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-Meeting Minutes- 21 February 2007
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I.       President

Speakers:  Dr. Darlene Shaw, Executive Director of Student Health & Wellness, CAPS; Julie Reese, Nurse Administrator for Student Health; Bobby Shaw, Director of Wellness Center

Dr. Darlene Shaw, Julie Reese, and Bobby Shaw, attended the SGA meeting with the purposes of:

  1. Discussing recent changes in the student health insurance. This past fall, all new incoming students were automatically billed for Pierce & Pierce Health Insurance. They had an opportunity to opt out of this insurance if they could provide proof that they were under another insurance. Students were given ample time to go online and opt out. This fall, this will happen to all students- not just incoming students. This method ensures that all students have health insurance. It also helps students be in compliance with the University policy (which is that every student has to have health insurance).
  2. Introducing the new Student Wellness Center director, Mr. Bobby Shaw.
  3. Discussing how to promote and assess health and wellness among students. Two surveys were presented to SGA Representatives – one short, one long – that had questions pertaining to student health (mental health, anxiety, and sexual health), wellness and behavior.

A.     Approval of January 24th and February 7th minutes - approved

B.     Student Welfare

Old Business

1.      Returning Student Parking:

Mike Drake (SGA President): This year the SGA has voted to distribute parking by a "longevity with approved MNA/NetID switching" priority system. This system will divide students into three distribution weekends based on the number of semesters they have completed in their respective program. In addition to this longevity, the SGA has voted to allow MNA/NetID switching for students who have academic responsibilities on campus anytime before 6:30am or after 10:30pm with approval from your Associate Dean or designee. If you are eligible to switch your MNA/NetID you will be allowed to move ahead only one distribution weekend. I will be submitting a list of all students and the weekend of their parking eligibility to the Associate Dean’s and designee’s tomorrow. You all will receive an email early next week to notify you of your designated weekend.

The Registration will take place from 5pm Friday evening to 7pm Sunday evening on the following weekends: March 23– 25, March 30– April 1; and April 13 – 15. 

New Business

1.  SCSSA Update

a)      Textbook Campaign

Mike Drake (SGA President): I have some updates with regard to SCSSA and the textbook campaign. The purpose of the textbook campaign, as you remember, is to force publishing companies to explain why they’re updating textbooks and to reveal what has been updated. SCSSA is pursuing software that allows students who want to exchange used textbooks to be linked together. USC Columbia has already started using it. SCSSA wants to come down and talk to us. Do you think this is something we want to pursue? Also, USC's student government has purchased textbooks that they place on reserve at the library to be signed out for 2 hours. I thought we could discuss whether this would be something we want to pursue at MUSC.

Ken Byrd (COM Rep): As far purchasing textbooks and placing them on reserve in the library, individual colleges should be responsible for that. There’s not much overlap in the books used by different colleges.

Jason Delinsky (CHP Rep.): The University would be wasting money as well if publishing companies don’t stop what they’re doing with publishing new editions every year.

Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): We do use textbooks early in school, but later on, we usually use reference books and references that are online (like Goodman and Gilman). There’s no need to buy books.

Lynn DiVencchi (CON Rep.): We don’t use the same books year after year.

Peko Tsuji (ISA Rep.): CGS does the same thing: you buy book once and don’t use them again. I don’t think MUSC is the target audience for SCSSA’s textbook campaign. But, I do agree with their idea of disclosing price to professors.

Mark Kaldas (COP Rep.): If we have a textbook that will be used, we already have an exchange system. We send emails. Brantley Busbee (COM Rep.): If we had our own legitimate place to go exchange books online, I’d like that. That would reduce the number of emails we get.

2.      MUSC Safety Walk

Mike Drake (SGA President): Lee Lineberry (CGS Rep.) said that she would like to help organize the safety walk and has already received interest from other students. We will be holding the first meeting this week. If anyone is interested in helping us, contact Lee.

3.      MUSC Student President Meeting

Mike Drake (SGA President): I have contacted individual College Presidents as well as ISA and MSAB about our dinner meeting. We’re setting the date of our meeting for next week. I asked exec for approval in having SGA pay for the dinner.

4.      Delta Sigma Delta “80’s Prom”

Mike Drake (SGA President): At our last meeting, a representative from CDM’s Delta Sigma Delta  [Judson Suber] came to us to request SGA funding for their 80’s Prom. Exec met with Judson after the meeting, but after much thought, we felt most comfortable not funding the 80’s prom. This was primarily because the party had not been approved by the CDM’s Dean or Associate Dean.

5.      MUSC SGA Elections & Debate

a)      Applications due March 2nd, 5:00 pm in SPO

b)      Debate on March 28th, noon – 1pm in BSB auditorium

c)      Elections March 29th and 30th

d)      Duties begin May 1st

C.     (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting

II.    Program Vice President

Old Business

A.     Concert @ St. Luke’s

1.      Program Evaluation.

B.     Fat Tuesday in the Horseshoe

1.      Program Evaluation.

New Business

A.     Trivia Happy Hour @ Club Trio; February 23; 6-9pm

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We’ll have trivia during 1st half with prizes and live music during 2nd half. Each student will receive 2 tickets for either 2 beers or 1 liquor drink; there will also be other drink specials.

B.     Paintball @ Paintball Charleston; Saturday, February 24 @ 10:30am

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): This is an all day event. We’ll be having a tournament against colleges. Price is only $5 (2 tickets per student ID) and includes paintball field access, referees, equipment rental, and 250 paintball rounds (additional rounds may be purchased on site). Sign up in student programs.

C.   Winetasting at the SC Aquarium; Friday, March 2; 7:00-10:00pm

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Tickets were $10 and went on sale Feb 19th at 9 am. They sold out quickly. 700 tickets were sold by 3:30. We will be doing wine sales at the event. Tell your classmates to bring cash or checks if they’d like to purchase anything.

E.     Ft. Sumter Tour; Sunday, March 4; 2:00-5:00pm

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Visit one of the most historical national monuments in America, the island fort where the Civil War began. Beginning with a relaxing boat ride, learn about the history of Fort Sumter and the War Between the States. Tickets are

$6 per student. The tour is approximately 2 hr 15 min.

F.      ALHAMBRA (It’s a Shore Thing!), April 14th, 12- 5pm, @ Windjammer

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Tickets go on sale March 19th. We will have shuttle buses, every 15 minutes taking students from MUSC to the Windjammer. So, we hope that the distance won’t be an issue. There will also be parking there.

G.    MUSC Live at the Knights of Columbus; Friday, April 20; 7:00-10:00pm     

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Encourage your classmates to sign-up!!  We would like to have more participants from all the colleges to help increase attendance and make this event a more intercollegiate one. If you have any suggestions on how to increase involvement, let me know.

III. Academic Vice President

Old Business

A.     Library Update

Richard Webb (Academic VP): The heating/air conditioning has been fixed. Also, during the medical school test week there were three incidences of "vandalism", ie. students wrote on the glass windows in the 24/7 room. We need to remind students again of library policies and respect for property. Staff has talked to first year COM class, reminded them of professionalism.

New Business

A.     MUSC SGA Representatives per college

Richard Webb (Academic VP): Last year, SGA came up with an algorithm for how to calculate the number of SGA representatives per college based on the student population of individual colleges. I’ve contacted the office of enrollment to get the most up to date numbers of current students. The algorithm involves the following steps:

1.      Total student enrollment per college is divided by 50

2.      The college with the lowest quotient is adjusted to 3.5, thus creating a constant that is applied to all remaining quotients from the respective colleges. This step adjusts to keep the senate at the lowest possible functioning number (45 college reps).

3.      The final figures are rounded to the nearest whole number, i.e. the revised number of representatives per college.

The numbers involved in this year’s application of the algorithm to determine the  number of college reps for next year is below:















Graduate Studies







Health Professions




























IV.  Treasurer

Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back : SNMA and COM 2009 are co-sponsoring the American Red Cross Blood and Bone Marrow Drive on Thursday, Feb. 22 from 12 Noon-5 PM in the Harper Student Center Auditorium.  You will be able to donate blood, test for the Bone Marrow Registry, or do both. There is a critical need for all blood types and a need to increase minority commitments for the National Bone Marrow Registry. The American Red Cross has set our goal at 85 donors. Fifty-six appointments have already been made, but there are still times available to fit your schedule.

Old Business

A.     Financial Reports

1.      Intramural volleyball

2.      St. Luke’s Concert

New Business

A.     Update on Service 

V.     Secretary

A.     Revision of stuinfo/student communications

VI.  Student Programs

A.     MUSC Annual Student, Staff & Faculty Art/Photo Exhibit.

1.      Art Work Submissions, March 5th – 23rd

2.      Art Work Display, April 2nd – May 4th

VII.   College and Organizational Reports

Dental: Free Dental Screenings at MUSC College of Dental Medicine. When:  5pm-7pm  Monday thru Thursday until March 1st 2007. Where:  1st Floor Dental Clinic BSB, near room BSB100. If you have a qualifying cavity then you will be eligible to serve as a board patient for a senior dental student.  Any cavities filled for the board are done completely free of charge.  Even if your cavities do not qualify, you still receive the free exam and will know where your problem areas are. There is absolutely no charge for the screening or radiographs; it should only take about 20 minutes.

Graduate Studies:  Have invited a speaker, who does PhD comics, to come talk on April 6th. More info to come as the date approaches.

Health Professionals: Our annual ALS H.O.P.E race will be June 2nd in Isle of  Palms. Registration begins in March. The race is a 5 k run on the beach. Check out:

International Student Association:  1) There’s Ping-pong every Wednesday at 5:30 in the old Mustard Seed (in Harper Student Center). Anyone is welcomed. 2) The International Scientific Presenters will be meeting on Thursday from noon – 1 pm. 3) Anand resigned as president of ISA. I   (Peko Tsuji) am the new president of ISA.

Medicine: Thanks to everyone who came out this year to charity ball!

Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board: 1) Tomorrow, February 22nd, from 12- 1 pm, we will be hosting a Black History Month Program in BSB 100.   Lunch will be provided. 2) On February 24th we will be having an SAT workshop for high school students in the Storm Eye Center 3) SNMA and COM 2009 are sponsoring a blood and bone marrow registry drive tomorrow in the HSC. Nursing:  We have a new Representative- Claire Vernon

Pharmacy: We have a new Representative: Ryan St. John

*University Wide Committees

Women’s History Month

-  Wine & Cheese Reception – Thursday, March 1st, 5-7pm è HSC library

-   Art Exhibit- March 1st -30th

-  Panel Presentation – Thursday, March 22nd at noon (BSB 100)

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