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Meeting Minutes September 16
President (Sheldon)

Old Business

New Business

            Carol (COP):  More bike racks next to COP, and microwaves in the library
            Tres (COP):  Location of smoking shed and the smoking shed between BSB and library
            Sheldon:  Is this an issue of enforcement or the fact that they are there?  Tres:  Both; mostly enforcement because people are not in the hut smoking.  Are they too small?
            Cari:  It’s a problem with the actual location because people like to sit at the tables between the BSB and library
            Tres:  Especially with the new COP building and the construction, this will be a problem because it will be a central place on campus in a couple of years
            Lauren (CON):  Problem with parking at Hagood:  after 8:30, the lot is full and they are no longer giving passes, so you have to go to Parking Management and pay $5 for a day pass, and they are only giving out 5 passes a month.  There’s no more student parking on campus this or next semester.  This ends up being a 45-min ordeal, so something needs to be done with the process.
            Sheldon:  I’ve been talking to Melinda about opening a Lockwood lot for students.
            Sanford (COM):  There is a lot on President Street/Cannon Street that they are trying to sell-MUSC should look into it.
            Sheldon:  This used to be CC lot and we used to lease it.
Megan (CHP):  I bought an AA spot, but the lot is filled at 8.  They need to enforce who is parking there.
Sheldon:  So where do you park when this happens?
Megan:  They will let you in President St Garage if your lot is full and you call Parking ManagemenT
Andrea:  They oversell the lots. 
Trent (CDM):  The pigeon population is a problem.
Cari:  Back to parking, Bee Street garage is full, but from 4:30 pm-7 am, the lot is open so you can go in early without your ID, so enforcement is a problem.
Linnea (CGS):  They do ticket there.
John:  They are very strict about ticketing.
Jessica (CHP):  Water device in the horseshoe, maybe a fountain?
Maria (CHP):  Dodgeball.  My class liked that idea. 
Andrea:  There are 2 leagues in town.
Mackie (COP):  We need covered bike racks, maybe in stairwells.
Erin (CGS):  In the courtyard between BSB and library, there are not enough benches at tables

Program Vice President (Andrea)

New Business 

           Mackie:  Do students need to bring ID?
Andrea:  No, just use your better judgement about letting people in because this is a private event.  We will have bartenders serving alcohol, so bring ID.  You’ll also need to make sure people don’t walk out on the streets with alcohol because this is illegal.
Carol:  Clarification on the clean-up shift:  a clean-up counts as 2 events? (Yes)
Andrea:  We also invited Dr. Greenberg, and Dr. Shaw.

Academic Vice President (Tyler)

New Business

Treasurer (John)

New Business

Liz (MUSC Gives Back):  This is an association to help kids living with disabilities, so we will need volunteers to help children walk, push wheelchair, etc.  There is a special ball field for people in wheelchairs/walkers.

          Tyler:  We’ve already had 1st read, where it was presented to the Body for the first time.  We have 2 reads so you can digest it.  If you have to pass something quickly, it can be done in one meeting, but usually two.  John wants to motion to read by title only, which can be seconded.  Objections?  So no objections and the motion carries.

         John:  We have updated numbers; nothing has been taken away, but some information has been added (column for net expenses, cost per person, attendance at the event so you know how much money we spent, how much tickets brought in, etc.)

        Sheldon:  2 min Q&A.  Debate for 2 min since no questions.  Vote.

        Tyler:  Sheldon called previous question, s o we vote.  We have a hand vote; if room is 50/50, you can call division to count to make sure correct.  Budget approved.

Secretary (Meg)

New Business

Intramurals (Kevin)

Andrea:  You have to be a Wellness Center member to play?  Can you pay to just play intramurals?

Kevin:  Yes, if you are eligible to play intramurals.  Eligible players are: MUSC students, MUSC students’ spouses; MUSC staff/faculty; and Wellness Center community members.  If students’ spouses or MUSC staff/faculty are not Wellness Center members, they must pay $5. (if a student’s guest) or $10.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs (Robin)

Willette (Programs):  Meeting in the next couple of weeks before Oct 16 meeting, free food.

Alicia (Programs):  Scrolling images on the website for the month for CAPS and Student Health. I need two male volunteers for models from 2-4:30 Friday with Jessica and Amanda.  (Mackie and Will)

University Wide Committees

Sheldon:  HSC Wellness Advisory Board:  This is another way we have input; we just started a spinning class this week.  Increasing programs all the time, anything you want to see in HSC, let me know.  Last 2 years, we have increased the hours, which is why we close at 10. 

Mackie:  Photography classes?  They had them last year.  Maybe boxing?  Other workouts.

Andrea:  Photography will be going on, check Student Broadcast

Linnea:  They tested boxing class once a week with James, but not a large response.  They are getting TRX machine for exercising and there will be classes.  Look for announcements; you will need an instructor.

Dental:  Trent:  new dental school open students can receive care for a fee.  See Sheldon, Seay, or Trent.  We can do things other than cleanings.  State-of-the-art, new technology.          

Sheldon: Screening for Board patients, we will do things for free.

Graduate Studies:  Linnea:  Academic Portal meeting earlier today.  The Portal is like iGoogle so you can personalize your own page with information for your college, WebCT, Blackboard, etc.  There are complaints about searching on the webpage now, but they were very open to what we would want.  Suggestions: the ability to personalize you page with weather, news, calendar, etc.  Hoping to start in the spring.

Tyler:  Piloting study in CHP starting in the next couple of months, then going to the other classes.  Lots of potential; student announcements, class, college, university information, Facebook chat.  We want students to talk about this when it starts; we will get a speaker on this as a sneak peek.

Health Professions

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Next meeting October 15 at noon at ELC 107



Sheldon:  Committee distribution, divide up into committees

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