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-Meeting Minutes- March 7, 2007

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I.       President

Speakers: 1) Laura Frawley, American Cancer Society

2) Joe Maggitti, Director of Student Accounting

3) Pearl Givens, Director of Student Financial Aid

1) Laura Frawley (American Cancer Society): The American Cancer Society Relay for Life is a fundraising event that most importantly is a celebration of life, empowering the community to fight back against cancer. This year’s Relay for Life will be on April 20th - 21st, from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM, at Stoney Field. There will be an opening ceremony, a luminary service, a survival walk, and someone from each team will be walking around the tract every single second of the Relay. It’s held at night to remind us that cancer doesn’t sleep. The College of Charleston, the Citadel, MUSC, and the Charleston community will all be participating. MUSC is a key player in this event. If you’d like to get involve, you can either start a team of 8-15 people and set a fundraising goal, or you could help with logistics and recruitment. Our next meeting will be March 13th at 6:30 PM in the College of Charleston Library.

2) Joe Maggitti (Director of Student Accounting): Please let your classmates know the following: 1) The 1098 forms are online. 2) Let students know who ECSI is and what they do. 3) CON and CHP students can cancel their Perkins loans 5 years after graduating. A lot of students pay them- but don’t have to if they work with patients (and provide verification). Do you think a meeting or forum would be beneficial? Should this forum be for just the students  that are graduating or for all students? 4) Students that have signed up for direct deposit but then change bank accounts sometimes don’t update their information with us, so many students don’t get their financial aid checks. Please tell students to make sure their bank information is correct. 5) Remind graduating students that they have to go through exit interviews. Last year, we had 435 graduating students, but only half of them went through the exit interview. If students don’t go through the interview, their diplomas and transcripts are put on hold. 6) We always welcome students to stop by and talk to us.

3) Pearl Givens (Director of Student Financial Aid): Ask your classmates to set up individual appointments at our office for loan consolidation issues. Depending on the lender, consolidation may not be the best option. Please also ask them to fill out the financial aid survey. We use this information to make up the budget for students. Also, don’t miss the financial aid deadline. The deadlines are particularly important for the College of Dental Medicine, the College of Health Professions, and the College of Pharmacy, because they start classes sooner.

A.     Approval of February 24th minutes - approved

B.     Student Welfare

Old Business

1.      Returning Student Parking

Mike Drake (SGA President): There’s a major problem. An email was sent out today saying that everyone could register on the first weekend. Another email was sent out with a correction, but subject heading was not changed. Another email will go out tomorrow with the correction, but let your classmates know. Other than that, parking going smoothly. MNA switching is due on Friday. By then, we should have a better idea on how many people need parking.

2.      MUSC Safety Walk

Mike Drake (SGA President): There are three possible dates that we can conduct the Safety Walk. These dates are: March 27th, April 5th or April 10th. We will work together with other colleges’ SGAs. Sign up if you’re interested in participating

3.      MUSC Student President Meeting

Mike Drake (SGA President): I meet with all the college presidents last Thursday. We discussed several university politics and how to improve intercollegiate communication. We all felt that SGA not only needs to be more involved with students of different colleges, but also with the SGAs of the different colleges. We also discussed Inter-Professional Day. We thought it would be a great idea to incorporate an inter-professional service project for that day.

New Business

1.  SGA Executive Officer Elections

Mike Drake (SGA President): Applications were due last Friday. All positions are uncontested except for 1. There are 2 people running for Treasurer. Please encourage your classmates to vote.

C.     (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting

è Katie Laird (CON) and Chris Cutshall (COM)

II.    Program Vice President

Old Business

A.     Trivia Happy Hour @ Club Trio

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We had a great turn out at this event. 120 students that participated in trivia. We’re having a debate on whether or not to have happy hours because they haven’t been well attended this year. Should we continue having happy hours? Should we have themes? Please fill out the evaluation sheet.

B.     Paintball @ Paintball Charleston

       Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Paintball was a lot of fun. We had about 70 people participate. They were asked to fill out an evaluation online.

C.     Winetasting at the SC Aquarium

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Everyone had a great time. It was a very successful event. We’re glad we increased the number of tickets from last year, but we wish we could have had enough space for everyone to attend. We sold out very quickly. We’d like suggestions on how to improve the event, and how to distribute tickets to be fair for everyone. Please fill out the evaluation sheet.

D.     Ft. Sumter Tour

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): There were 15-20 people that went. They all    enjoyed the tour. They were asked to fill out an evaluation online.

New Business

A.     Concert at St. Luke’s by Con Voce Festiva

1.      Friday, March 23rd, 8:00pm

2.      Worker Sign-up

B.     Shem Creek Kayak Tour

1.   Saturday, March 24th; 11:30am – 1:30pm

C.     Alhambra at the windjammer – “It’s a Shore Thing”

1.      Saturday, April 14th; 12:00- 5:00pm

2.      Brie Dunn (Academic VP): There will be buses running from downtown and Mt. Pleasant that will take students to the Windjammer. There will be tons of giveaways: t-shirts, koozies, water bottles, and more. Three bands will be playing. It will be a fun beach party. Please tell classmates about this event. It’s a change from all the Alhambra’s from the past, but it’s a good change. We hope that you get your classmates excited about attending.

D.    MUSC Live at the Knights of Columbus

1.      Friday, April 20; 7:00-10:00pm     

2.      Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Starting encouraging your classmates to get acts together. If you do know anyone from your college that is interested in participating, tell them to email Ryan Nobles or me (Brie Dunn). We would like to see participation from a diverse group from different colleges

E.     Palmetto Portrait Project

Brie Dunn (Programs VP): MUSC is sponsoring a 5-year portrait project using 30 photographers throughout those 5 years (6 different photographers will showcase 10 of their photos this year, with a total of 60 photos per year).  The purpose of the project is to see the population of people that MUSC serves. The portraits are of South Carolinians at work. This is a project that Dr. Greenberg is very excited about, but is concerned because there was no student input. Since the portraits will be displayed in the second floor of the ECL, where a lot of students go through, he would like our input about the project itself and about individual pictures. Please let me know what you think.

III. Academic Vice President

New Business

A.     Constitutional Amendment: Algorithm for College Representatives

Richard Webb (Academic VP): I presented this bill (Bill no. 07-04) last week. The bill, explains how last year’s SGA came up with an algorithm for how to calculate the number of SGA representatives per college based on the student population of individual colleges. I’ve contacted the office of enrollment to get the most up to date numbers of current students. The algorithm involves the following steps:

1.      Total student enrollment per college is divided by 50

2.      The college with the lowest quotient is adjusted to 3.5, thus creating a constant that is applied to all remaining quotients from the respective colleges. This step adjusts to keep the senate at the lowest possible functioning number (45 college reps).

3.      The final figures are rounded to the nearest whole number, i.e. the revised number of representatives per college.

The numbers involved in this year’s application of the algorithm to determine the       number of college reps for next year is below:















Graduate Studies







Health Professions




























Richard Webb (Academic VP): This bill (Bill no. 07-04) is now up for a second reading.

Sheldon Bates (CDM): read the contents of Bill no. 07-04.

Joseph Brown (CDM): motion to suspend the rules

Joseph Brown (CDM): motion to accept by unanimous consent.

The motion was seconded. Bill no. 07-04 passed by unanimous consent.

IV.  Treasurer

Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back: MUSC Gives Back wants to know what you have been doing in our community. Please report on-line your MUSC student volunteer activities and create your own volunteer resume. The online address is . MUSC Gives Back will be recognizing student groups for their volunteer efforts. One group from each college and one university-wide group will be recognized for their contributions to the community. The application deadline is 5:00pm on Monday, April 9th.

Old Business

A.     Expense Report for Fat Tuesday

B.     Expense Report for Winetasting

C.     Dr. Seuss Service Project

Liz Sheridan (MUSC Gives Back): 300 books were collected and delivered to a local elementary school. Dr. Greenberg was one of the readers. This was a nice project to support junior doctors.

New Business

A. Updated List of Service Projects

V.     Secretary

New Business

A.     SGA Website

Ana Panduro (SGA Secretary): Thank you for all your suggestions on how to improve the SGA website. It will be changing in appearance and content in the next few weeks.

B.     “Email List-serve” Bill

Ana Panduro (SGA Secretary): Based on the comments that you have made in the last few meetings on how to improve the Student Info emails, the communications committee has written a bill that addressed some concerns.

Brantley Busbee (COM) read Bill no. 07-05 (the content is below):

Purpose: To compartmentalize the information disseminated to the student body so as to be made more readily available and efficient for their use.

Whereas, the Communications Committee would like to propose the development of a subsidiary email list-serve termed “Student Life” that will contain more of the social aspect and information not critical to the academic life of MUSC students.

Whereas, “Student Life” will contain information from, but not limited to, student organizations, outside organizations, the Office of Student Programs, and SGA bulletins.

Whereas, “Student Life” will not replace the current “Student Info” email list-serve. “Student Info” will henceforth contain information pertinent to the daily activities of academic life, financial aid, student health services, parking management, and other bulletins deemed necessary by the Office of Student Programs.

Whereas, all future broadcasts for both student life and student info will contain within the body of the email, a link to the Office of Student Programs and SGA events calendar.

Whereas, the statutes and limitations on number and frequency of emails previously applied to “Student Info” will be continued and will also be applicable to “Student Life”.

Be it enacted by the Medical University of South Carolina Student Government Association assembled in regular session the following:

That future information presented to the MUSC student body will be delineated into two broad categories, “Student Info” and “Student Life”.

Brantley Busbee (COM): Having 2 email list serves won’t increase the number of emails. That will remain the same. The purpose is to compartmentalize the content of the emails. People who don’t want to receive any emails about social events, but don’t want to miss out on important information sent by the University, could black list the “Student Life” list serve.  Some students already black list “Student Info” and miss out on a lot of important information.

Joseph Brown (CDM): I don’t feel strongly about this bill. I like the idea, but don’t see anything effective about it.

Adrian Sproul (CGS): I agree with Joseph that the goal should be communication. But you’re already getting more information with the headline. I think this is a great idea.

SGA representatives voted and passed Bill no. 07-05

C.   Event/Service Requirements

VI.  College and Organizational Reports

Dental: Nothing to Report

Graduate Studies:  Have invited a speaker, who does PhD comics, to come talk on April 6th. More info to come as the date approaches.

Health Professionals: 1) Our annual ALS H.O.P.E race will be June 2nd in Isle of Palms. Registration begins in March. The race is a 5 k run on the beach. Check out: 2) MHA is having a fundraiser for the Cares Clinic. They will be selling raffle tickets for $1. The fundraiser starts today and goes until the end of March. The drawing will be on April  11th. 3) The PT class of 2009 will be working with local therapists and the athletes of the Special Olympics on March 22nd. The event will be held at Charleston Southern University.

International Student Association:  1) There’s Ping-pong every Wednesday at  5:30 in the old Mustard Seed (in Harper Student Center). Anyone is welcomed. 2) The International Scientific Presenters will be meeting on Thursday from noon – 1 pm. 

Medicine: Match day is in a week.

Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board:  Nothing to Report

Nursing:  Nothing to Report

Pharmacy: Nothing to Report

*University Wide Committees

Women’s History Month

Wine & Cheese Reception – Thursday, March 1st, 5-7pm è HSC library

· Art Exhibit- March 1st -30th

·  Panel Presentation – Thursday, March 22nd at noon (BSB 100)

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