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-Meeting Minutes- January 23, 2008
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Approval of November 28th Minutes- approved
Approval of January 9th Minutes- approved
Student Welfare

Old Business
MUSC Safety Walk
Tues Feb. 26th @ 5:30
Mike (SGA Pres): The Safety Walk will be headed up by Ashley Watamura this year. We are looking for volunteers to lead the groups that night; it is an SGA event but we are looking for campus wide participation.

Wellness Center Hours
Mike(SGA Pres): The hours will be extended until 10pm, Mon-Thurs. starting Feb 4th until the end of May. We need to prove to the wellness center staff that students will be using the extra hours.
Mark(COP rep): How much participation are they looking for?
Mike(SGA Pres): They have not said an specific number, but they want to see a rise in the numbers of students and wellness center members from the hours of 8-9, not so much 9-10. They need to justify the use of their resources, like the lighting and paying the staff.
Claire(CON rep): We are trying to prove to them that the students want the extra hours, so please go to your classes and encourage the students to use the extra hours.
Adnan(ISA rep): Does it have to be from students or can it be anyone?
Mike(SGA Pres): Students at first, but anyone will be good.

New Business
Delta Sigma Delta 80's Prom- first reading of the bill,
Crystal (3rd year medical student): This is our second year doing the event. We had a photographer, dancing, open bar for 2 hours and Playlist playing music. The extra money goes to the delta sigma delta philanthropy Smiles for a lifetime. We will be selling tickets in the horseshoe. You have to budget in front of you to look at. Mike(SGA Pres): We will set a 7 minute time limit for questions and answers. How many delta sigma delta members are there?
Crystal: We have 80 members right now.
Mark(Cop rep): Do you have any thoughts on raising your revenue by publishing your charity?
Crystal: We are not highlighting it right now, we want to pay for the party first.
Naval(SGA Tres): What is the max capacity in the knights of Columbus hall?
Adrian(CGS rep): Did you sell out last year?
Crystal: I believe 500 people; yes we sold 250 tickets.
Chris(COM rep): You expect SGA to give you 2.5 times than the organization to pay for your party?
Joe(CDM rep): We would love any help we can get.
Sean(COP rep): What is our budget looking like?
Naval(SGA Tres): We still have the cash reserve and plenty of money left over around 27,000.
Julie(COM rep): Have you considered finding other groups in other colleges to help you fund the party.
Joe(CDM rep): Essentially that's what we are doing here.
Mike(SGA Pres): Is there a motion to extend for 5 minutes?
Motion, Second
Shannon(CON rep): Will you make it one price for all students if we do give you the money
Crystal: I believe we can.
Diana(CON rep): How will you make it more of a camps wide event if we do give you this money?
Joe(CDM rep): We will have it up on facebook, stuinfo, we will set up a paypal account from online tickets.
Adrian(CGS rep): Do you pay dues to delta sig, and how much?
Crystal: $120 a year.
Mike(SGA Pres): Last night u had $500 available, now you have $900, where did that come from?
Joe(CDM rep): We had money from dues, a pool tournament and I had to verify the numbers with Crystal.
Joe(CDM rep): We want to make the number come down, we have excess student activity fees in the budget and I believe we should use it for the student this year.
Stephen(SGA AVP): POI The constitution states that we will meet 50/50 on events from outside organizations. Joe(CDM rep): We are not asking for student workers, and I believe the constitution is open to interpretation
Mike(SGA rep): It is the job of the Academic Vice President to interpret the constitution.
Sheldon(CDM rep): motion to move into a period of debate?
Mike(SGA Pres): Is there a second?
Joe(CDM rep): second
Mike(SGA Pres): Objection, we need to move into a second reading raise your hand- 10 favored, opposed-3
Linnea(CGS rep): POI, this is on the same night as the SGA ballet, and that's coming up did you realize that?
Mike(SGA Pres): We will now move into a period of debate.
Chris(COM rep): Should we vote on a bill that the academic VP deems inappropriate?
Mark(COP rep): I support the bill, but I would amend that the bill be set at $1,500 to cover drinks,
Joe:(CDM rep): I accept that as a friendly amendment.
Mike(SGA Pres): We will suspend the rules and reenter into a period of debate.
Adrian(CGS rep): Didn't you have the ability to approve this in Exec?
Mike(SGA Pres): Yes, but we decided to let the body vote on this matter.
Joe(CDM rep): Motion to recall the previous question.

Period of vote:
Adrian: POI, please restate the available funds.
Naval(SGA Tres): The cash reserve is $2500, and $27,000 which is not budgeted money it's what we use when we go over budget for events.
Mark(COP rep): Do we anticipate any other groups coming forward for money this semester?
Danielle(COP rep): Does MUSC live give any money to a charity?
Mike(SGA Pres): No, not to my knowledge.
Mike(SGA Pres): Vote on the previous question; All those if favor to give them 1500 raise your hand
Yea: 20
Opposed: 17
Mike(SGA Pres): This bill has been passed, and we will give $1,500 to this organization.

Mike(SGA Pres): MUSC Live is a student run talent show that has been in the works for a number of years, it was originally and SGA event, then went to the COM, and last year it was co-sponsored by both parties. I believe every college was represented there, and this year we didn't put it in the budget because we didn't have the expense report, and scheduling issues. There are modifications to the budget list, they won't need trash cans, the announcer or audio tech person. They are asking $1,500 to $2,000 from the SGA. Limit question and answer to 7 minutes.
Joe(CDM rep): Is there any cover at the door?
Mike(SGA Pres): No cover
Adrian(CGA rep): Is this conflicting with any SGA event?
Mike(SGA Pres): No, and they have not set a specific date yet.
Sean(COP rep): They are asking $2,000, yet we have only $1,000?
Joe(CDM rep): We are going over our allocated budget, yet we could easily give them 2,000?
Mike(SGA Pres): Yes, we have extra funds from the cancellation of the Halloween party.
Jackie(CHP rep): so if we use up this money, and other organizations come up would they get any money?
Mike(SGA rep): Right, it's first come first serve.
Adrian(CGS rep): Has anyone from MUSC live filled out a contingency fund form?
Mike(SGA Pres): No they have gone through Exec.
Joe(CDM rep): Can we give them $1500?
Mike(SGA Pres): The author of the bill has requested $1,500-2,000 so I am sure they would be more than happy to accept $1,500.
Shannon(CON rep): would you charge for the event if you don't receive this money?
Josh(COM rep): We are trying to make it as easy as possible and not charge a cover.
Diana(CON rep): How many student were there, not from the COM?
Mike(SGA Pres): We don't know exactly, but last year every college was there
Trent(CON rep): How much money was allocated to the Halloween party that we didn't spend?
Mike(SGA Pres): $6,000
Sheldon(CDM rep): Where did that money go?
Naval(SGA Tres): Fall brawl, other events went over budget, and we are making the Winetasting larger.
Adrian(CGS rep): Motion to move into a period of debate
Joe(CDM rep): second
Mike: vote
Chris(COM rep): Is this a co-sponsor event?,
Mike(SGA rep): We will only be giving money only, not student clean-up.
Chris(COM rep): Can we disclose that SGA sponsors these events?
Stephen(SGA AVP): I think that if 60% of the event is funded from SGA, it's essentially and SGA event, and the students need to know.
Mike(SGA Pres): All in favor? (unanimous favor) It is the opinion of the chair to donate $1,500 unanimously.

2008-2009 Parking Registration
"Longevity with MNA Switching”
MNA Switching with Associate Dean's
Mike(SGA Pres): We will be working with Dr West for the MNA switching, and we will have 1 month for registration. We will give out one phone number for students to call if they have problems. We will have the 500 spots in the new garage for this year's registration. Those spots will be available and student will be able to buy them, then we will sell those empty spots, that were left. We will have 3 distribution weekends.
Adrian(CGS rep): Where should students go if they have a problem with parking?
Mike(SGA Pres): They over estimated one of the lots this year, they can go to the parking services parking garage if other lots are full.

2008-2009 SGA Officer Election's
Applications due Fri. Feb. 29th
Online elections on Tues. March 26th and Wed. March 27th
Mike(SGA Pres): We will have packets available for you please consider running for an Exec position. We would be happy to tell you about the positions if any of you have questions.

Reps needed for University Committees- no volunteers yet
(1) Reps needed for University Commencement Committee
Wednesday's @ 4pm 1/28, 2/25, 3/24, 4/21, 5/12
(2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting
Lindsey, Sheldon

Program Vice President
New Business
Oyster Roast
1. Friday, January 25th, 7:00pm-10:30pm
2. Sign up to work
Dachelle(SGA PVP): We have sold 500 tickets so far, there are a few work we slots still open, we will be selling tickets tomorrow and Friday.

MUSC Winetasting
Dachelle(SGA PVP): We will be selling Feb 13, a week before the event starting at 5:30pm, the cut off will be 7pm. Whatever is left over will be sold the next morning in SPO. I will send out an email on Monday, and however many people reply, will be put into a lottery, to work and for their guest ticket.
Dana(COP rep): Its two tickets per ID?
Dachelle(SGA PVP): Yes, two tickets per person.
Mark(COP rep): What is the max capacity?
Dachelle(SGA PVP): 750 people
Friday, February 22nd; 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Fat Tuesday
February 5th, 11:30am - 1:15pm
Sign up sheet is sent around

MUSC Night @ Ballet
February 8th, 7:30pm Student tickets are 5$ and non student are 10$.

Academic Vice President
New Business
ECL Classroom Update
University Honor Council Update will meet next week and discuss changes to amendments.

Carrel Update - Stephen(SGA AVP): The students are using their spaces, yet the first year COM are especially abusing the space on the 2nd floor. Some people aren't using their carrels, so they may be asked why they are not using the carrels, 5 times in a row, and if they won't comply, the carrel will be taken away and given to the next person on the waiting list. Feel free to bring the squatters items to the circulation desk if they leave their junk there all day.

Bill #08-02 Constitutional Amendment
Stephen(SGA AVP): The first reading of the bill, 08-02. It is to revise the part of the constitution
Joe(CDM rep): What was the problem with the original constitution?
Mike(SGA Pres): The original intent of this bill was to enable SPO to buy things last minute for our events.
Joe(CDM rep): Will your committee look at the term `co-sponsor', it now means we are tied to the event, with funding and man power.
Adrian(CGS rep): I think we need to specify co-sponsor.
Stephen(SGA AVP): Yes we will clarify that in committee.
Mike(SGA Pres): We will send this bill to the academic affairs committee, with a second reading at our next meeting.

Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back
New Business

Spring Service Project Calendar
MLK Health Expo- Feb 1st and 2nd.
Liz Sheridan(SPO): We will be going to Fraser High School on Columbus street, we will set up in the cafeteria on Friday. We will have games and snacks for the kids.

College Relay for Life- Tres Schiltz will be coming to our meeting on Feb 6th about forming teams for Relay for Life.

Hope Lodge: Danielle(COP rep): We will meet tonight to discuss details.

Naval(SGA Tres): After March 14, which is spring break, we will only have events on Saturdays, so please make sure you plan to attend an event and meet your requirements.

Update Website
Melissa(SGA Sec): The website is updated with our new members and minutes. I want to remind everybody that in the case of an absence from a meeting, you can contact me with a legitimate reason and Exec can approve the reason as approved absence.

January 29th 5:15pm 

Tennis- Kevin(SPO): We may create a tennis league, we have been approached about starting that.

Student Programs 
“Fit it In”
Claire(CON rep): We are hoping to have a big turn out.

College and Organizational Reports
Dental- no report

Graduate Studies - multi culture graduate student association will go into High Schools and spread information about sciences and careers, if you are interested in participating contact me.

Health Professionals- no report

International Student Association

Medicine- no report

Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board- MLK vigil on the 17th was well attended and it went well. The intercollegiate consortium was last night and it filled up the gym. Essay contest winner was Cerrone Cohen and a Ft. Dorchester student. Office of student diversity is doing Wednesday black history month in BSB 100.

Nursing- 98% pass rate on taking the boards.

Pharmacy- we had many students apply for the PLS leadership conference

*University Wide Committees

University Parking Committee

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