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-Meeting Minutes- Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Reading of November 12th minutes- waved

Speaker: Dr. Ed O’Brien talked about a medical mission trip going to Uganda over spring break next March. This is a non-profit organization that promotes world health care.  The trip will be March 6th- 15th. The students will be staffing a clinic to treat a variety of medical conditions common to the local people. They will also be providing health education, and giving out mosquito nets to help prevent the spread of malaria in the region. The team will stay at the Masindi Hotel, which is located close to the clinic. The total cost will be approximately $2600, which includes lodging, airfare, meals, and transportation.  For more information, email Dr. Ed O’Brien or Matt Alexander,

Old Business

Honorary Degree Nominations

Sheldon(SGA Pres): There have been eight nomination so far;  there is a meeting tomorrow to finalize the recipients. They will award 5-6 degrees.

Thank you from Susan Master

Sheldon(SGA Pres):  Read thank you note

Engineering and Facilities Appreciation Breakfast

Sheldon(SGA Pres): Read thank you letter

·    Thank you notes from: Herbert Franklin and Debora Zerba

New Business

Non-Returning Representatives and Replacements- list passed around

Suggestions for Potential Speakers/Speaker Topics- list passed around

Fall 2008 Accomplishments

·  Free printing

·   Vending Machines (coffee, school supplies)

·    Blackberry issue

·         Maintaining 550 spots in Bee St. Garage

·         Unification of Honor code

·         SGA Volunteerism – 9 service projects = ____Hours

·         Rockin’ Parties

·         Presidential Healthcare Forum

·         Official Clarion Involvement

·         Responsible care of finances

·         Oath of Understanding

·         Engineering and Facilities Breakfast

·         Revamping of cultural projects

·         Efficient Meetings

·         Office Hours

1st SGA Meeting 2009 – January 7

Student Welfare Committee meeting

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting

Program Vice President

Old Business

Clarion Competition

·         Evaluations- sent around

3rd Annual Fall Brawl

·         Evaluations – sent around

·         Andrea: The kickball winners was the Dental school team; they all received a MUSC cooler/beach bag. The Super reps for the semester are: Gina Barkley, Kate Sealy, Claire Vernon, Cari Mitchell, Linnea Freeman, Adnan Al-Ayoubi.

New Business

SGA Exam Break

·         Monday, December 8th – 9-10PM – ECL Lobby

·         Worker sign-ups

SGA Happy Hour – Trivia for Winetasting Tickets

·         Friday, January 9th – Mad River Bar and Grill

SGA Oyster Roast

·         Friday, January 23rd – 7:00-10:30pm

·         Visitors’ Center Bus Shed

Academic Vice President

New Business

UHC Update

Tyler(SGA AVP): There was one Honor Code violation in the College of Health Professions. The student was found to be innocent.  The College of Graduate Studies is adopting the UHC Honor Code.

Library Update

Tyler(SGA AVP): The College of Medicine is working to address the library issues from exam week. Emails about carrole and locker availability will be sent out a week before school starts next semester.

Clemson beat USC


Old Business

Expense Reports

Ahmed(SGA Tres): The Fall Brawl was $1200 under budget, the Flag Football was $700 over budget because of the extended season. The Engineering and Facilities breakfast was slightly over it’s budget, but for the whole semester, we were under budget.

New Business

Spring Service Projects

Ahmed(SGA Tres): The first meeting next semester will have the list of service events for next semester. There is already a SGA Relay for Life team planned for next semester.


Old Business

Clarion Competition Winners

·         First Place – Team 6 – Faculty Advisor: David Morrisette

Jenny Glace – COP

Lisa Murphy – COP

 Desmond Sumter – COM

Molly Lussier – CON

·         Second Place – Team 1 – Faculty Advisor: Willette Burnham

Monica Barden – COP

Katie Kavanaugh – COP

Sydney Cummings – COM

Jacqueline Eckert – CHP

·         Third Place – Team 7 – Faculty Advisor: Laurine Charles

Sean Jesinkey – COP

Elizabeth O’Hara – COP

Alfred Griffin – CDM

Tyler Pierce – COM

New Business

Rep Requirement Update


Flag Football Champions

Volleyball- will pick up again Jan 7th

Winter Basketball- The captains meeting is Jan 6th

Softball- The captains meeting is Jan 27th

College and Organizational Reports


Graduate Studies

Health Professions

International Student Association- bake sale fundraiser 12/5 in front of Starbucks in the hospital.


Multicultural Student Advisory Board- MLK essay contest is going on, submissions due Jan 8th. First place gets $300, second $200, and third $100.


Pharmacy- Teddy bear tree gifts are due this Friday 12/5.  300 people participated in the Christmas Crawl, and we raised more than $3000 for the Carolina Youth Development kids.

University Wide Committees

Women's History Month- Art exhibits will be on display throughout March.

Student Health and Wellness Committee-

C3 Implementation Committee- IP certificate approved by Deans Council

C3 Extracurricular Committee- they need a student focus group, they will send out an email in Jan.

University Education Infrastructure Committee- they are working to improve computer systems that students use for education, they have spent $400,000 upgrading the presentation systems (TV, etc.)

Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Working Group

University Parking- FF lot is not being renewed for next semester. The 33 people who park there will have until the end of January, then they will have to move to the Bee St garage, get a refund, move to an off campus spot, or lease a spot individually. Parking management will send out an email to these students.

Wellness Center Member Advisory Board

Honorary Degree Committee

MUSC Gives Back- The tree lighting was successful, the characters walked through the hospital.  We have raised $200 for World Aids day, and 10-15 students participated in the walk.

Student Programs

Book Fair Report- Student Programs made $300 , good luck on exams and have a Merry Christmas, and thanks for a good semester!

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