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Meeting Minutes September 30, 2009

Speaker: Dr. Tom Basler, Director of Libraries and Learning Resource Centers

Bob Poyer, Asst. Director of Libraries for Public Services and Education

Dr. Basler:  I come twice a year to keep you updated.  We have a Wii on the 4th floor of the library, which has been a good time (and no, we didn’t use state funds for this!)There is a copy of Rosetta Stone in Spanish, and we also have medical Spanish and noontime medical Spanish courses.  There are also 2 computer classrooms that are capable of the Mac/Windows conversion, and there are emergency buttons on two floors.

Bob Poyer:  Access Medicine:  We no longer have MDConsult, but we do have unlimited use for AccessMedicine.  This is important because it gives you access to textbooks such as Harrison’s, and current diagnosis and treatment.  Try AccessMedicine because you do have access.

                John (SGA Treasurer):  Why was MDConsult dropped? 

                Dr. Basler:  For financial reasons; there was a lawsuit over this.  We gave up staff and many materials, even though it was used by many people.  These are tough choices.  We are working on our ancient webpage as far as redesign goes, and we will need student testers.  (Passed out sign-up to help envision Learning Commons and to test the website).  Reminders:  practicing for presentations, you can use library rooms after 5 pm, come sign up at the desk.  Safety:  be aware.  The library is now open all the time, but we (the employees) have to go home.  This shortens hours due to staffing.  Remember to be safe.  I am pleased that you have been safe, and now other colleges are starting to have open hours, also.  Thank you for being safe.  We have 16 security cameras, safety buttons, and we are connected to Public Safety.  Don’t invite other people in; the library is just for you.  Library hours will be shrinking due to staff changes. 

Learning Commons:  This was seen in your undergrad; new idea for medical colleges.  This will take a few years, but it will be started now.  This will take money and time to get implemented for the current and future needs.  We want to transform our old 1970 building to make it better, which means the paper collection will be taken out because it isn’t being used.  This space will be then be used for group areas and individual areas.  We currently aren’t supporting the group areas.  We will also update staff: (4) members that can help with PowerPoints, Integrity, and we can teach one-on-one, in groups, etc. and also help the faculty.  This will start soon.  We will partner with academic areas on campus on educational matters.  We do want student input, so come talk to us, email us and tell us what you need, and we would like to try new ideas with you to get your input.  We need your help. 

Waring Library:  Tuesday, October 27 at 5:30: Dr. James Edmonson in BSB on dissection room photos and representations.  You are invited.

     Tyler (SGA Academic VP):  Thank you Dr. Basler and Mr. Poyer; they really care about the students and the environment we have and they are strong student advocates.

     Sheldon (SGA Pres):  Library staffing hours?

     Dr. Basler:  Currently unable to predict.  The staff will stay in the evenings.  We can make appointments via email/Facebook.  We are cutting desk staff, but we will have more specialized services. 

     Sheldon:  Library Commons—plan?

     Dr. Basler:  we will offer some things immediately and have already recruited 4 staff members, but we also have to work within staff system.  We would like to open 4th floor 24/7. 

     Sheldon:  For the stimulus money MUSC has received…

     Dr. Basler:  Yes, we did lose $450,000 and we got back $160,000 from Stimulus; we also got money from Community Outreach.  98% funding used to come from the state, but now only 48% comes from them and you pay some.  Hospital puts in indirectly.  We are in the top 5 medical libraries in the country.

     Shelley (CON Rep):  Students have noticed there isn’t a lost-and-found area.  The 4th floor is also very helpful.

     Dr. Basler:  Bring it to the 4th floor desk or 2nd floor desk.  We will do better with this.

President (Sheldon)

Old Business

                Reading of September 16th minutes:  Approved

                SGA Retreat Feedback:  Passed around sheet with suggestions, feedback

                Retreat Absences (Part I) – Notebooks:  Who didn’t make it to the first part of the retreat the Wed before?  See me after the meeting for your SGA notebook.

New Business

                Smoking on campus survey – Questions:  New survey modeled after Medical College of Georgia in an effort to ban smoking for staff, patients, and students.  We’re going to start with students, then faculty.  Any suggestions for questions?  Should we allow smoking to patients during stressful times?  Passed around sheet.  We want to ban smoking on campus, which was one of the reasons for the smoking huts.  I’m working with state legislature so we can by-law work on smoking.  Comments?  Smoking huts are in a bad place. 

                Parking Registration Discussion:  Currently parking is seniority with MNA switching. So the longer you have been at MUSC,you get 1st dibs unless the incoming student has special needs and can switch MNAs with an upper classman.  Feedback from you or your classes?  Suggestion for first-right of refusal for spot so that if you have space, the next year you get it unless you refuse it.  This year we’re going to have two weekends to register.              

                                Melissa (COP Rep):  MNA switching is good, but how many people use it?

                                Sheldon:  Last year zero, but we still need to have it.

                                Andrea (SGA Programs VP):  We have enough spaces for students who want parking.                                    Sheldon:  The BB lot is still available for students.

                                Amanda Backus (CHP Rep):  Students are unaware that parking is still available.  Now that parking is available, people don’t know.  We need to communicate this to the student body.

                                Andrea:  Reps should let classes know about this.

                                Sheldon:  Broadcast email may work well.

                                Robin (Programs):  Amanda, clarification.  People just happen to find out that there is parking.  We need to ask Parking Management to not release spots until Broadcast email sent out.

                Student Welfare Committee Meeting Afterwards

                Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Seay Walker, Katherine Shugart

Program Vice President (Andrea)

Old Business

                MUSC Art Walk

                Evaluations:  Sheet passed around; suggestions for next year

                Huge success; Cultural Projects Council will want to do this annually. 859 total attending.  The largest turn-out ever for cultural event

                                Tres (COP Rep):  $10 a person? 

                                Yes, John will give update.  Cru Catering was great.  Suggestions? 

                                Telma (ISA Rep):  Some galleries ran out of food before others.

                                Andrea:  We only planned for 350-400 so I’m surprised we didn’t run out earlier.  We will take this into account next year.

New Business 


                Friday, October 9, 7:00-10 pm – HSC Courtyard

                Sign-ups TONIGHT

                Every spot filled except 1 from 9-10:  Amanda Backus.  Kevin and I have selected several imported beers; we will make sure they are quality.  Should be a good event; we have the band 15 South, who is the MUSC band from COM.  Last year we had a student band and it went well.  From 7-10 in the courtyard; we will bring into the gym if it rains like it did last year.  Brats, hamburgers, pretzels, dipping sauces, potato salad, sauerkraut.

                                Lauren Bennett (CON Rep):  Define courtyard-where we took pictures last year?

                                Andrea:  Straight back from the gym.  If it’s inside, it will be as you go into the gym.  Tickets on sale for $10.

                SGA Movie Under the Stars

                Friday October 23, 7:00-10:00 pm - HSC Courtyard

                Sign-ups will be held at the Oct 14th meeting at 5:00PM outside the front door.

                If it rains, cancellation.  We cannot move the screen inside.  Hot dogs, candy, chips, popcorn, soft drinks, BYOB, bring a tailgating chair/blanket to watch the movie.

                                Melissa:  How many worker spots?

                                Andrea:  5-8 max, depending on how much man-power we need (no ID checking).  Several movie suggestions; can’t get a movie that’s in the theatre now, but we can have one between theatre and DVD.  Vote on which top two you want, then my committee will pick.  We can also take suggestions for other movies already out on DVD, but it must be PG-13.

                Kayak Trip

                Sat., Oct. 10, 10:00am - 2:00pm

                Quenby Creek

                Student Programs to sign up; $25

                Programs Committee Meeting

Academic Vice President(Tyler)

New Business

                UHC meeting

                Violation update:  College of Pharmacy:  2 charges over the summer for cheating:  one not guilty, one guilty.  The sanction was a written letter of reprimand on student’s transcript.  2 College of Medicine charges, but the COM president hasn’t given me the verdicts yet.

                We met on Tuesday and the new amendments were passed by the Dean’s Council, which was a year-long process.  Each class should get an email from the UHC president with the new updates.  Online, it can be found at and the changes are made in red.  All the changes are for the better.  Students may have questions about this, so direct them to the website.

                Parliamentary Procedures – PowerPoint:  Presentation shown on Robert’s Rules of Order made by Ahmed and myself; we introduced you to this at the last meeting.  Many organizations use these rules to have an efficient meeting run in a democratic fashion so there isn’t one dictator; the power is given to everyone.  Legislation is a bill and a resolution; we will work on the resolution, like with moving the smoking huts.  When we do amendments, we have the 1st read and 2nd read, like what we did with the budget.  The 1st read is just for information and is not supposed to be a debate.  This session can be extended.  2nd read to debate the topic, which can also be extended.  Start with a pro (open hand), closed fist is con.  Motion to call to question, or vote.  How you vote:  motion, 2nd, etc.  Don’t want this to be a hindrance, it is supposed to be efficient and allow everyone to speak.  This can be confusing.  Last year we had an issue with can you make an amendment to amendment?  If I write a bill and someone doesn’t like it, a friendly amendment can be made and voted on.  Most close each one before opening another question.  So start with a big idea, then change smaller things, close them, go back to bigger idea to help the democratic process.  There is a handout in your binder.  Try to learn this for now and future meetings.

                Next meeting:  Honor Code presentation; late last spring we sent a survey out to all students about their attitude and understanding of the University Honor Code.  Created a template PowerPoint about the Honor Code for every incoming class so we maintain integrity.


                Sherry Bailey is going to handle National Primary Care Week with my committee; we will give updates about what is going to be happening.  Encourage every student to attend.


Old Business

                Financial report for Art Walk:  2nd page of budget $8500 budgeted; expenses over $9000, so we are over on this budget, but we had 859 people attend, so $10.71 per person.  The Back to School party was $12.97 a person, so this is good.  Even though we are over $800, when we make a budget, we try to overshoot, and we are generally under-budget on things and we do have a $1000 cushion, and we should be fine financially on everything else.  We did have to buy more wine.  The most expensive part was the catering:  $4500. 

New Business

                Crisis Ministries Men's Shelter Dinner report (Payton Foust, COM):  Went very well;everyone was appreciative.  The food was good.  We did run out of food.  Liz was there to help.

                Blood Drive reminder and update:  I have been trying to talk to people about this.  It will be on the 13th.  Sign-up sheet for working passed around.  Even if you are working, please give blood before or after.  Go to to sign up or you can walk-in.  As of Monday, we had 8 online appointments out of 90 reserved.  We don’t expect all 90 reserved, but we want 40 or so to allow for some walk-ins.  Please go out in community to tell people about this; you don’t have to be an MUSC student to participate.  We have 18 slots the next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and we have 5 total signed up.  This week is for MUSC students only.  Tell people that they can come the next week as a walk-in or sign-up beforehand.  We are also trying to raise money for charity, so this is new.  We are sending out info through MUSC Gives Back.  Even if you go and can’t give, the fact that you try to give will count towards your college.

                Charleston Miracle League (10/3):  This Saturday.  We have 12 people signed up, but we have room for a couple more.  Sheet passed around to sign up.  Please fill out registration forms, even if you’re already signed up and give back to me before this weekend.  There will be an email sent out before Saturday.  We’ll be there from 9-1; meet here and drive together.  Jessica Friend will be there leading this.  Contact her, me, or Liz if you have questions.

                Cannon St. YMCA sign-up (10/20):  Monthly visit from 3-5:30.  My committee is working on something to do, maybe pumpkin carvings?  Three signed up, maybe 3 more?  Also November 17 if you want to sign up now.

                Service committee meeting tonight; brief

                From November to December I will be out of town on my Family Medicine rotation, so I will need someone to fill-in for me for 6 weeks.

Secretary (Meg)

New Business

                Website Updates  Worker Requirements

                As of today, the SGA website should be updated with everyone’s service projects and worker positions from the Back to School Party and the Art Walk.  Please look at the page and let me know if anything needs to change.

                Bathroom Advertising

                We are starting a new system of advertising SGA events around campus.  We have clear announcement holders that will be placed on the inside of bathroom doors in the BSB, library, COP, and maybe the CON.  For now they will just have SGA events advertised because we do have the SGA TV in the library advertising other events.

                Email System Vote – October 14th

                On the 14th we’re going to be voting on the Broadcast email system and whether or not we want to keep this system or go back to the old email system.  Please talk to your classes about this and get their feedback because you will be voting on their behalf.

                                Sheldon:  We wanted to try out the emails, so far it has worked, but we need feedback.  Do people get more information the other way?  Please go back to your classes to get feedback.

                                Erin (CGS):  The alternative is individual emails?  The Portal will help with advertising.

                                Andrea:  You see an event one day, but you never see it again, so you have to go to the website.  The Portal will help with the ongoing schedule.

                                Sheldon:  Is it helpful to keep a reminder on the emails?

                                Alicia (Programs):  We can vote on this.  Current policy is to only have the announcement go out once.

                                Willette (Programs):  Does the Broadcast negatively impact attendance at events? 

                                Andrea: Meg and I have been sending out a flyer with pictures for the events; has this been a good thing?  Are y’all sending these out?       

                                Amanda Backus:  We advertise these in CHP on the big screen, so we can put these up.

                                Melissa:  For the BTS party, I couldn’t send it out because too large.

                                Andrea:  For Oktoberfest, we’ll send it out Monday or Tuesday before the event. 


Tennis Social:  Kevin (Porgrams)—reminder on October 15 from 7-10 pm on the HSC courts, free refreshments and tennis pro

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs (Robin)

CCA Discount Tickets:  Reminder these are still on sale til October 14th

University Wide Committees


Graduate Studies

Health Professions

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  meeting Monday ECL 107, 1 pm

Nursing: (Lauren Bennett)  We’re doing a fundraiser for CON SGA.  We’re selling bio-friendly bags like the grocery store bags that say MUSC, royal blue, $4 or 3 for $10.  Good for the gym, lunch, beach bag. Part of the proceeds will go towards graduation, and part is for the next class.  We will bring them to the next meeting and we’re also selling them at the Friday Farmers’ Market.  We’ll let you know the date.

Pharmacy:  Mackie needs to meet with President of each college if they are here.

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