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Meeting Minutes - October 14
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President  (Tyler, Academic VP in place of Sheldon, President)

Old Business

Reading of September 30th minutes:  Approved

Vending Machines
College of Pharmacy vending machines
Vendors will keep a closer eye on the stock in the machines and replenish as necessary.
Any other similar complaints, bring to SGA’s attention.
Snack vending machines will serve as pilots for a cash-free system (i.e. debit cards) and should be in place within the next month at certain locations.  Drink machines will follow after negotiations with the drink vendors.
This will be a trial basis.  We will find out if there is a fee associated with using your card. 

John (Treasurer):  Will you still be able to use cash?--Yes

New Business

Board of Trustees report
     I presented to the Board of Trustees last Thursday and spoke a great deal about smoking.  Our student survey is the first step in this process along with the Amendment to the Clean Indoor Air Act of 1990.  Mr. Berlinsky, Chairman of the Education Committee for the Board, was very supportive of this initiative.  This was also the consensus of the Board.  Mr. Berlinsky directed that initiative toward Stuart Smith (VP of Clinical Operations and Executive Director of MUSC) who verbally supported this initiative as well. The main barrier is the state law, which will need to be addressed before smoking on campus can be eliminated.
     The Exec and hopefully the SGA Body really want to emphasize smoking on-campus; the current law won’t disallow smoking on-campus since we are a state institution, but Sheldon will try to change some of the language.  The Board of Trustees is all for eliminating smoking on-campus.  Our long-term goal is to be smoke-free and our short-term goal is to move the smoking sheds from in front of the library to another location.  This will be a long process.

Dinner at the Greenbergs’ (Robin Hardin)
      Wednesday, November 18th, 6:30pm
      Please confirm your attendance
      Commit to attend; it is an honor to be at this dinner.  Deans of the colleges and other administrators come.  You cannot bring guests due to limited space.  The dinner is unique; gourmet meal, usually fish.  Check vegetarian if you don’t like fish.  We want you all to come, but please come if you say you will.  Let us know ahead of time if something changes.

Tyler:  This is a good experience to mingle with MUSC administrators.
Mackie (COP Rep):  Can we sign up later? 
Robin:  Yes, you will have 2 more meetings to sign up.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Tres Schiltz, Brad Peper

Introduction of new reps; we have Oaths of Understanding for you to sign and we have SGA notebooks for you, so see Andrea after meeting

Program Vice President (Andrea)

Old Business

Evaluations sent around
530 attending, sold-out

New Business 

SGA Movie Under the Stars – “I Love You, Man”
Friday October 23, 7:00-10:00 pm - HSC Courtyard
Sign-ups are TONIGHT
We couldn’t get a movie in theatres, so our movie is in-between theatre and DVD and was chosen by my committee.
Movie starts at 8 and will last about an hour and 45 minutes.  We’ll have a concession with popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs, and soft drinks.  It is BYOB.  You will be given a voucher worth a certain amount of money to be spent at the concession stand.  We are still working out the details on this.  If you go over on the voucher amount, you will have to pay, but it will be very cheap.

Melissa (COP Rep):  Can you get a free hot dog if you work the event?
Andrea:  Sure.  The vouchers will help us see how much we can pre-buy.  We needed a way to stay in budget.  Do you think this will be a problem?  You’ll be able to get 2 or 3 food items, and the soft drinks will probably free.   As long as it’s not storming, the movie can show.  Most likely cancelled if it rains. The screen will be where the palm trees are at the pool side of the gym. Try to get your events done because each exam break will only have 5-8 worker spots.

MUSC Exam Break (2) – Sign ups at November 11th meeting
1 – December 7, 2009 – 7:00-8:00 pm—geared toward CHP students
2 – December 14, 2009 – 7:00-8:00 pm
Don’t have to work during your exam break.  This year it will be earlier from 7-8 to have more substantial foods:  Subway sandwiches, candy, coffee, soft drinks. 

Tyler:  New reps:  try to get one event in before the semester ends; new reps meet up front at the end of the meeting to get on a subcommittee. 

Academic Vice President(Tyler)

New Business

Culture of Honor PowerPoint:  This is going around to all of the colleges.  The University Honor Council developed this presentation as a template to go to the incoming classes; the Honor Council felt there wasn’t enough awareness on the Honor Code.  This presentation explains what the code is, why we have it, and how to report violations.  This is important because the Honor Council was made by the students, for the students, and is run by the students.  The dean will get involved in a violation, but this system makes it fair since it is all student-run.  It is your responsibility to monitor your classmates and uphold the integrity of the MUSC degree.  This degree is something we cherish; if someone cheats, this hurts you and your degree.  It is important for students to report other students because we are on the frontline and we see everything.  If the students don’t make this work, it won’t work.  It is hard to turn in your friends, but the responsibility to report is on the students and this is the right thing to do.  The Honor Code only addresses academic issues because MUSC has a separate arrest policy and conduct policy.  The Honor Code can be found online at  The new revisions to the Code will be in red on the site.  The Honor Council presidents of each college should have sent you an email with the revisions.  Plagiarism, cheating on tests/quizzes, etc. are violations found in the Honor Code.  The biggest compliant:  why can’t this be anonymous when submitting?  At some point, the name will be attached so the accused has the right to face the accuser and ask questions; this is tough even though it is the right thing.  This is something we fight, but it is for the better.   The code was put in place by students to protect MUSC and to validate your degree.  If anyone comes to you with a question, direct them to honor council reps that have been elected by class.  If you are uncomfortable talking to fellow students, there are faculty advisors (see advisors on the website) or go to your dean.

Report Summer violations:  2 violations:  Plagiarism-guilty; the student had to repeat assignment with a grade of zero and received help from the Writing Center.  This student also failed the class.  The 2nd violation was an accusation of cheating and was found not guilty.  We will get updates on the Honor Council.

Mackie:  Does it come down to one student versus another?  How is a decision made?
Tyler:  Yes, this happens, but there are programs colleges use to prevent it being one student’s word against another.  For example, in the COM, they use a program with tests to see if students have similar answers, which also shows probability of cheating.  The Colleges go to great lengths so it’s not always one student versus another.  This is difficult.  Hopefully the student can talk to the faculty to watch out for students cheating if they feel like they won’t win in a case.
Andrea (Programs VP):  If you are brought in on a case,you are sitting in front of panel from your college.  The student who accuses you needs evidence to back it up.  Hopefully turning someone in the 1st time it happens will scare them so maybe it won’t happen again.  I’ve sat on these panels; there’s a lot extra that goes on.

Academic Affairs Committee meeting

Treasurer (John)

New Business

No financial report from Oktoberfest yet, at the next meeting.

Report from Charleston Miracle League (Jessica Friend):  Lots of fun, 10 people came.  E-val available if you were there.

Blood Drive update, reminder, and sign-ups (10/20-10/22, 10:00 am-4:00 pm):  60 donated yesterday, with 44 productive units because 16 were turned away.  We had 26 new donors.  These all counted toward college numbers.  Next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10-4, the Challenge continues.  We want 63 units, so encourage classes to come.

Maria (CHP Rep):  Should we sign-up online?
Sanford (COM):  Can I give before Tuesday?
John:  You can give whenever, and don’t have to sign-up before.  If you give before Tuesday, It won’t count towards your college.  This is more people we’ve had in the past, but we still haven’t met our goal.

Canon St. YMCA (10/20):  Once a month, 3-5:30 pumpkin painting.  We need 6 volunteers.  We’re also going November 17 and we’ll have a Thanksgiving theme.

AMSA Sugar Free Fall Festival (10/29)--Patrick Ryan:  Every fall the Pediatric Endocrinology Department sponsors this event.  It will be in the gym from 5-8 pm and we’ll have games for the kids and we’ll also give out candy.  Come dressed up.  Questions, email John or Ryan.

Ronald McDonald House (11/4)--Amy Marialke: from 4:30-7, we’ll prepare and serve dinner, clean up, and visit with the people there. 

Secretary (Meg)

New Business

Email System Vote:  Motion to read by title only

Tyler:  Explanation on voting process:  There were no objections to reading by title only, so we don’t have to vote on whether or not to do this.  We will have a first read, followed by a 5-minute question and answer. 
John:  Just to clarify, this is basically a continuation of the temporary bill from the spring?  (Yes)
Melissa:  This is the same bill passed earlier, but the dates will need to be changed.
Meg:  This bill was the same bill passed last spring as temporary bill based on the complaints of the past MUSC email system.  In the past, every organization on campus that was having an event sent out a separate campus-wide email advertising the event, so ultimately you received a lot of student life emails daily.  With the new Student Broadcast emails, one email is sent out every day, so the bake sales, SGA events, and other events are all advertised in one email and there are links to more information for the events.  There are two changes to this bill from the spring:  the dates at the bottom because this will now be a permanent system and also we will have the ability to send out reminder emails because currently the event is only sent out one time.
Tres (COP Rep):  Clarify on the reminders?
Alicia (Student Programs):  I control the emails.  It’s hard to see what’s going on each day.  So I’ll send out a last reminder by request only.
Maria:  If I have a bake sale, where would I submit this?
Andrea:  The website, which will then be sent to Alicia.
Melissa:  Where is the link on the website?
Alicia: It’s on the SGA site in 2 places. On the grey bar on the main screen under the scrolling images, there is a link for “Email” and also under the “Other” tab on the left menu, click on “Student Communications” and you will find “Student Broadcast Email” there as well.  We can place this link somewhere else, too, if it’s hard to find.
Tyler:  When Melissa requested a revision with the dates, this is considered a friendly amendment, where language can be changed before a vote.  The bill will read until “system” and the other wording will be taken out.  Motion for 2nd read.  Usually we would wait a meeting for the 2nd read, but this is simple.  Debate period after this.  Then we will vote.  Pro:  open palm, con:  closed fist, start with pros first.  Debate helpful in controversial system.
Sanford:  There are less emails. (Pro)

Any cons?  Motion to call to previous question to vote. 
Motion passed.

Communication Committee Meeting     

Bathroom Fliers:  My committee is going to be hanging fliers in the bathrooms around campus to advertise upcoming SGA events.  However, I only have girls on my committee, so I need two guys to hang the fliers in the men’s bathrooms.  Journey Henderson, Trent Pierce


Tennis Social:  Kevin (Student Programs): Social tomorrow night if the weather improves

Volleyball Captains’ Meeting:  October 27 at 5:15 in this room (auditorium). We’ll have 2 leagues on Sundays starting November 1

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs

CCA Discounts:  Last call on the 20th.  5 performances, 60% off all seats.

University Wide Committees:  Robin (Student Programs):  Parking email sent out about available services on-campus in the Broadcast this morning.


Graduate Studies

Health Professions

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Next meeting November 2 at noon in ECL 107

Nursing:  Cari Mitchell:  fundraiser with eco-friendly bags.  Email on Student Broadcast, if anyone has suggestions on how to contact classes.  Contact me:  3 bags for $10 or $4 for 1 bag.  If used at Bi-lo, you save a nickel.

Pharmacy:  10 minutes at the next meeting for Pub Crawl presentation.

Andrea:  AA by Harborview Tower?  I’ll trade you spot.

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