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-Meeting Minutes- 22 August 2007
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Welcome Back!!!

I. President
Speaker: Mitchelle Morrison, OCICO; NetID

Welcome- NetID merges MNA and Lynx, for info about the NetId go to the homepage. ( The step-by-step handout will guide you through changing your MNA password to a NetID password. You must fill out 3 of the answer/questions, and change your password. The whole process will take 1 hour to take effect.

Mark Kaldas (COP rep) Do returning students have to do this? Will there be a cutoff date, and will an email go out to the students about the date?"

Mitchelle: Yes, all students, new and returning must do it, emails will be sent to remind students of the change.

A. Introductions
State you name, college, how many years you are/were a rep, a fun fact or what you did this summer.

B. Parliamentary Procedure
We will go into more detail the Wed before the retreat.
Mike (SGA Pres) Will this be worth it to have the sheet in front of us during every meeting?
SGA Body: unanimous yes

C. Student Welfare

Old Business
1. 2006-07 Accomplishments

Smoke-free camps, smoke sheds. MUSC arrest policy, added microwaves to the library, SGA supported the inter-professional competition. Sold out the wine-tasting, Alhambra was a hit. Accreditation through SACS, QEP. Website, parking was a success!!!

2. SGA Retreat
a) Reminder- September 22. 9am-1pm
This year we will not have a service event, we will have Dr. West and Dr. Blue will come speak. The focus will be interactive leadership. The retreat is required for SGA reps.

3. Student Health Insurance- out –out of insurance, instead of opting-in. We are automatically enrolled. It is a loose deadline so you can still cancel it. Let younger students know about it, we are automatically billed.

Question: Is it cheaper per semester?

Mike (SGA Pres) They charge per semester. Now we get dental and pharmacy benefits. Go to student health with any additional questions

4. Non-discrimination Clause- We edited last year’s sexual orientation clause, to change the last 2 words (Employees, all university employees) The resolution went to the SC state attorney general. It was unclear, our intentions were solely for students, progression through school will not be afflicted by sexual orientation. The clause must now go thought the board of trustees, it was approved by the state and federal.

Joe (CDM rep): concerning arrest policy, has it started and has anyone violated it?

Mike (SGA Pres): It is in effect, and not to my knowledge that anyone has violated it yet.

Robin(SPO): Does everyone know the policy is in the handbook?

Mike (SGA Pres): brief explanation: If you are arrested anywhere, you are to notify your dean within 2 days. If you do not, it will adversely affect your punishment.

Jason (COM rep): is it just for felonies or misdemeanors as well?

Mike (SGA Pres): Felonies, and certain misdemeanors, stated in the handbook

Robin (SPO): Only new students get a hard copy of the handbook, for returning students, it is updated online.

New Business
Issues and Initiatives
Student welfare items, new vending machines in the library to hold study materials like: highlighters, markers, scantron-sheets. We want to put ATM machines in the library. We will work on perhaps bringing in a different bank chain into the library. Also, we want to keep the student center open for longer hours, at least 10 or 10:30. Also, we would like ideas from SGA body on issues that we need to address.

SGA Calendar and Announcements

a) Hurricane Preparedness Policy- Student policy, students need to evacuate if you cannot then meet at BSB100 to go to a shelter. Policy is on the website, please let classmates know

MUSC Presidents Council- meet with presidents of colleges, would like to meet 2x a semester. Pursue joint projects in the future

4. Student Organization Petition Form – If you are interested in the student welfare committee, you need to contact Mike soon, so you can start working on the petition.

D. Reps needed for University Committees

1. Teaching Scholars Academy – We need 2 volunteers

Willette (SPO): QEP is forming a teachers academy, as it relates to inter-professionalism.

E. (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting

II. Program Vice President

New Business
A. BTS Party "Low country ROCK & Boil" events, cornhole, water beriut, crab races. Worker sheet is sent around.
Joe (CDM Rep): Will there be more than 1 truck this year?
Dachelle(SGA PVP): The beer truck will open from both ends to reduce the lines.
Tickets are on sale in the horseshoe during lunch, and also available in SPO.
1. Friday, August 24; 7:30-11:00pm
2. Worker slots

B. Concert at St. Lukes
Khoma-Vynnrysky- chello and piano
Dessert will be provided
1. Friday, Sept 7
2. Worker slots- sheet was sent around

C. Oktoberfest
1. Friday, Sept 28th - Will be in the courtyard of the HSC, beer tasting details will be available later.
2. Workers slots

D. Halloween Party- will not be on the boat, it will be at the Gaillard.
1. Friday, October 26th
2. Worker slots

E. MUSC Activities Fair- let Bayne know if you need a table; an email went out in August. The theme" Spice it up"

III. Academic Vice President

New Business
A. Library Carrel Policy- New policy it will be re-evaluated throughout the semester. Many people have already applied to reserve a carrel. We have a copy of the new policy, also Mike sent out an email earlier. The policy is modeled after other universities in the area, who all use a reservation system. The application is online; there will be a lottery to see who gets a carrel. Students who are in class as opposed to rotation, are getting preference. Limited number of carrels, 30. They are on the 3rd floor. All students who have a carrel will be notified on Aug 31.

Dana(COP Rep): How long is the check out for?
Stephen(SGA AVP): The check out is for the whole semester, it would be too hard for the library staff to regulate 1 or 2 week rentals.
Dana(COP Rep): Are the rest of the carrels just there?
Stephen(SGA AVP): Yes, they are for everyone else to use
Chris(COM Rep): Will the reserved carrels be labeled?
Stephen(SGA AVP): A library card with their name will be placed on it.
Chris(COM Rep): What is the demand for these carrels?
Stephen(SGA AVP): The demand is high; we have received almost 60 applications for carrels.

B. Student Conduct Policy- Meeting with Dr.West; It is similar to the COM student conduct policy.
Question: is this the same as the resolution we passed, Discrimination against sexual orientation?
Mike(SGA Pres): This is a new policy, to protect students if they feel they are being treated unfairly or discriminated against.
C. Apple Tree Society – Student technology committee to meet, a couple of lunch meetings with Mary Mauldin.

IV. Treasurer
Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back

New Business
A. Fall Budget- based on last year’s budget, however we have adjusted things accordingly
Joe(CDM Rep): Is the amount of money we received the same as last year? Did we have roll-over from last year?
Naval(SGA Tres): We received more than last year, no rollover from last year.
We took away from the small, ill attended events, added Oktoberfest since it was missed last year in the evaluations.
Mike(SGA Pres): the budget will be voted on during the retreat
Service list was handed out.

B. MUSC Stroke Belt Elimination Initiative
1. Saturday, Sept 8th

C. Beach Sweep
1. Saturday, Sept 15th

D. List of Service Projects- compiled by Liz Sheridan. The list
Please note, the Walk-a-thon and heritage festival are on the same day but we are keeping both. Also we will add the Hope lodge.

V. Secretary
New Business
A. SGA Website- Old legislation and minutes are being compiled and put on the website.
B. Verify Representative Contact Information- A sheet was sent around to collect contact information from the reps.
C. Event/Service Requirements- Roles and Responsibilities sheet was offered to the reps. We reviewed the requirements for the Semester/year.
D. Online Semester Highlights- Alicia(SPO) The semester highlights are online through the MUSC website

VI. Intramurals
A. Summer 5 on 5 Basketball- champions, CDM 2009,
B. Flag Football- captains mtg, Thursday Sept 6, HSCA
The season will run Sept 16 – Nov11, with games on Sundays.

VII. College and Organizational Reports
Dental- no report
Graduate Studies- no report
Health Professionals- no report
International Student Association- orientation, meeting next week planning a welcome back meeting
Medicine – ethics committee looking for volunteers
Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board- next meeting next Thurs at 5pm
Nursing- no report
Pharmacy- no report

*University Wide Committees
Announcments: brochure Charleston concert association, discounted rates for students.

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