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-Meeting Minutes- March 18th, 2009

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

                      Library – Dr. Tom Basler, Director of Libraries and Learning Resource Centers

                                        Dr. Roger Poston, Director of Academic & Research Systems
Cecil Kmath- I have been recently hired in December from Northern University of Florida. My office is on the on the 3rd floor of and I want you to feel free to email me. We are and looking for ways to make the financial aid process easier for you, and to serve you better. We also are changing our website to make it more user friendly.

Dr. Poston: Per the request from students; you can now use your own laptops to use the services and networks on campus. You will have to meet the minimum requirements to use our network. You will get a letter listing these requirements. You will also need support; room 426 of the library has people who can give you support with download sites and software that you can use. We can help your colleges put together. Building 25 on Erhardt Street can help you if your computer crashes. If you have questions please email or call me.

Adrian(CGS rep): What if a student has an older system that may not meet the requirements

I asked for the bare minimum and if you have problems they can help you on Erhardt St.

(Exec member to attend Member Advisory Board Meeting Mar. 17th at 6:00pm-Linnea Freeman)

Sheldon(SGA Pres): Leaving at 7:30 am at Jonathan Lucas bus stop. Lunch will be provided. We want to extend this to you again, we have 10 people going and Kevin is driving. We will meet at 7:30 in the am

Elections March 25th and 26th

Sheldon(SGA Pres): We are trying to set up a polling station in the horseshoe for students to vote on their way to class.

New Business

Sheldon(SGA Pres) The purpose of this committee is to promote health and wellness on campus. They did the health survey that we all filled out earlier this year.

Program Vice President    

Old Business


Andrea(SGA PVP): Please fill out the evaluation and let us know why you didn’t go.


Andrea(SGA PVP): Again, let us know why if you didn’t go.

Rep Evaluations

Worker Evaluations

Andrea(SGA PVP): If you worked at the event beside your name let me know if you had too many people at the station or if it worked well or not.

New Business

Submission Deadline – March 27, 5pm

Harper Student Center – art available for viewing April 1st-30th

Saturday, April 11th, 10am-2pm

Saturday April 18th – 12-5pm @ Windjammer – GET EXCITED!

MANDATORY; Email Melissa if there is a conflict


Andrea(SGA PVP): Programs Committee members are going to be coordinators, so don’t sign up for a spot. You have to let us know if you can’t come. You can work two spots at Alhambra if you need to. We are giving t-shirts to the first 300 people and koozies.

Academic Vice President

New Business

Tyler(SGA AVP): This is a serious topic which will affect all students on campus. UHC proposed the amendments to each college and 4 out of 6 has approved. We will get their full support by the time we have a second read.

Tyler read the changes aloud, with a five minute question and answer period after each proposed bill.

Bill 09-01- Addition on sanctions for use in guilty verdicts 

09-02 To further define membership of the Honor Council

09-03  Addition of publication requirements for verdicts

Robin(SPO): Please state more clearly that the students name will be not be published.

Lauren(CON rep): What will it say when you publicize it?

Tyler(SGA AVO): We will publicize the guilty violation, and the sanctions but not the students name.

09-04-  Additions of violations to the university honor code

Jackie(CHP rep) Can you define spreadsheets?

Tyler(SGA AVP) That is something you weren’t supposed to use, but did anyway, it was a way of cheating.

09-05 Addition to rights of the accused

Andrea(SGA PVP): Why can’t your adviser be a lawyer?

Tyler(SGA AVP): Your adviser can be a lawyer, but this isn’t a court of law, they cannot speak on your behalf they can just advise you. They cannot represent you in the hearing

09-06 Revision to the purpose of the university honor code

09-07 Revision to the preamble of the university honor code

Tyler(SGA AVP): We will vote on these changes at the next meeting when we have all six colleges approval.

Tyler(SGA AVP): If you want to do this, there is no obligation. Fill out your bracket by tomorrow at 12 noon. We need your name and the total score of the final game. Winners are top 3, will get a cooler from SPO


Old Business

Fat Tuesday $950 over budget

Night at the Symphony- $2285 under budget. 130 people, 9$ per person

Winetasting- $ 3500 over budget, 850 people, 28.85 per person

Linnea(CGS rep) We knew the Winetasting would be over budget but we had extra money from the Symphony.

Garrrett(MSAB rep): Where are we now?

Linnea(CGS rep):We are $1500 under budget right now.

Tres(COP rep): How much money do we have left over in the appropriations fund?

Linnea(CGS rep) We have $1300 left for the year

New Business

Saturday, March 21st, 9am-1pm

Trent(CDM rep) We can have up to 15 people, right now we have 8. We don’t know what we will be doing yet. We can carpool together and lunch will be served

Tuesday, March 24th, 6-8pm

Patrick(COM rep): We will meet here at 5:15 and carpool over. We will bring food that is already prepared and help clean up.

April 3rd; 2-6pm

Jessica(CHP rep): We need volunteers from 2-6pm. Monday 3/30 at 5:30 is mandatory meeting for this event.

Friday/Saturday April 17th and 18th; 7:00pm

Emily(CHP rep):  For this event the minimum requirement is to register online and stay minimum of 4 hours.

Tres(COP rep): The event lasts all night, it goes from 7pm to 7am. You can meet the survivors and it’s a great event.

Wed. April 8th @ 12pm; SGA Library

Linnea(CGS rep): We need one person from each college to be there and judge the applications from each college. We must have it done by this date because the student leadership banquet is the following week.


New Business

Melissa(SGA Sec): Please look at the requirements page and if there is anything missing please let me know.


Kevin(SPO): No softball next Sunday and it will pick back up the following week.

College and Organizational Reports


Graduate Studies

Health Professions- ALS run is coming up, I passed out the info sheets.

International Student Association

Medicine- COM charity ball coming up 45$ per ticket, black tie, open bar, and appetizers.

Multicultural Student Advisory Board

Nursing – welcome Jenn Renyolds.


University Wide Committees- parking starts this Friday.

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs

Willette(SPO): This is accompanied by a $2,500 scholarship. You can ask them for their CV and talk with them about their qualifications. Women’s history month is still going on.

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