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-Meeting Minutes- 20 September 2006
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I. President
A. Approval of Sept 6th minutes.
B. Speaker- Dr. Valerie West, Associate Provost for Education & Student Life
Dr. West: Thanked all the SGA Representatives for being here and for their willingness to serve their colleges, despite the heavy time commitments of their positions. It’s been her pleasure to work with students. She’s at the meeting today to talk about priorities and to invite students to have input in what’s important to them.
Dr. West: First, let me apologize for the confusion with the arrest policy. I really thought I had sent it to and talked about it with Alex [referring to Alex Whitley, last year’s SGA President]. It was my misperception because I thought SGA had already seen it. That being said, nothing is ever undoable. I invite SGA to appoint 3-4 people to talk about particulars of policy with me.
The purpose of policy is not for the university, but rather, for outside sources. There’s a [state?] policy that requires that we do criminal checks on students every 90 days and requires that students have to report arrest within 24 hours. The world is changing. The policy excludes traffic violations and misdemeanors. The policy refers to rape, murders, and other important things that we need to know about. A legal consultant recommended that we have this policy, so that all 6 colleges could act in a somewhat similar way. I hope that none of you are ever in this situation, but we have a responsibility to protect patients. Ten years ago, we never talked about this. The world is changing. Criminal records required have a lot to do about this. I’ve seen the list of questions that you came up with, but I am still open to hear more questions/issues. I can’t promise we can change the policy, but we promise that we’ll talk about it.
We are having our retreat on Friday and we will be looking at our goals, demographic statistics about students, and how students may be changing so we can serve you better.
I would like to encourage more intercultural and inter-professional collaboration. I want to encourage this as much as possible because you will be working with diverse clients, people, etc. I want to encourage you to these interactions/collaborations. The Office of Student Diversity has now physically moved to be in a better, more centralized location. We’re pleased to have Ms. Burnham as Director of that office. We have Ms. Rebeca Mueller as the new director in the International Programs. We will also hire a new person to build dialogue.
Our second large focus is on being more proactive in student health and wellness. We have joined CAPS and the student wellness together. There’s a lot of literature about students changing and how to reduce stress. We want to be more proactive with prevention. We’re close to a decision about new wellness center director. We also want to improve the way we use technology in our way of working with you, and they way we work in our offices as well. We will be asking you with surveys how you feel about that. Any questions?
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): When does the arrest policy go to the Board of Trustees?
Dr. West: It doesn’t go to Board. It will go to the President’s council. I’ve actually stopped it from going there so that I could talk to you.
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): Who is on President’s council?
Dr. West: The President and Vice-Presidents
Loretta Hoover (MSTP Rep.): Do staff/employees have a similar policy?
Dr. West: I have no information about them, but I can check.
Anna Vukin (CHP Rep.): Why are some people against this policy
Dr. West:  I don’t know. It came from here. We didn’t know anything about this. But, I suggest that you [SGA Representatives] collect your concerns and meet with me and we can go about this in civil and organized way.  There are external requirements for this policy.
Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): Does the policy apply to past arrests?
Dr. West: This policy has nothing to do with your past. That’s dealt with in admission. Also, if students have serious offenses, they can’t get licensed. We’re trying to help students out. We don’t want you to go through school and not be able to get your license.
Mark Kaldas (COP Rep.): Just for clarification, is this policy an arrest policy and conviction policy?
Dr. West: Yes, we have to report both.
Chris Cutshall (COM Rep.): Will this build on the requirement of checking every 90 days or will it require more checking?
Dr. West: We’re not trying to check every 90 days. It’s expensive and burdensome.
Andrea Boan (CGS Rep.): What bothers me is the fact that this policy is an arrest policy instead of a conviction policy. According to this policy, if you are arrested but not convicted, your career can be ruined. It acts like a stamp.
Dr. West: The policy doesn’t say that you’ll get punished. Punishment is for serious situations like burglary, not just being arrested.
Julie Swick (COM Rep.): What would be the process, from start to finish?
Dr. West: When arrested, students will report to their deans. Each case will be unique depending on the situation. Either nothing could happen or the student could be suspended. Students will probably not be expelled unless they are convicted. Each dean will have to decide that.
Katherine Hall (CON Rep.): One of your focuses is student health and wellness. Are you going to do anything about the student health part? About student health services?
Dr. West: We’ve gotten lots of complaints about student health services. We have moved people around. The last survey we did was better than before. We would be happy about having a subgroup of students to discuss issues pertaining to student health and hear their concerns. But, we can’t do anything about insurance.
Mike Drake (SGA President): I’d like to thank Dr. West for her time. Are there any volunteers who want to serve in the committee to further discuss the arrest policy with Dr. West?  
Adrian Sproul (CGS Rep.), Robert Shapiro (COM Rep.), Meaghan Askea (CON Rep.), Aaron Embry (Academic VP), and Mike Drake (SGA President) will serve in that committee.

C. Student Welfare
Old Business
1. MUSC Arrest Policy
2. Parking Registration
Mike Drake (SGA President): Parking Management would like to meet with a small group of students to talk about how parking registration went last year. They would like to discuss what to keep and what to change. This would be a group outside of the current parking committee. It would be a small gathering for students only to talk about student parking. Should we keep seniority with longevity? How will students pay for parking? These are some of the issues to be discussed. Last year, students got their parking from one source and paid to another source. Parking Management had to compile a lot of information from those sources. They spent a lot of time doing that and they would like to avoid that this year. I would like 1 person per college to meet with them. Initially, it will be a one-time meeting. But it could meet a few more times until everything is finalized. Ideally, everything will be finished by November. Is anyone interested?
Lee Lineberry (CGS Rep), Sheldon Bates (CDM Rep), Katie   Laird (CON Rep), Allison Wood (CHP Rep), Anna  Kellahan  (COP Rep), and Robert Shapiro (COM Rep) will meet with  Parking Management.
3. SGA Rep Night Out – Friday, Sept 22nd
a) 6-8pm @ Coast.
Mike Drake (SGA President): Everyone will have a great time. Brie Dunn (Programs VP) passed around a sheet to make sure everyone who wants to go can. We’ll give you and a guest tickets for happy hour drinks and soft drinks.
b) Retreat - Saturday, Sept 23rd
Mike Drake (SGA President): Fill out the teal cards by writing down an interesting fact about yourself. It’s important for everyone to turn them in before you leave because we will be incorporating these into the retreat.
c) Retreat- Meeting: 8:30am-1:00pm @ Mitchell Elementary School
Mike Drake (SGA President): The retreat will be at Mitchell Elementary School (Directions were handed out). The retreat starts at 8:30am. The service project will be landscaping the playground and the schoolyard. Dress appropriately. Those unable to attend the retreat will have to do an extra service project in addition to the SGA requirements (working 3 events and volunteering in 1 service project per semester). The reasoning behind this is that the people at the retreat will be doing a service project.
4. New Rep Orientation – Tonight after meeting

New Business
1. Inter-professional Competition
Mike Drake (SGA President): We’re happy with the results and the interest from the student body. Because this is MUSC’s first inter-professional competition, we would have been happy with a handful of participants. We have 13 teams that have entered the competition! One of these teams will go to Minnesota for the National Clarion Competition. The case has been sent out to those teams and things are underway.
2. Education Center Library
Mike Drake (SGA President): Bob Poyer will come to the October 4th meeting. He wants to talk to students about the library. We’ve gotten a lot of complaints about its cleanliness. The University has hired 2 new staff members to clean the library, but when they hired them, they also gave them more territory to cover. The laptops on the first floor of the Education Building are now MNA-password protected. Even though people are signing in, there’s a problem because people are not signing out. This is dangerous because anyone can use the laptops after you’ve used it- and all their information (websites visited, etc.) will come under your name.
Peko Tsuji (ISA Rep.): Some laptops ask you for your MNA to sign in and some don’t.
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): That’s happened to me too.
Mike Drake (SGA President): We’ll look into which ones needs to and which ones don’t and we’ll take care of it.
Sylvia Ashford (CHP Rep.): When you talked about the cleanliness of the library, what part of the library are you talking about?
Mike Drake (SGA President): Everywhere. There are crumbs everywhere. It’s not being cleaned.
Sylvia Ashford (CHP Rep.): The students are also to blame. It’s a student problem. They bring food into the library and they don’t clean up after themselves. But also, I don’t know the last time the library was vacuumed.
Mike Drake (SGA President): I’m glad you mentioned that students need to clean up after themselves.
Andrea Boan (CGS Rep.): Are there signs that tell you to log in/out of the laptops?
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We talked about this in the exec meeting. We will put some up.
Mike Drake (SGA President): The smoking sheds are being used. We’ve received compliments on them from families visiting patients. They’ve mentioned that it’s a comfortable place to smoke.
Mark Kaldas (COP Rep.): Is there anyway public safety can reinforce people using them?
Mike Drake (SGA President): We have discussed this, but difficult to enforce people to smoke only in the smoking sheds. I don’t know if we can legally do it. But, we can encourage people to use them. I’m just happy people are using them.
3. College and Organization pictures @ next meeting; Oct 4th 5pm
Mike Drake (SGA President): Representatives need to get to the Harper Student Center Auditorium at 5:00pm. We will be taking pictures first, and then we’ll have the meeting.
4. Dinner w/ the Greenberg’s Oct 18th @ Ion Club 6:30
Mike Drake (SGA President): Every year, Dr. Greenberg invites SGA Representatives to his house for dinner. This year, they have invited us to the Ion Club because they are moving. We need to know if you will be attending. It’s important to RSVP and to show up if you RSVP. It reflects poorly on SGA if we don’t show up. The dress is business casual. Look professional. Remember, you’re eating with the President of the University. You don’t have to decide tonight if you’re going. You can sign up next week too. We’ll give you directions at the next meeting.
D. Reps needed for University Committees
1. Web Governance Committee-Monday October 2nd 10:30-12:00 (1)
Mike Drake (SGA President): We still need someone to attend this meeting. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated. It’s important for someone from this body to attend and represent the student voice. Any volunteers
Anand Shunmugavel (ISA Rep.) will attend. 
E. (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting
       Sheldon Bates (CDM Rep.) and Robert Shapiro (COM Rep.)

II. Program Vice President
Old Business
A. Night out @ Tonik
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We were disappointed with the turn out- only 74    people showed up. Please give us suggestions. We’ve gotten some feedback about the name, since we’ve switched from “happy hour” to “night out”. Fill out the program evaluation with any suggestions of why you think people didn’t go.
B. Concert at St. Lukes
      Brie Dunn (Programs VP): This event went great. It was packed! We did run   
      out of desserts though, and we’ll consider that for next time.  
C. Student Activities Fair
      Brie Dunn (Programs VP): It was raining a little during the Activities Fair.      
      We’d like to thank all the students that were there as well as the student   
      organizations. The aerobic demonstrations went great.

New Business
A. LaFiesta @ Toucan Reef with DJ Luigi
1. Friday, Oct 13th; 6:00 - 9:00pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): We’re collaborating with Alliance for Hispanic Health to put this event in celebration of Hispanic American Heritage Month, which is from September 15th- October 15th.
There will be salsa dancing, a salsa contest, and great prizes. People
will be there to teach you to dance. There will be great drink specials,
free soft drinks, and appetizers.
B. Kayaking Trip @ Quenby Creek
1.   Saturday  Oct 14th; 6:00 - 9:00pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP):  Tell your classmates about this event.  
The price is $20 (with kayak) $15 (without kayak- you provide your own). Single or tandem kayaks are available.
C. Movies at Marion Square- X-men III
1.   Thursday, Oct 19th; 7:00pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): The movie starts at sundown. Get there by 6:30pm. There will be an MUSC only section. We’ll give you tickets for free popcorn and a soft drink. Pick up the tickets at the Student Programs Office.
D. Halloween Horror Cruise
1.   Friday, Oct 27th; 6:30 - 10:00pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Start getting your costumes ready for this year. Space is very limited; we can only accommodate 200-250 people.
Katie Lard (CON Rep.): Last year, we were allowed to take tickets back to our class to sell them. Can we do that this year?
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): Not for events where space is limited,   
because we might sell out too soon. Tickets go on Sale October 2nd.  
E. Fall Brawl
1.   Saturday, Nov 11th; 12:00 - 4:00pm
Brie Dunn (Programs VP): This will be an exciting event. It will be an inter-collegiate competition. Teams will compete in tug-of-war and kick ball. There will be one team per college. There will be awards for winners and for school spirit. There’s a lot more to do besides people participating in events. There will be volleyball, food, a DJ, a beer   truck, and all kinds of stuff besides just the competition. It should be a fun day. Each college will have a team captain. The team captain’s meeting will be October 12th at 5:15pm. Talk to your classmates about Fall Brawl.

III. Academic Vice President
Old Business

A. Exec welcomes our new Academic VP- Mr. Aaron Embry

New Business
A.  Wheelchair accessibility
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): I want to improve wheelchair accessibility on     campus. The new College of Health Professions building is good, but the library is not. If you see any situations in which you can see a handicapped/wheelchair person might have problems, let me know.
B. Robert’s Rules of Order
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): Who has any experience with Robert’s Rules of Order? [a small handful of Representatives raised their hand]. We will go over Robert’s Rules of Orders in the retreat to help everyone. If you don’t know anything, it’s ok. We’ll teach you Saturday. If you do, see me after the meeting.
Anna Vukin (CHP Rep.): I know someone from my class that wants to be the parliamentarian.
Mike Drake (SGA President): Speak to me after the meeting.
C. University Honor Council
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): The University Honor Council will be having a lunch meeting with all colleges. We’ve seen the level of infractions go down from 2003. We want to push this so there are no infractions (cheating, sharing answers).
Joseph Brown (CDM Rep.): What consists of the University Honor Council?
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): Each college has its own honor council. It’s systematically set up so that we police ourselves. It was established 10 years ago by an SGA member in order to deal with issues of academic dishonesty.
Robin Hardin (Student Programs Office Staff): Before the University Honor Council was set up; each college had different honor codes. Now, there’s one code that’s fair for all. The council for each college has a faculty advisor and a chair.
D. Constitutional review.
Aaron Embry (Academic VP): There are some grammatical changes that I’d like to make to the constitution; I’ll present these to my committee. We will be adding a clause about the amount of time that you can serve and something about the chain of command.

IV. Treasurer
Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back- I passed out a list of intercollegiate-campus wide volunteer opportunities. On Monday there will be a World AIDS planning meeting at 5pm in the Harper Student Center Auditorium. Bring ideas. MUSC World AIDS Day is December 1st. There will be a vigil/walk at the end of the day. Last year, MUSC had the largest turn out.
Clarification on reporting on hours: any hours for any service can be reported as long as you were a student. It looks good on your resume. If you have any questions, we can talk. There’s an accessible way to report your hours in our website, but we still have the paper form in my office.

Old Business
C. Service
1. Beach Sweep
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): Thanks to everyone who attended the Beach Sweep. We picked up a lot of trash! There were a lot of other organizations also participating. If you participated with any organization other than SGA, you won’t get credit towards your required service hours.
Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): Will you create a date list of events?
Bhav Shukla (Treasurer): Yes, I’ll do that at the retreat. I’ll pass that out when it’s done.

V. Secretary
A. SGA TV Policy
Ana Panduro (Secretary): I’d like to clarify something I said at the last meeting. I said that an organization could turn in more than 1 slide for the SGA TV. What I meant was that you could turn in more than 1 slide if you have more than 1 event. Please don’t turn in more than 1 slide per event.
B. SCSSA Update
Ana Panduro (Secretary): My committee, the communications committee, will be helping the South Carolina State Student Association (SCSSA) to set up a Leadership Conference. I’ll let Peko Tsuji tell us more about that.
Peko Tsuji (ISA Rep.): The South Carolina State Student Association (SCSSA) together with MUSC and the Student Empowerment Training Project (SET) is hosting the Southeastern Student Leadership Conference on February 9th-11th. Student Leaders and interested students from across the Southeast are invited to attend, and we are expecting about 200+ participants. The MUSC SGA Communications Committee will be involved in the planning process and any SGA rep interested in helping planning for this conference is encouraged to participate in the Communications Committee meeting at the SGA retreat. Further information will be supplied at the retreat and in the following weeks. Charges are to recruit participants, find a keynote speaker, session leaders, and help with some of the logistics in organizing this event.

VI. Intramurals
A. Flag Football
Robin Hardin (SPO Staff): Everything is going really well. Game 3 is this Saturday. The schedule will be posted this evening.

VII. College and Organizational Reports
Dental – Nothing to report.
Graduate Studies – The Annual Student Research Day will be on the 3rd of   November. Abstract submission is today, September 20th, at midnight.
Health Professional- ABHP: Tickets for the Annual Autumn Gala (which will be  held on October 7th) are now available and on sale for $30.00 which   include free food and an open bar with a live band (A Touch of Class.   Student ticket can be purchased from any member of ABHP and if you  need any further information contact or
International Student Association- Our new director Rebeca Mueller, is here.  [Rebeca Mueller introduced herself to the SGA Representatives].
Medicine – We’d like to introduce you our new first year reps: Daniel Grass and  Morgan Murphy.
Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board- Absent
Nursing- We’d also like to welcome our new Reps: Peggy Bollinger and Lauren    Young. The College of Nursing will be breaking ground on November    17th. We’re building a multimillion-dollar stimulation lab.
Pharmacy- Our new rep is Danielle Baskin. On Thursday, we’re having an  awards ceremony. Friday is career day. Phi sigma Chi is having an event  on Monday titled “Grace Under Stress”, RSVP by Friday. Ask Brie Dunn  if you have any questions.

*University Wide Committees 
Parking- Nothing to report
Educational Infrastructure- Nothing to report
Wireless Implementation- Nothing to report
Student Legislative Advisory- was set up 3 years ago. Joseph Brown, Katie   Lard, Anna Vukin, and Mackenzie Turner sit in the committee. Think of   SLAC as a voice for MUSC. Right now, we’re working on getting it up   and going again. Last year, SLAC took a back seat. We’re working on   pushing SLAC to work in conjunction with SCSSA on more statewide   issues. There will always be SGA members on SLAC. Last year SLAC   was made up of representatives of all colleges, but no one came. At our   last meeting in the spring, a lot of new people came. Dr. Black got new   student involvement. They created an exec committee with real    members and will be making a constitution to set up representation from   each college. There will always be SGA members on SLAC.
Pitts Memorial Lectureship - Nothing to report
Women’s History Month- The committee met today. Their theme is  ‘women moving forward in history’. There will be one event per  month. There will be a panel discussion with women in the  Charleston area that have made a difference. We’d like to increase  student participation and interest. Send comments/suggestions to  Brie Dunn. The committee meets every 3rd Wednesday of every  month. Because Brie Dunn won’t be able to be in the committee  Joseph Brown will serve on the committee. 

VIII. Student Programs
A. Robin Hardin (SPO Staff): I’d like to introduce Kevin Smuniewski (new   SPO Staff). He’ll be the primary events coordinator. He’ll be helping us plan  events, outings, intra-mural events, and increase student wellness.
Kevin Smuniewski (SPO Staff): I’m very excited to be working with these incredible people who are excited to serve you.
Rebeca Mueller (IA Director): I’m also proud to be part of this team. Contact me with ideas/suggestions. My door is always open. I love being here.

B. Charleston Concert Association Student Discount Sales
1. Begins Tuesday Aug 29th and ends Thurs Oct. 5th
Bayne Harvey (Student Programs Staff): Subscriptions for the 2006-2007 Charleston Concert Association performances are offered to MUSC students at a 50% discount! Ticket sales begins Tuesday August 29th and end Thursday October 5th in the Student Programs Office. All performances will be held at the Gaillard Auditorium and begin at 8:00pm. Prices range according to seating.
-Orchestra seats for the full season $112
-1st 2 concerts in the Orchestra section $70
-Balcony seats for the full season $37

Anna Vukin (CHP Rep.): My classmates asked me to tell you that they have gotten parking tickets when they park in the Hagood overflow lot.

Aaron Embry (Academic VP): I found out that Parking Management intentionally oversells lots because they think that everyone won’t be there at the same time.

Mackenzie Turner (COP Rep.): There’s a lot of trash in lot FF. It needs to be cleaned up. There are bags of leaves there. Parking Management won’t pick up the trash. We need to contact someone to do that.

Robert Shapiro (COM Rep.): E-value had a meeting. All course evaluations will start using E-Value in the spring. On the evaluations, they say that they are “anonymous” This is true to some extent. They can look to see who writes what. Statement is put there so that students think it’s anonymous, but it’s really not. I want to make sure that students know this so they won’t write anything stupid. When asked why they say it’s anonymous, they replied that students are not naïve enough to believe that anything is anonymous. They say that justify E-value’s non-anonymity to protect professors/staff when students make statements like “I hate this person so much I want to kill them”. If someone makes a statement like that, it’s reasonable to see who wrote it. However, students need to realize that they are accountable to what they say. So, say anything you want to a certain extent.

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