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-Meeting Minutes- Wednesday, August 27, 2008




Old Business

Orientation Video

We showed the orientation video that we filmed over the summer.

Safety Walk Outcomes

Sheldon(SGA Pres): This last year we had another safety walk, and the final report was given to Public Safety over the summer. They have put in work orders for SCEG, ordered new call boxes, relabeled the call boxes so they are more visible, and put more lighting in the P and O lots.  I want to thank everyone who participated last year.

2007-2008 Accomplishments

Sheldon(SGA Pres):Here is a brief rundown on our accomplishments from last year; Improved lighting and cleanliness in the first floor of library, safety walk, increasing interprofessionalism, SGA events, Clarion Competition,  library carrel policy, community service projects, etc..

New Business

Suggestions from Colleges

Sheldon(SGA Pres) We want you to get feedback from your colleges and also take the information you receive here back to your classes. Please don’t take this role too lightly; you have an enormous responsibility that you were elected to fulfill.

2008-2009 SGA Retreat – MANDATORY

·   Retreat Part I – Wednesday, Sept. 17, 5:30pm

·    Retreat Part II – Saturday, Sept. 20, 8:30am – 1:00pm

·    Oath of Understanding

·    SGA Notebooks/Meeting Dates

Sheldon(SGA Pres): The Oath of Understanding is a commitment that the SGA reps and Exec will fulfill our obligations. There are also consequences for not keeping your obligations.  The notebooks are for you to keep your paperwork organized, you may leave your notebooks here if you wish; please talk to Alicia after the meeting.

Facilities and Engineering Staff Appreciation

Sheldon(SGA Pres): We are having an appreciation breakfast for the employees who clean our campus.

Presidential Office Hours – 4:00-6:00pm on Tuesdays

Sheldon(SGA Pres): The office hours will take place in the SGA library, Student Wellness 224. This will be an open door policy, please let your classmates know.

University Committees

(1) Reps Women’s History Month

·  3rd Wednesday each month at noon

Linnea(CGS rep): The committee holds an art gallery exhibit in March, lunch sessions with speakers, wine and cheese receptions, we have planned speakers come to our meetings.

Hannah Lane volunteered

(1) Rep for Student Health and Wellness Committee

Matt Patrick volunteered

·   Fridays  at 1:00-2:00 pm, once a month

Creating Collaborative Care (C3)

·  (2) Reps for C3 Student Advisory Board- none needed

Wednesdays at 12:00 pm, ECL 102

·  (1) Rep for Implementation Committee (Andrea Boan currently sits on this committee)

Next meeting Sept. 12 at 10:00 am

2nd Friday of the month in Colcock Hall

Trent Pierce volunteered

·  (1) Rep needed for C3 Extracurricular Committee

2nd Wednesday of the month at 4:00pm

Patrick Mille and Kate Sealy volunteered

(2) Reps to clean up after the meeting

Trent Bishop, Seay Walker volunteered

Program Vice President

Representative Requirements

Andrea( SGA PVP): This year the BTS party was mandatory, and you will also need to work 2 other events, as well as one service. If you were unable to work the BTS party, then you will have to work 3 events this semester, as well as a service. The summer events went well, and were very popular.

Old Business

 Summer Events

Back-to-School Party Evaluation

Andrea(SGA PVP): An approximate total of 780 people attended, which was a bit less than last year, but a good turnout especially because of the rain. Thanks to everyone for helping out.

New Business

Cultural Programming

New Directions/Promotion

Andrea (SGA PVP): We are meeting to see what events the students will attend and so we are going to be doing a few things differently. For every event we will have the sign up-sheet at the beginning of the meetings on the table outside this room. We are trying to do more events during the week and in the afternoons and evenings. We will also be setting up a facebook and myspace page to advertise our events.

Night at Museum

· Thursday, Sept. 4, 6:30-9:00 pm

·  Sign up sheet went around

Activities Fair – “Tune In”

·  Wednesday, Sept. 10, 11:30 am-1:15 pm

·  Sign up sheet went around


·  Friday, October 10, 7:00-9:30 pm

The signup sheet will be sent around at the next meeting.

Academic VP

New Business

Tyler(SGA AVP): My position mainly relates to the library and what goes on there, so if you ever hear any concerns or comments regarding the library, please tell me.

GoPrint Cards

Tyler(SGA AVP):These cards are new here, every student will get 500 free pages to print in the library.

University Honor Code

Tyler(SGA AVP): We are trying to bring awareness to each college and the students about the honor code. We have prepared a powerpoint presentation that will hopefully be shown to the new students, and returning students as well. We want you to know how to report a violation.


·  Student Event Requirements – Bill No. 08-02

Read aloud by Tyler Pierce, Academic Vice-President

Time for question and answer

Will(COP rep): Why are we doing this?

Tyler(SGA SVP): Our rep numbers change each year, sometimes we have too many  reps working and sometimes not enough. During the summer, we will look at the number of events for each semester.

Ashley(CHP rep): Will we know ahead of time when we sign the oath of understanding?

Tyler(SGA AVP:  Yes, we have already set the requirements for this semester and next semester.

Robin(SPO): This is not to put more work on you, but to make sure we have enough workers at the events.

Ashley Watamura(CHP rep): Motion to move into a second reading


Motion to wave the reading


Period of debate- time limit of 5 minutes

Ana Panduro(COM rep): I have a friendly amendment, to put a max number on the number of events per semester.

Diana Toney(CON rep): We need to add a statement to include that the Executive committee reserves the right to make any event mandatory.

Friendly Amendments accepted

Motion to recall the previous question, which is to vote on the bill, including the friendly amendments.

Final reading

All in favor, I, All opposed say Nay

Bill 08-02, is passed

·  Budget Amendment – Bill No. 08-01

Bill read aloud by Tyler Pierce, Academic Vice-President

Period of question and answer for 3 minutes

Tyler(SGA AVP): We are presenting this bill because we need to approve the budget before we start spending the money, we can now present the budget at the first meeting  and vote on it before the retreat.

Motion to suspend the rules, move to a second reading

Motion to waive the second reading

Motion to pass the bill with unanimous consent- passed


Old Business

Clarion Competition

Melissa(SGA Sec): At the end of last semester we decided the SGA should have a more formal role in Interprofessional events, and I had the idea of collaborating with Phi Lambda Sigma in the COP to share responsibilities of the Clarion Competition. This is an Interprofessional case competition that has been going on for 3 years, my role and my committee’s role will be defined this year as we go through this event.  This is one more thing that the Communication Committee will be handling this year.

New Business


Melissa(SGA Sec): I have added a ‘rep requirements’ page to the website so you can look online to see what you have done as far as requirements and what there is left available. This is open to all the students, there is no password, so maybe It will hold you more accountable to your commitments.

Showed the website to the SGA

Representative Contacts

Melissa(SGA Sec): Please initial by your name and fill in your address and make any changes to the information we have for you.



Melissa(SGA Sec): the SGA TV is a great way for groups to advertise their campus wide events, please tell your college student leaders about this opportunity. Also, you have a sheet of paper listing the announcements from tonight’s meeting. Please take it to your classes, announce them or just tape it to a door. This year I will start emailing you the pdf version of these announcements for you to forward to your classes. There should be no excuses as to why the students don’t know about what’s going on around campus.


Old Business

Summer Expenditures

New Business

Budget Presentation

1st reading of the budget

Semester Service Agenda

Amed(SGA Tres): The calendar for service is in your SGA binders, you are required to work 1 service event per semester.

Service Sign-ups

Amed(SGA Tres): The first service event is Sea Island habitat for humanity on 9/6, sign-up sheet is sent around.


Summer 5 on 5 CDM 2009 won again

New Business

Intramural Sports/Recreation Calendar

· Flag football captains’ meeting


Softball feb1-april 19

Kevin(SPO): We have new recreation things going on this fall, like a new competitive tennis league. We will subsidize city soccer so bring your roster in, and I will write you a check. We are starting a golf clinic, 75$ per person for all 3 clinics. This is limited to the first 24 students who sign up, and you do not have to have your own clubs. This is the first trial clinic, and we will probably have more rates. Patriots point is giving MUSC students a discounted rate of $37 for 18 holes.

College and Organizational Reports

Dental – no report

Graduate Studies- no report

Health Professionals- no report

International Student Association- lunch welcome back was today, it was packed.

Medicine- no report

Multicultural Student Advisory Board- tomorrow, in the gym is the welcome dinner for the affinity organizations to introduce themselves to the students. There is free dinner, so please come out. We are sponsoring the “Unnatural causes” the uninsured, series. 

Nursing – no report

Pharmacy – CPFI will be sending boxes to Haiti, the Clarion competition has information sessions Sept 3rd at 5pm, and Sept 12th at 5pm.

University Wide Committees

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs

Charleston Concert Association Subscriptions

·  Sales: Mon., Sept. 8 – Wed., Oct. 15

Night w/ Charleston Battery

·   Friday, Sept. 19

·    $5 Tickets

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