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-Meeting Minutes- 24 January 2007
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I. President
A. Speaker: Dr. Valerie West, Associated Provost for Educational Programs
Dr. West stated that she had two reasons for today’s visit: 1) to educate the SGA on the Quality Enhancement Plan, and 2) to get SGA’s feedback on it. Dr. West discussed the purpose of the QEP, explaining that because today’s healthcare  professionals must interact effectively with professionals from other health care disciplines, MUSC must create new interprofessional education and training initiatives. The major goals of the QEP are:
1. To ensure that students have good team skills
2. To learn about other disciplines- not just what they do, but also their  attitudes and values
3. Practice those goals in a simulated environment that involves a team
4. Be able to do this in a real setting (clinical, community)
Dr. West then asked, “How do you think the SGA can help us?”
Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep): Get more students to participate in the  Clarion Inter-professional Competition
Andrea Boan (CGS): Medical students participate in a senior mentor program, where they work with an elderly person for 4 years. Can we incorporate this program for all colleges? We could have teams of inter-professional students work together. Not only will they be practicing their skills, but they will also be learning to work together in teams.
Katie Laird (CON): We could gather facts about our profession; print them; and put them in the library and other visible areas.    
Mike Drake (SGA President): We are planning to sponsor a leadership/inter-professional educational series event for the near future.   
Adrian Sproul (CGS): Could we do an interprofessional, Jeopardy –type event?
Peko Tsuji (ISA): We could have a shadowing day. You do this with Presidential Scholars already. It would be beneficial for all of us to understand what other professions are like and what they really do.
Jason Delinsky (CHP): We can encourage interprofessional interaction with our classmates.
Dr. West thanked the SGA for their suggestions, and said that other ideas mentioned in the past are: more interprofessional community service events; clinical settings with interprofessional team; curriculum change, and culture change.
B. Approval of January 10th minutes
C. Student Welfare

Old Business
1. Returning Student Parking Bill (Tabled)
2. Returning Student Parking Round Table
Mike Drake (SGA President) presented a power point presentation to the SGA Reps with what was proposed last year (Seniority With Longevity) in order to explain how each of the five registration groups was determined. Below is the text in the presentation:
- March 24-26
1st group (rising seniors - 198) ≥ 8 semesters
- March 31-April 2
2nd group (rising seniors - 384) 5 ≥ x ≥ 7 semesters
- April 7-10
3rd group (rising seniors - 351) ≤ 4 semesters
- April 21-23
4th group (rising juniors - 397)
- April 28-30
5th group (rising sophomores - 327)
Mike Drake (SGA President): The majority of the parking passes were gone by the 4th weekend. There were some available spots left over, but as we talked about in the last meeting, not all of the spots were year round. This year, we will have three registration weekends.  
I think this can be done, based on optimism and the statistics of last year where by on the 1st weekend, 80% of students signed up, on the 2nd weekend, 60% of students signed up, and only 20% of students signed up on the 3rd weekend. This year, we have a grand total of 1524 students that may be eligible for parking. If we only have three registration weekends, 360 students would be eligible for to register for parking on the first weekend, 499 students would be eligible to register for parking on the second weekend, and 665 students would be eligible for parking on the third weekend.

Below is the information presented to the SGA body of the breakdown of students per college who would be eligible for parking registration for each weekend.
Grand Total = 1524
Blue = First day of distribution (360 students)
Red= Second day of distribution (499)
Green= Third day of distribution (665)

Dental Medicine Semesters # Students
 3 56
 5 53
 6 1
 8 41
 9 2
 13 2
 18 1
 19 1
 23 1
Total  158

Medicine Semesters #Students
 1 2
 2 128
 3 23
 4 76
 5 56
 6 89
 7 44
 8 6
 9 4
 10 5
 11 8
 12 3
 14 3
 15 1
 17 4
 20 2
 21 1
 23 1
Total  456

Pharmacy Semesters # Students
 2 81
 4 79
 5 1
 6 66
 7 10
 8 3
Total  240

Graduate Studies Semesters # Students
 1 28
 2 13
 3 3
 4 38
 5 14
 6 1
 7 25
 8 4
 9 1
 10 4
 11 1
 13 1
 14 2
 17 1
 19 2
Total  138

Health Professions Semesters # Students
 1 17
 2 232
 3 6
 4 1
 5 154
 6 1
 8 5
 9 1
Total  417

Nursing Semesters # Students
 1 5
 2 60
 3 11
 4 11
 5 16
 6 4
 7 5
 8 2
 10 1
Total  115

Jason Delinsky (CHP Rep.): Why don’t you break down each weekend, by college, so that numbers match up. That way, the same percentage of students should be registering from each college each weekend. For example, if 15% of our students are eligible to sign up in 1st weekend, then about 15% of other colleges should be able to.  If the numbers match up, then it’s fair. If not, then it’s not fair.
Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): The number will never be equal because it depends on what program you’re in.
Katie Laird (CON Rep.): A student from COM has 23 semesters. I wasn’t aware that there was that many semesters. Do these numbers include residents?
Robert Shapiro (COM Rep.): No, residents are not included in this. This is someone getting his MD/PhD.
Mike Drake (SGA President): These numbers also include students who have failed or had to repeat semesters. Those semesters are cumulative.
Adrian Sproul  (CGS Rep.): Have you guys surveyed each college to see what percentage of students need parking, especially during what times, to see who needs to be here in unsafe hours.
Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): No, instead of taking a survey, we have a representative from each college here. We each have an idea of when our classmates need parking and we each bring our own ideas to the table.
Matt Thomason (CHP Rep.): The numbers that you showed us earlier, are they based on the end of this semester?
Mike Drake (SGA President): They’re current.
Matt Thomason (CHP Rep.): If that’s true, I’m going to ask you to reevaluate them for CHP because the way our semesters are set up.
Robert Shapiro (COM Rep.): These numbers came from the registrar. They should all be accurate.
Peko Tsuji (ISA Rep.): If we go by semesters, the grad studies students technically have 3 semesters, because we go by trimesters.
Lee Lineberry (CGS Rep.): Yes, they’re accounted for already by the Registrar.
Peko Tsuji (ISA Rep.): Last year, we tried to stay below 400 students during every registration weekend. This year, I’m not confident that we will be able to. We could just keep things as they were last year instead of attempting, crashing, and having to do a stand in line system.
Andrea Boan (CGS Rep.): Does this take into account the first year students – those not here yet. Do we hold spots for them?
Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): It’s returning student parking, so no. But every year, there we’ve always had left over spots for them. And there’s always Hagood.
Robert Shapiro (COM Rep.): We’re missing the key points here. We have a committee made up of representatives from all the colleges, we’ve met for a long time, and realizing the limitations of parking on this campus, we know that it’s a hard issue to find a good solution for. The main concerns in discussions was being fair in distribution but also taking into account the safety of our students. In my perspective, that should outweigh seniority. We have to be fair, but we have to take into account the betterment of the student body as a whole. The system last year did distribute parking, but it can be improved upon.
Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): I echo that. So I won’t anything new. Not every student has been talked to, but there’s got to be a way to look at things and be fair. 80% of students had no idea that the MNA switching went on last year. There has to be a technical way to figure this out and not cheat the system. We should do things correctly. But if we feel comfortable with the way things are, we should take that into consideration as well.
Lee Lineberry (CGS Rep.): People keep asking why we want to change something that worked last year. Well, last year, only 3 people determined how parking registration was broken down. We’re the ones who decided what semesters counted and which ones did not. We made things a big mess, caused a lot of bad feelings.
Peggy Bollinger (CON Rep.): I talked to CON students to ask their opinion on parking. They were surprised that they were ranked so high in the parking hierarchy because they’re only here for 16 months. I know this is against the feelings of all the other CON student reps, but personally, I have a difficult time justifying giving parking to someone who hasn’t been here as long as someone who has.
John Lake (CDM Rep.): I really like this plan, but am overall opposed to the bill in general - mainly the idea of MNA switching, because it undermines the integrity of the longevity. With this bill, you’d have seniors competing for parking with juniors.
Mike Drake (SGA President): You’ve had a chance to hear what everyone has to say about this. We’re keeping this bill in our committee to continue to discuss and make changes. We’ll present it again at our next meeting. Like last year, there are 2 groups that are primarily against this bill. I understand that we won’t be able to please everyone, but I would like to create something that will last for years, not just one year. We have to look at the big picture. Last year we redistributed the number of representatives. Each representative represents 50 students. So don’t just think about how this affects your class, but how it affects your college. We’ll hopefully vote on this in a few weeks, if not, we’ll just go back to what we had last year

New Business
1.  Interprofessional Day
Mike Drake (SGA President): We’ve heard good and bad things about this year’s interprofessional day. I’m passing around a sheet for you to write down your comments. We would like to present your comments and suggestions to Dr. West so that she can improve this program for next year.
2. 2007- 2008 elections
Mike Drake (SGA President): If anyone is interested in running for one of the SGA Exec positions, contact one of us. It’s a great experience. I would like to see a better turn out than last year. Hopefully, we’ll have an election with more candidates.
3. MUSC  pre school
Mike Drake (SGA President): The MUSC Child Development Preschool still has spots available. It opened in on January 8th, to children ages 3 to 5, weekdays from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Enrollment is open to MUSC/MUHA faculty, staff, students and UMA employees.
4. (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting
  Sheldon Bates (CDM) and Vandy Gaffney (MSAB)

II. Program Vice President
Old Business
A. Oyster Roast
1. Program Evaluation.
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): This event was a huge success. There were 1364 people in attendance. That’s the most I’ve ever seen in any of our events. It was a great success. I’m passing around an evaluation sheet. Please take a few minutes to fill it out with comments or suggestions. We do look at these closely.

New Business
A. MUSC Night at the Ballet-Friday, January 26th ;7:00 pm.   
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We had 200 tickets to sell, but we are about to sell out. The tickets are first come, first serve. Also, don’t forget to stop by Chai’s before hand to get special drink offers.
B. Concert @ St. Luke’s, February 9th; 8pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Ann Caldwell, a local jazz and gospel legend will be performing. There will be a free dessert reception by Saffron afterwards. 
C. Wine Tasting @ Aquarium, March 2nd, 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We’ve increased the number of tickets from 500 to 700 this year. Tickets will only be sold to students. Let your classmates know that tickets will go on sale on February 19th.

III. Academic Vice President
Old Business

A. Constitutional Amendments, Bill 06-06
Richard Webb (Academic VP) presented Bill 06-06 for a second reading
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): this bill makes a lot of sense. Excellent job
Voting on Bill 06-06
Those in Favor: all
Those opposed: none
Bill 06-06 was passed.

New Business
A.   Bill 07-03
Richard Webb (Academic VP) presented Bill 07-03 for a first reading
Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): Would this committee come up with the budget?
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): Yes.
Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): How do you expect students in this committee to meet and discuss the budget if they’re not here on campus over the summer when most of the budget is set up?
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): They don’t have to go to meetings
Robyn Brewer (COM Rep.): Do you want this committee to be completely separate from the service committee? Or do you want it to be part of the service committee?
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): I would like to have them separate, but it may not be possible. I want to establish this committee now so that in the future, we can make it better.
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): I’d like to point out some information and explain how things are run now.
1. The model that we’re under doesn’t support this
2. There is no contingency this year. We don’t have any money to pass out.
3. Our constitution, does, in the end, say that we fund events 50/50 if an organization comes to us and has no other funding. For example, if COP has an event that’s open to all students and doesn’t have enough money to fund the event, SGA can support them if they come to us. So, this is already in the constitution. We don’t have a form though, and that would be helpful.
4. If we accept the bill Joseph is proposing, the process of asking and accepting money takes a long time.
5. Doing the budget is difficult and it includes the close involvement of exec and the Student Programs staff. With the proposed bill, they would be out of the picture or it would take a long time to set up the budget.
Richard Webb (Academic VP): Will be sent back to committee to be discussed,  presented at next meeting

IV. Treasurer
Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back
Old Business
D. Cost Analysis of SGA Events

New Business
A. Final Financial Report and Budget for Spring Semester
B. Service Opportunities for Spring Semester- see handout with dn out
C. Contingency Funds

V. Secretary
A.  Representative Events/Service Records

VI. College and Organizational Reports
Dental – Delta Sigma Delta is throwing an 80’s Prom Party on Friday, February  16, 2007 starting at 8:30 PM at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Free dental  screens started tonight and will be going on from 5:00 PM– 7:00 PM until  March 1st. Located on the 1st floor of the Basic Science Building.
Graduate Studies- The Water Missions Service project is this Saturday. Get  there early.
Health Professionals- 1) CHP’s SGA is asking if any colleges have any basic  medical kits we could use. We’ll be providing basic screenings and we  need more equipment.  2) ALS race, which is hosted by the PT program,  will be June 2nd. It will be on the beach (Isle of Palms). Talk to your  classmates. We’d like to see more participation. 
International Student Association- 1) There’s Ping-pong every Wednesday at  5:30 in the old Mustard Seed (in Harper Student Center). Anyone is  welcomed. 2) The International Scientific Presenters will be meeting on  Thursday from noon – 1 pm.
Medicine - The Twentieth Annual Charity Ball will be Saturday, February 17,  from 8:00pm - 12:30am in the North Charleston Convention Center.  Tickets are now on sale in the COM Dean’s Office. Students can purchase  (2) tickets at $40 each; each additional ticket is $55. MUSC faculty, staff,  and guests: $55 each. Enjoy live music by Permanent Vacation, heavy  hors d'oeuvres, open bar, and a silent auction with proceeds benefiting 6  local charities: Crisis Ministries, The C.A.R.E.S. Clinic, The Association  for the Blind, ASCEND Foundation, First Baptist Church of North  Charleston Medical Clinic, and the Trident Area Agency on Aging. There  will be shuttle buses that will run regularly between MUSC and the Charleston Convention Center, so you don't have to worry about driving!  Tickets for the shuttle buses are just $2 each. This event is open to all  students, not just COM students. Go to for  more information.
Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board – Nothing to Report
Nursing– Nothing to Report.
Pharmacy- COP will be hosting a Leadership Conference on January 20th @ the  Harbor Club. Contact Brie Dunn for more information.

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