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-Meeting Minutes- Wednesday, January 21, 2009

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Speaker – Dr. J. Herman Blake, MUSC Humanities Scholar in Residence and Professor of Health Professions and Dental Medicine

Dr.Blake: It is a privilege to be here tonight. I was asked to be here tonight to speak about student leadership. I am the Inaugural Humanities Scholar here on campus. I am a sociologist and I received my PhD at University of California, Berkley. I attended undergrad at New York University.  I was asked to bring the humanities to this health center, which includes ethics in medical behavior. I have been asked to bring to the university a perspective that looks at the experiences of education and health care which looks beyond the framework that characterizes the educations here.  New technology such as bioengineering with the human body, and through drug discovery with the human mind, in this process we may lose the larger picture of who we are and why we are. I have been to many grand rounds to listen to practitioners hear what they do and why they do it. The rational they give looks at the human experience and how it can be preserved in the process of preserving human health and life. My background is in sociology, I was born and raised in NYC.I spent time in the Korean War and I was in college for 11 straight years. I came out with a profound sense of the creative capabilities of humans.  I helped to build a college on the spot where MLK was shot. We recruited people from everywhere: poor whites, Latinos, we brought students into the picture as advisors to what the college should be. These students reached out to each other in ways we never would have predicted and they taught us about the student experience in ways we didn’t know. The college had apartments, no dorms or dining halls. It was the first college in the country like this.

I have two points for you to take home:  The human experience is beyond any science physical or medical experience. Listen to every constituent in your work. Achieve your goals with a humanistic position, not just leadership or political position.

Kate(CON rep): What do you mean by incorporating humanistic aspects, practical way?

Dr. Blake: There are no practical ways; you have to get it from your experience. You have an understanding that no one else has, and you can bring this with you.  You have to find your vision.


Reading of January 7th minutes

Introductions for new members CON students, Amy and Journey

Old Business

Student Lobby Day – MUSC State Funding

Sheldon(SGA Pres): I would like to organize a trip to the state house to emphasize issues of funding.  April seems to be a better month than March so we will plan a date soon.

New Business

Teaching Excellence Awards Committee Representatives

·         One Representative from each college Two Meetings at most.

·         Must review and evaluate nominations

Officer Elections

·         Applications due 27th of February

·         Elections March 25th and 26th

·         Open Forum with Current Officers Monday

Monday, February 2nd – 4:00-6:00pm

Sheldon(SGA Pres): I would like at least 2 people to run for each position

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting Anna, Emily

·         Program Vice President    

Old Business

SGA Happy Hour – Trivia for Winetasting Tickets

·         Evaluations – sent around

New Business

SGA Oyster Roast

·         Friday, January 23rd – 7:00-10:00pm – Bus Shed

Andrea(SGA AVP): There are still a few spots open, this is after IP day so encourage your friends to come.

Night at the Charleston Ballet

·         Friday, February 6th – 7:30pm

·         Private MUSC show with wine and cheese reception to follow


·         Friday, February 27th – SC Aquarium

·         Sign-ups at Feb 4th meeting

·         (by LOTTERY – reply to email to enter name)

·         SGA Rep ticket sales – After Feb 4th meeting

·         Tickets officially go on sale – Feb 10th – SPO 5:30PM

Programs Committee meeting

Academic Vice President

Tyler:  we are almost done reviewing the bylaw and I will present the changes at the Feb 18th meeting. I have been meeting with Bob Poyer and we are talking about putting up monitors in the library. I will send around sheet for suggestions as to what will go on the monitors.


New Business

Bill No. 09-01

Ahmed(SGA Tres): We are proposing a change to the current appropriations guidelines time frame. We want to change the date from 60 days before the event, to 2 SGA meetings before the date. This makes this requests a shorter process, and we can look at it as a body twice. We need time for a first and second reading.

Hannah(CGS rep): What would happen if they wanted to do a summer event?

Ahmed(SGA Tres): They wouldn’t get funding because we don’t meet over the summer.

John(CDM rep): Why would we limit ourselves to 2 SGA meetings?

Ahmed(SGA Tres): We will want the 2 meetings times  to make sure the organizers have planned and organized this event. It gives us more of a line to refuse the money.

Claire(CON rep): I don’t think we should suspend the rules for some organizations and not others.

Ahmed(SGA Tres): We can’t suspend the rules  on this issue every time

Garrett(MSAB rep): We should be flexible in dealing with these issues.

Andrea(SGA PVP): This is why I think the 2 meeting timeline is appropriate, as long as we can have two chances to look at the bills.

Garrett(MSAB rep): If we make exceptions for any groups, we should handle it on a case by case basis.

Tyler(SGA AVP): We need a safe guard ourselves so we aren’t getting steamrolled by organizations who need the money in one week from the SGA meeting.

Motion to move to a second reading-failed

Second reading will happen at the next meeting.

Appropriations Request – 1st reading

Budget for the event for Delta Sigma Delta (DSD)CDM 80s party.

John(CDM rep): This event is open to the whole campus?

DSD rep: Yes, it is.

Adnan(ISA rep): If you increase the ticket price by 5$, you would cover the extra money.

DSD rep: We can’t afford to front the money.

Cari(CHP rep): What do you do with the proceeds?

Claire(CON rep): You can’t give your proceeds to charity.

DSD rep: Right, we will not be giving money to charity.

Hannah(CGS rep): I thought the 60days rule was advertized on the website, didn’t you see it?

DSD rep: We did not know about it.

Jason(COM rep): What were your proceeds from last year?

Robin(SPO): I would like you to sell 350 tickets, it seems like you are hiding the 2000 proceeds from last year.

Adnan(ISA rep): Where are you selling the tickets?

Rep: In the library, and at the door.

Tyler(SGA AP): if you don’t get the money from SGA, the how do you plan on making up the 2000$.?

DSD rep: We don’t know; we would have to go out and look for sponsors.

John(COM rep) How many tickets have you sold?

DSD rep: None yet.

MLK Health Expo

·         Set-up Friday, Feb. 6th

·         Event: Saturday, Feb. 7th

·         Sign-ups

Healthy eating , healthy living booth.

Linnea(CGS rep): We are doing set up from 4-6pm; meet here at 4pm and carpool to Frasier school.


New Business


Oath for new members and pins

Melissa(SGA Sec): Welcome new members to the SGA, I want to let you know that your requirements are being tracked on the website and you can go there to see how many events are left and what you have done already. I have the oaths you have signed, so thank you.


Basketball-  24 teams signed up, as much as we have ever had.

Softball- captains meeting Tues Jan 27th 5pm

·         College and Organizational Reports

Dental screenings 5-7pm ends Feb 12th

Graduate Studies-no report

Health Professions-ALS run may30th

International Student Association-no report


Multicultural Student Advisory Board-thanks for the MLK essays, had 15 total participants. 3rd: Ahmed 2nd: John Corman 1st:  Peter Tang. Nominations for the Earl B Higgins achievement award, for students or faculty members will be accepted online until Feb 6th. We are planning a bowling event and registration will be in library, more details to follow.



University Wide Committees

MUSC Gives Back

Blood drive and Bone marrow registration

Tuesday, Feb. 17th             

SNMA: Through the American red cross, you can sign up for the bone marrow registry. Please spread the word, we will send out emails

Student Programs

Book Fair

·         February 10th and 11th

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