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-Meeting Minutes- November 28, 2007

I. President

Meeting was run by the Academic Vice President, due to the absence of the President

A. Approval of the October 31st minutes- Approved
B. Student Welfare

New Business

1. Holiday luncheon-Stephen(SGA AVP): The luncheon is sponsored by the office of Student Diversity. It will be December 6th 11:30-2pm. It will be held in the HSC Gym and Student Programs office. Lunch and desserts will be provided, and it is open to all students. On Thursday Dec. 13th, from noon-2pm Dr. West is hosting a luncheon for SGA and ESSS Staff only.

2. Tour of the new hospital for SGA
Stephen(SGA AVP): We are sending around a sheet for you to pick your most convenient days to go on this tour in early January.

3. Safety Walk- Stephen(SGA AVP) The Safety Walk will be in February, we will get more details when it approaches.

4. Recycling bins in Library rooms- Stephen(SGA AVP): We will be getting recycling bins for the 1st floor of the library/ECL. It is the responsibility of Enrollment services since it's not a part of the library.

C. Reps needed for University Committees

1. Faculty Excellence Awards Committee

a. One rep is needed from each college to serve on this committee, they will meet twice in the spring of 2008.

E. 2 Reps willing to help clean up after the meeting.

II. Program Vice President

Old Business

A. Fall Brawl- evaluation is sent around.

New Business

A. Exam break - Dachelle(SGA PVP): This is our last event of the semester. It will be Monday Dec.10th, 9-10pm. A sign-up sheet is sent around.

III. Academic Vice President

New Business

A. University Honor Council - Stephen(SGA AVP): We are discussing adding a policy to the honor code that would include visiting students, because currently they are not included in the Honor code. After discussion with Dr. West, we have been advised not to pursue this amendment because the visiting students are upheld by their schools honor code and they sign a contract when they come here stating they will uphold our code.

B. Academic Affairs-

1. Library- I will be meeting this Friday with Bob Poyer to discuss the carrels.

2. The Academic Affairs Committee will have a meeting tonight after the meeting.

IV. Treasurer

New Business

A. Expense Reports- the budget for this semester had changed a little due to the cancellation of the Halloween party; we spent a little more money on the Fall Brawl.

B. Service

1. World Aids Day- Dec 5th.

2. Spring 2008 template schedule for the service projects is finished.

V. Secretary

A. MUSC Alert- Please remind your classmates about this important addition to our safety on campus.

B. Semester Highlights- the website is updated for Semester highlights, the colleges submit their campus events to us online and everything gets posted.

VI. Intramurals

A. Volleyball- there will be practice times in the gym for teams to practice with the nets up.

VII. College and Organizational Reports

Graduate Studies
Health Professions
International Student Association
Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board
Pharmacy- Christmas Pub Crawl this Friday, 11/30.

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