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-Meeting Minutes- 6 December 2006
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I. President
Speaker: Erica Bogard, SC State Student Association (SCSSA) Organizer
Erica Bogard spoke to SGA Representatives about the SCSSA, an organization created in 2004 by student leaders who saw a critical need for student involvement in the higher education decisions made at the state and national levels. With over 85,000 students, SCSSA has worked to prevent the tuition cap and increased voter registration by 2,000 students in 2006. It is currently working on a textbook campaign that will force publishers to disclose the changes make to textbooks when new edition is published. Erica Bogard also invited SGA Representatives to join their Names Behind the Numbers campaign, in which students submit personal stories on how state grants/scholarships made their higher education possible. 

A. Approval of November 15th minutes
B. Student Welfare

Old Business
1. Follow-up of SGA 2005 Safety Walk
Mike Drake (SGA Pres.): SGA had a Safety Walk in 2005. SGA members walked around the university with public safety officers to identify areas in need of improvement in terms of safety (i.e. better lighting, additional call boxes, etc.). Some of the suggestions were never addressed and never followed up. Recently, a public safety officer walked around campus and performed his own safety walked to see which of our suggestions were and were not followed up on.  Some of our suggestions had been followed up on, but others have not because of financial reasons, potentially hazardous situations they could create, and the fact that campus is ever changing (ongoing construction, expansion, and constant moving of things around). They didn’t want to put up something that’s going to change in a few years.
2. Clarion Competition Update
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): The Interprofessional Case Competition finals were on November 16th. The following are the winners:
1st Place: Aaron Embry, Robert Hendry, Manasi Sinha, and Karen Spry
2nd Place: Adrian Sproul, Dana Sox, and Amanda Kuehnle
3rd Place: Dan-Victor Giurgiutiu, Sahar Saddoughi, Amy Martinez, and Jennifer Hall
Honorable Mention: Caryn Hoang, Amanda Barnhorst, Jarrett Walsh, and Seth Zeigler
Thanks for all the SGA representatives that participated. The Competition was very close. It was very hard to decide who the winners would be. The first place team will be representing MUSC at the national competition. There’s an article on Catalyst coming out this Friday about the competition. Again, I want to think SGA for all your support and for all your help. Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. We’d like to hear anything you have to say- even if it’s positive or negative. We’d like to improve for next year. If you see any of the participants around campus, congratulate them. They did a fantastic job.
3. Student Accounting Update
a) 1098-T tax form
Mike Drake (SGA President): All students will be receiving an email tomorrow that will ask them if they would like to receive their 1098-T tax forms electronically. If so, they will have to give their consent electronically. If students do not want to receive their 1098-T tax forms electronically and would rather receive the form in a paper form by regular mail, they do not have to respond to the email.
b) Refund Checks
Mike Drake (SGA President): Due to the fact that everyone in the University is having a longer holiday break, students should expect to receive their refund check on January 6th – January 8th. Let your classmates know.
c) Banks and financial aid
Mike Drake (SGA President): Due to banks joining together, you’re going to have to go back to financial aid to change your direct deposit. Make sure your financial information is the same with your bank and financial aid.
4. MUSC Daycare Service
Mike Drake (SGA President): The MUSC Child Development Preschool, located at the Church of the Holy Communion (218 Ashley Ave.), provides a new service for parents with children, offering specialized, full-time childcare and development within an accredited preschool program. Beginning Jan. 8, the program will open to children, ages 3 to 5, weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Enrollment will open to MUSC/MUHA faculty, staff, students and UMA employees. To ensure its long-term success, the program will begin as a pilot program for approximately 25 preschool age children and expand accordingly. Weekly tuition fees will be $140 per child
5. Returning Student Parking
Mike Drake (SGA President): My committee is in the process of developing a policy for returning student parking, which will be presented at our first meeting next semester. In previous meetings, we’ve discussed the policy that was implemented last year. A lot of you have asked, why change it if it was so successful last year. The fact is that last year, although we voted on seniority with longevity, the Academic Welfare Committee determined what that meant. Part of last year’s success was because members from 4th year COP and COM were able to give up their right to parking and switch for 3rd years. Everything that went on for those two colleges should be university wide- all colleges should be able to do that.
Harmony Edelman (CON Rep.): When we voted for this last year, I don’t remember talking about this. We talked about this how that was unethical.
Mike Drake (SGA President): You’re right, we didn’t talk about this last year, it just happened.
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): The main concern was safety issues for COM 3rd year students. COP did it on a month-to-month basis w/o changing MNAs.
Mike Drake (SGA President): COM did this so that 3rd years that need parking could get parking. Parking registration was so successful because of the switching that went on behind the scenes. I wanted all of you to know what happened. I think that if COM and COP did it last year, it should be opened up to all colleges. It would be the fairest thing to do.

New Business
1. Arrest Policy Resolution
Mike Drake (SGA President): Please take a look at the Arrest Policy Resolution. Last time, the cons for the Arrest Policy outweighed the pros by 93%. This Resolution, which essentially states that although we agree with the MUSC Arrest Policy in principle, that we voice or opposition to the Arrest Policy for the following reasons: 1) the SGA was not involved in the development of a policy that has a universal impact on the students; 2) the time like for implementation of the policy does not allow for the proper notification of the student body; 3) there currently is not an Arrest Policy for faculty, stuff and administration; and 4) the term “moral turpitude” developed from the State Board of Nursing allows offenses that are not felonies to be punishable by the policy, and we feel that this terminology is entirely too subjective and allows too much room for interpretation. The Resolution No. 06-2 is now on the floor for it’s first ready.
 Robert Shapiro (COM Rep.): What things on that list of moral  turpitude are you so opposed to?
Mike Drake (SGA President): It’s not so much the word moral turpitude. I don’t feel comfortable with how the word is defined by the State Board of Nursing, which has a list of what is considered moral turpitude, what isn’t, and what might be considered as moral turpitude. The lists aren’t very clear and at times, contradict each other.
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): Motion to suspend the rules so that this can be open for 2nd reading.
There was a second for that motion and no opposition.
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): Pro. I’ve talked to my students about the Arrest Policy and they’re all against it. It’s too vague. We need to support the proposed resolution.
Robert Shapiro (COM Rep.): Con. We need to look at this from a political standpoint. It was an oversight for not including students in this decision. Any policy that the school makes needs some flexibility, hence the vagueness in the Arrest Policy. This leaves them a little bit of option to say that even though a certain action may not be against the law, it is still something that needs to be addressed and students may need administrative help. It may not be worthwhile to burn bridges with administration, the people who are normally looking out for us.
Katie Laird (CON Rep.): Pro. I agree that it is important not to burn bridges and have a good relationship with the administration. But, this is a big issue. It’s more than just a little word. My constituents think this is an important issue, and that is why I am for the proposed resolution.

Voting Results for Resolution No. 06-2
# of votes in favor:   34
# of votes against:  1
# of abstained votes:  1

a. 2 Reps needed for the University Commencement Committee
Katherine Hall (CON) and Virginia Clyburn (COM)
b. 2 Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting
Sheldon Bates (CDM) and Joseph Brown (CDM)

II. Program Vice President
Old Business

A. Concert at St. Luke’s- Na Fidleiri
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We had our best turn out ever for this concert. St. Luke’s was packed. There were even people sitting on the floor. It was a great show and we hope that everyone enjoyed it. We had plenty of desserts this time.

New Business
A.  Exam Break
1. Monday, December 11; 9-10pm
2. Sign up to work
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Please inform your classmates about the exam break. The food goes fast, but we will have lots of food there.
B. Oyster Roast
1. Friday, Jan 19; 7-10:30
2. Sign up to work
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): The Oyster Roast will be held in the bus shed downtown, where it was held last year. We will allow you to take tickets to sell to your classmates.
C.  T-shirt sign up

III. Academic Vice President
Old Business
A. Introduction of Richard Webb, the new Academic VP for Spring 2007.

New Business
B. University Honor Council
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): The University Honor Council is trying to get all colleges represented on the web page. So far, only COM is represented. There are no new reports of academic dishonesty. 
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): How many representatives from each college serve on the Honor Council?
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): The University Honor Council has is made up of one student chairman and one faculty advisor from each college. In addition, each individual college has their own Honor Council.
C. Constitutional Amendments

IV. Treasurer
Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back
Thanks for a great semester of service. We will continue next semester with service, starting with “A day on not a day off” in January.

Old Business
A. Service Report
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer):
1. Habitat for Humanity – November 18th
2. World AIDS day – December 1st; 11:30 – 1:30 pm. This event went well. Thanks to those who participated.
3. Holiday Lighting  – Today (December 6th), 3:00 – 5:00pm. We had over 120 children attend the event. They were really happy. Thank you for all your hard work. It was also nice to see that different colleges came together for this event.

New Business
A. Cost Analysis of SGA Events and Budget Report
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): I will be updating the budget over the holiday
break, and will present it at our next meeting in January. Email me with suggestions.
B. Service Update
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): Email me suggestions for service projects for the spring semester.

V. Secretary
A. Worker slot feedback
Ana Panduro (Secretary): I’ve passed around a list with all the events and service projects that Representatives have participated in. Remember that all SGA Reps are required to work three events per semester, one of which has to be a clean up. Reps are also required to attend one service project. Please make any corrections on the sheet. Most of you have completed the requirements- thank you. For those of you that haven’t, you will have to make up those requirements in the spring semester. Contact me if you have questions or if you will not be able to meet these requirements.
B. January 10th Meeting
Ana Panduro (Secretary): Our first meeting of next semester will not be in our usual meeting place of the HSC auditorium. Instead, we will be meeting in the Gazes Building across the street (room 125).

VI. Intramurals
Kevin Smuniewski (SPO Staff):
A. Volleyball - Week 5 of volleyball will resume on January 21st
B. Basketball Captain’s Meeting, Jan 11; 5:15pm in SGA library
C. Softball Captain’s Meeting, Jan 23; 5:15 HSC Auditorium

VII. College and Organizational Reports
Dental - Nothing to report.
Graduate Studies - Nothing to report.
Health Professionals - Nothing to report.
International Student Association - The International Association holiday party;  will be on Saturday, December 9th from 6-9:30 pm at the Courtyard Apts.  (411 Meeting Street). Contact Rebecca Mueller for more information.
Medicine - Nothing to report.
Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board -
1. The 1st Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay Contest. Essays due by January 4th, 2007.
2. The Candlelight Vigil March and Commemorative Program honoring the life of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. is planned for Thursday, January 11, 2007.  Participants will gather at the corner of Rutledge Avenue and Calhoun Street at 5:15 pm.  The Vigil March will begin at 5:30 pm and proceed along Calhoun Street to Ashley Avenue, ending at the Basic Sciences building room 100.  The Commemorative Program will begin at 6:00 pm and will include presentations by winners of the MSAB essay contest and the MUSC Gospel Choir.  A reception will follow in the BSB Lobby.
Nursing – CON thanked Katie Laird, Harmony Edelman, and Erin Wilson for  their hard work and dedication. They will be graduating this semester.  Katie Laird will continue as an SGA Representative for the CON master’s  program.
Pharmacy – COP will be hosting a Leadership Conference on January 20th @ the  Harbor Club. Contact Brie Dunn for more information.

*University Wide Committees 
Parking – Nothing to report.

VIII. Student Programs Report
A. Student Programs Open House and Holiday Luncheon
- Thursday, December 7th; 11am-2pm

IX. Thank You Graduates

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