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-Meeting Minutes- October 17th, 2007
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I. President
A. SGA Group and College Photos- Pictures were taken of the whole SGA and members of each college before the meeting.
B. Approval of October 3rd minutes- Approved
C. Student Welfare

Old Business
1. Equal Oppurtunity Resolution –
Mike(SGA Pres) The resolution went to Board of Trustees; they met in executive session to discuss it. They decided to table the resolution, until legal opinions of advisors who were not present at the time are able to look it over. Hopefully, we will hear from them soon.
Joe(CDM rep): Is there a date they put on it?
Mike(SGA Pres): Not indefinitely, but they did not set a specific date. I will let you know when we hear about a date

New business
1. Dinner at the Greenberg’s on November 14th- A RSVP sheet was sent around for the reps to check off.
Andrea (GSC rep): Is it possible to not sit with your dean, and college, so we can focus on interprofessionalism, and getting to know our peers?
Mike(SGA Pres): We will pass the suggestion around, however not everyone here knows their dean very well , and it may be a good way for them to meet.

2. Wellness Center Survey-
 Mike(SGA Pres) The Wellness center is trying to find the best way to survey the students about their opinion of the wellness hour extension. Please encourage your classmates to fill the survey out when it’s ready.  Are there any suggestions on the best way to do this?
 Shannon(CON rep): We could send the college presidents out to the classrooms  and have them survey their classmates.
 Ryan(CHP rep): Why don’t we just send the survey to the people who use the gym?
 Mike(SGA Pres): Well the purpose is that some students don’t have time to go to the gym, and the hour extension would allow them to use the gym more often.
 Mike(SGA Pres): We can do it college by college

3. Awareness of CAPS Online Forum
 Mike(SGA Pres): Who has heard of the CAPS online forum? Two years ago, Dr. Shaw developed this forum for students to use and talk about everyday life, to vent about grades and transitioning into grad school.  Announce to your class mates and let them know, it’s not being used because students don’t know about it.

4. Funding for Interprofessional Competition:
 Mike(SGA Pres):  We will give 800$ to the PLS Interprofessional Competition
 Joe(CDM rep): Will it be beneficial for the whole body to hear the request for funding? Was the constitution set up for the Exec to make decisions on SGA events and not for outside funding?
 Mike(SGA Pres): As it is now, Exec can approve a request for less then $1,000. Anything over that has to be approved by the whole body.

5.  SGA T-shirts:
 Mike(SGA Pres): Would you be willing to wear your SGA t-shirt one a month to let people who is on the SGA and get our name out there?
 Ana(COM rep): Would it be possible to wear the shirt at events?
 Kate(CHP rep): I think that’s a great idea
 Mike(SGA Pres): I think it would be good for us to wear our shirts at service events and SGA events to get our word out.

D. Reps needed for University Committees:
 1.  We need 1 more rep to be on the university parking committee, which meets the 1st Wednesday of every month.
  Andrea(CGS rep) volunteered.

II. Program Vice President
Old Business
A. Charleston Symphony Orchestra Night
Dachelle(PVP): The CSO went wonderfully, 250 people total showed up, 81 of which were students, we had wine and cheese during the intermission. Evaluation was sent around.
New Business
A. Kayak tour- Saturday October 20th, 10 am -1pm-  we have 10 spots left
B. Halloween party- Fri. October 26th 7-10:00pm, ticket packets of 10 were given to the reps to sell in the classrooms.

III. Academic Vice President
Old Business
A. University Honor Council Update:
Stephen(AVP): One person was brought before their college’s Honor Council. You are encouraged to discuss the honor code with visiting students
Joe(CDM rep): Does the honor council change the code, and is it approved by anyone else?

The process for an amendment to be made to the University Honor Code is:
        1.  Proposed amendment must be approved by three-fourths of the college's
Honor Council members;
        2.  Proposed amendment requires an affirmative vote by four of the six
colleges' Honor Councils to proceed;
        3.  Amendment then requires approval by the majority of MUSC SGA members;
        4.  Amendment is then presented to the deans of the 6 colleges and must
receive the approval of the majority of deans;
        5.  Amendment then proceeds to the Provost & Vice President for Academic
Affairs.  He/she may choose to approve or refer to the Board of Trustees.
Upon approval by either of these entities, the amendment is officially made.
        (Note:  the MUSC SGA AVP is responsible for seeing proposed amendments through this process.)

Joe(CDM rep): Is it your job to write the laws or interpret them?
Stephen(AVP): Interpret them.
Joe(CDM rep): Do you think that changes to the honor code can go through the SGA along with the signature of the president.
Mike(SGA Pres):We can work on that for the future; to have our opinion on changes. We can look into it and pursue it in order to have a system of checks and balances
Joe(CDM rep): What constitutes students of good standing?
Adrian(CGS rep): An individual organization has the ability to determine the qualifications of their own officers; to make it confidential you have to go through the college’s deans, it is in discussion.
Stephen(AVP): The amendment will be approved by the individual college’s Honor council, then it goes to the SGA for approval.

2. Library Update
Stephen(AVP): The lights on 2nd floor are becoming a problem, so the staff is trying to clean the fixtures and change bulbs. Housekeeping and students are responsible of keeping the first floor clean and orderly, not the library staff. There was an iPod stolen from a student on the first floor, so keep an eye on your things.
Kate(CHP rep): The tables on the first floor are dirty with food and trash.
Stephen(AVP): The library staff isn’t in charge of the 1st floor, so it’s up to the students to keep it clean.

IV. Treasurer
 Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back
Old Business
A. Service:
 1. New hospital dedication: Holly(CHP rep): The dedication, went smoothly. The new building is very nice, looks like a hotel on the first floor it has a nice lobby. They had a reception for the dignitaries.
 2. Charleston Miracle League: Catherine(CHP rep): We had more volunteers than kids but it was very fun.
 3. Good Neighbor Center for Women and Children, Oct. 18th: Harriet(CON rep): They require an extensive background check for all volunteers, so unfortunately it’s too late to sign up.
 4. Sugar Free Fall Festival, Oct. 25th : Catherine(CHP rep): We will be in touch soon to coordinate everything.
 5. World Aids Day, Nov 28thand 29th : Danielle (COP rep): It will take place in the horse shoe, on Wed we will set up the boxed lunches from 12:45 -1pm. Thursday 11:30-1
 6. Habitat for Humanity:  Nov. 3rd – We will sort and load donations from 9-11am.
Liz: For the Blood drive we had a good turnout, but we were 3 people short of meting our goal. We also need a few more volunteers for world aids day and the annual holiday lighting.
Kate(CHP rep): Last year was a great experience at the holiday tree lighting, the children loved us.
Service committee will have a planning meeting for MLK service event.
B. Expense report-
Naval(Tres): Our goal for the year is to get the numbers more accurate the activities fair went over $521.00. Retreat was under $1200.00, Oktoberfest went over $1457.00, CSO night was under $1200.00. We are on track, but are working towards more accuracy.

V. Secretary
A. SGA Television update-
Melissa(Sec): The TV is updated for the last half of October.  Also the old minutes are on the web for you to view. The next meeting I will have an updated sheet with all your requirements you have met so far.

VII. College and Organizational Reports
Dental: No report
Graduate Studies: Nov 2nd is  student research day
Health Professions: No report
International Student Association: Downtown Charleston ghost  tour was successful, we are having the next meeting Oct. 24th.
Medicine: No report
MSAB: The Gala will be this Fri Oct. 20th  at the citadel alumni hall
COP: Christmas pub crawl nov30th.

SIPS: Jeff Siewicky is a member of the new campus organization, SIPS, Student Interprofessional Society. He attended our SGA meeting.

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