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SGA Meeting Minutes

February 18, 2009

Speakers:                  George Ohlandt, Executive Director of Enrollment Management

                              Pat Cassano, Program Coordinator

                      Sandra Morris, Registrar

Pat: We have a new vendor for graduation announcements, regalia, and diplomas.  Right now, announcements are 10$ a pack for 10 announcements, but we are going to make a change: the university print shop’s prices are going up due to new printers and new management. Students have been concerned about the quality of the announcements, the print size is small hard and read and there is no inner envelope.  The quickest solution is to raise the prices, 55$ for 25 announcements and have them provided by Josten’s.  Announcements will have a stylish, larger print size, matching thank you cards, envelope seals, and gifts for family and friends. Mom and Dad can order the announcements for you. Jostens will mail them to your home instead of having to pick it up from your dean’s office. The SGA will pick the style and price range. Tier 1: 25 for 30$ and packages with thank you cards Tier 2: (with a beveled edge) 25 for 34$, we need an answer by May 1st to meet the deadline for the fall.

Tier 2 wins the vote.

Enrollment management can answer any questions for you



Old Business

Sheldon(SGA Pres): I want some feedback from the last meeting, I found that there were people who were confused about the process we use to vote on bills.

One thing that came up, we have to evaluate our use of Robert’s Rules. There are 4 things we need to do

1. Work slowly throughout parliamentary procedure and explain what we are doing

2. Loosen up the reigns of Roberts Rules of Order

3. Create a “MUSC rules of order” to have a working framework

4. Utilize a resource that explains Roberts Rules better during the retreat.

Leaving at 7:30 am

Lunch Provided

Sheldon(SGA Pres): We will get to Columbia by 10am and spend the rest of the day with legislators about issues. We need to mention the cigarette tax, and how that money should be used. We will have time with our legislators to discuss issues.

Applications due February 27th

Elections March 25th and 26th

Sheldon(SGA Pres): Tell your classmates about this opportunity. NetID Switching is for students who do not have the longevity yet to register in the 1st or 2nd session but whose academic requirements may put them at a safety risk if they park in an off-campus location.

Sheldon(SGA Pres):  Go ahead and do this before you sign up for parking as it will expedite the process.

Robin(SPO): Sandra Morris will email students tomorrow with their registration session dates  based on their longevity. NetID switches need to be made through each colleges’ Associate Dean.

Carol(COP rep): As far as parking goes will there be leftover spaces in the new garage?

Robin(SPO): There was leftover parking last year; we don’t know what effect the new Bee Street Garage will have.

New Business

Program Vice President       

Old Business

Evaluations –

Andrea(SGA PVP): Please tell us why you didn’t come or couldn’t make it.

175 people total (75 students, 61 staff)

Sold out event

New Business

Saturday, February 21st – 8:00pm

One free drink ticket per ticket purchased

Tickets: $3 students/ $10 non-students – SPO

Andrea(SGA PVP): We have to sell these tickets and you get a free drink ticket for the concession  stand which is worth more than the ticket price.

Tuesday, February 24th – 11:30-1:15PM – Horseshoe 


Andrea(SGA PVP): There will be a band and 11 restaurants. There are still a few spots left on the worker list, make sure you get all your spots in.

Friday, February 27th – SC Aquarium – 7:00-10:00PM

Tickets sales update – 15 left

Academic Vice President

Tyler(SGA AVP): One of my goals was to get Rosetta Stone in the library and we now have the Spanish software for Rosetta Stone on the fourth floor on the computer next to the Wii. There is only one copy, but it was free.

Tyler(SGA AVP): We have a by law review every 2 years per the SGA’s constitution. I will open up the floor for friendly amendments, then hopefully motion to read by title only.

Garrett(MSAB rep): Article I, Section 2  Garret Mann had proposed the addition of another purpose of the SGA:  To encourage and support interprofessional endeavors, academic activities, social events between all six colleges”. He said that he proposed this amendment not to change the SGA’s mission but, although the SGA does a good job of parties and socialization, he thinks we should take a step towards this direction to better the education on campus.

Robin: Article I, Section 2: Stating that any university-wide student organization is “entitled” to have one representative on the SGA so long as the SGA reaches a 2/3 majority vote of approval is misleading. Why would we say entitled if we have to vote on it?

Tres(COP rep): How about ‘eligible’?

Tyler(SGA AVP): Is everyone ok with changing ‘entitled’ to ‘eligible’?

Motion to read by title only, second.

Amendment read by title only.

Tres(COP rep): Is there a clear definition of what “good standing” is?

Tyler(SGA AP): It is up to the interpretation of the body, it means you are not failing or suspended.

Robin: Each college has their own definition of “good standing”

Second reading will happen at the next reading


Old Business

Linnea (CGS rep, filling in for Ahmed, SGA Tres):  It was a great day with nice weather and healthy food.

Linnea(CGS rep): The patients loved having us here. We helped them make cards for their loved ones.

Linnea(CGS rep): Night at the Ballet budgeted  $1793 and spent $1300. There were 161 people in attendance. We were under budget. The extra money will always be used for our events; we will be able to use it for the Winetasting.

The Oyster Roast cost per person was 4$ we budgeted $8,401 and we were $5,980 under budget because of record attendance. 

We spent $ 78 on valentine’s card making supplies and $300 for the snack shack.

New Business

Friday, March 20th – Interest

Saturday, March 21st

Trent(CDM rep):  Groups of students will help to build a house that has been donated to a preselected family, this family is in need, we will get to meet the family. There is a max of 20 people for this event.

Tuesday, March 2th

Patrick(COM rep): We will make dinner for the residents, help cook and clean up.


New Business


Kevin(SPO):  It was pushed back a week due to not having the ranking done. If you are new, the pro can rate you. Look out for emails. The matches will be on Sundays 3-5.

College and Organizational Reports

Dental - 80s prom is this Friday, tickets sold in library, and Marcus is selling in COP tomorrow. You can buy tickets at the door.

Graduate Studies

Health Professions

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board- sponsoring a Bowling Tournament on Saturday to benefit Family Connection for SC raising money for autistic kids. 7.50$ per student. 12:30-4pm



University Wide Committees- University Parking Committee reps reported that Bee Street, in front of the Bee Street Garage, will eventually be repaved as a Roadwise project.  Until then, call the pothole hotline.

MUSC Gives Back- We met the blood donor goal of 49 pints. And we have 45 new members on the bone marrow registry.

Women’s History Month:  We have great events coming up and spread the word to your colleges. The WHM Art Exhibit starts March 2nd with a Wine and Cheese reception on March 5th.

Student Programs:  nominations start next week through March 27  for the Student Leadership Society awards.  Programs and awards will be announced in April. $2,500 scholarship for inductees.

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