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-Meeting Minutes- Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Dr. Tom Basler – Director of Libraries and Learning Resource Centers

Updates for the library:

1. There are four new alarms in the library, two on the second floor near  the computers, one on the 3rd floor near the elevators and one on the 4ht floor near the elevators

2. There are 56 new Imac computers in rooms 437 and 440.

3. Students can reserve the library classrooms to practice presentations and speeches.

4. There is increased wireless access in the library.

5. Online references available via live chat and instant messaging from 11am through the afternoon.

6. Library and references librarians are online via Facebook.

7. First Consult available, which is a point of care product that can be downloaded to your PDA. It has user friendly access to the latest information on evaluation, diagnosis, clinical management, prognosis, and prevention.

8.  DynaMed database now available, it is a point of care product with a strong Evidence Based Medicine basis.

9. VisualDX is available; it’s a database with pictures of disease and it has differential diagnosis component.

10. Pascal Delivers any material from any academic library is available to the students by making a simple web- request.

Dr. Basler: In the near future, we are setting up a Nintendo Wii on the fourth floor for you to take a break from studying. One thing we are working on is to get our staff more tech educated, and we are trying to get more space for the students to work in groups. We are going to try to cut back and save money by addressing the building problems and the temperature on the 3rd floor.  The students shouldn’t be cold while they are studying.

Jason(COM rep): Will you be decreasing the old bound books to make room for more electronic and study space?

Dr. Basler: Yes, we are working on that, and we will be getting rid of the old books that we don’t need.

Mr. Bob Poyer – Assistant Director of Libraries for Public Services and Education

Mr. Poyer: If you have any more questions or concerns our doors are always open.


Reading of October 1st minutes- approved

Old Business

Healthcare Forum

Garrett(MSAB rep): We had reps from both Obama and McCain and speak for two hours, it was an open discussion and we were able to get some good information. Approximately 65 people showed up.

New Business

Student Accounting

·         New personal ID policy

Sheldon(SGA Pres): There is a new federal law that is mandating these changes, you will now have to show an ID and give a birth date when talking over the phone. There are going to be stricter about giving out information.

Student Welfare Committee meeting tonight

Honorary Degree nominations

·         Submit before Nov. 14

Sheldon(SGA Pres): These are people that have made contributions to the state, MUSC or science. They do not want graduates of MUSC. The President’s office is looking for nominations for these degrees.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting

·         Program Vice President

Old Business


·         Evaluations

Andrea(SGA PVP): It went very well, even though it was in the gym, I didn’t hear any complaints about the location.

New Business

Frankenstein (Charleston Stage)

·         Friday, October 24, 7:30pm

·         Happy Hour – 6:00-7:15pm

Andrea(SGA PVP): The sooner you get your tickets the better, they need to know how many to purchase ahead of time.

3rd Annual Fall Brawl

·         Saturday, November 22, 11:30-4:30pm

Andrea(SGA PVP): We will have the same games as last year, each college will form a team for kickball and tug-of-war.

Programs committee meeting tonight

Academic Vice President

Academic  Affairs Committee meeting tonight

Tyler(SGA AVP)My committee is going to work on changing the university honor code, to increase the scope of the violations and trim down the wordiness and preamble, and publicizes the violations more broadly.


Old Business

Low Country Food Bank

Trent(CDM rep): The event went well, we finished about an hour early .

Student Blood Drive

·         October 16th

Grace Laird(CON rep): Thanks for all who have signed up, you can sign in with Liz before 2pm, and with me after 2pm. Also please donate blood and bring a friend to donate.

New Business

Sugar Free Fall Festival

·         October 30th

 Danielle Baskin (COP rep): SGA is coming up with a booth idea, this event benefits the pediatric diabetic patients in MUSC, it is a very important night for these kids.

Charleston Miracle League

·         November 8th

Veterans Good Neighbor Center

·         November 11th

Holiday Lighting

·         December 3rd

Treasurer’s Update

·         Secretary

Old Business

Website update

Melissa(SGA Sec): The new photos and bios you filled out will go on the web soon, each college will have a page with the reps under it.  Also, your events page is updated, take a look at it to see what you still need to meet your requirements.


Fit It In Winners

Volleyball Captains’ Meeting – Oct. 28th 5:15 HSC Auditorium

·         College and Organizational Reports

Dental – no report

Graduate Studies- we rent boards out to organizations and we have extra cardboard if you need any.

Health Professionals- no report

International Student Association- no report

Medicine- no report

Multicultural Student Advisory Board- Our next meeting is nov 3rd. Tshirts are still available.

Nursing – no report

Pharmacy- Kappa Epsilon and Lula Kate Trunk are having a trunk show October 23 5-8pm “Shop for the Cure”. Students get 10% off and 20% of the sales go to the local Susan Komen Breast Cancer chapter

University Wide Committees- no report

MUSC Gives Back

World AIDS Day Awareness – Nov. 18, 19, 20th

Student Programs

Student Telephone Directories- your college will be distributing these to all the students.

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