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-Meeting Minutes- 28 March 2007
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I. President

Anna Kellahan (COP Rep.): At our last meeting, we had someone from the American Cancer Society come talk to use about Relay for Life, which will be held on April 20th - 21st, from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM, at Stoney Field. The College of Charleston, the Citadel, and MUSC are all participating, but so far, MUSC only has one team with seven people. MUSC needs to be better represented so I’m asking if one person per college is willing to volunteer to set up a team from their college.    

From the COP: Anna Kellahan

From the CON: Claire Vernon

From the CDM: Sheldon Bates

From the CGS: Andrea Boan

From the CHP: Ashley Watamura

From the COM: No one volunteered. Promised to get back to Anna.

From MSAB: Vandy Gaffney

A.     Approval of March 7th minutes - approved

B.     Card for Ms. Burnham

C.     Student Welfare

Old Business

1.  Returning Student Parking

Mike Drake (SGA President): The first student parking registration weekend was a huge success. 190 students received parking and of those, only 20 students had problems with registration. The majority of those problems arose from students either typing in the wrong credit card number, the wrong 3 digit security code, or pressing the backspace button before the transaction was complete. We’ve worked those problems out for those students and plan to inform the students registering this coming weekend of those problems so that they can be more careful. Of all the parking spaces, only lot FF sold out. It sold out in the first 5 minutes. There are still plenty of spaces left in the following parking lots: K lot, P lot, N lot, O lot, Lockwood lot, BB lot, and AA lot.

Mark Kaldas (COP Rep.): What will be done for those students who missed their registration date?

Mike Drake (SGA President): We will add a 4th weekend for those people.

Mark Kaldas (COP Rep.): Will it be open to everyone, or will they be separated by seniority?

Mike Drake (SGA President): It will be open to everyone

Mike Drake (SGA President): Some students have unfortunately had some poor interactions with the people that work in parking management. If you know of anyone of anyone that has had a bad experience, and have emails about that, please forward those emails to me, or let me know of these situations. It’s important that we can compile the complaints and take them to the right people.

2.  MUSC Safety Walk

Lee Lineberry (CGS Rep.): We were going to do a safety walk this semester, but have decided to hold it off until next semester in October. Some of our reasons for this decision are: 1) the new hospital will have opened by then and some of the issues that we have now may not be there after it opens, 2) it will be darker in October then it is now, and 3) October is public safety month. The main reason we wanted to do the safety walk this semester was because of K lot. A few of us performed our own mini-safety walk for K lot and found that the lighting was inadequate, except for the lightening near the elevators and that some cameras were pointing in odd directions. We meet with someone about this and he said that all the lightening is being redone. He also informed us that a second elevator will be put that will go up to the 8th floor. Right now, the elevator only goes up to the 6th floor. In addition, students will show their ID to get into the garage instead of a separate card. Another issue that arose was the lack of an adequate crosswalk on Courtney due to the construction. But, that won’t be an issue when the new hospital is built.

3.   SGA Program VP Elections

Mike Drake (SGA President): Brie Dunn will not be able to be the Programs VP next year because of her curriculum and away rotation schedule. Four students are now running to fill the position. The students are: Dachelle Johnson (COP), Sarah Logan (CGS), Holly Ready (CHP), and Anandakumar (Anand) Shunmugavel (CGS).  All four candidates were invited to attend today’s meeting to introduce themselves to the SGA body. I only see Dachelle and Holly here, so I’ll let them introduce themselves to you.

Dachelle Johnson (COP) and Holly Ready (CHP) introduced themselves and briefly stated why they were running for the Programs VP position. Below are their statements of intent:

Dachelle Johnson - COP
In general, our daily lives can be described as long days filled with lectures, rotations, studying, exams and needless to say a whole lot of stress.  As student health professionals I don't need to caution you about what stress can do to you mentally and physically, hence my reason for wanting to be your SGA Program VP.  I want to make the remainder of your academic career memorable and a little less stressful.  Allow me the opportunity to provide you with fun filled social events that will allow you a break from your studies.  Getting involved in and outside of the College of Pharmacy has been very important to me since the beginning of my academic career.  As Vice President of Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity, I have coordinated different volunteer events throughout the year.  I am also Corresponding Secretary for the Association of Student Pharmacist.  In addition to leading offices in these organizations, I have participated in numerous volunteer projects, served and chaired various committees while maintaining excellent grades.  I am hard working and creative, and will take the student's comments to heart and plan events that all will enjoy.  In closing, I assure you that I am dedicated to this position and excited about the opportunity to serve you.  Thank you in advance for your support!

Holly Ready - CHP
During the past year, I have had the privilege to serve as an SGA representative for the CHP.  I am currently on the Programs Committee, and learning about the time and dedication it takes to be a strong Programs VP.  In joining the MUSC, CHP and MHA SGA I have enhanced my leadership and communication skills and feel that I am the strong, positive person for the Programs VP.  As a student at MUSC, I believe that interprofessionalism is important for healthcare providers and one way to bring us together is activities outside of the classroom.  As your Program VP, I will work hard to ensure that there is a wide range of programs that all students, backgrounds, and cultures can enjoy.  Listening and communicating with students, as well as the Student Programs Office, will allow me to bring new ideas and opportunities for programs to the table.  I am excited about the opportunity to become your Programs VP.  If I am chosen for this honor, I will bring not only my experience, but also enthusiasm and dedication.  I would greatly appreciate your support during this election.  Thank you.

Mike Drake (SGA President): Here today are the other candidates who are running unopposed for the other SGA exec positions.

      President: Mike Drake (COM)

      Academic VP: Stephen Cross (COM)

      Secretary: Melissa Thompson (COP)

      Treasurer: Naval G. Parikh (COM) – Naval was unable to make           the meeting

New Business

1.  Communication with Administration

Mike Drake (SGA President): Exec had lunch with Dr. West (Vice President, Academic Affairs) and Dr. Raymond (Vice President, Academic Affairs & Provost) last week. They asked for our opinion on what they could do to increase communication with MUSC students.

We had two suggestions, 1) for them to attend some SGA events, like the Back-to-School Party or the Wine tasting; and 2) for them to have an open house in their office building in the beginning of the fall semester for students to be able to meet and mingle with them. The President at Clemson did this for incoming students, and most people seem to enjoy it. But we would like to get feed back from you. What are some ideas? What would your classmates be interested in? Would they enjoy meeting the President or Vice Presidents of MUSC, or would they not care?

Peko Tsuji (ISA Rep.): We can ask them to attend some SGA meetings. If they really wanted student input, this is the best place to get it, since there are reps from every college here.

Lee Lineberry (CGS Rep.): I went to Clemson as well, and I know what you’re talking about. The difference between Clemson and MUSC is that Clemson’s President was very involved in student activities.

Mike Drake (SGA President): If you come up with more suggestions, please email with your ideas.

2.  Flag Bearers for Commencement

Mike Drake (SGA President):  We need 1 rep from each college to be a flag bearer for Commencement. I’m passing around a sign up sheet for that.

3.  Students Interested in Technology

Mike Drake (SGA President): Administration came to the conclusion that they don’t know how or why students use technology. Looking to get 15 students, to sit with Dr. West and other administrators to discuss how and why students use technology. I’m passing around a sign up sheet; so if you’re interested in this, please sign up.

4.  Alliance for Hispanic Health

Peko Tsuji (ISA Rep.): AHH would like to present a piece of legislation to the SGA body. They have asked me to introduce the bill.        

The content of Bill No. 07-06 (which was provided to the SGA reps) is written below:

Bill No. 07-06; “MUSC SGA Membership for the Student Alliance for Hispanic Health”

Purpose: to acknowledge the Student Alliance for Hispanic Health as a university-wide student organization having one voting representative to the Student Government Association.

Whereas, the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association (MUSC SGA) aims to serve the needs of all students of the university, and

Whereas, the MUSC SGA has previously recognized the university-wide student organizations of the Multicultural Student Advisory Board and the International Student Association with voting SGA membership representation, and

Whereas, the Hispanic students of the University had previously petitioned the Association of Black Health Professionals in the College of Health Professions to become a Multicultural Association of Health Professionals to grant them membership, and having been denied, and

Whereas, the Hispanic Students of the University do not currently have specific representation at MUSC SGA, and

Whereas, the increasing diversity within the University and the community includes a growing Hispanic population who will be our colleagues and the people we serve as future health professionals,

Be it resolved by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association assembled in regular session the following:

That the Student Alliance for Hispanic Health be recognized as a voting member of the MUSC SGA.

Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): Was this introduced to Academic Affairs Committee?

Richard Webb (Academic VP): It was presented to Exec Council on Monday during our Exec meeting.

Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): My understanding was that any constitutional amendment that is to be presented to the SGA body has to be presented to the Academic Affairs Committee first.

Richard Webb (Academic VP): All right, we will send this bill back to the Academic Affairs Committee for review.

Kristie North (AHH President): Even though you’re not going to discuss it today, I’d like to introduce you the idea of this legislation. The purpose of this legislation is not only to give students who are interested in serving the Hispanic Community a voice, but also to give students who are Hispanic a voice. AHH is not just an interest group; it is also a cultural organization that Hispanic Students are involved in. We would not be asking for financial support, so the SGA budget would not be affected. We only want to have one voting position to give Hispanic students a voice.

Brantley Busbee (COM Rep.): How large is your organization?

Kristie North (AHH President): 60 members

Lee Lineberry (CGS Rep.): I’m not sure how AHH members are not already represented? Aren’t they already represented by ISA or by their college?

Kristie North (AHH President): No. Hispanic students are not all necessarily immigrants. ISA tends to be more for students who are from different countries and are here temporarily. Their issues (such as visas) are different then the Hispanic Students. It’s a fast growing population and they deserve a separate voice.

Mike Drake (SGA President): Thank you for attending our meeting. As mentioned already, we’ll send this legislation back to the Academic Affairs Committee, who will discuss this further.

D.  (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting

II.   Program Vice President

Old Business

A.  Concert at St. Luke’s by Con Voce Festiva, Friday, March 23rd, 8:00pm

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): The last St. Luke’s concert of the year was last Friday. It wasn’t very well attended we had about 100 people in attendance. If you have any suggestions for performs that you’d like to see next year, please let us know.

B.   Shem Creek Kayak Tour, Saturday, March 24th; 11:30am – 1:30pm

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Kayaking was very successful. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The only problem was that we sold out a few days before the event.

C.   Palmetto Portrait Project

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): I saw several of you at the lunch they sponsored last week for the opening. I hope you’ve had a chance to walk through the ECL to look through the pictures. Ashley and I are in the Palmetto Project Committee and have meet the photographers for next year. Email us if you have suggestions of places that you’d like to pictures to be in next year.

New Business

A.     Alhambra at the Windjammer – “It’s a Shore Thing”;

1.      Saturday, April 14; 12:00-5:00pm

2.      Worker Sign-up. This is a required event for ALL reps.

3.      Brie Dunn (Academic VP): There will be buses running from downtown and Mt. Pleasant that will take students to the Windjammer. There will be tons of giveaways: t-shirts, koozies, water bottles, glow-in-the-dark cups, and more. Three bands will be playing (The Secrets, The Soulmites, and The Movement). Food will be provided from Sticky fingers (Food: Barbeque pork, chicken, hotdogs, veggie burgers and great sides, sweet cold treats, kettle corn, and boiled peanuts; Drinks: iced tea, lemonade, soft drinks, and ice-cold beer. Other alcoholic beverages may be purchased on-site).  It will be a fun beach party. Please tell classmates about this event. It’s a change from all the Alhambra’s from the past, but it’s a good change. We hope that you get your classmates excited about attending. To make sure that we allow all students to attend, we’re giving you the opportunity to go back to your classmates and sell tickets. Students can buy 2 tickets per ID.  Due to capacity for windjammer, we want as many students to come. That’s why we’re only allowing 2 tickets per ID (this will reduce the number of guests and increase the number of students). For every 10 tickets that you sell, we’ll put your name in for a drawing. Any questions?

B.   MUSC Live at Knights of Columbus

1.      Friday, April 20th; 7:00-10:00pm

2.      Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Starting encouraging your classmates to get their acts ready. If you do know anyone from your college that is interested in participating, tell them to email Ryan Nobles or me (Brie Dunn). We would like to see participation from a diverse group of students from different colleges. We’ll have a panel of “Celebrity Judges”. These judges will be professors whom you think would enjoy themselves at MUSC Live and would enjoy helping us judge. I’m passing around a sheet for you to write down the names of professors whom you think would make good judges.

III. Academic Vice President

Old Business

A.     SACS Accreditation 

Richard Webb (Academic VP): The SACS accreditation process has been going on for the last 3 days. All aspects of MUSC have been looked at and evaluated. Mike, Bhav, and I attended a few of these meeting to represent the student voice. We have unofficially passed the accreditation. The final interview was this afternoon.

Mike Drake (SGA President): This process has been going on for about 2 years. The accreditation committee gave us list of things they’d like to change. The only changes they want us to make are: to improve the MUSC website and to include inter-professionalism in our mission statement. The Committee’s biggest concern with inter-professionalism was not the students, but rather the faculty and residents and how they’re going to incorporate inter-professionalism into the program. Everyone in the board was very complementary about Charleston and MUSC.

New Business

A.     Library Maintenance 

Richard Webb (Academic VP): The library and management services have shifted the hours for picking up trash from11 PM- 1 AM to 2 AM – 5:AM. Both the Library and management services are making an effort to accommodate students and their study hours.

Anna Kellahan (COP Rep.): There are still lots of students camping out in the library cubicles.

Mike Drake (SGA President): We can either continue with the way things are, or we can collect their stuff.

Richard Webb (Academic VP): The library staff feels caught in the middle. They have a certain tolerance threshold when it comes to things like these.

Ashley Watamura (CHP Rep.): If someone collects the stuff from cubicles, how are they going to distinguish between students who are camping out and aren’t there from students who went out for a few minutes or went to the bathroom?

Mike Drake (SGA President): That would be hard to differentiate, but some of the cubicles in question are very obvious that students are camping out.

Ryan St. John (CHP Rep.): Another problem is the way students use the down stair rooms of the ECL. Many students use the whiteboards to cover the window and doors.

Mike Drake (SGA President): This issue has come up many times before. We want to take out the boards completely, but the administration isn’t willing to do that. We will keep pushing this issue though.

Ken Byrd (COM Rep.): The problem of students camping out in the cubicles isn’t going away. We need to do something about it.

Mark Drake (SGA President): I have 2 points to make. 1) I wouldn’t mind seeing public safety take charge of that; and 2) I wouldn’t mind being part of the group that collects the items and put them into a locker to be collected. I completely agree with Ken’s comment. We do need to do something about this issue. The question is, is SGA willing to take the responsibility for this? If this [clearing out the cubicles] happens, it has to start with this room, and not the library staff. We would be taking on a task with serious risks. There’s a lot of liability with doing this.

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): It seems like there are just a few people doing this. Have we talked to them directly and asked them to stop?

Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): Motion to send this conversation to the Academic Affairs Committee.

There was a second. The conversation of library cubicles is to be discussed further in the Academic Affairs Committee.

IV.  Treasurer

Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back: MUSC Gives Back wants to know what you have been doing in our community. Please report on-line your MUSC student volunteer activities and create your own volunteer resume. The online address is . MUSC Gives Back will be recognizing student groups for their volunteer efforts. One group from each college and one university-wide group will be recognized for their contributions to the community. The application deadline is 5:00pm on Monday, April 9th.

Old Business

A.     Mt. Pleasant Manor è Cancelled

B.     CRBR kids run è March 30th

C.     Charleston Miracle League è Saturday April 7th

D.     Expense Reports

V.     Secretary

Old Business

A.     SGA Website

B.     Student Life email

Ana Panduro (SGA Secretary): Will use people from the Communications Committee to email their college and inform them of the difference between Student Life and Student Info emails. We’re doing this because students are more likely to read emails from someone they know rather than from Student Info. Alicia will start sending out Student Life Emails next Monday.

VI.  Intramurals

A.     Basketball

B.     Softball

VII.   Student Programs

A.     MUSC Annual Art/Photo Exhibit

1.      Work Displayed: April 2nd – May 4th (HSC Gallery)

B.     Book Fair in the Portico

1.      Monday, April 9th; 12:00 – 5:00pm

2.      Tuesday, April 10th; 7:00am – 2:00pm

C.     2007-2008 SGA Reps

Robin Hardin: Please let Ana Panduro know who your SGA reps for next year will be as soon as you know.

VIII.   College and Organizational Reports

Dental: Nothing to Report

Graduate Studies: Jorge Cham, a PhD/cartoonist is coming to MUSC to talk on “The Power of Procrastination” on April 6th at 3:00 pm in BSB 100.

Health Professionals: 1) Our annual ALS H.O.P.E race will be June 2nd in Isle of  Palms. Registration begins in March. The race is a 5 k run on the beach.  Check out: 2) MHA is having a fundraiser for the Cares Clinic. They will be selling raffle tickets for $1. The fundraiser starts today and goes until April 11th.

International Student Association: On Thursday April 19th, from 11:30 –1:30, there will be an international festival in the Horseshoe. There will be lots of food from around the world and belly dancing!

Medicine: 1) Congrats to all the 4th years that matched. 2) We raised over $40,000 for charity through Charity Ball. 3) Friday at 5pm, AOA is sponsoring a discussion with on the global risk of cardiovascular disease. Check your email for more details.

Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board: We will be holding our final MSAB meeting/End-of-the-Year Celebration at Little Thai Too downtown on Wednesday April 11, 2007 at 6:30 pm.  We will be eating dinner (on MSAB of course), voting on our officers for next year, recognizing outstanding members for the year as well as our graduating members, and celebrating the end of yet another wonderful year together. Please RSVP by Monday, April 9th.

Nursing: Nothing to Report

Pharmacy: Our Spring Banquet will be this weekend. Raffle tickets are open to  everyone.

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