike Drake was voted in as Academic VP, not President, some students may not be happy with his succession to the Presidency. Some may not have voted for him if he had run for President. This resolution just legitimizes the process. It acknowledges that there may be something wrong, but that the Representatives support the resolution.

Ken Byrd: We’ll bring this up next week.

Mike Drake returns to the room, and the meeting proceeds.

C. Student Welfare
Old Business
1. 2005-2006 MUSC SGA Accomplishments

Mike Drake mentioned just a few of the accomplishments of last year’s MUSC SGA, including: Interdisciplinary projects (World Aids Day, Day On, Not a Day Off), the smoking policy, successful online parking, SGA TV in the library/education building, and 24 hr accessibility of the library.

2. Smoking- Letter drafted by Mr. Jeff Watkins
Mike Drake: the 1st smoking hut is up (located outside hospital and library, near horseshoe), but no one has used it thus far.  Unfortunately, smoking collectors are still distributed all throughout the exterior of the library and smokers continue to congregate there. Will get word out about smoking hut.

Smoking Policy Letter: Mike passed around a letter drafted by Dr. Raymond Greenberg (MUSC President) and Mr. Stuart Smith (VP for Clinical Operations) that discusses the MUSC smoking policy. Mike wants the Representatives to contact him if they have questions, comments, or would like to make suggestions about the letter.
To see a copy of this letter, see attached documents

3. Health Insurance
Mike Drake: 16% of students going on rotations are uninsured.  This is a problem. The University has made it mandatory for  incoming first years to be automatically enrolled in the Pearce and  Pearce Insurance. Students can waive out of the insurance if they can provide proof of insurance elsewhere. If students do not waive out of the insurance, they will be charged $892 per year. This  policy does not affect upper-class students this year, but it will  be implemented to all students next year.

4. Returning Student Parking Registration
Mike Drake: Last year’s online parking registration was successful. There were even extra spaces for most campus lots left. This year, we need to determine, is online registration the way to go? Should we continue with seniority with longevity? What constitutes a semester? COM and COP had to do a lot of switching of MNAs in order to register their students. We got lots of complaints from parking management about the extra hours people spent working. That’s why we need to decide something now. We should have a consensus early. If you can, get your constituents’ thoughts about parking registration. Get their suggestions on how to improve it. Do this now instead of next semester

Lee Lineberry (CGS Representative): recommends figuring out  what we want to do with parking registration by September. The  process takes a really long time.  If you want it to be successful, it  needs to be done early.

Robert Shapiro (COM Representative): Are we going to lose  spaces next year?
Mike Drake and Lee Lineberry: No, the new garage will break  ground in October of this year. Students will not be able to park in  A lot, but their will be moved to the county garage.

Peko Tsuji (ISA Representative): We’re losing the location of   the parking spots, but we are not losing the number of spots.

New Business
5. Issues/Initiatives to be addressed this year
 Communication- polls/forums/email
b) Bring recommendations to Sept. 6th meeting
Mike Drake: Talk to your constituents before the next SGA meeting. Ask them how we can communicate better. What’s the best way to communicate with students to improve communication among colleges?  Bring those recommendations to the September 6th meeting. We would also like to invite the presidents of all colleges to our 3rd SGA meeting as an initial step to improve communication.
6. Pitts Memorial Lectureship
Mike Drake: The 13th Annual Thomas A. Pitts Memorial  Lectureship, titled "Religions and Cultures of East and West:  Perspectives on Bioethics, " will be held this year on September  8th and 9th at the Francis Marion Hotel. Two reps are needed to  help with registration on Friday at 7:00am and 2 additional reps are  need to help at 7:30. 
Lee Lineberry and Rebecca Bullard volunteered for the 7:00 am shift. Anna Vulkin and Brie Dunn volunteered for the 7:30 am shift.
7. MUSC Arrest Policy
Mike Drake: The new Arrest Policy is not part of the honor code. It is a separate MUSC policy. Currently, all MUSC students get a background check when first accepted into the university. There are no further checks until students go on rural rotations or to private facilities. Each background check costs the university $50. The new arrest policy states that any student arrested will be required to contact his/her dean and other college administrators.

Questions from Representatives: So you’re punished enough when you get arrested and then you have go report to your dean and get punished again? Does the policy say that you have to report arrests or convictions? Is the policy exclusive for felonies or misdemeanors?

8. Inter-professional Competition
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): The link about the Inter-professional Competition was sent out to all reps in a previous email. As Dr. Chipas  mentioned, this is an MUSC event. We need your support, whether  it’s setting up or participating. There will be 4 information  sessions. There, we will provide a copy of a case presentation,  discuss the judging criteria, show a clip of last year’s winning team  from the Clarion Competition. If you have any suggestions on  what to include in these sessions, email Brie Dunn  ( or Mike Drake ( The  competition is a great opportunity. There’s also good prize money  at stake. The national competition offers even more money. Please  pass the information to your classmates.
During the meeting, Brie passed out a form for representatives to sign up faculty members who would be good advisors for the teams.

D. MUSC SGA Retreat – Mandatory Attendance
1. Sign up for SGA T-shirt
2. SGA Rep Night Out – Friday, Sept 22nd
a) 6-8pm @ Coast
(1) Sign-up next meeting
(2) Reps can bring a guest
b) Retreat - Saturday, Sept 23rd
c) Meeting: 8:30am-1:00pm @ Mitchell Elementary School
3. New Rep Orientation – Sept. 20th after SGA meeting

E. South Carolina State Student Association (SCSSA)
Mike Drake: Last year, all students were charged $1 to join SCSSA. Most  of us don’t know that. We’ll provide a piece of legislation that supports  SCSSA and the $1 fee. SCSSA got a $20,000 grant to register students to  vote. Need to register 2,000 people to keep the grant. We may join with  College of Charleston to do citywide voter registration. We’ll need to train  students on how to register. During the Meeting, Mike passed around a  sheet regarding SCSSA’s policies. If anyone is interested in learning more  about SCSSA and what they’re doing, contact Mike.

F. Reps needed for University Committees
1. Itunes Committee-next meeting TBA- 1 rep needed.
Mike Drake: Last year, SGA voted against it unanimously. But it’s happening anyway. We need a representative to attend these meetings and act as our voice. We don’t want itunes to replace lectures or to add extra material. Mike encouraged all reps to view the websites: or and search itunes.
Aaron Embry Volunteered
2. E-value Implementation- Aug. 25th 1-2pm Colcock Hall- 1 rep needed
Robert Shapiro/Ken Byrd volunteered
3. Web Advisor Committee- Aug 28th 4pm Harborview Tower- 1 rep needed
No one volunteered. Contact Mike if interested.
4. Web Governance Committee-once/month Mondays 10:30-12:00-  1 rep needed 
No one volunteered. Speak to Peko if interested and email Mike

G. (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting
 Joseph Brown and Harmony Edelman volunteered to help clean up after the  meeting.

II. Program Vice President
Old Business
A. Summer Programs
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Recapped success of events over the summer. Night Out at Toucan Reef attracted over 300 people. The 2 Riverdog games attracted 311 people the first time and 270 people the second time. The 2 canoeing trips sold out. The bike tour sold out. For 5-on-5 basketball, 192 players signed up.

New Business
A.  Overview of Fall Semester Events
B. “Back-in-the-Saddle-Again” Party
    1. Friday, August 25; 7:30-11pm
    2. Sign up to work
C. Picnic in Hampton Park
    1. Wednesday, Aug 30; 6-8pm
D. Night out at Tonic
    1. Friday, Sept 8; 6-9pm
    2. See Announcements
E. Activities Fair (“Fit in at MUSC”)
    1. Wednesday, Sept. 13; 11:30-1:15pm
    2. Need volunteers to help set up
F. Concert at St. Lukes – Havannason (Cuban Salsa), dessert by Kaminsky’s
    1. Sept 15th ;8pm
    3. Sign up to work
G. Fall Brawl

Brie Dunn: Fall Brawl will be an intercollegiate competition at James Island County Park.  Need your help with suggestions on events/games.

Suggestions given by various SGA Reps included: giant boxing gloves, dodge ball, kick ball, powder puff, ultimate Frisbee, capture the flag, and tug of war. Kick ball was the most popular event, followed by Capture the flag and tug-of-war.

III. Academic Vice President
Election for vacant position:
Article III Section V says:
“In the event that an elected officer cannot fulfill his duties, or is disqualified from the election, then all SGA members and all candidates for that position will be asked to apply to the general SGA, which will elect a replacement based on plurality vote”

Mike Drake: -If you would like to nominate your self or anyone else (from within SGA), email me before 5pm on Friday with a 250 word statement explaining why. I will compile all nominations and statements in an email and send them to the Representatives Friday night. If no one within SGA would like to run for this position, the elections will be opened up to the University. Mike read the Academic VP responsibilities from the constitution. He encouraged all to go to the SGA website ( to review the constitution.

IV. Treasurer
Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back

New Business
A. Summer budget review- will discuss next week
B. Contingency Funds- will discuss next week
C. Service
1. Beach Sweep Sept 16th
Bhav Shukla (SGA Treasurer): Will have the sign up sheet next week. Remember that all Representatives are required to do 1 service project per semester. The retreat service project does not count towards the requirement. If you have any suggestions about service projects, let me know.

V. Secretary
A. Reps Local Contact Info

Ana Panduro (SGA Secretary): Sheet was sent around to correct/add contact information for our records. Contact me if you haven’t received any of my emails or if you have any questions
B. SGA TV Policy
Ana Pandur The SGA TV Policy is in the process of being changed. The TV will be updated only on the 1st and 15th of every month. If your organization would like to post an event on the SGA TV, send a powerpoint slide with all the event information to 2 days before the 1st and the 15th of the month.

VI. Intramurals
A. Flag Football
1. Captain’s meeting Tues Sept 5th, 5:15pm
Robin Hardin (Student Programs Staff): Go to the Student Programs Office to pick up information and rosters. Flag football is co-ed, meaning that there should be 3 ladies on field at all times

VII. College and Organizational Reports *
Dental – New Dental Building will be ready by 2008
Graduate Studies  - The Annual Student Research Day will be on the 3rd of   November. Abstract submission is on September 20th.
Health Professionals-
International Student Association- new director, Rebeca Mueller.
Medicine – Glad to have 1st and 2nd years back.
Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board – Minority Student Orientation on  August 31st, from 5-7pm in the HSC gym.
Nursing-Start classes next week
Pharmacy-MUSC merged with USC to create the “South Carolina College of  Pharmacy” which has two campuses- Columbia and Charleston. The  school has a new Executive Dean, Dr. Joseph DiPiro
MUSC Gay Straight Alliance -

*University Wide Committees
Parking- Next meeting before next SGA meeting, will have update then
Educational Infrastructure
Wireless Implementation
Student Legislative Advisory
Pitts Memorial Lectureship

*If you want to be on the agenda, email Mike Drake the Thursday before the Monday of the Executive Meetings. Otherwise, the college reports will be left out of the agenda.

VIII. Student Programs
A. Charleston Concert Association Student Discount Sales
1. Begins Tuesday Aug 29th and ends Thurs Oct. 5th
Bayne Harvey (Student Programs Staff): Subscriptions for the 2006-2007  Charleston Concert Association performances are offered to MUSC  students at a 50% discount! Ticket sales begins Tuesday August 29th and  end Thursday October 5th in the Student Programs Office. All  performances will be held at the Gaillard Auditorium and begin at 8:00pm.  Prices range according to seating.

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