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-Meeting Minutes- October 3rd, 2007
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I.    President

A.     Approval of September 19th minutes- approved
B.     Student Welfare

Old Business

1.      SGA Retreat
a)      Evaluation- sent around- Reps liked that it ended sooner than planned.  Some reps liked the food, some didn’t. The space was too crowded, but the overall opinion was that everyone enjoyed it.
b)      Reps who Missed Retreat-
c)      Committees

 Stephen(AVP): The reps who missed must do an extra cleanup shift, or a set up shift Anyone who hasn’t signed up for a committee yet, please pick one as the sheet is sent around

New Business

1.   SGA Group and College Photos- postponed because Mike is out of town this week. The date is going to be pushed back to the next meeting, October 17th; 5pm

2.  Email Conversion

Stephen(AVP) Our speaker next week will be here to tell us about the email conversion, we are sending around a suggestion/ complaint sheet for you to fill out if you want. The new email server will be Microsoft Outlook.

2.     Dinner at the Greenberg’s on November 14th

  Stephen(AVP): The dinner will be at the rice mill building by the marina, please RSVP to the dinner by our next meeting.

            a)  RSVP October 17th Meeting

5.  Student Wellness 2007-2008 Issues and Initiatives

Sheldon(CDM rep)- We have a list of initiatives for this year, including improving the student study environment, policies affecting students, ATM on first floor of library, vending machines with supplies(note cards, pens). We want to continue the SGA to be the persistent model for interprofessionalism on campus. The new parking lot is going up and we want to insure a smooth transition for students. We will organize a safety walk later this year. We also would like to organize different lectures, including history ex: what does a Jehovah witness believe about blood transfusion. We will be creating the form in order to join the SGA, and also work on increasing the hours of the gym

C.     Reps needed for University Committees

D.     (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting Ryan, Virginia

II.    Program Vice President

Old Business

A. Oktoberfest

1. Evaluations sent around.

Dachelle(PVP):  Security was great considering it was an outside and open event and anyone could come up and sneak in.

New Business

A.     Halloween Party

Dachelle(PVP) A power point will be put together for you to show your classes. It will be at the Gaillard Auditorium, in the exhibit hall. The theme is shipwrecked and it will go from 7-10 pm. We will have food, a beer truck and non-alcoholic beverages. There will be games, pin the patch on the pirate, candy apple station. There will be a Costume contest Exec will be the judges and the audience will decide the winners. We will also have a DJ.

Andrea(CGS): Will we have a photo booth?

Dachelle(PVP): That would be too much money, since we are having to spend so much on the decorations, but we will have a photographer though.

1.      Friday, October 26th
2.      Worker List- sent around

B.     Kayak Tour
1.      Saturday Oct 20th; 10am – 1pm sign up in SPO

C.     Program Committee Meeting

Dachelle(PVP) Our objectives are to decrease cost per person, increase attendance, continue comments and evaluations about the events. We will start to have a suggestion box at the events, and continue to do more recreational events.

III. Academic Vice President

Old Business

A.     Library- no complaints from test week

New Business

A.     Academic Advisory Committee Meeting
B.     University Honor Council update

Stephen(AVP): Dr. West is trying to get more input from students on interprofessionalism. They want to identify the students who are using the library all the time, and the one who come in for lunch, to better assess who spends the most time there and when. How accessible are the faculty by the students? They want to determine if there is an easier way to communicate with faculty.

IV.  Treasurer

Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back

Old Business

A.     MOJA Heritage Festival

Joe(CDM rep): We were not needed at 12pm, we got to hang out, but they didn’t need our help at all.

            B.  American Heart Association Walk-a-thon
                        1.  Evaluation - Andrea(CGS): We got there at 6:30am, it was a lot of fun.

New Business

A.     National Primary Care Week

Naval(Tres): We have sponsored a day of lunches during this week. There will be speakers talking about ‘opening the doors for health care access’.

B.     Service Committee initiates: Each member of the committee will be a coordinator of an event.

C.     Dedication event: Holly(CHP rep): You have to go to two of the three training sessions, the event will be Oct 12.

D.     Charleston Miracle league: Catherine(CHP rep): We will meet at the field, and email will go out with more info.

E.      Good neighbor center: preparing food and playing games with the chidren

F.      AMSA Sugar free festival : Jackie(CHP rep): You can come set up anytime between 1-5 for   about 30 min. The event will be from 6-8 in the HCS

Liz Sheridan(SPO): The first blood drive is Oct. 16th, online registration will get their appointments first, walk-ins are welcome too.  COM, CHP/PA and OT students will be assisting the blood drive.  

V.     Secretary

Old Business

A.     SGA Website

Melissa(Sec): All the old minutes are on the web, and rep info is also updated

New Business

A.     Website – Campus-wide Committees will be added to the website as their descriptions are made available to us.

B.     Committee initiatives:

Melissa (Sec): This year we want to focus on improving the safety and communication of the administration to the students.

VI.  Student Programs

A.     Charleston Symphony Orchestra Night- still on sale through next Wed.
      1.      Saturday Oct 13th; 8pm

B.     Charleston Concert Series- SGA co-sponsors the events
       1.      Ticket sales end Friday Oct 5th

C.     Class ring rep will be on campus, the SGA gets a percentage of the sales.

VII.   College and Organizational Reports

Dental- no report

Graduate Studies – Student research day will be Nov2. We are having a Career workshop on Nov3 to showcase recent grads, and what they do now.

Health Professionals- Historical tour walk of downtown Charleston, tickets are still on sale.

International Student Association- no report

Medicine –workshop on hosting responsible parties

Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board- The Fall Gala in the citadel alumni hall, SMNA is having a t-shirt and sweatshirt sale.

Nursing- CON is hosting a bar crawl next Friday Oct 12 8-12 pm, tickets are 8 dollars, in the portico, participating bars will give discounts.

Pharmacy- Teddy bear Christmas trees, will be going up Nov 16th. SIPS will have their next meeting Monday, it is merely informative.

*University Wide Committees

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