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-Meeting Minutes- February 6, 2008

I. President
A. Speaker: Tres Shiltz, Relay for Life
Tres: He showed at video about the Relay for Life. Celebrate Remember, Fight Back is the theme. Celebrating survivorship, remembering those lost. You can participate in a number of ways: by Legislation on the government level or simply by going to relay for life. He would like every college to have a team to participate in the Colleges of Charleston which includes The Citadel, CofC, and MUSC.
Linnea(CGS rep): Can we raise money by a bake sale?
Tres: Yes you can do anything you want, as long as it’s not a raffle.
Linnea(CGS rep): Do  we have to stay the whole time?
Tres: I realize that Alhambra is the next day, you can leave early but we do encourage that you stay the whole time.
Claire(CON rep): How much money should we raise?
Tres: The traditional amount is $100.00 a person.
B. Approval of January 23rd Minutes- Approved
Mike(SGA Pres): I will lass around a suggestion list of what to have for dinner, please state whether or not you are a vegetarian.
C. Student Welfare

Old Business
1. MUSC Safety Walk
a) Tues Feb. 26th @ 5:30
Mike(SGA Pres): We will be signing up for the event soon, we are going around the hospital and finding what needs improvement. We will be traveling with public safety so we will be safe.
b) Sign up
2. Wellness Center Hours
a) Extended until 10pm, Mon-Thurs. starting Feb 4th
Mike(SGA Pres): I saw about 20 people in the gym after 9pm and I think if we keep that up we can make a strong argument for keeping the gym open later. A number of people I saw were residents, attending and staff from the hospital, so it really is benefitting everyone.

New Business
Campus-Wide Organization Petition –
Mike(SGA Pres):We have had a need for a petition for people who want to become members of this body. We will have the first reading, and there will be a 5 minute limit on the discussion.
Sheldon(CDM rep): Please refer to the petition for the details.
Joe(CDM rep): Where will you insert this in the bylaws into our constitution
Sheldon(CDM rep): We will have to discuss it with the AVP.
Mike(SGA Pres): This petition must be required to fill out before they come to the SGA asking for membership.
Chris(COM rep): Motion to move into a second meeting?
Joe(CDM rep): Second
Joe(CDM rep): Motion to accept by unanimous consent?
Mike(SGA Pres): There has been a motion to accept by unanimous consent, are there any objections? No objections, the bill will pass by unanimous vote.

Projected Tuition Adjustments for 2008-09
Mike: The board has just met recently, and the state has decided to cut the budget to MUSC, while increasing the funding to other schools. The possible breakdown if how the individual colleges tuition may go up are as follows:
CGS- 10% increase
CON- 10% increase
COM- 10% 3rd year increase
COP- 10% increase
CDM- 19% increase
CHP: 10% increase
Mike(SGA Pres): Now these numbers have not been passed by the board, the tuition increase for CDM will not go towards the new building, but it can go towards to lab fees,  histology, anatomy fees and instrument fees. They just found out what our budget cut will be and I just reviewed these numbers. Dr. Raymond apologizes for the late notice.
Jason(COM rep): This will be in effect over the summer?
Mike(SGA Pres): It will start the next academic year.
Tyler(COM rep): Will USC COM get the same budget cut?
Mike(SGA Pres): No.
Mike(SGA Pres): MUSC gets a lot of money from research and we also get money from the hospital
Dana(COP rep): Is there anything we can do ?
Mike(SGA Pres): I mentioned  that a group from SGA could go to Columbia, but it has to start in Columbia.
Mark(COP rep): Point of information, since they are re-structuring the budget, will they be restructuring the faculty, and departments?
Mike(SGA Pres): To my understanding they will not be changing the departments.
Claire(CON rep): what is the board of trustees doing for us? Why does this fall on the students?
Mike(SGA Pres): That’s a good point; I have a list of state reps we could go to. Many of our students have parents who are lobbyist in Columbia
Claire(CON rep): Can other students go to the board meetings?
Mike(SGA Pres): those meetings are by invite only, and I think surprising them would have the opposite effect of what we want.
Adrian(CGS rep): Do USC students stay in state after graduation vs. MUSC students ?
Mike(SGA Pres): If you get a degree beyond a Bachelor; I believe 80% leave South Carolina.

2008-2009 Parking Registration
a.  “Longevity with MNA Switching”
b. MNA Switching with Associate Dean’s
Mike(SGA Pres): The associate Deans will all participate on the net ID switching, you have the info in front of you. I will email the whole student body about when this will happen. For the summer and fall semesters they will leave out the new parking deck, for those students who purchase parking in the Courtney garage will be moved to the new deck and they will resell the open spots. There were 900-1000 people who paid for parking last year, and we have 1,500 spots available. Parking registration is getting easier. 

2008-2009 SGA Officer Election’s
c. Applications due Fri. Feb. 29th
d. Online elections on Tues. March 26th and Wed. March 27th
e. Exec. Officer Presentations
Mike(SGA Pres): We have elections coming up, we were thinking about going to classrooms to talk about our positions
Joe(CDM rep): will you have the debate and information session like last year?
Mike(SGA Pres): Yes hopefully we will have the debate if there are many people running
D. Reps needed for University Committees
E. (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting

II. Program Vice President
New Business
Night at The Ballet
  1. Friday, February 8th, 7:30pm  
Dachelle(SGA PVP): we have only sold about half of the tickets, so encourage your classmates to buy them, the reception is wine and cheese
MUSC Winetasting
1. Friday, February 22nd; 7:00pm – 10:00pm
2. Lottery Winners are posted outside the door.
Morgan(COM rep): If you didn’t get a worker slot can we but our tickets ahead of time?
Mike(SGA Pres): If you signed up for the lottery and weren’t chosen and any SGA rep can buy the tickets early. If you work at the event, you get your ticket for free and you can buy one extra ticket.

3. Ticket Sales- Feb 13th at 5:30 pm in SPO
B. St. Luke’s Concert Series
1. Friday, February 29th; 8pm

Old Business
Oyster Roast
Dachelle(SGA PVP): There were about 1,490 people in attendance. The party was a success; everyone enjoyed the band and themselves.
1.  Evaluation
 B.  Fat Tuesday
  1.  Evaluation

III. Academic Vice President
New Business

1. University Honor Council Update
Stephen(SGA AVP): We have no violations, we have each college’s code of conduct and we will be looking through them for discrepancies.
2. Library Carrels
Stephen(SGA AVP): They have replaced the lights on the 3rd floor stairs.
3. Academic Affair Committee- we will meet after this meeting.

IV. Treasurer
Old Business

A. Hope Lodge Dinner
Danielle(COP rep): We served soup and salad, and soup was a great choice because a lot of the patients couldn’t eat solid foods.
B. MLK Expo
Jackie(CHP rep): It went really well, the kids loved the fruit and we all had a lot of fun.
Naval(SGA Tres): Crisis Ministries, next Wednesday, will be the last project before spring break. Then after spring break all the service events will be on Saturdays.
C. Oyster Roast Budget
Naval(SGA Tres): We were $2,300 under budget. At the last meeting we spent more money out of our cash reserve, so I moved these extra funds into the cash reserve. We had to cancel the paint ball, so we added another kayak trip.
Mike(SGA Pres): We will cover the first and second reading of this budget
Joe(SGA Tres): We have $98,000 for this spring, and we are spending $85,000. Where is the remaining $13,000?
Naval(SGA Tres): When we do the budget, we don’t include the money we make at events. The difference is ticket revenue. We use ticket revenue because we already used up all the cash reserve and it’s only the beginning of the semester.
Mark(COP rep): Would you prepare an overall sheet with our accounts and a description of them for us?
Naval(SGA Tres): I can get that information for you I will have to talk to administration.
Mike(SGA Pres): All in favor of the budget say I.
Unanimous yes
New Business
A. Spring and Summer Budget Approval- Approved
B. Crisis Ministries
C. Bingo @ Driftwood

V. Secretary
New Business

A. SGA TV Update
B. Online Semester Highlights and Student Lifelines
Melissa(SGA Sec): The TV is updated for February. We have done away with the paper semester highlights and moved to putting everything online. Semester highlights and Student lifelines are available through the Student Programs website at
Showed the reps the new websites
Stephen(SGA AVP): How can students put their event on the website?
Melissa(SGA Sec): There are the contacts for each college on the website, for example the COM contact is Candice Gillespie and COP contact is Faye Ratcliff.
C. Website Update

VI. Intramurals
A. Tennis-
Kevin(SPO) A few students from the COM decided that they want to have tennis intramurals, a preliminary hit around is scheduled for Feb 17th. Email with your interest. 

Student Programs
A. “Fit it In” Jessica Bullington, Linnea Freeman, Elsa Edwards, Chris Darr and Dave Sentil.

VII. MUSC Gives Back
A. Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back
Liz(SPO): Tuesday Feb 19. We will have the second blood drive and a bone marrow drive. SNMA and COP will have a bone and blood drive. You can sign up to be on the registry then you may be contacted if you are a match. Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments will be honored first.

VIII.   College and Organizational Reports
Dental- free dental screenings from 5pm-7pm M-F until the end of April
Graduate Studies
Health Professionals
International Student Association- meeting this week
Medicine – annual Charity Ball on March 1st
Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board-  SNMA is doing a rose sale 25$ for a dozen and 16$ for a half dozen send orders to Black history month every Wednesday in February, in BSB 100 we are having a lecture series.
*University Wide Committees
University Parking Committee
Sheldon(CDM rep): ART building opened yesterday; drug discovery building will break ground soon, Courtney St. garage is only for patients. And after 8:30 am all the lots are usually full.

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