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Meeting Minutes September 2, 2009

     Associate Provost for Education and Student Life – Dr. Darlene Shaw

       Dr. Shaw: As Associate Provost, I work for services supporting MUSC Students, such as CAPS, the Wellness Center, and diversity.   We are trying to make MUSC  a great experience.  I would like to congratulate you on your position on SGA; this is a position of leadership and being chosen by peers is an important role.  You are the voice of classes and groups on campus.  We rely on you for our needs and what direction to go in.  Collaboration is what defines us.  We need to know what your needs and wants are.  We collaborate with teachers in your colleges.  We want active teachers in the classrooms with Student Life.  Student Life serves as our representatives for the student voice; we want to advocate for you as students and what you want to happen at MUSC.  You know what is going on, so work with us to represent our students and help guide the administration.  We have great folks working with us; in a survey, 94% of students said they made the right choice in choosing MUSC.  Out of all of the offices surveyed, between 80-98% of students were happy with the offices being evaluated, such as the Wellness Center.  This is a continuing issue so we need you.  Sheldon and Tyler could not be better representatives for you; they have built great relationships with trustees, Dr. Greenberg, Dr. Raymond, and myself.  They carry SGA messages back to Student Life, and serve as a good face for SGA and the student body.  The Student Programs leaders are great as well.   For the Back to School party, how many of you went?  It was great.  Again, welcome to MUSC and congratulations again for being elected to SGA.  Does anyone have any questions?

       Sheldon:  Dr. Valerie West was in this position before Dr. Shaw.  I established a  close relationship and connection with them then.  Dr. Shaw is a great advocate for us at that level.  We will be taken care of.  What do we want to see happen with the university administration?  Thank you Dr. Shaw.

       Dr. Shaw:  As an example of what we accomplished, the students wanted Wellness Hours extended, despite the increased cost.  We pushed through and caused a 32% increase in student business by working together.  Also, H1NI virus is now coming into the colleges.  We need to learn the proper-etiquette, and we will add hand sanitizers in classrooms.  Please stay home if sick and don’t shake hands in greeting.  Develop a “flu buddy” who will go to the drug store for you or go home.  More information to come.  Student programs has great events coming this year.


Old Business

New Business

               Melissa:  Is this like the Welcoming Diversity workshop? 
               Willette:  There is a twist because of the IP Team Skills building.  If you were a Presidential Scholar last year, it will be slightly different with a different focus.
               Andrea:  Email Meg if you can’t make it.  Must be a worthwhile excuse.

Program Vice President               

Old Business 
Back to School Party

New Business 

Academic Vice President

New Business

          Tres:  Use MUSC Alert Messages?  Can go to email and phone.
          Tyler:  Don’t want to abuse cell phone text—there is a long list of recommendations.  Want to get it out without text; can do emails.  Students delete emails.  Would Twitter/Facebook work?
          Amanda:  University email for swine flu is fine instead of Student Broadcast
          Sheldon:  Stand-alone email will be best; wont have to get to link
          Tres:  Put it on the homepage
          Tyler:  The administration is looking to students and especially SGA on this and the library policy.  Administration sees us as student representatives for the whole school. If you suspect someone is sick, go talk to them, talk to professor.  Same for library use policy.  Your duty is to remind them to respect the policy.  Come to me/Sheldon if that doesn’t work.  We depend on that.


New Business

          Tres:  How are the cash reserves done? 
          John:  that’s a good point.  For the new reps, the issue last year:  fund for “cash reserve” and what we would allocate to organizations that want SGA support.  Issues on where the funds came from, and what happens if we didn’t use the funds.  We have now separated them—separate allocations and cash reserve.  SGA allocations are used to fund organizations for campus-wide activities.  The cash reserves are used as a cushion for us if we go over-budget or if we need to move some things around.  Issue last year; hopefully this will resolve it.  For now, this is a general outline; more detail and finalized later.  At the next meeting, we will have all of the budget and the extra info you need.  One other thing, if we don’t do an event this year we had last year, we still included it with no expenditure.  Likewise, new event for this year, kind of the reverse.

Allocations vs. cash reserve and appropriate way to request SGA funds for event (refer to constitution)—see above
Melissa:  Why aren’t we doing the Student Activities Fair this year?
Logistics with cafeteria and the tent; can’t do it. 
Andrea:  Tried to find other areas on campus.  Didn’t think students would go.
Melissa:  When will the cafeteria be finished?
Sheldon:  Supposed to be 4 months from May, but there is a backup.  Couple more months?
John:  We’ll vote on the 16th; think about this. Questions, concerns.  Allocations funds…get this out to groups now.  Allocations especially for groups on campus (colleges, ISA) for campus-wide events that includes everyone.   If people have an event, there is new form online on the website.  Once filled out, bring to me or another exec. at least 2 meetings before so we have time to have a reading and vote on this.  The farther ahead, the better.  This was an issue last year…must be submitted at least 2 meetings ahead of time.  If we don’t have a meeting, we’ll take that into consideration.  Rep. of group must be present at the first reading to answer questions.

Sheldon:  in order to get the $ from our account, it takes an additional 2 weeks b/c of paperwork.  Take into consideration.
John:  Don’t wait…won't be successful.  Questions?


New Business

Intramurals (Kevin)

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs—Robin Hardin

University Wide Committees

Dental:  Nothing to report           

Graduate Studies:  Nothing to report

Health Professions:  Nothing to report

International Student Association:

Medicine:  Nothing to report

Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Matthew: Our next meetng is Sept. 14th at noon in room 107 in the library.  Anyone is welcome!

Nursing:  Journey:  The Doctorate of Nursing Practice is a new program this year.

Pharmacy:  Mackie:  We have a busy year.  Midyear for ASP is in Charleston over Halloween weekend so we’ll have lots of business and traffic.  We’re also having the Christmas Crawl again.  I want to get everyone involved, so I will email the president of each college.  I have a slideshow to show each class to get more involvement, so I’ll be in touch with you.

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