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-Meeting Minutes- 1 November 2006
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I. President
Speaker: Dr. Roger Poston, Director of Academic and Research Systems
Dr. Poston discussed the new electronic evaluation system (E-Value) that all students will begin using next year. He ensured the SGA student body that the system was of great quality and ensured confidentiality within the system. The only 2 incidences in which the confidentiality would be breeched would be: 1) if a student threats physical harm to a faculty member and 2) if there has been a serious violation of ethics.

A. Approval of October 4th minutes
B. Student Welfare

Old Business
1. Dinner with the Greenberg’s. 
Mike Drake (SGA President): The Greenbergs were both very pleased with how well represented this body was. They were impressed with the energy and the spirit that you brought into the dinner. These kinds of compliments are not easily thrown out. We were also complemented by the faculty members that attended the event and by the I’on Club staff. We were very pleased on how the evening went, but we’d like your feedback o how you thought of the event and what we can do to improve it next year. [Comment sheet was passed around for Representatives to fill out]
2. Returning Student Parking
Mike Drake (SGA President): My committee (Student Welfare Committee) will begin the process of discussing parking. If you’re interested in learning more about the parking process, providing input, or helping us make decisions, please join my committee or attend one of the meetings. Parking affects all constituents; so make sure that you have at least one Representative from your college in this committee.
3. Arrest Policy
Mike Drake (SGA President): The arrest policy was presented a few weeks ago. Dr. West come to talk to this body and answered our questions, but there are things we still don’t agree with this policy. We met with her 4 weeks ago, for 3 hours, going over the policy and making our suggestions. The original policy she gave to us at the SGA meeting was not the original policy. It was a rough draft. Changes have since been made. You now have a copy of the actually policy that they want to pass. Section 2 has changed from “formally charged” to “formally accused”. The original document read, “…the offending student shall report such violations or charges to his or her respective Dean within 48 hours”. After going back and forth on this issue, Dr. West finally agreed to change the 48 hours to “ two university/college business days.” We also didn’t think it was fair for one Dean to have so much power, so they added  “after consultation with the Provost” to the policy. They made a few other changes to the policy, but this is the University Arrest Policy as it stands. We had originally agreed to start the policy next year, but they now want to implement the policy this spring, starting in January.  We don’t know why they’re rushing to implement the policy, but we’re still not satisfied with the policy as it is. We are uneasy about the statement that reads, “Should the student plead guilty, nolo contendere, or be convicted of a felony or an offense involving moral turpitude, the Dean may expel the student from the College.” We are particularly concerned with their choice to include “moral turpitude,” which is a list of “immoral actions” listed under the SC State Nursing Board. It includes everything ranging from manslaughter, to public indecency, to the possession of or intent to sell marijuana. A Dean could expel you for anything that’s considered moral turpitude. We feel that this goes from original arrest policy, which was mainly for felonies. We agree with the idea behind the Arrest Policy, but we are really arguing against those 2 words (moral turpitude). These two words are very dangerous because they can be interpreted differently and because they take the arrest policy from being a felony document to a misdemeanor document. I’m sure we all have mixed opinions about the policy. Read through it, talk about it, and show it to your classmates. Right now, most students, faculty and staff don’t even know about the policy. However, in a matter of weeks, this will affect all students. We’re hoping to meet with Dr. West and Dr. Raymond at our next Exec meeting to talk about this policy. We’d like to know why they feel so strongly about this and why they are pushing it so fast
Ken Byrd (COM Rep.): Is it a requirement for SAC?
Mike Drake (SGA Pres.): No, it’s not currently a SAC requirement. Harmony Edelman (CON Rep.): The policy says, “If students should be arrested or formally charged.” Those are two totally different things. I’m confused about what that means.
Katherine Hall (CON Rep.): Do we as students have free legal aid?
Robin Hardin (SPO Staff): Yes, there’s a list of 20 attorneys online. They’re free of charge, but don’t expect to get more than a 30-minute time commitment from them.
Mike Drake (SGA Pres.): They consulted with the University lawyers when they drafted the policy.
Mark Kaldas (COP Rep.): The problem that many of us have with this policy is that it goes from being objective to subjective. I support you guys pushing this.
Aaron Embry (CHP Rep.): They’re using the SC State Nursing Boards and equating it with law. The difference is that if you’re actually arrested and formally charged, you have to turn yourself in to your Dean. But if you do something that’s considered a moral turpitude, then you don’t have to turn yourself in. But, if the administration finds out later, they can go after you. This puts strong limits and restrictions on what you can and can’t do outside the University.
Mike Drake (SGA Pres.): I’m going to personally invite Dr. West, Dr. Greenberg, and Dr. Raymond to our next Exec meeting. I also invite any of you who are passionately for or against this issue to attend. I’d like to clear one thing we were originally told. Dr. West said the reason behind this policy was to save the University money so they wouldn’t have to do the background check on students every 90 days. However, even with this policy, the University still has to do the background checks. This policy doesn’t save them any money. The university will still be required to do background checks on students.
Robert Shapiro (COM Rep.): Two things: 1) the key thing to consider is that most are going into fields that require licensure. In any of these health professions, what you do outside of campus or outside in community matters. 2) The list moral turpitude is a list of things against the law. While moral turpitude is subjective, most of what’s considered moral turpitudes are misdemeanors. I think it’s fair to say that deans are reasonable people. They can be forgiving of people that do stupid things.
Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): Motion to close this topic and proceed with the meeting.
The SGA Body seconded this motion.

New Business
1. Academic Vice President Application and Election
Mike Drake (SGA Pres): We have 2 candidates for the Academic VP election, Katie Laird (CON Rep.) and Richard Webb (COM Rep.). We’ve passed out their letters of intents. Read over these carefully. We’ll be voting for this position November 15th. It will be a closed ballot/confidential vote.
2. SGA Seal
Mike Drake (SGA Pres): SGA doesn’t have an official seal or logo. We’d like to have one for official documents and for letterheads. We researched several logos, and we as Exec voted for our 3 favorite ones. We’re going to pass those 3 around and ask you to vote for your favorite one to represent SGA.
3. SGA Legislation
4. Safety Walk Recommendations
Mike Drake (SGA Pres.): SGA had a Safety Walk in2005. SGA members walked around the university with public safety officers to identify areas in need of improvement in terms of safety (i.e. better lighting, additional call boxes, etc.). Some of the suggestions were never addressed and never followed up. We’d like to look over the document to see what has changed and to push things that haven’t changed. See me after the meeting if you’re interested in participating.
5. SACS Reaffirmation Review
Mike Drake (SGA Pres.): This has been going on for 2 years. November 6th to 9th are the dates for MUSC’s offsite review. The onsite review will be on March 27th –29th.
6. Purchase of New Microwave
Mike Drake (SGA Pres.): SGA will purchase microwave and cleaning supplies for the first floor of the Library/Education Building. We don’t need a formal vote for this but we just wanted to make sure that it was ok with you. We’ve had several requests to get one. Any comments?
Peko Tsuji (ISA): Get 2!

The SGA body voted on the microwave purchase:
Those in Favor: 41
Those opposed: 1

[Chris Cutshall (COM Rep.) voted against this because he fears the microwaves will contribute to the bug problem in the library]

7. Reps needed for University Committees
a. Honorary Degree Committee (1)-
 John Lake (CDM)
b. (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting

II. Program Vice President
Old Business

A. LaFiesta Night Out
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): This was our second happy hour of the semester and it was even less attended then the first. Only 53 people attended the event. We have another happy hour scheduled for next semester, but need to figure out if we should still have one.
B. Kayaking Trip
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): this event was a huge success! We asked attendees to fill out evaluations on survey monkey.
C. Movies at Marion Square
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We had 56 or so people that turned in stubs to get popcorn and drink. It was hard to keep all MUSC students together, but I think everyone who attended had a really great time.
D. Halloween Horror Cruise
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): The event went really well. Pictures are posted outside of the student programs office. Make sure to stop by to see them
Harmony Edelman (CON Rep.): Lots of people are really upset by not being able to go. Our college is particularly upset. They feel that they should have been able to go. There should be more than 3 days to buy tickets. If we’re going to spend a lot of money on an event where only a few people can go, we need to make events where more people can go. I just want to voice the concern/frustration of the College of Nursing.
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): I want to point out that only 2 events in the entire year have limited tickets- the Halloween Horror Cruise (fall semester) and the Wine Tasting (spring semester). We would like more people to attend.
Harmony Edelman (CON Rep.): Those are the 2 best events! It’s sad that only a limited number of people can attend those events.
Katie Laird (CON Rep.): We understand that limits have to be set, but 200 is too low.

New Business
A. Fall Brawl
1. Saturday, Nov 11th; 12:00 - 4:00pm at James Island County Park.
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): This will be an exciting event. It will be an
inter-collegiate competition. Teams will compete in tug-of-war and kick ball. There will be one team per college. There will be awards for winners and for school spirit. There’s a lot more to do besides people participating in events. There will be volleyball, food, a DJ, a beer   truck, and all kinds of stuff besides just the competition. It should be a fun day.
2. Sign up to work
B. Concert at St. Lukes- Na Fidleiri-
1. Friday, November 17th; 8pm, at St. Luke's Chapel
Charleston's Young Irish Fiddlers, Na Fidleiri, promises a thrilling performance of Celtic music!  Come join us as they entertain the MUSC community with their violins, pennywhistles, bodhrans, and guitars.  Don't forget to stop by the lobby of the Library/Education Building for a FREE dessert reception following the show
2. Sign up to work
C. Exam break.
D. MUSC Oyster Roast
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): the date has been changed to January 19th so that more people can attend the event.

III. Academic Vice President
Old Business

A. Honor Code Amendments
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): The honor code amendments are officially done. Thanks to those of you who worked on them.

New Business
A.  Education Library Building Report
Aaron Embry (Academic VP):
• Print and Copy Cards: now you just need one card to print and copy
• Post things only on bulletin boards. Don’t use tape.
• Don’t move furniture around, especially into the hallway.
• Library Temperature: this has been going on for 3 years. They don’t know why. Hopefully we’ll know in a week.
• Gnats: they’re everywhere in the library. We’ve gotten many complaints about them. We may have figured out the problem. The trashcans were being emptied, but the trashcans themselves were not being cleaned. The situation should be getting better.
• Microwaves: they will be attached to wall. Cleaning supplies will be available. Use it or lose it. If the microwaves are not cleaned, we will take them away.
• BSB: The handicap sensor is being moved to the door on the right. This moving will hopefully reduce traffic that goes by that door and the main door won’t be as heavy.
• A handicap door will be put in the library building.
• Room reservation policy: still working on that
B. Constitutional Amendments
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): Will discuss them at our next meeting.

IV. Treasurer
Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back

Old Business
A. Budget Report
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer):
• La Fiesta: $1000 budgeted, $1700 spent; 53 people attended.
• Kayaking: $200 budgeted, $240 spent
B. Sugar Free Fall Festival
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): The event was a lot of fun. Erin Wilson (CON) did a great job organizing the SGA booth.

New Business
 A. Expense Report
 B. Service Update
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): The following service projects are the last service projects of the semester, contact the person listed for more information.
1. Habitat for Humanity, November 18, 8-12  Joseph Brown (CDM)
2. World AIDS Day, December 1st; 11:30-1:30pm  Daniel Grass (COM)
3. Holiday Tree Lighting, December 6th; 3-5pm Lauren Young (CON) and Daniel Grass (COM)
• Santa Claus Aaron Embry
• Elves: Peko Tsuji, Loretta Hoover, Danielle Baskin, Kate Robinette
• This event is mainly for the family of patients. Please plan on attending.

V. Secretary
A. Update on Worker Slots and Service Projects
Ana Panduro (Secretary): I’ve passed around a list with all the events and service projects that Representatives have participated in. Remember that all SGA Reps are required to work three events per semester, one of which has to be a clean up. Reps are also required to attend one service project. Please make any corrections on the sheet. Contact me if you have questions or if you will not be able to meet these requirements.

VI. Intramurals
Kevin Smuniewski (SPO Staff):
A. Flag Football
B. Volleyball

VII. College and Organizational Reports
Dental- Thank you for participating in the blood drive. Had 136 people walk  through and had 90 productive units donated. New record.
Graduate Studies – The Annual Student Research Day is this Friday, November  3rd. Plan to attend.
Health Professionals- Nothing to report.
International Student Association- 1) Ping-pong every Wednesday at 5:30 in  the old Mustard Seed (in Harper Student Center). Anyone is welcomed. 2)  IA is meeting Wednesday after the election to talk about the ballot. 3)  Thanksgiving Dinner on November 16th from 6:00 –8:00 pm in the Harper  Student Center. Tickets are $8 per person.
Medicine –Hope to have a friendly exam week next week.
Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board – Nothing to report.
Nursing - Nothing to report.
Pharmacy- Teddy Bear Christmas Tree: An Annual COP fund raiser/Outreach Event. Benefiting the Carolina Youth Development Center: Foster care for abused, abandoned, and neglected children in Charleston.  Trees will be up all around campus by 11/16/06. Donations are appreciated. Also, MUSC has agreed to donate 1 tree. Need someone to help setting it up and taking  it down on the 7th. There will be 3 other trees on campus.

*University Wide Committees
University Parking Committee: By June 2008, a new parking garage on Bee  Street will be built. We will keep the same number of spots.

VIII. Open Forum

• MUSC Gay Straight Alliance’s first annual Fall Social will be Saturday, November 11th from 7-9pm at Dave and Laura Cousineau's amazing downtown home. We're serving top-notch heavy hors d'oeuvres, wine/beer, cocktails, and soft drinks. Admission is free but you must pick up a ticket in advance at Student Programs 

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