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-Meeting Minutes- March 26, 2008

I.  President

Meeting was run by Stephen Cross, Academic Vice-President.

Speaker – Susan Hoffius, Waring Historical Library

She gave us a presentation on the digital library program. The Waring Library, built in 1894, is a library for old books and documents from the Medical Society of South Carolina. It serves all of South Carolina. They are digitalizing all the materials for online access. The rare materials will be available in full text, scanned in, and you will be able to search through the text.

Approval of March 5th minutes- approved

Old Business

        A. MUSC safety walk


Ashley Watamura sent around an evaluation for reps to document concerns.

New Business

A. Parking Registration- Begins this weekend


B. 2008-2009 SGA Officer elections

Voting began today from  8:30-5pm today and tomorrow,

Joe(CDM rep): How many people vote?

Alicia(SPO): We have had about ¼ students vote so far. We don’t have that info from last year, but we will tally it for this year.

Robin(SPO): We can try to get that number from last year.

Joe(CDM rep) Later: We had approx 500 people vote last year, and the previous year we had approx 700 people vote, when it was a contested election.

Earl B. Higgins ‘Achievement in Diversity Ward Recipients

Student: Dachelle Johnson, Faculty Liz Sheridan

Flag Bearers for Commencement

Stephen(AVP): We need one flag bearer from each college. May 16 ceremony starts at 9am, and you have to show up at 8am.

C. Student Leadership Society Nominations

Service and banquet, April 16th

Robin(SPO): Student Leadership & Service Banquet, April 16

All SGA reps are invited along with officers from all MUSC student

organizations and student volunteers who have contributed the greatest

number of hours of community service.  Service awards will be presented and the first members of the MUSC Student Leadership Society will be inducted. MUSC President Greenberg will be the speaker.

II. Programs Vice President

1. New Business

A. MUSC Happy Hour w/ CCGS and Charleston Law-  Thursday March 27th @ Mad River 6-9 pm.

Dachelle(PVP): We can only fit about 375 people, hopefully about 100 per school. You will need to bring your ID. Appetizers, limited beer and drink specials will be served.

Kate(CHP rep): Are we allowed more than 1 guest.

Dachelle(PVP): Yes as long as they have an ID.

Last minute worker slots:

Matt, Grace, Harriet, Kate Robinette, Kate Sealy, Joe, Caitlyn.

B. St. Luke’s Concert

Friday March 28th Queen Quet & de Gullah Conneckshun

Evaluation/discussion (see item A, 2. under the Treasurers report.)

Dachelle(PVP): We need a lot of people to show up for these events, please go back to your classes and let your classmates know. If you have any suggestions for new cultural events, please let us know.

Naval(Tres): From a financial point of view the cost per person is too high because not enough people are attending the events.

Claire(CON rep): What about other things instead of concerts, like foreign movies.

Adrian(CGS rep): Do you have a price comparison between piggybacking on other events, and the ones that we put on.

Julie(COM rep): How do you decide on the desserts?  The Kaminskies concert was very crowded.

Robin(SPO): The desserts are not the big expense, and we will look into that.

Matt(COM rep): Do you think you could have it during the week, and not on Friday or Saturday night.

Dachelle(PVP): We are thinking about that, and also having the concert earlier in the day.

C. Alhambra-

Saturday April 12th 

Ticket Sales

Worker List

Dachelle(PVP): I sent out the PowerPoint for everyone to look at. The worker list was posted outside, but I will pass it around again for anyone else to sign up. The coolers are for winners of the beach games. We are giving away water bottles to the first 200 people who buy tickets. We have a snow-cone guy instead of ice cream, and we will have wine coolers in addition to beer. Kevin has packets of tickets for you to sell. There will be prizes for the reps who sell all the student tickets in the packet.

III. Academic Vice President

New Business

        A. Bill No. 08-06, 2nd Reading

Bill read aloud by Sheldon Bates, CDM

Joe(CDM rep): Motion to accept by unanimous consent

Stephen: There has been a motion to accept by unanimous consent, is there a second?


Academic Affairs Committee will meet to discuss the prospective new  Functions Policy.

University Honor Council meeting upcoming April 15th

IV. Treasurer

Old Business

        A. Bingo @ Driftwood

Holly(CHP rep): We had a great time playing bingo, and the residents had a lot of fun too.

        B. St. Luke’s concert cost analysis- see above

New Business

Naval: We have 3 more events; please sign up for one if you haven’t done any yet.

        A. N. Charleston Beautification Project

Liz(SPO): This event is open ended, we can take as many people as we want.

Kids Bridge Run, April 4th

Liz(SPO): Chick-Fil-A will be providing dinner at this event

Habitat for Humanity April 19th

Liz(SPO) This event is limited to 20 volunteers, we have 5 spots left. You will need to sign a waiver. You will get a reminder for the events, and time/location.

V. Secretary

New Business

A. Communication Committee meeting

Melissa(Sec): We will have a committee meeting after this meeting. Also just a reminder to you all, please take your announcements sheets back to your classes and make sure your classmates know what’s going on.

VI. Intramurals

         A. Winter Basketball Championships

VII. Student Programs

A. Fit it In

B. Art/Photo exhibit

Alicia(SPO): We have had many submissions, they will be displayed in the hallway, and many of them will be for sale.

MUSC Gives Back

 Volunteer Resume hour reporting

Liz(SPO): Any student can create a volunteer resume through the website. This is a great way to get your entire volunteer hours recorded; April 7 is the deadline for colleges and organizations

College and Organizational Reports

Dental- no report

Graduate Studies- no report

CHP- Thanks to Robin and Kevin and everyone who helped out with the Safety Walk.

ISA- Cypress gardens trip this Saturday.

Medicine- Elections for class officers and student council. We are having a Casino Royal event to benefit the ACS Hope Lodge. You will have prizes worth the money you spend on the event, since gambling in South Carolina is illegal. We need your help to get the word out.

MSAB- End of the year banquet, April 16, 7pm at the boathouse on East Bay St.

Nursing- Reminder about relay for life, the CON team has 30 members

Pharmacy- no report

University Wide Committee reports

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