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-Meeting Minutes- 4 October 2006
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I. President
A. Approval of Sept 20th minutes
B. Student Welfare

Old Business
1. Parking Feedback.
Mike Drake (SGA President): At our last meeting, we had a lot of comments and complaints about parking services. One complaint was about the trash/bags of leaves in Lot FF. I contacted Melinda from Parking Management and they’re going to try to clean up the leaves/trash in the parking lot. A second complaint was about Hagood not having sufficient available parking spaces. She agreed that there’s not enough parking for everyone, but said there are about 20 spots available in the county garage that are for sale.
Lee Lineberry (CGS Rep.): I talked to Melinda today and there are 50 addition parking spaces available in the county garage. I’m not sure if this will continue for the spring, but these spots are available for this semester.
2. SGA Retreat.
Mike Drake (SGA President): We had a successful retreat last week but we’d like your feedback on how the retreat can be changed to be more effective in future years. We’re passing around an evaluation sheet so you can write down your thoughts/suggestions on how you thought the retreat went and how we can improve it next year. One item we may want to change is the new member meeting. Since so many representatives attended both the new member meeting and the retreat, there was a lot of redundant information at the retreat. Any comments about the retreat?
Anna Vukin (CHP Rep.): I thought it went great! It was interesting to learn about people outside of school.

New Business
1. SCSLC Fraud
Mike Drake (SGA President): There’s an email regarding student loans that’s being sent to students. The body of the email says there’s been a problem with the processing of your account and they need your social security number to fix it so you can get your money. It’s fraud. Tell your classmates. SCSLC contacted us about this email. Student info has also sent an email out warning students.
2. Academic Vice President Letter of Intent Deadline Oct 29th
Mike Drake (SGA President): Exec felt that it would be best for us to elect a new Academic Vice President in October since Aaron is leaving in December. The deadline for a letter of intent is Monday, October 30th. The body will vote on Wednesday, November 1st. So from now until October 29th, we’ll be receiving letters of intent to run for Academic VP. Anyone from this body is welcomed to run. First year reps are also encouraged to apply. Only SGA representatives are allowed to run. If no one runs then we’ll open up elections to the University.
3. Returning student Parking Presentation-
4. Dinner w/ the Greenberg’s Oct 18th @ Ion Club 6:30
Mike Drake (SGA President): Every year, Dr. Greenberg invites SGA Representatives to his house for dinner. This year, they have invited us to the Ion Club because they are moving. We need to know if you will be attending. It’s important to show up if you RSVP. It reflects poorly on SGA if we don’t show up. The dress is business casual. Look professional. Remember, you’re eating with the President of the University.
5. Reps needed for University Committees
a. SACS Quality Enhancement Plan Committee
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.)
b. (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting
Ken Byrd (COM Rep.) and Andrea Boan (CGS Rep.)

II. Program Vice President
Old Business
A. Retreat Social
1. Program Evaluation
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): In the evaluation form that’s being passed around for the retreat, there’s a section for the SGA social. We had a great time at the social. But, we had a lot of people sign up that didn’t come. I would like to remind you that by not showing up, you’re wasting students’ money, including your own. 32 people came, which is great, but 55 people signed up. I’d like to reiterate what Mike side about the Dr. Greenberg dinner: go if you signed up. For those who came to the retreat social, I hope you had a good time.
2. SGA T-shirt Design Competition
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): If you have a design to submit, talk to me after the meeting.

New Business
A. LaFiesta with AAH @ Toucan Reef with DJ Luigi
1. Friday, Oct 13th; 6:00 - 9:00pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We’re collaborating with Alliance for Hispanic Health to put this event in celebration of Hispanic American Heritage Month, which is from September 15th- October 15th.
There will be salsa dancing, a salsa contest, and great prizes. People
will be there to teach you to dance. There will be great drink specials.
B.  Kayaking Trip @ Quenby Creek
1.   Saturday Oct 14th; 6:00 - 9:00pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP):  Tell your classmates about this event.  
The price is $20 (with kayak) $15 (without kayak- you provide your own). Single or tandem kayaks are available.
C. Movies at Marion Square- X-men III
1.   Thursday, Oct 19th; 7:00pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): The movie starts at sundown. Get there by 6:30pm. There will be an MUSC only section. We’ll give you  tickets for free popcorn and a soft drink. Pick up the tickets at the Student Programs Office.
D. Halloween Horror Cruise
1.  Friday, Oct 27th; 6:30 - 10:00pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Encourage your classmates to get tickets soon because they’re going quickly. We only have 75 left. The worker slot sign up sheets have been passed around
E. Fall Brawl
1.  Saturday, Nov 11th; 12:00 - 4:00pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): This will be an exciting event. It will be an
inter-collegiate competition. Teams will compete in tug-of-war and kick ball. There will be one team per college. There will be awards for winners and for school spirit. There’s a lot more to do besides people participating in events. There will be volleyball, food, a DJ, a beer   truck, and all kinds of stuff besides just the competition. It should be a fun day. Each college will have a team captain. The team captain’s meeting will be October 12th at 5:15pm. Talk to your classmates about Fall Brawl. Get them excited. We want someone from each college there.
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): How many teams per college?
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We didn’t limit the amount of teams per college, but there has to be 10 people per team and each teams has to have both male and female participants.
2.  Retreat Winners
Anand Shunmugavel (ISA Rep.) and Harmony Edelman (CON  Rep.) tied for 1st place
F. MUSC Oyster Roast.
1. Brie Dunn (Academic VP): As of now, the Oyster Roast is scheduled for Friday, January 12th.  We come back to school on Tuesday, January 9th and as you know, we get off that Monday, January 15th for MLK Day. Do you think students will come to the Oyster Roast, or, do you think students will be going out of town that weekend? If so, we may need to reschedule it. Raise your hands if you think students will come to the Oyster Roast as it’s scheduled. Raise your hand of you think we need to reschedule it? [More Representatives raised their hands to keep the Oyster Roast on the scheduled date].
Jason Delinsky (CHP Rep.): When can you reschedule?
Brie Dunn (Academic VP): Not sure. Maybe for the following Friday, but there’s a St. Luke’s concert that day.

III. Academic Vice President
Old Business

A. Wheelchair Accessibility
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): If you see any situations in which you can see a handicapped/wheelchair person might have problems, let me know. My committee will work on improving wheelchair accessibility
New Business
A.  University Honor Council Report
1. Sanctions Legislation.
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): University Honor Council had a meeting on September 27th. It went well. Some of the many things we discussed were the proposed changes to the University Honor Code by Steve Brown [see below].
Sanctions: Proposed changes to the University Honor Code by: Steve Brown
Within two business days of the conclusion of the Formal Hearing, the Honor Council President will deliver to the convicted student written description of the decisions regarding each charge and the sanctions.
The following actions may be taken against a student who is found guilty of a violation of the Honor Code:
1.  Verbal or written reprimand.
2.  Probation:  Any probation rendered by the honor council will be noted on the student’s transcript.  If the terms of probation have been met, this notation will be removed.  This penalty can have bearing on future sanctions if other Honor Code violations are committed.  Furthermore, any party receiving a copy of the student’s transcript before the lifting of the probation will have record of this probation.
3.  Failure of Course:  The honor council may recommend to the dean of the college, subject to his or her final authority, that a student be given a failing grade in a course connected to the Honor Code violation.  A failure recommended by the Honor Council will be designated “XF” on the student’s transcript, which will be changed to an “F” upon successful completion of the student’s program or at the discretion of the dean based on recommendations of the Honor Council.
4.  Suspension:  Any suspension rendered by the Honor Council will be noted on the student’s transcript.  This notation will be removed upon the student’s graduation.  It may be removed before graduation at the discretion of the dean based on recommendations of the Honor Council.  The student will be suspended for a minimum of one academic semester, or full clinical rotation, or the equivalent.  The conditions for readmission will be stated in the order of suspension and must at least require the repetition of the academic semester, or full clinical rotation, or the equivalent, in which the violation(s) occurred.
5.  Expulsion:  Permanent dismissal from the college and/or MUSC.  This will be entered permanently on the student’s transcript.
6.  A combination of the above sanctions or any other penalty deemed appropriate by majority vote of the Honor Council based on the severity of the infraction, past performance of the student, the student’s attitude, and the student’s potential for future performance.
7.  When the student has met the terms of his or her sanctions or meets the criteria for completion of his or her academic program, the dean of the college will notify the Office of Enrollment Management in writing within fifteen days that the transcript notation is to be removed.  It is the responsibility of the student to notify the dean when terms of the sanctions have been met, and to ensure that the notation has been removed

Ken Byrd (COM Rep.): The idea behind this is that if someone plagiarized something, there’s no way to know. If a student failed a class, there’s no way to tell if it was because he/she didn’t study or because he/she plagiarized. MUSC has gotten students from other schools that had violated their honor code, but there was no way for the school to know that. An ‘F’ on a transcript means that a student has failed a class. An ‘XF’ on a transcript means that a student has had an honor code violation. The X in ‘XF’ can removed from transcript if the student has met all the requirements proposed by the honor council.
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): Will SGA accept this for honor council? Our next meeting is at I’on Club, which won’t be a good time to vote.
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep): Motion to accept by unanimous consent
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): Is there a second?
SGA Reps: yes
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): Any objections? [no]
The sanctions are passed by unanimous consent.
2. New Sanction:
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): A final hearing was held for one student. The council found the student guilty on charges of plagiarism. The following sanctions were recommended:
1) Failure of the rotation in which the plagiarism occurred with a repeat of a clinical rotation; 2) Placement on probation until graduation; 3) A written paper, 10 pages single-spaced, on the ethical responsibility of professionals in his/her field; 4) This paper will be required to have a minimum of 10 references and requires the documented assistance of the Center for Academic Excellence. A copy will be sent to the Honor Council and the Dean. 5) Counseling at CAPS, a minimum of 2 times a week, until graduation. 6) Failure to complete the requirements of probation will have consequences of the Honor code violation remaining on the academic transcript of the student.
3.   Arrest Policy
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): I brought up the arrest policy to the University Honor Council and they felt that the matters that pertain to arrest policy are beyond the honor council.
B. Intramural Sportsmanship Violation.
Kevin Smuniewski (SPO Staff): A student was ejected from game for un-sportsman-like behavior. According to the intramural policy, it’s a minor infraction and the student is required to sit out the current game and next game. Hopefully this is an isolated event.
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): The Intramural Sportsmanship Policy is on the SGA website. It explains the difference between a major and minor infraction. Let your classmates know about the policy.
C. Education Library
1. Library Meeting with Bob Poyer and Tom Basler
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): I meet with Bob Poyer and Tom Basler. Here are some key points from our discussion:
• 24-7 Room (Working well thanks to the students)
• Journals: Almost all of the 12,000 journals are online.  Only approximately 200 are still paper.
• Coming up with computer help for students issues
• Revisiting the concept of the computer labs and their usage—looking toward the future
• Safety: Panic boxes in the library this year
• Updating elevators: Eventually to swipe cards
• Web resource integration: students may not notice the difference initially
• Post Graduate Access: Raymond Greenberg, charging, Alumni Association
• Handicapped access to library: No door:  We will be doing this with Dr. West and John Malaroy of Physical Planning
2. Cleanliness:
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): They have just implemented a 16-person day shift with a daytime supervisor to help keep our most public areas clean between 7:30am and 4pm. The night shift works from 11:30pm to 7:30am so it’s easy to understand how bathrooms and heavily used areas could begin to look unkempt as the morning and afternoon rolled on. The day shift will focus on hallways, lobbies, gathering areas, stairwells and restrooms.
3.  Room Reservations:
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): The school has moved to a new classroom scheduling system and is just readying the component that allows online viewing. Scheduling is done through the Office of Enrollment Management. They don’t want the Library involved in
this.  They think they may be able to post the schedule of room so it is accessible from any computer. However, they’re just beginning to discuss this. To reserve rooms for tutors, the CAE also has to go through the central scheduling in OEM.

IV. Treasurer
Liz Sheridan, (Director, MUSC Gives Back): Blood drive is on Tuesday, October 17th from 12pm -5pm in the Harper Student Center.
Old Business
A. Budget Report-
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): We’ve passed around a new budget sheet. The one we passed out last time had a few typos. We’re doing pretty well. Any questions about the budget?
Jason Delinksy (CHP Rep.) It might be helpful to add variant column for budgeting column for next expenses
New Business
A.  Upcoming Service Projects:
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): Memory Walk on October 14th. Will discuss this in service committee. Sign up sheet going around. Make sure it gets back to me. Service Committee Meeting tonight.

V. Secretary
A. Ana Panduro (SGA Secretary): Soon, there will be a direct link to access information on the SGA TV. The link is:

VI. Intramurals
A. Flag Football going well except for minor infraction.
B. Mike- player broke foot. We are aware of this.
C. Volleyball Captain’s Meeting  Monday Oct  30th.

VII. College and Organizational Reports
Dental- CDM reiterated the importance of the blood drive on October 17th.  CDM challenges other colleges to see who raises the most blood.
Graduate Studies – 196 abstracts were submitted for the Annual Student  Research Day, which will be on the 3rd of November. Plan to attend.
Health Professionals- The Annual Autumn Gala is this Saturday, October 7th.  Tickets are still available.
International Student Association- Ping pong every Wednesday at 5:30 in the old Mustard Seed (in Harper Student Center). Anyone is welcomed.
Medicine –Nothing to report
Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board- MSAB is having a social on Sunday,  October 8th from 4 - 6pm at the Carolina Ice Palace on Ashley Phosphate  Road. The event is free for all whom stop by Student Programs and signs  up before Friday, the 6th at 5 pm. MSAB is also planning a community  service for the month of November and the organization is also preparing  for MLK Day program on January 11th.
Nursing – Nothing to report
Pharmacy :
1. COP challenges other colleges to participate in Race For The Cure.  Oct 21 on
Daniel Island
2. P2s will have a cookout fund raiser : 10/11/06 from 11:45 - 12:50 outside the
COP on Calhoun street.  Hot dogs, Hamburgers, "southern style fixings"
3. Hali Christmas Boxes.  Located in Student Programs.  Collected by 10/20/06.
Major item needed: Vitamins!!!  But there will be a list of other products
needed on the box.
4. Teddy Bear Christmas Tree: An Annual COP fund raiser/Outreach Event.
Benefiting the Carolina Youth Development Center: Foster care for abused,
abandoned, and neglected children in Charleston.  Trees will be up all around
campus by 11/16/06.  PLEASE DONTATE!

*University Wide Committees-
University Parking Committee: Hagood overflow parking is located on  the paved lot by the ballpark.  Students are not allowed to park in the lot  by Stoney field/city gym or in the field by the Citadel football stadium.   Lots O and P were paved and re-striped over the weekend.  Lee Lineberry  (CGS Representative) has asked parking management about the gravel  drive going from P-lot to 17-S.  Students parking in A-lot will be allowed  to remain through the end of the semester.  There will be a rate increase  next fall of $5.00.

VIII. Student Programs
A. Charleston Concert Association Student Discount Sales
1. Ends Thurs Oct. 5th
Bayne Harvey (Student Programs Staff): Subscriptions for the 2006-2007 Charleston Concert Association performances are offered to MUSC students at a 50% discount! Ticket sales end Thursday October 5th in the Student Programs Office. All performances will be held at the Gaillard Auditorium and begin at 8:00pm. Prices range according to seating.
-Orchestra seats for the full season $112
-1st 2 concerts in the Orchestra section $70
-Balcony seats for the full season $37

IX. Open Forum
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): National Primary Week is October 16 – 20th. There will be a series of lectures during lunch (lunch will be provided). It’s sponsored by AMSA,  but it’s open to everyone from any college. It’s an inter-professional event. 

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