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-Meeting Minutes- September 5, 2007
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I. President
A. Approval of August 22
nd minutes- Approved
B. Student Welfare

Old Business
1. SGA Handouts and Recycling
Mike(SGA Pres): Please take your handouts home, they are important for us to share the info with our classmates. You can post them on the doors in your classrooms and buildings for your classmates to see. We are killing trees, also we have recycling bins available so please use them.

2. SGA Retreat
a) September 22; 9am – 1pm
Mike (SGA Pres): From 11-12 we will have guest speakers, Dr. West and Dr Blue. They will be addressing leadership skills etc. From 12-1 we will break into committees.

3. Issues and Initiatives
Is there any feedback?
Sheldon(CDM): I think there is ambiguity about the carrel policy, people don’t know where the reserved carrels are, or where to sit in the library.  Mike(SGA Pres): we will address that a bit later, thank you for the feedback

4. Student Organization Petition Form(for SGA membership)
Mikes committee will meet after the meeting. The purpose is to create a petition form for any university-wide group that wants to be a rep on the SGA body; we don’t have a form for them to fill out.

5. Presidents Council- need to pick a date to meet
C. Reps needed for University Committees

1. Teaching Scholars Academy
Mike(SGA Pres): A group to help faculty members facilitate inter-professionalism they need a student for input. The faculty members would like to meet twice a month. We need one rep, are there any volunteers?  Mark(COP): Is it twice a month for the whole year?Mike(SGA Pres): Yes, and if you cannot make it, then you can send a sub.  No volunteers, Mike(SGA Pres): Think about it, it is important for our body to get involved.

2. Women’s History Month
a) Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday each month @ 12pm

Mike(SGA Pres): Any volunteers?
Brie(COP): All the events occur in March and the meetings are less than one hour, once a month.
Danielle(COP): Volunteered to be the rep

3. Student Wellness Working Group
Need a student to go when mike cannot make it. The meetings involve the Student Programs Office, Wellness center, and student health.

4. University Parking
a) 1st Wednesday each month @ 11am
Mike(SGA Pres): To clarify- it’s not the distribution of parking, it is a larger group to arrange parking prices, where you park and how it will affect student parking, for example how many students will get to park at the new Ashley Ave. garage. It’s not a time consuming position.  Sheldon (CDM) Volunteered

D. (2) Reps willing to help clean-up after meeting
Jason(COM) , Mark (COP)

II. Program Vice President

Old Business
A. BTS Party "Low country ROCK & Boil"
1. Evaluation was sent around
Dachelle(SGA PVP) We sold 840 tickets total, there were no beer lines. I think everyone really enjoyed the set up of the corn hole, and bruit was busy the whole night. We haven’t received any hate emails from the crab races. Thank you everyone who worked and showed up on time.

New Business
A. Concert at St. Luke’s; 8pm
1. Friday, Sept 7th
2. Worker slots please double check the time you signed up for.

B. Activities and Volunteer Fair
1. Wednesday, Sept 12th; 11:30am – 1:15pm
Dachelle(SGA PVP) We need help setting up in the morning. Please tell your class mates, a band will be there and food vendors.
2. Worker slots- sheet is sent around

C. Oktoberfest -Limited number of tickets because we do expect it to sell out. Students will get 2 tickets per ID. We will have 12 beers from around the world. We will have Hans-Schmidt band.
1. Friday, Sept 28th; 7 – 9:30pm
2. Workers slots
Jason(COM): How was the attendance this year compared to last year of the BTS party?
Bayne(SPO): It went up a lot approx 200 people.
Mike(SGA Pres): we had more space, no beer lines

III. Academic Vice President
Old Business
A. Library Carrel Policy
Stephen(SGA AVP): The policy is in place, each reserved carrel had a plastic paper that denotes that it is reserved. They are only on the 3rd floor, and only half of the carrels on the third floor are reserved. We had 80 applicants for 30 carrels, so we chose to do a random lottery to pick who gets a carrel. There is a waiting list for carrels to open up. All have been distributed however, 10 carrels are still empty.

Ana(COM): How many people are on the waiting list?
Stephen(SGA AVP): Everyone who didn’t get a carrel
Ana(COM): Are most of the people COM students?
Stephen(SGA AVP): Yes, then CDM, and COP
Ana(COM): What happens if people leave stuff in a carrel that’s not reserved?
Stephen(SGA AVP): The policy states that you are not allowed to do that, the library staff will remove the stuff by midnight.
Sheldon(CDM): Will the number of carrels be increased?
Stephen(SGA AVP): We thought that 30 was an appropriate number, considering how many people were abusing the carrels last year. We cannot use all the carrels on the 3rd floor, because other people need to study too.
Mike(SGA Pres): We need to remember that this is a small number and there are more places to study in the library. Of each college, 50% of the people who applied got a carrel; the lottery was fair.
Adnan(ISA): Why didn’t you specify the diff colleges on the carrel?
Mike(SGA Pres): There are an overwhelming number of COM students who want a carrel. Giving a college a specific number that won’t represent the two students who want a carrel is not fair. It’s not fair to say that COM and CDM are the only colleges who need carrels.
Mark(COP): What about students blocking windows, is the policy going to apply to that too?
Stephen(SGA AVP): No , not yet. This is just for the carrels; public safety is getting more involved with that.
Mike(SGA Pres) It’s important to deal with the library problems first, then direct attention to the 1st floor which affects staff and more than just students.

IV. Treasurer
Liz Sheridan, Director, MUSC Gives Back
World aids day planning meeting is Sept 17, pay attention to the emails for updates

New Business
A. MUSC Stroke Belt Elimination Initiative
1. Saturday, Sept 8th

B. Beach Sweep- It’s a popular event, fun way to get your requirements in. The sheet was sent around
1. Saturday, Sept 15th

C. List of Service Projects
1. Charleston Miracle League; Oct 13th
Hospital dedication is on Oct 12, more info later, but very important people will be there like the designers, engineers, and VIPs.

D. Presentation of expense report sent around
Naval(SGA Tres) There was 838 total attendance. We budgeted 12,000 and spent 12,300.
Brie(COP): The rest of the events are on a Sat. Is that it for this semester?
Liz(SPO): No that was for the opening of the new hospital
Mike(SGA Pres): These are the most recent additions to the service list.

V. Secretary
Old Business
A. SGA Website
Melissa(SGA Sec) The new website is up and running. The old minutes and legislation is on the web and the rep links are updated as I receive the new names.

B. Verify Representative Contact Information- sheet was sent around.

VI. Intramurals
A. Flag Football Capt’s meeting is tomorrow 9/6
Kevin(SPO)Softball competitive winners: Shake and Bake, Non competitive winners: Sure Swalls

VII. Student Programs
A. Book Fair in the horseshoe
1. Tuesday, Sept 18th ; 12-5pm Wed 7am -2pm
Wide variety of books

B. Charleston Concert Association- SPO is selling discounted tickets 37$ to 150$ for the year pass.
1. Ticket Sales start Sept 5th
Bayne(SPO) On a side note, do we have any vegetarians? 1

Seafood allergies? none

VIII. College and Organizational Reports
Dental- no report
Graduate Studies – student research day, Nov 2. More info to come
Health Professionals- Association of Black Professionals, Gala will be held at the Citadel holiday center. Oct 19
International Student Association- no report
Medicine – 1st student council meeting yesterday and we are currently electing new reps.
Multi-Cultural Student Advisory Board- BET Women’s forum is Sat Sept 29 at 9am
Nursing- CARES clinic fundraiser will be at Charleston Beer works,
Pharmacy- PLS inter-professional case competition. The info session is this Fri 12 noon, lib 107. Teams are put together from diff colleges. There are 4 people to a team. The format is group cause analysis, and the teams will present a big power point presentation. There are cash prizes for the winners. The registration deadline is Sept 18.

*University Wide Committees- Alliance for Hispanic health is having a school supply drive. Boxes will be stationed around campus.

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