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-Meeting Minutes- October 31st, 2007
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I. President
A. Speaker: Wayne Brannan, Director of University Risk Management and Jennifer Taylor, Business Manager of University Risk Management.  Topic: MUSC Alert

Wayne Brannan: We are instituting a new emergency notification method to protect against threats, for example the VA tech massacre, the shooting at the Delaware university, the bomb threat at the C of C and the incident at St John’s University with the man with a rifle. We need a short clear identifiable response plan. We clearly defined the role of our public safety and what they will do in case of an emergency. They will not have to go through multiple layers of administration in order to act. A minimum of five officers will be on campus at all times. Public Safety can lock down the buildings, and not allow anyone in, but you can still get out. As far as emergency notification, we plan to add on to the communication capabilities. MUSC Alert notification system, uses a SMS (short message system) to send texts to cell phones, PDA’s email, and workstations (coming soon). We have the capability to post a 150 word text message, or voice message to 10,000 phones in under 2 minutes. You have to go online to register, with your Net Id and password. You can enter in as many numbers or email addresses as you like. There is a project underway to put up antennas and receivers in the dead space of the campus/cafeteria in order for your phones to receive the messages.

Claire(CON rep)Who gets the messages first, in case it gets overloaded?
Wayne:They are all sent out at the same time, 300 can be sent out a time and 10,000 will be sent out within 2 minutes.
Diana(CON rep) What about in the meantime, in the BSB where there is no service?
Wayne: We can send an emergency message that will go out to all the computers on the MUSC intranet. It will be an audible alarm stating the message. We are hoping to have access to the MUSC TVs, and in the case of an emergency they will show the message.

Lauren(CON rep): When will it be compatible with MAC? Will it be compatible with iPhone?
Jennifer Taylor: With in the next month you may have to download software to be compatible with MAC. I am not sure about the iPhone.

Wayne: Please let your colleagues know about this, Universities see about a 40% participation.
Adrian (CGS rep): Will the numbers be shared outside the university for any security purposes?
Wayne: No, your numbers will never be shared with anyone.
A. Approval of October 17th minutes- Approval
B. Student Welfare
Old Business
  1.  MUSC SGA Constitution
Mike (SGA Pres): There is an updated version on the web now; the inconsistencies should be cleared up.
New Business
1. 2007-08 Telephone Directories 
2. Dinner at the Greenberg’s on November 14th – RSVP list is sent around to make any changes in your RSVP status. Please wear classy business casual to the dinner, no jeans or scrubs. The dinner will last from approx 7-9 pm.
3. Wellness Center Survey- Do you have any information from the surveys CHP got a great turn out. Please email me your results.
4. MUSC President’s Council- 
Mike (SGA Pres): We met at Wasabis, and we had a rep from every college except CDM.  I was happy to see what is going on in the different colleges. I will try to hold another meeting next spring, with more service academic and social aspects.
5. Bill Number 07-05 Student Interprofessional Society
Direct questions to the president of SIPS, Robby Hendry.
Robby: SIPs is a student advocacy group for interprofessional education, students learning from each other, with each other and about each other. Learning from each other is a necessary part of healthcare. Our group brings this unique aspect to our campus.
Joe(CDM rep): How long has the organization been on campus?
Robby: 2 months
Joe(CDM rep): Are u familiar with how students are represented here?
Robby: I am still learning
Joe(CDM rep): There are other campus wide organizations that already have representation on this body, why do you think you are not represented here?
Robby: we represent a unique organization
Mike(SGA Pres): For clarification: the alliance for Hispanic health came forward to request membership last year and was denied.
Claire(CON rep): Are any of your members currently members of SGA? And why would you need additional representation?
Robby: Their viewpoint is to represent their College; we need a rep to advocate our organization.
Mike(SGA rep): How many members do you have?
Robby: 49 members, and about 26 active members. We intend to hold major campus wide social events
Mike(SGA Pres): What is the breakdown between colleges?
Robby: 1 from CGS, 6-7 CHP, 3 from COM, largest of COP, COM is next biggest, CON has 3.
Kate(CHP rep): I don’t understand what you bring to the table that we don’t already have.
Robby: we are not bringing anything new here; we are bringing culture change for interprofessional education that is not represented on campus.
Ashley(CHP rep): Point of info if the rep is denied a seat, he may still sit in on the meetings.
Mike(SGA rep): He may sit in on the meetings, but he will not have a vote.
Holly(CHP rep): Is there a limited number of people that can join?
Robby: we hope to expand indefinitely
Naval(SGA Tres): You want to bring more interprofessional culture to campus, yet isn’t your group mostly consisted of 1 and 2nd year students?  Or do you have each year represented in the group?
Robby: We have at least one student from each year in our group.
Joe(CDM rep): Motion to move to a period of debate?
Mike(SGA Pres): We will now move into a second reading of the bill.
Joe(CDM rep):  I think the organization is great, yet for what we do here, I believe that you do not have a valid vote on this body that we do not already have. Many groups have already come to us wanting to be on SGA and have been denied. And they will be double represented if we let every group have a vote. Your group and the students are already represented on this body
Mike(SGA Pres): For every 50 students, each college gets 1 rep vote, it is recalculated with the formula each year to make sure each college has equal representation.
Adrian(CGS rep): Point of info, if somebody who is not a member of SGA submit a bill?
Mike(SGA rep): Any student may submit a piece of legislation via a SGA member.
Ryan(CHP rep): Are the reps from the group supposed to be here while we debate?
Mike(SGA rep): Only if we move into executive session, then it will be confidential.
Joe(CDM rep): Motion to recall the previous question?
Mike(SGA rep): Is there a second?
Mike(SGA Pres): All in favor of bill please raise your hand (6 reps), all opposed please raise your hand (28 reps) 
6. SGA Elections
 a. Applications due prior to Spring Break- all questions are welcome and please think about running
C. Reps needed for University Committees
D. (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting
Sheldon, Tyler

II. Program Vice President
Old Business
A. Halloween Party- we couldn’t get the boat so we planned for a bigger venue and we wanted between 400-600 people, but we decided to cancel it due to lack of participation.
 New Business
A. Fall Brawl- The cost will be $1, admission is the park fee, dogs are welcome, a power point will be emailed to all the reps. Volleyball, tug-of-war and kickball. There will be a tailgating area, we will not serve alcohol its BYOB, no liquor, but you may bring wine and beer.
Bayne: this is your last opportunity to sign up for fall brawl, we will not be sending around the sign up sheet at the Greenbergs.
1. Saturday, Nov 17th
2. Worker Slots sheet is sent around

III. Academic Vice President
New Business
A. Bill Number 07-06 MUSC SGA Impeachment
Joe(CDM rep): I will not be presenting the bill today, I saw some mistakes that need to be corrected, we will table to the meeting on Nov 28
B. Library Update- The first floor is in charge of enrollment services, (Christy Huggins).  Please respect the area and the people who reserve the room. With test week coming up again, please be respectful.
Adrian(CGS rep): Is a problem during the day or night?
Stephen(AVP): usually after lunch, the lunch group has their lunch meeting and leaves their trash
Kate(CHP rep): The students assume that people come after them to clean up, and maybe they don’t know. Is there a way to email it out to the students?
Stephen(AVP): Enrollment services tells anyone who needs a room to clean it up
Peggy(CON rep): Is there anyone who goes around to see if there are books left over night?
Stephen(AVP): public safety sometimes goes around.
Virginia(COM rep): Point of information, as a body we should go around and tell people that the white boards should be moved from the doors.
Linnea(CGS rep): We don’t have enough trash can space, and the recycling is inadequate. There are grants we can get to provide the receptacles and education about recycling. We also should have wet wipes available to wipe down the tables.
Chris(COM rep): Can we move the recycling issue to a committee.
Julie(COM rep): Can the groups who don’t clean up their trash lose the right to reserve a room?
Stephen(AVP): Unfortunately is a measure of who will police the issue, but we can talk to enrollment services about it.

IV. Treasurer
Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back
Old Business
A. AMSA Sugar Free Fall Festival- Catherine, it was fun
B. Good Neighbor Center for Women and Children
 New Business
A. Habitat for Humanity Resale Store- Danielle pass around the sheet we need more volunteers. Its important to wear closed toe shoes
a. November 3rd
b. Sign Up
B. MUSC World AIDS Day- holly
a. November 28 & 29
b. Sign Up sheet is sent around.
C. Holiday Tree Lighting- Linnea(CGS rep): We have Santa and the elves, but we need people to work the refreshment table.
a. December 5th; 3:30 – 5pm
b. Sign Up sheet is sent around
Expense report: Naval: we had to spend money at the Halloween event because we lost the deposit we gave them, but we are trying to get some of the money back. We spend money on decorations. We would have lost a lot of money of we had gone through with the party.
Mike(SGA Pres): As of Tuesday we had sold 42 tickets .

V. Secretary
New Business
A. SGA Website
B. Update on Requirements-sheet is sent around for the reps to see their requirements they have met so far.

VI. Student Programs
A.  Bayne Harvey’s Last meeting will be Nov 14th
VII. College and Organizational Reports
Dental: We apologize to the president’s council, we did not have a rep at the meeting and we are taking care of it.
Graduate Studies: We are offering people an opportunity to sample the coconut cake from Peninsula Grill; we are selling tickets for $1. Student research day is the Friday Nov 2nd in the gym, talks will start at 11 and the key note will be at 4pm who is the head of genetics at Harvard.
Health Professionals: no report
International Student Association: Ghost tour was very successful.
Medicine: holiday ball and the oyster roast post test party, it is catered and the cost will be 5$
Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board: next meeting will be Monday Nov 5th.
Nursing: Pay day breakfast at Applebee’s, sponsored by student nursing association
Pharmacy: Case competition is still going on and the top 3 finalists will be picked and present Nov. 19th.   Christmas crawl is Nov 30th at Madriver, wear a Santa suit and bring a toy or $10.
*University Wide Committees

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