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-Meeting Minutes- 7 February 2007
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I. President
A. Approval of January 24th minutes
1. Tabled until the February 21st meeting
B. Student Welfare

Old Business
1. Returning Student Parking Bill No. 07-1
Mike Drake (SGA President): We discussed this bill at our last meeting in which returning student parking registration be dispersed by the priority system of “longevity with MNA switching”. In this system, students will receive the opportunity to register for parking based on the number of semesters they will have accumulated prior to the semester the parking pass would be valid. In addition, students who feel that their academic requirements place them at an undue safety risk be allowed the opportunity to submit a request to their college’s associate dean’s designee to switch MNA’s with a colleague within their college who does not need on campus parking, and is registered to sign up for parking one registration day prior to the petitioning student. With this system, we would have three registration weekends instead of five. We will now have a 10 minutes period of debate and hear the pros and cons of this bill.
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): Con. We were challenged to find a way to find solution for parking probs. Last year we came up with a plan. We can’t change parking registration every year because one person or one college doesn’t like it. I believe the way it’s set up with “Seniority with longevity” is much better than “Longevity” alone. I don’t agree with saying that just because students from a college have been here for longer, they deserve parking more than students from a college who haven’t.
Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): Pro. I am for the bill. We worked to find a legit way to do this. We were asked by parking staff to find a solution to decrease the number of days it takes to register. As an SGA, it is a privilege to be in control of parking registration. We don’t want to lose out on that opportunity to plan for parking in the future.
Matt Thomason (CHP Rep.): Con. I agree with parking and his assessment of the bill. One thing I don’t understand is if last year worked, why do we have to change it if MNA switching was the main complaint and not “Seniority with Longevity”? Some programs in my college are not taken into account. According to the registrar, they’re only counting programs in trimesters as semesters. The way that enrollment management takes this into account, affects those students. If MNA switching is the problem, we need to change this bill so that it only affects that.
Lee Lineberry (CGS Rep.): Pro. The numbers that the registrar handed us have already taken into account trimesters versus semesters. And that doesn’t come into play in either bill when you’re comparing them  because they’re both the same. Also, Joseph was saying that this bill makes colleges unequal, but that’s not so. Last year’s parking registration plan did. When colleges with only 3 semester programs got priority. This plan doesn’t.
Jason Delinsky (CHP Rep.): Con. I agree with the way Joseph said this. I don’t think we should take into consideration the way the administration wants us to do this. If they didn’t want us to deal with parking registration, they shouldn’t have given it to us.
Jason Curry (COM Rep.): Pro. Just because the parking registration plan worked last year doesn’t mean that it can’t be changed or improved. The evolution of this is seen by the suggestion of bill. Safety is very important and should be taken into account. I’m passing around a sheet with safety statistics in the hours where medical students would be using parking. One thing of vital importance is that there are no security officers from the hours of 12- 4am.
Lauren Young (CON Rep.): Pro. There seem to be a lot of safety issues. We need to insure safety. We can’t polarize colleges. We can’t say who’s better. I’d rather have more safety than knowing that I get to register on first day.

The vote for Returning Student Parking Bill No. 07-1 was done by roll  call. Below are the results of the votes:

For Bill No. 07-1:  23
Against Bill No. 07-1: 18
Abstained from voting: 1
College of Medicine Vote
1. Daniel Grass For
2. Morgan Murphy For
3. Virginia Clyburn For
4. Jason Curry For
5. Julie Swick For
6. Chris Cutshall For
7. Robyn Brewer Against
8. Ken Byrd For
9. Brantley Busbee For
10. Robert Shapiro For
College of Dental Medicine 
1. Sheldon Bates Against
2. John Lake, Jr. Against
3. Joseph Brown Against
4. Kimberly Dickerson Against
College of Graduate Studies 
1. Adrian Sproul For
2. Andrea Boan For
3. Lee Lineberry For
4. Cameron McIlwain For
5. Loretta Hoover For
College of Nursing 
1. Peggy Bollinger For
2. Lauren Young For
3. Lynn DiVecchio Against
4. Katherine Hall Against
5. Katie Laird No vote- Absent
6. To be Elected 
7. To be Elected 
College of Pharmacy 
1. Danielle Baskin For
2. Anna Kellahan For
3. Lindsey Palmer For
4. Mackenzie Turner For
5. Mark Kaldas For
College of Health Professions 
1. Matt Thomason Against
2. Jason Delinsky Against
3. Brian Whittington Against
4. Emily Chambers Against
5. Bridget Pagan Against
6. Kristen Metcalfe Against
7. Cicely Blair No vote- Absent
8. Kate Robinette Against
9. Holly Ready Against
10. Diedra Glover Against
11. Ashley Watamura Against
12. Anna Vukin Abstained
13. Smruti Shah Against
14. To be Elected 
International Student Association 
1. Peko Tsuji  For
Multicultural Student Advisory Board 
2. Vandy Gaffney  For

New Business
1.   Deans Council Follow-up
Mike Drake (SGA President): I met with the Dean’s Council last week and presented the Gay Straight Alliance Resolution and Arrest Policy Resolution that SGA passed this year. They approved the GSA resolution, which will now move up the ladder ultimately having to be voted on by the Board of Trustee's. I also presented the Arrest Policy Resolution, and the Dean's council agreed and accepted to changes the SGA made last semester. They also will be waiting to implement the policy until June.
2.  MUSC Safety Walk
Mike Drake (SGA President):  before the winter break we discussed conducting another safety walk. Public Safety conducted their own safety walk, but I know many of you feel that we should still do our own. I need a volunteer to help organize the walk, and we’ll try and set a date for the event.
 Lee Lineberry (CGS) volunteered
3.  MUSC Student President Meeting
Mike Drake (SGA President): I am going to have a Presidents’ Dinner and invite the Presidents of each individual college and each diversity group. I already have an agenda of what I’d like to discuss with them, but ask for your suggestions as to where, when, and what topics we can discuss. 
C. (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting

II. Program Vice President
Old Business
A.  MUSC Night at the Ballet
1. Program Evaluation
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): The ticket count for the Ballet turned out to   be 138 students, 41 non-students and 21 comp guests.
 New Business
D. Concert @ St. Luke’s, February 9th; 8pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Ann Caldwell, a local jazz and gospel legend will be performing. There will be a free dessert reception by Saffron afterwards. 
E. Trivia Happy Hour @ Club Trio; February 23; 6-9pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We’ll have trivia during 1st half with prizes and live music during 2nd half. Each student will receive 2 tickets for either 2 beers or 1 liquor drink; there will also be other drink specials.
F. Paintball @ Paintball Charleston; Saturday, February 24 @ 10:30am 
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): This is an all day event. We’ll be having a tournament against colleges. Price is only $5 (2 tickets per student ID) and includes paintball field access, referees, equipment rental, and 250 paintball rounds (additional rounds may be purchased on site). Sign up in student programs.
G. Winetasting, Friday, March 2nd; 7-10pm, SC Aquarium
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We’ve increased the number of student tickets to 700 from the 500 we had last year. Tickets are $10 and will go on sale Feb 19th at 9 am. We will have a sign-up sheet when students buy tickets – only 2 tickets per student ID (no exceptions!). This event will sell out, so make sure to let your classmates know that tickets will go on sale on February 19th.

III. Academic Vice President
Old Business

A. Allocations Committee Bill, Bill No. 07-3
Richard Webb (Academic VP): We’ll be having the second reading for the Allocations Committee Bill (Bill No. 07-3) that Joseph Brown presented at our last meeting. After debating the bill, we will vote on it.
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): I wrote this bill because I saw a need to come together to review how we allocate funds. We need to come up with the budget in a way that students feel involved in the process and in determining how the funds are allocated. The committee doesn’t have to meet a lot.
Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): Con. I like the idea, but don’t like the way it’s written just because exec meets a lot over the summer to discuss how the budget is set up. I don’t think that we need to make a separate committee for this. If there’s some other way to do this, I might be ok with this. I really don’t see how we can have a whole separate committee. We don’t even have contingency funds for the committee to discuss.
Jason Delinsky (CHP Rep.): Con. I agree that we need something to recognize when student groups need money. I agree that the treasurer and this body don’t always know when others need money. But, I see there being problems because of the way this bill is written. That’s why I’m against it.
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): Pro. I understand that every piece of legislation is not great. But there needs to be a group of people that see when students need money. I need people to come together. I don’t think students should have to come to this body every time they need money.
Mike Drake (SGA President): Right now, the constitution says that exec can approve spending on anything less than $1000. So, if a group needed money, they could come to exec for us to vote on, as long as their request was under $1000. So, in that sense, there’s already a group of people that do that.
Anna Vukin (CHP Rep.): Con. I first thought it was a good idea, until last week when Bhav explained how money is distributed. The money for SGA is used for SGA events. Colleges already get money and distribute it to their organizations. I see this as unnecessary.
Ken Byrd (COM Rep.): Is there any description on how the committee will be picked?
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): I left it vague to see if people wanted to come together to discuss money issues.
Chris Cutshall (COM Rep.): Can we approach exec about this? Don’t they do this now?
Mike Drake (SGA President): Yes. Everyone is welcomed to.
Jason Delinsky (CHP Rep.): If an organization came to the committee and asked for money, how do you regulate it? What happens if 500 groups came asking for $900. That’s a lot of money.
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer):  There’s currently no monetary policy.
Jason Delinsky (CHP Rep.): Maybe people don’t know where they’re supposed to go now. Maybe this is more of an education process.
Mike Drake (SGA President): Right now, our limit is the budget. And organizations that come to us have to be university wide organizations.
Peko Tsuji (ISA Rep.):  How many times has a group approached SGA for money in the last 12 months?
Mike Drake (SGA President): Three times. Twice this week and once for the COP Christmas tree in the fall.
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): What I’m getting here is that this bill won’t pass. That’s ok. But there’s a problem. I hope you see that. Come to me with suggestions. I want to have this body be a place where students can get money, especially if they haven’t gotten support from their college or community.

(Verbal) Voting Results for Bill No. 07-3
Aye (for Bill No. 07-3): few
Nay (against Bill No. 07-3): more
Result: Bill No. 07-3 did not pass

New Business
A. Library Update
Richard Webb (Academic VP): The library will be closing for carpet cleaning either on Spring break or on Charity ball weekend. Also, remind your classmates not to campout in one of they study carols. Remind them to be considerate of all students who need to study in the library.

IV. Treasurer
Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back: Join the MUSC Junior Doctors of Health in celebrating NEA's  Read Across America and the 50th Anniversary of The Cat in the Hat by providing a new or gently-used book to each child at Wilmot J. Fraser Elementary School who are having a "power penny" drive to raise money for the MUSC Children's Hospital.  Stop by any of the "Hat" donation bins and pick up a bookmark!  Return your book with bookmark placed inside it in one of the "Hat" bins located in the lobbies of BSB, Education/Library Bldg, Office of the President, Harper Student Center, and the Children's Hospital by Thursday, February 22, 2007.  
Old Business
E. Cost Analysis of SGA Events
F. Budget for Spring Semester
The SGA Representatives were asked to vote to on the proposed budget for the Spring semester.

(Verbal) Voting 2007 Spring Semester Budget
Aye (for Spring Semester budget): All (except 1)
Nay (against Spring Semester budget): 1
Result: Spring Semester budget was approved/passed

Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): If you have any questions about the budget and want someone to talk to you, please contact me. You can email me or set up a time to see me. I’m very open. I’ve never gotten anyone approach or email me except for Joseph.
G. Oyster Roast
H. MLK Service Project
I. Water Missions

New Business
A. Delta Sigma Delta “80’s Prom” Contingency Request Form
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): Judson Suber from CDM’s Delta Sigma Delta  has submitted a contingency request form and is requesting for the SGA to  help fund their 80’s Prom party. Judson is here today to talk to you about  the event and his request for funds. At the end of our discussion, you will  be voting on whether or not to approve his contingency request form
Judson Subor (CDM, Delta Sigma Delta): CDM Dental organization Delta Sigma Delta is throwing an 80's Prom Party on Friday, February 16, 2007 starting at 8:30pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall. There will be live music by Playlist (Formerly Weird Science) and an open bar from 8:30-11:30. There will also be surprises and guest appearances throughout the night. Dress in 80's prom attire or your favorite character from the 80's.  Anything goes! Ticket prices are: $15 for students (MUSC ID must be shown at the door!!) and $30 Non - students (anyone not a student at MUSC). Tickets are available only through The event is open to all MUSC students and all profits will go to a local charity, Smiles for a Lifetime. Smiles for a Lifetime is a N. Charleston based dental clinic that provides dental care for underprivileged children on the weekends. This is for a good cause and should be a blast!
The SGA Representatives spent 15 minutes asking Judson questions about the    event and their reasons for their contingency request. Judson told the     Representatives that Delta Sigma Delta was using all of their funds towards    this event because they were not receiving any funds from the College of    Dental Medicine and had no other means of income. He estimated that the    total cost of the event would be $6,200, of which Delta Sigma Delta would pay    $2,500 for the band, and they were requesting $1,200 from SGA. At the end of    the discussion, SGA voted on whether or not to approve/accept the contingency   request form from Delta Sigma Delta.

Voting for Delta Sigma Delta’s Contingency Request
For approval of Contingency Request: 11
Against approval of Contingency Request: 16
Abstain from voting: 8
Result: Delta Sigma Delta’s Contingency Request was   not approved, but SGA Representatives requested that  Delta Sigma Delta request less than $1,000 in order to  discuss this with exec after the meeting for further  evaluation and potential approval of funds. .

V. Secretary
A. Representative Events/Service Report
B. Current Student Broadcast Email
C. SGA Website
D. SGA Television
E. SGA T-shirts

VI. Intramurals
A. Volleyball champs
Kevin Smuniewski (SPO Staff): Congratulations to Intramural Volleyball teams COM-1 and Talledega Spikes for being crowned 2006-07 Intramural Volleyball Champions. The volleyball playoffs were held yesterday, February 4, in the Harper Student Center Gym.  The results were:
• Competitive League Finals: COM-1 (Peter Tang) vs. COP (Joanna Simmons); Champions: COM-1 (2-1)
• Non-Competitive League Finals: Talladega Spikes (Lee Lineberry) vs. Woot Woot (Ashley Watamura); Champions: Talladega Spikes (2-0)
Thank You all for your participation and sportsmanship this season!
B. Sportsmanship Policy
Kevin Smuniewski (SPO Staff): There was a major infraction on sportsmanship policy. We had to excuse a non-MUSC student for profanity and threatening.

VII. College and Organizational Reports
Dental: Free Dental Screenings at MUSC College of Dental Medicine. When:   5pm-7pm  Monday thru Thursday until March 1st 2007. Where:  1st Floor  Dental Clinic BSB, near room BSB100. If you have a qualifying cavity  then you will be eligible to serve as a board patient for a senior dental  student.  Any cavities filled for the board are done completely free of  charge.  Even if your cavities do not qualify, you still receive the free  exam and will know where your problem areas are. There is absolutely no  charge for the screening or radiographs; it should only take about 20  minutes.
Graduate Studies: Nothing to Report
Health Professionals:  1) The MUSC Physician Assistant Class of 2008 is  holding a prize drawing with all of the profits to benefit the MUSC  Children's Hospital Medically Fragile Children's Program, a landmark  program which offers  comprehensive medical care to chronically ill foster  children in Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties. Tickets will be  on sale in the Education Center Library Lobby and the Main Hospital  Lobby. Dthe Drawing will be on Valentine’s Day. 2) Our annual ALS  H.O.P.E race will be  this summer in Isle of Palms. 3) We’re having a  health  screening for the St. Mathews community on February 28th. If  your college has any education information, like pamphlets, we could use,  we’d greatly appreciate that.
International Student Association: 1) There’s Ping-pong every Wednesday at  5:30 in the old Mustard Seed (in Harper Student Center). Anyone is  welcomed. 2) The International Scientific Presenters will be meeting on  Thursday from noon – 1 pm.
Medicine: The Twentieth Annual Charity Ball will be Saturday, February 17,  from 8:00pm - 12:30am in the North Charleston Convention Center.  Tickets are now on sale in the COM Dean’s Office. Students can purchase  (2) tickets at $40 each; each additional ticket is $55. MUSC faculty, staff,  and guests: $55 each. Enjoy live music by Permanent Vacation, heavy  hors d'oeuvres, open bar, and a silent auction with proceeds benefiting 6  local charities: Crisis Ministries, The C.A.R.E.S. Clinic, The Association  for the Blind, ASCEND Foundation, First Baptist Church of North  Charleston Medical Clinic, and the Trident Area Agency on Aging. There  will be shuttle buses that will run regularly between MUSC and the  Charleston Convention Center, so you don't have to worry about driving!  Tickets for the shuttle buses are just $2 each. This event is open to all  students, not just COM students. Go to for  more information.
Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board:  1) The Student National Medical  Association is having a Rose Sale for Valentine's Day and is now taking  orders! Roses are available in traditional red or an assortment of colors.  The prices are $3 for a single, $15 for 1/2 dozen, and $25 for one dozen.  Prices slightly increase on Valentine's Day so pre-orders are favorable.  Roses will be delivered on Valentine's Day. Please email all orders or  questions to Will Jacobs at; 2) On February 22nd,  from 12- 1 pm, we will be hosting a Black History Month Program in  Baruch auditorium; 3) On February 24th we will be having an SAT  workshop for high school students in the Storm Eye Center.
Nursing: Nothing to Report
Pharmacy: Nothing to Report

*University Wide Committees
Parking – We were told that students will have 500 parking spots this year.   Students with parking in A Lot have moved to K Lot. They will start   building the new parking garage soon. They hope to have it done in 2   years.
  Women’s History Month
- Wine & Cheese Reception – Thursday, March 1st, 5-7pm
- Art Exhibit- March 1st -30th
- Panel Presentation:  Thursday, March 22nd @ noon, BSB 100

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