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-Meeting Minutes- Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Speakers – MUSC Recycling and Sustainability Program

Christine VonKolnitz Cooley, Sustainability Manager

Caroline Davila, Communications Coordinator

Caroline:  MUSC has been recycling since 1991. Last year we recycled 471,000 lbs of paper, almost a ton.  16 tons of cans. We recycle cell phones in the office of Communications.  We shred all paper, and we are one of the only institutions with our own shredding truck.  We are having an open house next week in the horseshoe on Wednesday.  We are participating in a recycle-mania competition nationwide.  We are trying to put more outdoor bins since most of the bins are indoors. We are working on getting grants to help fund this.  The bins are not in the classrooms because we cannot interrupt class to empty them. It is behind the line in the cafeteria.  The bins are in the hallway outside the ECL classrooms. ROSE recycle office supply storage room. We can provide this free of charge for anyone who needs it, we have 3 ring binders, toners, phones, and unused office supply.  The Anderson House in the college of Pharmacy uses geo-energy, the earth heats the house in the winder and cools it on the summer.

Caroline: Hannah: is there any rules for recycling in laboratories?

We only recycle #1 and #2 plastic because we can only send off where it will be bought.

Sheldon: how much money do you make and how is it used

Caroline:To operate the trucks, pays for some bins and equipment. Te

Tres: how often do you collect the cans from the bins

Weekly, and in the library is twice a week, but you can put in a work order if it is full.


Reading of January 21st minutes- approved

Old Business

Student Lobby Day – MUSC State Funding

Interest list
the Dental school is going on april 1st, and the following 2 weeks are not free. So we will will try for March 25th.

Officer Elections

·         Applications due February 27th

·         Elections March 25th and 26th

We have a few people, you can email any of us

Will: Which one of you is running next year?

All but Ahmed and Melissa and running next year.

New Business

Officer State House visit

Andrea, Tyler, and  myself went to the Ways and Means committee means.. I gave a 2 minute speech on how the budget cut has affected us. Cigarrett tax to help higher  education, lottery funding, and we are not funded as much as Clemson and Carolina.

Associate Deans’ Meeting/Parking

We are bringing back the longevity with approved Net ID switching, students will ve provide their nme ID and the upper classman name and net ID, and a reason for why they want to switch. It is a safety issue, for student who need to be there either really late or early in the morning.

Linnea: bee st repaving

Sheldon: first park it to fix the pot holes, and not sure after that. Robin will email and find out

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting

Program Vice President    

Old Business

Oyster Roast

·         Evaluations

1762 people, was a record.

New Business

Night at the Charleston Ballet

·         Friday, February 6th – 7:30pm

·         Private MUSC show with wine and cheese reception to follow

All the tickets are sold out for this show.

Night w/ the Charleston Symphony

·         Saturday, February 21st – 8:00pm

·         Charleston Music Hall (37 John Street)

·         Tickets: $3 students/ $10 non-students – SPO

Each ticket you will get a drink ticket, they changed the location from Gaillard to the Music Hall.

Fat Tuesday

·         Tuesday, Feb. 24th

·         Sign-ups at Feb. 18th meeting

Pass out beads, there will be a band. We need people from 11:30 to 1:15


·         Friday, February 27th – SC Aquarium

·         Worker Sign-ups for Lottery winners

·         SGA Rep ticket sales – After tonight’s meeting

·         Tickets officially go on sale – Feb 10th – 5:30pm

You need to work 2 events and Alhambra this semester. We will sell tickets after the meeting tonight. 750 tickets will be sold.

Programs Committee meeting

C3 Interprofesional Education certificate

Complete requirements for this fellowship it will appear on your transcript. You have the list of requirements, and students can complete retroactive credits. You have to fill out an application and it will be on WebCT. If you are graduating this year, you will need to submit it by April 14th The elective may be the rate limiting step for some people. But they are trying to make the classes more accessable.

Academic Vice President

Academic Affairs Committee Meeting with Mr Poyer, information commons will be here in the next month or two. They are working on a zero budget so it might look a little rough.The honor code changes has been submitted to all the colleges.  We have submitted all the revisions to the bylaws and we will vote on it feb 18th. We will meet to talk about the algorirythm that calculates the number of students from each college.

Tres: why does it need to be changed

We have had comments that some colleges are over repreentated.  


Old Business

Expense Reports- budgest 3500, spent 3456

Bill No. 09-01

Ahmed: I want people to know that the bill and funding request are separate. I want you to think about it by itself.  The way it is now, the group must submit their request 60 days before the event, and we want to change it to 2 full SGA meetings. I don’t want to tie our hands to

Second reading of the bill open for debate for 10 minutes:


 Matt: I think this makes sense because it makes it easier for organizations to plan.

Hannah: point of information, how many oirganizations did we turn down because of the 60 days.

Ahmed: I don’t remember, but 2 organizations I told no to

Tres:  so this is the first bill that exec talked to about as a body

Linnea: why do we have to put a timeline on it at all.

Ahmed: we did discuss that, the thing about the the 2 meetings gives us two meetings to debate the bill.

Linnea: what about 1 meeting

Tyler: we we want to have a forst anf second reading at 2 meetings, we want to give the money responsibility. Last year we were pressured into giving money.

Sheldon: it takes up 2 weeks t procure money from the fund we use, we need at least 2 weeks anyway.

Tres: could we make the bill go into effect for the 09/10 school year.? I think the bill is fair but people are worried about the groups asking for money.

Tyler: just because we pass this bill does not mean you have to pass the

Rosanna: 30 days is better

Sheldon: we need 2 meetings to read the bill and decide.

Andrea: keep in mind that anything under 1000 Exec can approve. So if there is a small request over the summer

Danielle: point of information can you clarify. Has 60 days been proven to be too long?

Andrea: we don’t plan 60days out, and we wouldn’t expect a group to plan that far out, it would create gross over and under budgeting.

Jeremy: I agree with Andera and encourage everyone to separate the dental bill, because it brought to light.

Hannah: I like the 60 day notice especially for anything over 1000. It should be well prepared for a handout of 1000.

Amanda(CHP rep):

Motion to amed the bill to be active the beginning net school year.

Pr it seems more reasonable to incorporate it right now, just wait until next school year.

Tyler: I don’t think its necessary, we don’t have to wait and it wouldn’t change anything.

Adrian: it will be fair to the other groups that were turned down this year.

Trent: The organization who came here to appeal the 60 days did it on their own, it was more proactive on their part.

John: if we wait until next year, we wont step on anyone’s toes and not make anyone angry.

Ahmed: regardless of the timimg, we owe it to the group to look at their request. If we keep the 60 days, then we can’t give out anymore money this semester.

Andrea: this bill may be re-written several more times

Tyler: we should change the bill now since

John(cdm rep):  I agree with Andrea since she rejects the amendment,

Nays have it, the amendment will not

Motion to vote on the bill by acclimation.

The Aye, have it and the bill is passed.

Appropriations Request – 2nd reading

Ahmed:L the DSD has asked for $2000

Kate: what was the ticket price again?

Andrea: 20$ before and $25

Linnea: how much do we have allotted to this? And if we don’t use it what do with it?

Trent: thie organization has the capacity to throw a party that other colleges are interested in.  They are trying to make it as big as possible . They are tying to set up a trust so they can keep the extra money.

Matt: will they take the under budget into account next year?

Andrea: no, we get


Ahmed: I am against funding this for a few reasons, the rules ar rules and I don’t want to revise the rules for one organization. I don’t want to set that precedent.Last year they had a surplus, and they donated the same amount of money that we gave them.  I think we should fund events that are unique from things that we do, and we could do a joint venture or piggy back on it next year.  Also I don’t want to be a rubber stamping organizations.

Lauren: when oraniations come for money, I thought they needed the money for the event. I saw that they are already selling tickets, do they need the money or not?

John: they might not need the money, but they want to be able to say that SGA help funded the event so students wouldn’t think its just a dental party.

Dachelle: are you ok with saying that its an SGA event without exactly knowing whats going on. We continue to rewrite this bill every time this organization comes.  PVP does a great job with parties, and if the 2 groups that were turned down

Adnan: we want to make sure that wll the tickets ar sold to students and people who

Trent: they do need the funding ahead of time, they don’t have the funds to pay for things in advacce.

Danielle: why are we holding onto this money if they will be

Cari: can we give a lower amount?

Sheldon: we can change it, but we have to amend the bill

Matt(COM rep): It looks like their budget will balance out at the end. It sounds like they need a loan. could we loan them the money?

Trent: because SGA has more resourced to use, they could make any eent better. SGA stamp on a party does not mean that SGA planned the party. We need to judge the people who come before us

Rosanna: It takes 2 weeks to allocate funds, and their party is on 2 weeks.

Tyler: obviously we could throw a better party, but delta sig has done a great job.

Move onto the vote

The nays have it. The bill has been voted down.

MLK Health Expo

·         Set-up Friday, Feb. 6th

·         Event: Saturday, Feb. 7th

·         Sign-ups

Linnea: on Friday we will go to Frasier elementary from 4-6pm to set up.

Ahmed: We need pepple to sign up for the afternoon spots on Saturday.  If you can extend your morning shift or come later. We wont be doing any testing but we will present healthy information and snacks for the kids.

New Business

Mt. Pleasant Manor skilled nursing center

·         Feb. 12th, about 4:30pm, Linnea Freeman

We need to be there by 4:30pm we will be celebrating Valentines day with the residents.


New Business

Website update

Communications focus group meeting 2/12

·         Intramurals

Volleyball Champions non competitive: bionics, competitive: CDM 2009

Softball starts this weekend, with 15 teams.

·         College and Organizational Reports

Dental : last 2 weekd for the dental screenings, thelast days is the 13th

Graduate Studies

Health Professions

International Student Association

Medicine- beards for babies fundraiser

Multicultural Student Advisory Board- nominations for earl be Higgins are due this friday



University Wide Committees- online 3 weekends 5 semesters will be in the 1st weekend. March 20-22, 27-29 and April 3-5

CATTS students have to fill out, this is a drug free campus. Tyler loves drugs.

MUSC Gives Back

Blood drive and Bone marrow registration

·         Tuesday, Feb. 17th

Student Programs

Book Fair

·         February 10th and 11th

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