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-Meeting Minutes- February 20, 2008
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I.       President

A.     Approval of February 6th Minutes

B.     Student Welfare

Old Business

1.      MUSC Safety Walk

a)      Tues Feb. 26th @ 5:30

Mike(SGA Pres): We will be meeting in the horseshoe; we have about 20 volunteer’s to do this, if you are unavailable to go, please let us know so we can find replacements.

Ashley(CHP rep): We are getting a lot of suggestions from the students. We will be giving away whistles with a red laser light.

Mike(SGA Pres): Robin sent a memo to the faculty and staff, and we received many suggestions. The most dangerous place on campus is the Courtney street garage. A person got hit crossing in front of ART. The lights are working but they just take very long time to change. People need to look both ways when crossing the street. I encourage you to ride the faculty and student bus.

b)      Sign up

2.      Wellness Center Hours

a)      Extended until 10pm, Mon-Thurs. starting Feb 4th

Mike(SGA Pres): We need to start using the gym during these extended hours, because the wellness center seems think that the students aren’t using the gym later. I have seen approx 30 students during the later hours, but they seem to think that it’s less than that

Andrea(CGS rep): Is it only students or is he counting members too?

Mike(SGA Pres): Right now it’s just students but I think late he will be looking at everyone because more members using the gym will make him more money.

Mark(COP rep): Can they count how many people leave after 8pm?

Mike(SGA Pres): I don’t see why not, I will look into it.

3.   Tuition adjustments for 2008-2009

Mike(SGA Pres): All the numbers I told you last time were passed at the Board of Trustees meeting last week. CDM tuition will be going up between 14%-19%. They will be letting the leaders in the CDM know soon.

New Business

1.      2008-2009 Parking Registration

a.       “Longevity with MNA Switching”

Mike(SGA Pres): Sandra Morrison will be emailing all the students soon about parking, the students who want to switch MNA’s can do so by emailing their deans. We have edited the website so there is no ‘back’ button that messed up a couple of registrations last year. There will be a number to call for problems. The mailing address you put in will be the address to which to the passes are mailed. Everyone who purchases a parking pass in the Courtney St garage will be moved to the Bee St. garage when it opens. And the empty spots will be resold when they open up.

b.      MNA Switching with Associate Dean’s

2.      2008-2009 SGA Officer Election’s

Mike(SGA Pres): We had a drop in for interested officers during our Exec meeting this week and we had a couple of people stop by. We may have a debate this year for spots where multiple candidates are running.

a.       Applications due Fri. Feb. 29th

b.      Online elections on Tues. March 26th and Wed. March 27th

c.       Exec. Officer Presentations

3.      Student Financial Aid

a.       Pearl Givens to speak March 5th

Mike(SGA Pres): She will discuss debt management, financial issues, please bring questions from your classmates to this meeting.

C.     Reps needed for University Committees

D.     (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting

Sheldon, Tyler

II.    Program Vice President

Old Business

A.     Night at the Ballet

1.  Evaluation

Dachelle(PVP): We had a great turn out and the wine and cheese reception afterwards was very good.

New Business

A.     MUSC Winetasting

1.      Friday, February 22nd; 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Dachelle(PVP): It is already sold out, I have heard mixed reviews from people on how the tickets were sold.

Kate(CHP rep): The line was long but it moved really fast. People were scared of the line.

B.     St. Luke’s Concert Series

1.      Friday, February 29th; 8pm.

Dachelle(PVP): This is a free event; Saffron will be providing the desserts. There will be something for everyone, worker list sent around.

C.     Alhambra

1.      Saturday April 12th

Dachelle(PVP): The theme will be Life’s a Beach, at the same location.

III. Academic Vice President

New Business

            A.  Appropriations Bill  

Stephen: I will refer to Chris Cutshall to read the bill

Chris(COM rep): Read the bill out loud refer to Bill 08-05

We deemed it necessary to have a more organized fashion in which to request funds from the SGA body. There are many steps that go into sponsoring a party including safety issues. This way we will be protecting ourselves. It is illegal for the SGA to give money to any organization or charity because our money comes from student activities fees.

Mike(SGA Pres):There will be a  10 minute question and answer period.

Ashley(CHP rep): Was it illegal for us to give money to the CDM for their 80s prom? Since some of the money went to charity?

Mike(SGA Pres): I spoke with the lawyer for the university Joe Good and he said it’s illegal for the SGA to donate to a charity or religious group. What it comes down to it, if a student wanted to bring a law suit up they could.

Stephen(AVP): It’s ok if there are receipts that prove that the money we give did go to something else and that it wasn’t donated to a charity.

Ashley(CHP rep): Why 60 days?

Naval(Tres): We need time in advance and we need to make sure the event is well planned and the organization has organized the event properly.

Mark(COP rep): Is there a limit to how many times a single groups can request funds?

Chris(COM rep): No there is not.

Julie(COM rep): Have you thought about setting a day to get this application in, so we could look at all the propositions at once?

Mike(SGA Pres): I thought about that, but we think this is fairer.

Naval(SGA Tres): We don’t want to limit any organization that may get a guest speaker for an event and they may not know about it at the beginning of the semester.

Joe(CDM rep): Do you think the 50/50 ties the group to the number? Wouldn’t it be better to give funds on a merit basis?

Chris(COM rep): There are conditions in the bill that allow us to give more than 50%

Mike(SGA Pres): We have met the 10 minute period. Is there a motion to extend the period?

Joe(CDM rep) Motion to accept the bill unanimously.

Mike(SGA Pres): Are there any objections? (No objections) Then we will pass Bill 08-05.

B. Academic Affairs committee will meet tonight after this meeting.

IV.  Treasurer

Old Business

A.     Hope Lodge Dinner

B.     Crisis Ministries

Diana(CON rep): We served them pasta from Mosiac and they really enjoyed it.

New Business

A.     Expense report 80’s Prom

Joe(CDM rep): We were able to donate $2,000 to the charity. 380+ people attended the event.

B.     Bingo @ Driftwood March 18th

 Holly(CHP rep): We will be having Bingo at the assisted living facility. It is located on Cosgrove Ave.

Mark(COP rep): Were you able to put together the accounts so we can see exactly where our money comes from?

Mike(SGA Pres): I can meet with you after the meeting if anyone would like that information, I don’t feel like we should give that information to everyone. We have two SGA accounts, one from student activities fees which is approx $146,000, and the other account which holds funds made at the events and ring sales.

Robin(SPO): The SGA gets 4% of the student activities fees, which we use for SGA events. The other event is a checking account that we can easily access, which all the revenues go into. Student Programs spends this money because we do most of the shopping.

V.     Secretary

New Business

A.     Website Update

B.     MUSC Alert

Melissa(SGA Sec): We have new members, and the lastest minutes are on the web. Please encourage your classmates to sign up for MUSC Alert, it is a very important way to hopefully keep the students safe in case of emergency. MUSC Alert website:

Dana: Can professors log on to it MUSC alert?

Melissa(SGA Sec): Yes, anyone with an MNA can register, students, facility and staff at MUSC.

C.     Around Town- from the student lifelines webpage.

Melissa(SGA Sec): We have a new addition to the website, it’s called ‘Around town’ and basically any local business or restaurant can advertise discounts and deals on our website. This way the students can access this information and see what’s going on in Charleston. For example the CSO has student tickets available to all their events for $5. If you know of any discounts for students, please let Alicia or myself know so we can advertise it to the student body.

VI.  Intramurals

A.     Tennis

Kevin(SPO): 62 players signed up to play intramurals. Also the tennis pro will be giving lessons, on 3

B.     Volleyball Championship

VII.   Student Programs

A.     “Fit it In” week 2 winners Elizabeth Caldwell, Justin Keller, Holly Ready

B.     Art/Photo Exhibit

Alicia(SPO): displayed in the hall April 1-30th will be displayed.

1.      March 3-21 dates for submissions

2.      April 1-30 dates of exhibits

VIII.    MUSC Gives Back

A.     Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back

Thank you from Hope Lodge, yesterdays blood drive turned out really well, we got 80 units and our goal was 71. Come by Tues, Wed, Thurs 10-4pm if you missed the blood drive but would still like to donate.

IX.  College and Organizational Reports

Dental- CDM will be screening patients and treating cavities 5-7 M-F

Graduate Studies – travel scholarship awarded $500 to 2 students.

Health Professionals- thanks to Sheldon for helping with the safety walk. ALS race is June 7th 5:30 pm on the Isle of Palms. Last year we raised $35,000 and we are looking for participation from the SGA and student body this year.

International Student Association- no report

Medicine-  The COM Charity ball is coming up March 1st at the Omar Shrine Temple. MUSC live is looking for venues tomorrow, and they have not set a date yet.

Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board- Saturday March 23, MSAB is having their SAT practice session. There will be a student panel from each college, we need a nursing student at 2pm. Email Vandy with your questions.

Nursing- no report

Pharmacy- We have the SCCP social this weekend in Columbia.

*University Wide Committees

University Parking Committee

Womens history committee – Had a meeting today, and next month is Womens History month, there are activities on your announcements sheet.

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