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-Meeting Minutes- March 5, 2008

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I.       President

A.     Speaker: Pearl Givens – Director of Student Financial Aid

Introduced the new staff members. Tammy Cook- CON counselor, Misty Brendel- CHP counselor, Matt Scott- COM, CGS counselor, and Jerone McDaniel- CDM, COP counselor.

 Matt: The cut-off date for loans this year was Monday March 3,2008. The priority date for financial aid next year is March 10, 2008. ,

Jerone: For the students in the SCCP, we do not know what your cost of attendance will be next year. The board has not met yet. The 4th year students will have their financial aid divided up into 3 semesters, summer, fall and spring.

Mark(COP rep): Have we not just raised the tuition 10%? Shouldn’t we go by that instead of last year’s tuition?

Jerone: We will make that decision when the board of trustees meets. They have not told us yet what the increase will be.

Pearl: We have 2 debt management classes, which haven’t been well attended, but the students who did attend had great feedback.

Melissa(SGA Sec): If a student maxes out on financial aid for the year, and then you determine that the tuition will be raised again, will you give more money to the students who have already taken out the max loan?

Jerone: Yes, we will allot more money for the increase in tuition.

Mike(SGA Pres): Since the academic harsh-ship for students in residency has been cancelled, how will that effect graduating students?

Matt: Pres. Bush signed that bill, but there was protest and it has been permanently been reinstated until November of this year. You can go to the website and fill out a survey, and send it to the Senators and the House of Reps. If they take away the deferments, you can sign up for forbearance, in deferment the subsidized loans do not accrue interest. Those loans will accrue interest while in forbearance.

Julie(COM rep): I tried to pay on my loan and I didn’t know who to pay.

Tammy: That is a different office, you would need to go to student accounting.

Pearl: Something new this year which is we have to tell you which lenders we are using, and you will be able to choose the lender but we will not be able to advise you on which one is better. This is compliant with federal regulations.

B.     Approval of February 20th Minutes- approved

C.     Student Welfare

Old Business

1.      MUSC Safety Walk- Rescheduled due to foul weather.

Mike(SGA Pres): We will be having a dinner at 6pm, and start the walk at 6:30. I’m going to pass around the list again; we need you to resign up.

a)      Tuesday March 18th

b)      Dinner @ 6pm, Walk @ 6:30

2.      Wellness Center Hours

a)      Update

Mike(SGA Pres): We got feedback on the number of people who are working out at 9-10pm: 4-11 people, 8-9: on average 24. This semester the numbers are more than last year at this time.

New Business

1.      2008-2009 Parking Registration

a.       “Longevity with MNA Switching”

b.      Phone Line for Problems: 876-2277

c.       Pop Up-Blockers

d.      Hagood Overflow

e.       Lot BB Escort Van 7-10am

Mike: The new hospital hired 90% capacity and told all these people to park at Hagood. We will be offering temporary parking vouchers for the first 100 people who cannot find parking in Hagood; they will be able to park in the Ashley Ave garage. It has been successful so far for the last week.

Tyler(COM rep): Where do you pick up the vouchers?

Mike(SGA Pres): A public safety officer will be watching for the cars and handing out the vouchers, It is open for all faculty staff and students.

Lindsay(CHP rep): Is it like the Courtney garage and we will have to pay $5?

Mike(SGA Pres): It will be free because the parking is free. We have changed the phone number that students can call when they have problems with parking. The number is 876-CARS. It will go directly to the OCICO office, and we will be there to deal with complaints and problems. We have to bring back the ‘back’ button because browsers will block the screen that pops up. I will send an email to the students warning them not hit the ‘back’ button. Please let your classmates know. Parking management wants to know if they can get rid of the escort van.

Nicole(CHP rep): It’s a short walk, we really don’t need the escort van.

2.      2008-2009 SGA Officer Election’s

a.       Application Deadline Extended for Treasurer – March 7th

Mike(SGA Pres): We didn’t receive an application for Treasurer, it will be extended until 5pm Friday.

Joe(CDM rep): Who is running for each office?

Alicia(SPO): We will post that on Monday.

b.      Online elections on Wed. March 26th and Thurs. March 27th

3.      Student Leadership Society

Mike(SGA Pres): Dr. West has organized this society; you can nominate your colleagues and classmates. Many colleges have awards and this will recognize students on the University level. Induction will be April 16th, they will induct 5 -10 students this year.

4.      Email Conversion to Outlook in May

Mike(SGA Pres): This conversion was supposed to happen in December, and they are going to postpone it for students in May. You will be able to retrieve your old emails in Webmail

Julie(COM rep): If we have our email forwarded to Gmail, will we have to do it again?

Kevin(SPO): Yes you will have to forward it again.

D.     Reps needed for University Committees

E.      (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting

II.    Program Vice President

Old Business

A.     MUSC Wine Tasting

1.      Evaluation

Dachelle(SGA PVP): The Wine Tasting was a hit, everyone had a great time. But, someone lost a wallet and a camera case. Please let one of us know if one of your classmates found it.

B.     St. Luke’s Concert Series

1.      Attendance

2.      Evaluation

Dachelle(SGA PVP): Please be completely honest because attendance was very low. We want to have cultural non-alcoholic events and we want to know why people didn’t attend.

New Business

A.     MUSC Happy Hour w/ CCGS and Charleston Law

1.  Thursday March 27 @ Mad River 6-9pm

Dachelle(SGA PVP): we are having a happy hour which wasn’t originally scheduled. We will be having it 3/27 from 6-9 pm. We had to pick Thursday because of everyone’s schedules. It will be exclusively for students, so please bring your Id’s. We will offer free appetizers and limited free beer. 2$ bottled drinks, and 3$ well drinks, there may be free ‘give-away’s’.

B.     St. Luke’s Concert Series

1.  Friday March 28th

2.  Sign up

Dachelle(SGA PVP): We would like attendance to be much better, please encourage your peers. It’s in the BSB, not St. Luke’s chapel, and dessert will be provided.

C.     Alhambra

1.  Saturday April 12th 12-5pm

Dachelle(SGA PVP): We will be having water bottles to give to the first 100 people, $10 in advance and $12 at the door. We will be having 2 local bands, and the t-shirt design is almost finished. Tickets will go on sale March 17th.

III. Academic Vice President

New Business

A.     Academic Affairs Committee Update

Stephen(SGA AVP): The appropriation guideline has overshadowed some of the bills we were working on, which is great. We are working on finishing up some things for the end of the semester.

B.     Gift to Mr. Poyer

Stephen(SGA SVP): We have decided to give a gift to Mr. Poyer. He has been great this year with the carrels and library.

C.     Bill 08-06 Constitutional Amendment    

Stephen(SGA AVP): Read bill 08-06. This bill will make reference to petition for membership form that we passed this semester, and the appropriations bill that we just passed tonight.

Mike(SGA Pres): We will now have a period of questions and answers.

Joe(CDM rep): The petition of membership, will it be a separate form or included in the constitution?

Mike(SGA Pres): A separate downloadable form.

IV.  Treasurer

Old Business

A.     Appropriations Bill

Naval(SGA Tres): The service committee got together and changed the bill slightly to clarify a few statements.

Mike(SGA Pres): We will now have a second reading of the bill, and a 5 minute period of debate. In favor is an open palm, opposed is a closed fist.

Joe(CDM rep): Amendment to change 60 days to 30 days.

Mike(SGA Pres): We will now move into a 5 minute period of debate.

Julie(COM rep): Why 30 days?

Joe(CDM rep): I think 30 days is enough time and for us to be as helpful as we can to organizations.

Naval(SGA Tres): Past experience has taught us that we need more that 2 meetings to make decisions, 30 days is too short. We don’t want to events to be last minute. Other schools ask for a semester or a year in advance, and we thought that was too long.

Stephen(SGA AVP): We want to safe guard the SGA to make sure the organization has well planned the event.

Mike: current amendment to change it to 30 days as opposed to 60 days.

Mike: All in favor of the amendment: 7, opposed 17 it is the favor of the chair that the nays have it. We will now move into a period of debate about the bill itself.

Joe(CDM rep): The Exec can void the giving of funds if the organization violates a policy?

Adrian(CGS rep): I think the time frame is too long and the 60 days limit can be suspended and we would vote it at that same meeting.

Joe(CDM rep): Change part A, change to general SGA body, not Executive committee. I want this body to hear the reasons for revoking the funds.

Naval(SGA Tres): We would only revoke the funds if the organization violated the code.

Andrea(CGS rep): What will prevent the same organizations from coming back each year?

Stephen(SGA AVP): It is first come first serve, and it might be a race to get here first. That’s why the 60 days is there.

Mike(SGA Pres): It is not the intent of the SGA to fund all organizations parties.

Linnea(CGS rep): If this goes back to committee I would want people who are passionate about this to come to the committee meeting. I am on the Service committee because I love service. If you are so concerned, you should come to the committee meetings.

Mike(SGA Pres): There is a motion to recall pervious question, is there a second?


Mike(SGA Pres): We will not move into a vote on this bill, by hands please all in favor: 34 opposed: 1. It is the opinion of the chair, the ayes have it.

New Business

A.     Bingo @ Driftwood March 18th

1.      Sign up

Naval(SGA Tres): It is the same day as the safety walk, and unfortunately you will not be able to do both. Holly will be in charge

B.     North Charleston Beautification Project

1.      Sign up

Liz(SPO): This will be a landscaping project for North Charleston.

C.     Kids Bridge Run April 4th

1.      Sign up

Joe(CDM rep): This is an awesome event, we give the kids medals and play with llamas. The greatest need is from 2-6pm. Please try to make the Monday March31st volunteer training session.

D.     Habitat for Humanity April 19th

1.      Sign up

Harriet(CON rep): April 19th from 8-12, this will be a fun event.

E.  Wine Tasting Expense Report

Naval(SGA Tres): $3,336 under budget. $21 a person, and last year it was $28 per person.

V.     Secretary

New Business

A.     Website Update

Melissa(SGA Sec): We are working on the  website to be able to put up the worker slots, requirements, service requirements, and attendance. Hopefully I will be able to make it in an excel format so you guys can easily access it and see what you have done so far and what opportunities are left to fulfill the requirements. This way, anyone can look on our website to see if their elected representative is fulfilling their duties. Hopefully it will create a bit of responsibility because everyone will be able to see if you aren’t doing your job as a rep.

B.     Inter-professional Case Competition

Melissa(SGA Sec): We have decided for the SGA to have an official, more active role in the Clarion Competition. The duties will fall on the Secretary and the Communications Committee for next year. I have already spoken to my committee about this, and they are excited about it. We will be a permanent co-sponsorship, source of funding, and we will also have a role in the publicity.

Joe(CDM rep): Will this funding be presented next year? Do we vote on the funding from SGA 5,000 to ISA and MSAB.

Alicia(SPO): The money doesn’t go through SGA it goes through MUSC Give Back, and we don’t vote on it.

Mike(SGA Pres): This funding will be voted upon when we vote on next year’s budget.                                                      

VI.  Intramurals

A.     Winter Basketball Championships- to be determined

VII.   Student Programs

A.     “Fit it In” Harriet Schuler winner for this week.

B.     Art/Photo Exhibit

1.      March 3-21 dates for submissions

2.      April 1-30 dates of exhibits

VIII.    MUSC Gives Back

A.     Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back

Liz(SPO): Please report hours online to MUSC gives back. You can nominate your organizations for the most outstanding service. Please share this information with your classmates. Don’t let this wait until the last minute.

IX.    College and Organizational Reports

Dental- 5-7pm dental screenings

Graduate Studies- no report

Health Professionals- no report

International Student Association

Medicine – MUSC live April 18th 7:30 to 10:30, limited free drinks, they are accepting acts.

Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board- no report

Nursing- No report

Pharmacy- no report

*University Wide Committees

Linnea(CGS rep): Women’s history month is this month, be on the look-out for events and seminars.

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