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-Meeting Minutes- Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Reading of December 3rd minutes- approved

Introductions for new members

Old Business

Honorary Degree Nominations

Sheldon(SGA Pres): The names of the nominees will be released after the board has notified those people. I will let you know when that happens.

HSC Member Advisory Committee Update

·         Student guest fees

Sheldon(SGA Pres): The student guest fee is already discounted at 5$ per person, and the non-student fee is 10$. I don’t think we can get any prices lower than this, however they are talking about starting spinning classes.

New Business

State House day –Student Lobby Day

Sheldon(SGA Pres): I would like to organize people from the MUSC campus to go to the state house. I have been talking to Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Raymond about when is a good time and I would like a group of 40 students to go to the state house. . Exec is going to the Ways and Means meeting this month. I will let you know when we have more information.

Officer Elections

·         Applications due 27th of February

·         Elections March 25th and 26th

Sheldon(SGA Pres): We will publicize this soon and we will plan an event for the officers to be available for questions and answers. I would like to see members of the SGA rise up to the leadership within SGA to show continuity.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting Tyler, Matt

Program Vice President    

New Business

SGA Happy Hour – Trivia for Winetasting Tickets

·         Friday, January 9th – Mad River Bar and Grill; 6:00-9:00 pm

·         Sign-ups

Andrea(SGA PVP): Wine tasting tickets will be the prize for 1st place, and oyster roast tickets for 2,3rd place. Worker list sent around.

SGA Oyster Roast

·         Friday, January 23rd – 7:00-10:30pm

·         Visitors’ Center Bus Shed

·         Sign-ups

Andrea(SGA PVP): This is the same day as Interprofessional day. Make sure you complete the requirements this semester, there are fewer events this semester, and everyone has to work Alhambra.

Night at the Charleston Ballet

·         Friday, February 6th; 7:30 pm

·         Private MUSC show with reception to follow

Academic Vice President

New Business

UHC Update

Tyler(SGA AVP): The Constitutional bi-laws review is this month, I will get my committee together to review the constitution.

Library Update

Tyler(SGA AVP): The lockers in the library are almost gone, but you could still go tomorrow morning to see if there is anything available. We will know the carrole picks this week. The COM is working to resolve the problems in the library.

Academic Affairs Committee Meeting


Old Business

Exam Break Expense Report

New Business

Trot for the Cure to support Canine Cancer Research

·         Sunday, January 11

Danielle(COP rep): This event will support cancer canine research. You can bring your dog to the event. It is from 9am-4pm, and we will have a 9-1 shift, and a 1-4shift. It is free admission and free barbeque lunch.

Budget Presentation

First read of the budget:

Ahmed(SGA Tres): This past fall we were under budget by 8,564.04. We will use this money this semester when we have the most expensive events like Winetasting and Alhambra

Sheldon(SGA Pres): Since we were under budget from the fall, will we be under budget for the spring? And if so, what can we do about that?

Ahmed(SGA Tres): We will try to spend the money in the spring semester, and if there is left over money it will roll into next summer and fall’s budget.

Jeremy(COM rep): Could we spend the extra money at the events with nicer beverages and snacks at the current events?

Tres(COP rep): Is the 4000 cash reserve what organizations can ask for ?

Ahmed(SGA Tres): Yes

Ana(COM rep): Can we have more people at the Winetasting ?

Andrea(SGA PVP): That is more about capacity, rather than price.

Robin(SPO): How about using the money for piccolo events? The programs committee should have a meeting to address that and make a recommendation about it later.

Motion for a second reading: Second, no objections

Second reading of the budget:

Tres(COP rep): Next time when we vote on the budget, can the Secretary send it out with the email reminder so we can look at it before we come to the meeting.

Kate(CON rep): Why are we under budget this time? Is this a common pattern?

Kevin(SPO): This amount of money goes to the body regardless, and the prices are based off of last year’s events, we have been trying to save money.

John(CDM rep): What happens to the money if we don’t spend it?

Ahmed(SGA Tres): It rolls over to the next year.

Willette(SPO): Just for your information, in the years I have been here the spring events are usually more expensive than the fall events, and we will not have any money left over at the end of next semester. I really don’t think you need to worry about excess funds.

Service Committee Meeting


New Business


Check Requirements

Melissa(SGA Sec): Just a reminder for the new reps, I will post your worker and service spots on the SGA website. This semester, you are all required to work Alhambra, along with 2 other events and 1 service spot. There are fewer events this semester, so please make sure you complete your requirements.

C3 Student Advisory Committee Update


General information

Kevin(SPP): Winter basketball starts this Saturday, you have until Jan 14th to turn in your rosters.

College and Organizational Reports

Dental – There are free dental screenings from 5-7pm Monday-Thursday on the first floor of BSB.

Graduate Studies- no report

Health Professions- no report

International Student Association- The New Year luncheon was today, and we started planning events for this year. The bake sale Dec 5th raised over $300 for charity.

Medicine- We are hosting a Relay for Life charity fundraiser in the form of a beer pong tournament, January 9th.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board- MLK essay contest is still going on; we only have 2 people who have applied so far. There are prizes for the top 3 winners. The theme is “What would MLK say about the election of an African American President”.

Nursing – we will have two more members coming by next meeting,


University Wide Committees

Parking- All 500 spots in the Bee St garage are full, and FF last day will be Jan 31st.

MUSC Gives Back

Annual Service Project

·         Saturday, Feb. 7th  11-1pm with prevent set up and commitments

Liz(SPO): Monday jan12th is the planning meeting, you are welcome to come and get a free lunch. We want all groups of students to come and present information health information to the community.

Blood drive and Bone marrow registration

·         Tuesday, Feb. 17th

Liz(SPO): This is an open campus wide event; I will remind everyone about this later on.

Student Programs

 “Pack the house” – Stingray Hockey game vs Charlotte

·         January 17th, 7:05pm

·         Contact inf Katie Gunther will be in the lobby of the hospital next Wednesday, from 11-1pm

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