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-Meeting Minutes- Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Speakers: Student Insurance and other Student Health related issues

Dr. Blumenthal , Medical Director of Student Health Services and HSC Student Wellness Center

Dr. Blumenthal: We have tried to enhance the policy this year, now we have a $300.00 wellness benefit, dental cleanings and psychological services without a referral. We want to make sure you know about these new changes. We sent out an email about this and we want to make sure you know. Is the word getting out and how can we better notify you about this? We have established an insurance hotline through Julie Reese, she will talk to the companies directly with your concerns and questions. Do you have any feedback on this? We had town hall meetings few years ago, to answer general questions, we could do that again or meet with the individual colleges , or a web-based format.

Dachelle(COPrep): I have heard that ppl know about the new benefits, but not what they are. The town hall meeting is a good idea because not all students carry this insurance.

Comment: Web based technology can help with the people who could not make it physically here.

Kate(CON rep): How many people came to the last meeting?

Dr. Blumenthal: It was part of the SGA, and there was a latter part. I don’t have the actual number.

Jason(COM rep): I think the town hall meeting offers better clarity, but a web-based meeting could be better for the students who are out of town. Could we do both?

Linnea(CGS rep): You could do a town hall meeting then post the a questions and answered posted online as a “frequently asked questions”

Dr. Blumenthal:  Julie Reese takes emails directly from the students at the student hotline:

Dr. Shaw, Executive Director of Student Health and Wellness

Dr. Shaw: We are starting up Fit It In again this year to reward the current users and get more people in the door. This student health survey will be given to all students this fall. This is to get a base line on student health, and for us to develop more programs about health. We will gather the data for your colleges, only if there are more than 50 students.  It is completely voluntary and anonymous.  We have a $2,000 budget for incentive, how should we use it? 20 $100 prizes will be the reward. 


Reading of September 17th minutes- approved

Old Business

Retreat Feedback

ECL Room Usage Feedback

Sheldon(SGA Pres): you have a sheet for feedback on the retreat in your packet of paper.  We posted the room scheduled in the library, and we need some feedback on that.

John(COM rep): The rooms were only updated a few days

Anna(COM rep): What time were they posted?

Sheldon(SGA Pres): Fridays, they didn’t want to post them every day.

Robin(SPO): Enrollment management doesn’t want to print the schedules, but  if you think that’s best, then they will continue it.

Tres(COP rep): Can we put a link on the website?

Sheldon(SGA Pres): You have to fish through several websites and links to get what you want. For now we could put a link through our site.

·         Video of retreat was shown

Blackberry Charge Issue – Update

Sheldon(SGA Pres): The fee will be waived, you have to call the help desk at 792-9700 and tell them you want to set up your service.

New Business

SGA Pictures – October 15 beginning at 5:00 pm

Sheldon: We will have our pictures taken for the website.

Campus Life Website

·         Videos, camera

Sheldon(SGA Pres): We are helping design the new MUSC website and we have an idea of ‘student life videos’ to do editorials and be posted like a pod cast. Student blogs, videos, what do you think is a good idea? Down the line, we want to buy an SGA camera.

Tres(COP rep): You could have virtual office hours on the new site. How about a MUSC Craig’s list for students only.

Dachelle(COP rep): Take videos of SGA events, that way we can advertise our events and people can just click on a link.

Healthcare forum funding

            Sheldon(SGA Pres): Exec has approved $300 for this event.

            Garrett(MSAB rep): This forum for McCain and Obama representatives to come debate their ideas, and answer questions from the students.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting

Payton, Lindsay

·         Program Vice President

New Business


·         Saturday, October 4, 11:00am-2:00pm

·         Shem Creek, Shrimping Village, and Crab Bank Island


·         Friday, October 10, 7:00-9:30pm

·         Sign up- sheet was outside the room, and was sent around.

Frankenstein (Charleston Stage)

·         Friday, October 24, 7:30pm

Andrea(SGA PVP): Our Happy Hour is from 6:00-7:15pm, appetizers and drink specials before the show.

Discount student tickets for The Charleston Ballet Theatre

·         Shows, times and ticket information available at or call 843.723.7334.

Academic Vice President

Tyler(SGA AVP): Exam week went well, and there are maintenance things that will be taken care of soon. Please help me keep the campers out of the rooms. I need everyone’s help on this.


Old Business

Hope Lodge

Ahmed(SGA Tres): We took a tour, served food and played bingo and visited with the residents.

New Business

Lowcountry Food Bank-  October 4th

Trent Pierce(CDM rep): This Saturday, they get donations from around the area and package the food up in boxes.

Student Blood Drive- October 16th

 Grace Laird(CON rep): We have a lot of spots that need to be filled, the minimum is 1 hour. Floaters will help facilitate the people who have registered online, and the canteen will give out food and juice to the donators.


Old Business

Clarion Update

Website update

Melissa(SGA Sec): You have information sheets for the new website pages; I will be putting your info with each college.

New Business

 Bill No. 08-03- Bill is read aloud by Melissa Thompson, SGA Secretary

Sheldon(SGA Pres): We now move into a period of question and debate, time limit is 5 minutes.

Claire(CON rep): Where do we draw the line, can’t any college get involved in the Clarion Competition?

Dachelle(COP rep): SGA tries to cater to all colleges, if they want to be have a co-event like a party. This event is educational and it will be a co-sponsorship from SGA and Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS).

Tres(COP rep): PLS started this competition as a national leadership challenge, we are turning it over to SGA because it is becoming a big event and it is truly Interprofessional. SGA has the potential to make it a bigger event and has resources.

Andrea(SGA PVP): Point of information: The university administration wants to create a certificate, and a big focal point is to participate in the Clarion competition.

Hannah(CGS rep): Is it any other organization going to take part in it?

Melissa(SGA Sec): No it will be these two organizations.

Claire(CON rep): What happens next year when the Secretary might not be in the College of Pharmacy?

Dachelle(COP rep): It starts with amendments, if we put this in the constitution, then it will be part of the Secretary’s job duties.

Gina(CHP rep): Point of information: I am in the OT program on here on campus, if this event is part of the SGA then there will be continuity and we will know what’s going on. SGA is the right venue to encourage Interprofessional events like this.

Tyler(SGA AP): This may be a lot for the new secretary, but the people running for this position will know about that beforehand.

Ashley(CHP rep): This could also be amended that it would be taken out of the secretaries duty, if the SGA wanted to.

John(COM rep): I propose that the bill be modified that says this year will be a trail run.

Kevin sitting in for Danielle(COP rep): I think this event needs stability in the organizers for the future life of this competition and for this university; I think it’s crucial to have this in the constitution.

Move into a vote: the bill is passed.

Bill No. 08-04 Bill is read aloud by Melissa Thompson, SGA Secretary

Ashley(CHP rep): Motion to pass by unanimous consent.

The bill is passed by unanimous consent.


Fit It In


·         College and Organizational Reports

Dental – no report

Graduate Studies- no report

Health Professionals- no report

International Student Association- no report

Medicine- no report

Multicultural Student Advisory Board- t-shirts are still next meeting Oct 6th, please support the unnatural causes series.

Nursing- no report

Pharmacy- no report

University Wide Committees

Parking- Student garage open Oct 22nd, K lot must move over. The flooding is still a problem, they will raise Bee St. eventually and install a pump to help the water drain.

MUSC Gives Back-

Liz(SPO): Please recruit people to donate blood and spread the word, the American Red Cross needs more blood during the holidays, so please spread the word.

Student Programs

MOJA – “Dallas Black Dance Theater”- SOLD OUT

·         Gailliard Auditorium, Friday, October 3rd, 8:00pm

·         Tickets $8

Charleston Concert Association Subscriptions

·         Sales: Mon., Sept. 8 – Wed., Oct. 15

·         Class Rings for Sale- Rep will be here October 13th and 14th, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Robin(SPO): The rings are on display in the back. The SGA designed the rings a few years ago and gets a small profit from the proceeds.

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