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-Meeting Minutes- September 19th, 2007
I.    President

Speaker: Bob Poyer, Asst. Director of Libraries for Public Services and Education and Tom Basler Director of MUSC Library. Tom Basler could not make it, he sends his regards. There are more students using the library now than in the past. The carrel policy seems to be working very well; we are trying to accommodate all the students that study in the library, the ones that are using the carrels and the ones that come in from time to time. We are adding safety pull boxes in case of emergencies. If there are any questions, Mr. Poyer has an open door policy

A.     Approval of September 5th minutes- Approved

B.     Student Welfare

Old Business

1.      SGA Retreat

a)      Mike(SGA Pres) The retreat will be September 22, the official time is 9, but try to get there early, we will be at the door to let everyone in early. Hot breakfast will be served from 9 to 9:30.

Robin(SPO): We will be at the Gils Grill past the membership desk on the left. The wellness center director is asking that we walk or park in the M lot where the bank used to be.

Mike(SGA Pres) Also, we have a company that is trying to sell safes to the students. They want to put them up around campus. We want your input if you would use it or not. You will be charged by the hour to use the safe. Also as a reminder; activate your Net ID. If by Monday you have not activated it, you will be removed from the system and not have access to your email.

2.      Equal Opportunity Resolution

Mike(SGA Pres): This was passed last November; it was to add a sexual orientation clause to the non-discrimination. It has gone to the senate, deans council and will be going to the board of trustees next. It shows a progression from the SGA, we rarely pass something that actually goes to the board of trustees, yet alone the state attorney general

New Business

1.      SGA Group and College Photos

Mike(SGA Pres): We will have one group photo, then break down to each college. Please get here early to get this done quickly.

            a) October 3rd; 5pm

1.   Student Health and Wellness

The committee has been meeting, Claire and Mike are to be the SGA reps. They are looking for incentives for students to use the gym, currently less than 1/3 students have activated their ID badge to use the gym. They thought of a lottery to reward students who go to the gym; we think they should add hours to closing time. Now it closes at 9pm, and they start kicking people out at 8:30. Would you use the gym if it were open longer?

Joseph(CDM): What time does the gym close right now?

Mike(SGA Pres): 9pm during the week. 9-5 on Saturdays and 10-7 on Sundays

Show a raise of hands if you would like to see the hours extended.

2.   Robert’s Rules of Order

Mike(SGA Pres): We are going to present a mock bill, to show everyone the proper way the bills are to be passed. We want everyone to be comfortable with it, because it can be intimidating if you have never been exposed it. We proceeded with the small skit.

C.     Reps needed for University Committees

1.      Teaching Scholars Academy-

Mike(SGA Pres) This committee is to determine how teachers are using inter-professionalism in their classrooms. It’s very important that a student sit on this committee, they will work with your schedule.

D.     (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting

Joseph, Vandy

II.    Program Vice President

Old Business

A.  Concert at St. Luke’s
                        1.  Evaluation

B.  Activities and Volunteer Fair- Dachelle(PVP) Everyone had fun, we didn’t hear the band very well.
                        1. Evaluation was sent around.

New Business

A.     Oktoberfest- tickets are now on sale; they are limited, so only 2 tickets per ID will be allowed. They are in the process of cleaning the courtyard. Food will include hamburgers, hotdogs, and a pretzel stand.

Bayne(SPO): If It rains, it will be in the gym, it will not be cancelled
                        1. Friday, Sept 28
                        2. Workers slots

Dachelle (PVP): There are some holes; we need floaters and someone to work the non-alcoholic beverages stand.

III. Academic Vice President

Old Business

A.     Library Carrel Policy-

Stephen(AVP): Library usage has drastically gone up, the students studying may have kept them from complaining because we have had no complaints in the past week and a half. With exam week next week, please remind your classmates to not put the white boards in front of the doors.

Ana(COM rep): Is there a sign on the carrels that are reserved?

Stephen(AVP): yes

Mike(SGA Pres): Also it is a safety issue to not block the doors with the white boards, encourage your classmates to not block the windows. Please be courteous to your fellow students. Public safety will be opening the doors that are blocked

Mark(COP rep): Are students told this during orientation?

Stephen(AVP): They are told about the carrel policy, but not the white board issue.

Mike(SGA Pres): You can go to the website to see which rooms are reserved and which ones are open. But right now there are so many tutor groups, almost every room is reserved

Joseph(CDM rep): What is the makeup of the honor council?

Mike(SGA Pres): Each college has a student chairman and a faculty representative.

B.     Standard of Conduct Policy-

Stephen(AVP) This policy is to protect students if they feel they have been violated in any way, it will be going to the President’s Council soon.

Joseph(CDM rep): Has this body seen this policy?

Stephen(AVP): No the draft has not been passed yet.

Mike(SGA Pres): This is an old policy, it has finally passed through Faculty Senate, and when it is finalized we will receive a the official copy to evaluate

New Business

A.     Apple Tree Society Panel dates-

Stephen(AVP) I have met with Mary Maudlin to set up the dates, they need one rep from each college to discuss how students use technology in their studies and their lives in general. The meeting will not be until January, so keep it in mind

B.     University Honor Council update- first meeting will be Oct 4th

IV.  Treasurer

Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back

Old Business

A.  MUSC Stroke Belt Elimination Initiative

   1.  Saturday, Sept 8th

Naval(Tres): Ms. Swinton was very happy with our work.

B.  Beach Sweep

      1.  Saturday, Sept 15th

Naval(Tres): It got messy with the mud, but everything went well.

American heart association volunteer sheet is sent around

C.     Moja Health Festival Sept 29, 2007- sheet is sent around

Liz(SPO) Oct 12, which is a Friday is the dedication to the new hospital. Volunteers needed to show people around the new building. You will have to go to training so you know what you are doing. You will get a polo shirt, a hard hat and you will need to wear closed toe shoes.

New Business

A.     Spring Budget Report-

Naval(Tres): The revenues are on the sheet that was handed out. Last year, the reps wanted to know where the money came from.

Joseph(CDM rep): When the organization fills out the form what committee does it go to?

Naval: The Exec committee

Smruti(CHP rep): The St. Luke’s event went over $1,100.00, Is that a typo?

Naval(Tres): It did go over, that’s why we have the cash reserve to cover extra expenses.

Mike(SGA Pres): The SGA doesn’t expect to make money off the events, it’s not surprising that we are in the red for an event.

Joseph(CDM rep): Are we limited in our bylaws for only educational or service events?

Mike(SGA Pres): We are not limited by it, but we feel service and educational events are objective when meeting criteria.

Adrian(CGS rep): Did we budget for MUSC Live last year, and are we budgeting for it this year?

Naval(Tres): We did not budget for it this year, and we did budget for it last year.

Mike(SGA Pres): The event has gotten very big, and COM has taken over. We are giving it back to COM, and the SGA is going to go another direction.

Adrian(CGS rep): Is the COM still going to have it this year?

Josh(COM rep) We haven’t talked about what’s going on with SGA, but we still are planning on having it. We haven’t talked to SGA about funding yet.

Adrian(CGS rep): What was the cost of the bands at Alhambra?

Kevin(SPO): $3,500

Mike(SGA Pres): The budget will go to the treasures committee.

 V.     Secretary

Old Business

A.     SGA Website

Melissa(Secr): The old minutes are being added to the website.

New Business

A.     New Member Elections

Melissa(Secr): We have all of our members for the semester, thank you.

Joseph(CDM rep): How has the online semester highlights been going?

Robin(SPO): Not all colleges are participating, students can access the website to see it, but they cannot add to it. It is working, but not everyone is participating.

Joseph(CDM rep): Has the President’s council meeting been set up yet?

Mike(SGA Pres): In two weeks we will have the meeting.

VI.  College and Organizational Reports

Dental- no report

Graduate Studies – student research day is Nov.2nd

Health Professionals- PT c/o 2008 is having a BBQ sale tom, Sept 20th in the horseshoe. The food will come from JB BBQ

International Student Association- no report

Medicine – Student council had the first meeting and first year reps were elected.

Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board- Next meeting is Monday Oct1st. BET Women’s health forum will be Sat Sept 28 at Burke high school.

Nursing- They are getting rid of the masters of nursing and changing it to a DNP

Pharmacy- Inter-professional case competition registration deadline is tomorrow, Sept 20th.

*University Wide Committees

SPO- we are still selling tickets for Charleston concert association

VII.           New Representative Meeting

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