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-Meeting Minutes (Retreat Part I)- 
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
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Approval of the August 25 minutes, approved

Saturday Lunch Order

Sheldon(SGA Pres): Please fill out your lunch request for this Saturday’s  lunch.

Old Business

Introduction of New Members- everyone went around the room and introduced themselves.

SGA Notebooks

Sheldon(SGA Pres): Please take these notebooks with you, don’t leave them here.

Retreat Part II – Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sheldon(SGA Pres): We will meet at ECL at 8:30am for breakfast, please park in G lot to avoid the traffic. The bus leaves at 8:30 to the pineapple fountain. Break into committees, and then meet again to eat lunch at Tbonz from 11:30-1pm.

New Business

Blackberry Charge

Sheldon(SGA Pres): There has been a issue with the email access using a blackberry, they are charging $100 for the service. You can use your email, but you can’t sync your calendar and contacts. If you want you can pay the $100 and there is also a $25 fee.

Adrian(CGS rep): I might be able to find out how to get an external Imap for the email.

Officer Roles/Responsibilities

·         Constitution Article #

Officers read their committee descriptions aloud to the body.

·         Summary/Initiatives

·         Ideas/Selection

Sheldon(SGA Pres):  I am going to pass around this pad of paper for you to write down your ideas

·         Program Vice President

Old Business

Activities and Volunteer Fair – Evaluation sent around

Andrea(SGA PVP): Registered 67 people to vote, people want more bike racks, more study and eating areas outside, better food in the vending machines. The students really liked the kayak and outdoors events.

Night at the Museum – Evaluation sent around

Andrea (PVP): We had 240 people in attendance, 116 were students, which is great. I think the off campus, middle of the week time and location helped people come out. It cost 17$ per person.

New Business

MUSC SGA Kayak Trip

·         Saturday, October 4, 11:00am-2:00pm

Andrea(PVP): You will go around Shem Creek, the Shrimping Village, and Crab Bank Island. It is already half full, encourage your classmates to sign up.


·         Friday, October 10, 7:00-9:30pm

Andrea(PVP): The sign-up sheet  will be outside the door at next meeting, then passed around during the meeting.

MUSC Night w/ the Charleston Stage – Frankenstein

·         Friday, October 24, 7:30pm

Andrea(SGA PVP): The happy hour  is from 6:00-7:15pm at Vickerys; it will be decorated.

Andrea( SGA PVP): Also we have Charleston Ballet theatre discounted tickets, for $5.

Gina(CHP rep): Do you have to go to the box office to get the tickets?

Andrea(SGA PVP): Yes, just show your ID.

·         Academic Vice President

Old Business

School Supplies Vending Machine Suggestions

Tyler(SGA AVP): If you have anymore suggestions of what to put in these  vending machines, just write them down for me.

University Honor Code (UHC) Violations, Update

Tyler(SGA AVP): We have had 2 violations, the 1st was found guilty and will receive probation, the 2nd violation was a group of students, and they received censorship. We are trying to advertise the honor code, and push the publicity of the violations.

New Business

UHC Presentation

We showed the power point of the honor code that is now shown to the new students

Parliamentary Procedures

Exec Committee read through a script example of Parliamentary Procedure.


New Business

TV Update

Website Update

Melissa (SGA Sec): The TV and website are both updated for this month. For the new reps, take a look at the website, I have put the requirements online for you to keep up with.

Reps Roles/Responsibilities; Oath

Secretary’s Bill

The reading of the Bill’s is tabled until the next meeting; the reps did not have a copy.

Clarion Update

Melissa(SGA Sec): We are actively trying to spread the word about the Clarion Competition, please tell your classes and try to recruit people to sign up. The deadline for registering will be Sept. 19 at midnight. The workshop is scheduled for Sept 30th at 5:30 pm in the HSC Auditorium.


Old Business

Budget Presentation

2nd reading of the budget. 

Ahmed(SGA Tres): So far we have spent $3,000 activities fair, and $13,000 for barnyard bash.

New Business

Event Expense Reports

Habitat Report

Ahmed(SGA Tres) The Habitat was cancelled due to the hurricane, we will try to schedule another event.

2-Mile Wellness Run & Walk

·         Thursday, September 18, 3:00-7:00

Ahmed(SGA Tres): We have 7 people signed up for tomorrow, and there are 2 spots left.

Hope Lodge Supper

·         September 25, 6:00pm

·         Sign-up

Ahmed(SGA Tres):  We will cook them dinner, and entertain the residents and their families with bingo.

·         Intramurals

Kevin(SPO): Tennis starts this Sunday , the kickoff is from 3-5to get ranked by the tennis pro. Teams will be formed after that. The games start 9/28, and go every Sunday through 11/2.

Fit It In- incentive program for the wellness center starts 9/29. Activate your membership online or at the counter, and you will be automatically enrolled in Fit-it-In.

·         College and Organizational Reports

Dental – no report

Graduate Studies- no report

Health Professionals – no report

International Student Association- no report

Medicine- no report

Multicultural Student Advisory Board- T-shirt sale from October through December for every college. The healthcare debate from both Obama and McCain will take place either Oct 13th or the 15th. Saturday 6pm the MOJO festive starts, we will have a night of jazz. Oct 6th is our next meeting.

Nursing- welcome new reps.

Pharmacy- Please tell your classmates about the Clarion competition. This is a huge event and we really need you to spread the word!

University Wide Committees

MUSC Gives Back- no report

Student Programs

Charleston Concert Association Subscriptions

·         Sales: Mon., Sept. 8 – Wed., Oct. 15

Night w/ Charleston Battery

·         Friday, Sept. 19

·         $5 Tickets

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