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-Meeting Minutes- April 9th, 2008

 I. President

Approval of the March 26th minutes- approved

Old Business

1.Parking Registration

1.      Problems

Mike(SGA Pres): The first weekend of parking registration went alright overall. There was a problem because they put the link up on the website late, and they were scrambling to put the students names on the pay-site. The first 12 students had to pay the following Monday, but they got the spots they needed. We had some students who forgot their weekend, and they were upset because they have to wait until the last weekend of distribution; this is a policy which we will uphold.  FF sold out first and K lot was the next popular lot and P lot was as well. The second weekend had problems because we have switched over to NetID’s and the new students who use MNAs has to be switched to NetIDs. There were people who waited until Monday to call the help line and they will have to wait until next weekend to register. We could have helped them if they had called the day they had the problem. So far, 533 spaces have been sold.

Andrea(CGS rep): People have said that you can’t leave a message on the 876- number because the voicemail filled up, and they called the library number. Will those students be helped before this weekend?

Mike(SGA Pres): Yes, we are getting the names of those students and they will be helped before this weekend. I will be sending another campus wide email about the parking and the spots left. Please get me all the complaints and problems so we can compile all them for the new Exec next year.

Sheldon(CDM rep): The opening date for the new garage is still October or November. We will still have 550 spots reserved for students in this garage.

Mike(SGA Pres): Once they move the students over to the new garage, they will open up those spots to more students. They will prorate the spots from when they are sold.

2.Safety Walk

Ashley(CHP rep) I just got the rest of the safety walk notes, and we will be sending everyone the results.

Mike(SGA Pres): We will have the results for next year to see what changes have been made.

3.Wellness Center usage

Mike(SGA Pres): I have the breakdown of when the students are using the wellness center. The number of students are signing in at 9-10pm is approx 20; from 8-9pm approx 30. They may be extending the hours for the entire year, and they may pursue this permanently.

Claire(CON rep): The staff was very pessimistic in the beginning and when 400 or so people signed up for Fit-It-In, they started to come around. I try to explain to them that if they change the hours and parking, then they will see many more students.

Mark(COP rep): Is it possible to check to see through the turn-style who is coming and going?

Mike(SGA Pres): No, they would have to install a counter and I don’t foresee them doing that.

Andrea(CGS rep) I have noticed that nurses and employees are parking under the gym and going to work. Is there any way we can regulate this?

Mike(SGA Pres):  We can look into that, I was worried about that when the new hospital opened.

New Business

1.SGA elections - Congratulations to the new SGA Executive Officers:

Mike(SGA Pres) This year we had a strong candidacy running, and the numbers were impressive who voted. 882 people voted in this election, and I think the reason was because of the high quality of the candidates.  I feel comfortable leaving this SGA in the hands of any of the people who ran for the positions. Congratulations to the new officers. I am very happy to see the diversity on this Exec. I think we will have the best representation for the students here.

1.      President – Sheldon Bates CDM

2.      Academic Vice President – Tyler Pierce COM

3.      Programs Vice President – Andrea Boan CGS

4.      Treasurer – Ahmed Mohiuddin COM

5.      Secretary – Melissa Thompson COP

2.SGA evaluations

Mike(SGA Pres): Please complete these evaluations, it is important for Exec to see what to focus for the following year. We will collect them after the meeting.

3.Next meeting at Sticky Fingers

Mike(SGA Pres): Please RSVP for this last meeting, we need to get a head count.

  1. Flag Bearer’s needed for commencement

Will Lake- Pharmacy

Linnea Freeman- Grad Studies

II. Programs Vice President

Old Business

1.CCGS, CSOL, MUSC intercollegiate social

1.      Evaluation

Dachelle(PVP): A total of 344 people; 163 MUSC, 105 CofC, 76 Charleston School of Law. We had to check wrist bands before public safety showed up. Charleston Law didn’t pay the whole amount they promised, so we are working on getting the whole report. They do want to have another event, I was not too excited about it, and it was hard to plan. I will leave it up to the new Exec to decide if we will continue. The beer ran out before the food did and we had to purchase more food, which added to the extra cost.

2.St. Luke’s Concert, De Gullah Connecshun

1.      Evaluation

Dachelle(SGA PVP): We had better attendance at this concert, but please leave your thoughts about these events so we can make them better for next year.

  1. New Business


1.      Ticket sales report

2.      t-shirts

3.      Worker slots

Dachelle(SGA PVP): Hopefully the weather holds out, it will go on rain or shine. Please continue to promote Alhambra.

III. Academic Vice President

New Business

1.UHC meeting next week- April 15th

2.Library report for next meeting

Stephen(SGA AVP): I will be meeting with Bob Poyer about the carrel policy and testing week for COM students. If you have any complaints or concerns, please email me so I can tell Bob.

Ashley(CHP rep): Jennifer Bailey asked me to relay information that people are still blocking the windows with paper and such.

Mike(SGA Pres): I would encourage you to open the doors when they are taped. The library staff has done a lot to accommodate us, and we need to start returning the favor.

Matt(COM rep): We need to post the rules

Mark(COP rep): We need to ask Public Safety to help patrol the rooms at night. That way it would be administration to peer, not peer to peer.

Julie(COM rep): Can we make this a Honor/Professionalism thing? They could be written up and it would go on their record.

Mike(SGA Pres): I think we need to get public safety involved and record the names to be submitted to the Deans, where they can handle this on their individual colleges basis, perhaps their honor code.

IV. Treasurer

Old Business

a.       North Charleston Beautification Project

i.      Report

Kate(CON rep): We had 5 volunteers and we planted flowers and bushes.

Grace(CON rep): They were excited to have us there, and I think it would be cool to adopt a bed for the future.

Naval(SGA Tres): The expense report for the Happy hour of the Colleges of Charleston; we were expecting to spend $800-1000, and with the short comings from the other colleges, we spent $1,500 total. The cost per person for MUSC students was approx $9. We did most of the leg work.

b. Kids Run

Josephe(CDM rep): I went to clean up, but it was a lot of fun and there were a lot of people who showed up.

      2. New Business

a. Sea Island Habitat, April 19th, 2008, 8 a.m. John’s Island

Harriett(CON rep): This event is full, but we need to sign the waivers before the event. So sign it tonight.

  1. Secretary

New Business

  1. TV updated
  2. Announcements

Melissa(SGA Sec): The TV is updated for April, and for a reminder to you, you can email me a power point slide to go on the TV for any campus wide event or announcement.  Also, please look at the announcement sheets, take these back to your classrooms and pass the information along. At the very least, please post them up in your classroom.

  1. MUSC Gives Back

1.    New Business

a.       Service Award Applications

Liz(SPO): Thank you to the service committee who reviewed the applications. The winners will be announced at next weeks leadership meeting.

b.      Student Volunteer hours

VII. Student Programs

1. New Business
            a. Art & Photo exhibit

Alicia(SPO): we sold Spoletto vouchers will be available next Tuesday, we are selling then at $20

VIII. Intramurals

1.      New Business

a.       Fit it in winners

b.      Basketball winners (finally)

Kevin(SPO): basketball winners were the CDM 2009.

IX. College and Organization Reports

  1. Graduate Studies- Habitat last weekend, looking forward to volunteering some more.
  2. Nursing- Relay for Life this Friday April 11th .
  3. Medicine- April 18 is MUSC Live, we need acts to showcase, please contact Ryan Nobles.
  4. Dental Medicine-no report
  5. Pharmacy- no report
  6. Health Professions-Yes, the ALS race is on June 7th. MHA students are having a raffle to raise money for Smile Train.
  7. MSAB- no report
  8. ISA- Cypress garden was a success. We are planning the International bazaar next week.
  9. Campus Wide student organization(s)

Parking committee: In July the CARTA Express will be free for MUSC students, but until then it is 5$ for 30 days. The regular CARTA rides are free

Teaching Excellence Committee: The Teaching Excellence award committee wants to encourage students input on the selection of teachers.

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