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-Meeting Minutes- January 9, 2008

Approval of November 28th Minutes- postponed until next meeting
Student Welfare

Old Business

1. Equal opportunity clause was passed and will be instated next year.
   SGA Tour of Ashley River Tower-

Mike(SGA Pres): Dr. Greenberg has given us the opportunity to tour the new hospital; a signup sheet will be passed around

2. Thursday Jan. 10th @ 4pm and Tues. Jan. 15th @ noon
    MUSC Safety Walk

The campus will be divided into 5 grids, we need 5 leaders. We will be looking at things such as lightning, cross walks, shrubbery blocking views.

Sheldon(CDM rep): will there be a list of last year's changes so we can see what was done?

Mike(SGA Pres): yes I can provide that list

Ashley(CHP rep): We need to go around and ask our classmates what they think needs to be changed so when we walk around we can see what needs to be changed

Safety walk is scheduled for Tues Feb. 26th @ 5:30

New Business

Wellness Center Hours

Mike(SGA Pres): The administration has decided to lengthen the hours to 10pm Monday - Thursday. It's a compromise because we initially asked for an extra hour Monday-Sunday, but due to financial reasons they decided to give us one extra hour Monday -Thursday. Please go to your classes and encourage your classmates to use the extra hour. We need show them that we want this and we need to use the gym during this trial period.

Extended until 10pm, Mon. - Thurs. starting Feb. 4th

2008-2009 Parking Registration

SGA Bill 07-01 “Longevity with MNA Switching”

Mike(SGA Pres): We feel like last year went very smoothly so we are going to use the same format with MNA switching, also we will have 3 days of distribution. Please let your classmates about the 3 days so they can prepare for it and clear their schedules. If you miss your weekend, you have to wait until the end of the period.

Chris(COM rep): Can you clarify this process for the new members?

Mike(SGA Pres): Instead of having parking registration in the gym like they did a few years ago, we decided to do online. The COP and COM are allowed to `switch their' MNA's you can sign under an upper classman's MNA so you can get a parking spot. Now we will govern this so if you want to give up your spot you can contact your associate dean and they will give your spot to another student. We now offer this to everyone and that's why we had the legislation change and you can go through your colleges associate deans.

Operations Committee Meeting, Jan. 18th

MNA Switching with Associate Dean's

2008-2009 SGA Officer Election's
Applications due Fri. Feb. 29
Online elections on Tues. March 26th and Wed. March 27

Reps needed for University Committees

1. (2) Reps needed for University Commencement Committee

Mike(SGA Pres): It's not a large commitment, if your work gets done, then they won't meet all these times. The committee plans everything for commencement except for the speaker.

Wednesday's @ 4pm 1/28, 2/25, 3/24, 4/21, 5/12
(2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting

Program Vice President

Old Business

Exam Break
Evaluation-sent around

New Business

1. Oyster Roast
Friday, January 25th, 7:00pm-10:30pm
Sign up to work

Dachelle(PVP): We had 1400 people attend last year, it's a similar set-up to the BTS party, and this year we will promote an after party at the Music Farm they will charge 2$ and have drink specials for us, Jordan Trotter will be playing, she's a local artist.

1. MUSC Winetasting

Dachelle(PVP): We are debating on what to charge because the event is so expensive and it sells out so quickly, Let's have a brief vote for:

20$ a person - 18
Against 20$ a person- 11

Chris(COM rep): A point of information, there are many events like this one around campus like the Mojito challenge, and they charge $35 a ticket.

Mike(SGA Pres): Does a 2 weeks prior sound appropriate date to put the tickets on sale?

Friday, February 22nd; 7:00pm - 10:00pm

Academic Vice President

New Business

Stephen(AVP): Who volunteered for the Appletree committee- Hannah, Sheldon, and Vandy. The meeting will be 12 noon on Jan 30th

ECL Classroom Update

Stephen(AVP): The are plaquards with directions on how to reserve the rooms on the first floor in the ECL. We need to better communicate with our classmates because there has been conflicts with students who study there and organizations who have lunch meetings. There are 5 rooms that will are always reserved for students, they are 101,106,120,108,110. Also, the white boards are being removed from the rooms because they are such a safety hazard. We are working with Christine VonKolnitz to get recycling bins in the rooms. The contract you sign when you reserve the room states that you are to remove your trash and clean up after yourself.

Dana(COP rep): has there been any more discussion on what to do with the squatters?

Stephen(AVP): Enrollment services doesn't use those rooms as much at the end of the semester, and it becomes an issue of who will police these people.

1. Spring Library Carrel Registration

Stephen(AVP): There have been 92 applications so far for carrels and of them 72% are from COM. We will have a random lottery like we did last year. Last semester was a success because the majority of people who received a carrel used it throughout the semester.

1. University Honor Council Update

Stephen(AVP): We talked about putting a visiting student policy in the honor code. At the latest meeting we decided to not pursue it per recommendation of Dr. West. At the last meeting we had the first reading of the impeachment Bill.

Joe(CDM rep): I will withdraw this bill until I speak to the honor council. At the time I bring it up again as a first reading.


Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back

Tomorrow we will have our MLK planning project. We teamed up with Fraser elementary to have a health expo. More info will be available at the meeting tomorrow.

New Business

1. Spring Service Project Calendar

Naval( SGA Tres): I want to encourage people to fulfill their obligations this semester. Last semester we had some people sign up for an event then not show up.

Linnea(CGS rep): I am in charge of the Water mission service event, it is a warehouse where they develop water purification systems and deliver them to 3rd world countries. They will you need you Jan 8:30 -noon. They will have various activities for us, but there are only 10 slots available.

Danielle(COP rep):Wed. Jan.30th we will cook a meal for the families in the hope lodge, they like the company. The hope lodge is a house for cancer patients and their families to stay while they are being treated.\

1. Fall Expenditures and Spring Semester Budget

Naval(SGA Tres) We saved money on the budget last year, mainly due to the cancellation of the Halloween party. We have not made a decision on MUSC live, which will balance the excess of funds.

Joe(CDM rep): If we don't spend the money this year, will it roll over to next year?

Naval(SGA Tres): Yes if we don't spend all our money, we will get it next year. We try to use all the money the year we receive it because it is paid for the student activities fee of that year.

Mike(SGA Pres): We will vote on the budget the first meeting of February.


Spring Semester Calendar of Meeting and Event Dates

Melissa(SGA Sec) For the new reps, each meeting you are given a sheet of dates and info for you to bring to your classrooms. You all should have received a copy of the Roles and Responsibilities.

MUSC Alert System-

Melissa(SGA Sec): We don't have the exact number of students that have signed up for MUSC Alert, but I encourage you to remind your classmates to register their numbers. This is an important step for our campus to take in preventing tragedy.

SGA TV Update-

Melissa(SGA Sec) The TV is updated for January.


Kevin: there will be a student incentive for students to use the gym, it's on the announcements. There will be a drawing for cash and prizes.

Volleyball- will continue this week
Basketball- captains meeting will be tomorrow
Softball- captains meeting

Student Programs

A. Introduction of Nadia Mariutto, Coordinator of Off-Campus Housing

College and Organizational Reports


Graduate Studies

Health Professionals- no report

International Student Association- first meeting was today and it was a success


Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board- first exam study break went well. Essay contest, all essays are due 1/11 in student programs. 1/17 MLK vigil, will start at 5:30 at the corner of Calhoun and Rutledge. This year the MLK consortion will be held here, at 6pm, food will be available.


Pharmacy- PLS is having a leadership conference Jan 26th. 8am -4pm. $30 per student.

*University Wide Committees

Sheldon: Parking committee, hospital opening will be Feb. 5th. Bee st garage will be opening October. There is a new shuttle going from the ART to the clinical services.

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