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Meeting Minutes - December 1, 2010
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Speaker:  David McNair speaking on 2010-2011 Strategic Plan for MUSC.  Dr. Greenberg asked me to work on this last year.  I am excited about this plan and the ways we are following through with this.  Dr. Betsy Pilcher and I have been working on this with another in the President’s Office.  The President/VP outlined where they saw MUSC going:  we need entrepreneurship, increase in technology/innovation, to look at global efforts (not just state of SC), and continue to be a leader in interdisciplinary.  120 people worked on this across the campus from the six colleges.  My wish is that your pride in MUSC will continue to grow.  On the main MUSC site under Administration, the plan is online.  We are trying to stay green.  We re-wrote our mission and values.  We are re-positioning so we are more self-sufficient and less dependent on state funds.  MUSC is recognized as a leading college in the country in interprofessional skills.  We want this to be more than educational, and we want growth clinically.  We want to maximize the technology we have through education and also take advantage of emerging technologies.  There are opportunities for new revenue.  Charleston Regional Development Alliance looks to see how we can help economically.  They have created a document ranking Charleston versus other areas and they look to see how innovative we are.  We are #52.  They are looking to MUSC to help this and we do have the resources to help this through research, so we will pay a key part in this.  Entrepreneurship:  we have a lot of talent, and if they have commercialism.  There is not a good environment for people with good ideas to invest that and take ideas to a commercial level.  We will rewrite promotion/tenureship programs, as well as recruitment of students.  This will be an exciting shift.  Charleston is at 93 for entrepreneurship.  We are a community of small businesses, so our score looks better than it really is.  Globalization is the most popular topic.  Most people think of outreach, but we need to coordinate it better.  We are also talking about joint programs internationally, and using these programs more across research and education.  We will have a center for global health and another for entrepreneurship.  This is a five-year plan.  I am excited about the avenues for partnership with other universities, philanthropy because we can interest others we have never accessed before.  To make it happen, the plan will go to every college, then to yearly plans to make sure it is balanced.  Dr. Greenberg has started an Implementation Committee with the dean of each college on the committee and representatives from all the colleges.  This may take a year or two before you see the impact, but it will make a huge difference.

President Carol Brown sitting in for Tyler Pierce

Old Business

Reading of November 10, 2010 minutes:  approved

Greenberg dinner follow-up:  This was the first time in history that everyone signed up actually showed up, so great job and it was definitely noticed!  We also have thank you emails from SGA members and from Dr. Greenberg, Dr. Shaw, and Susan Masters as well.

New Business

Bike racks:  The new racks are here!  The dental racks are behind the building.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Crystal Johnson, Obi (COM Reps)

Program Vice President:  Erin Pardue

New Business 

Exam Break in ECL lobby – Dec. 6 & 13, 7-8 PM:  free Chick-fil-A and other snacks

Oyster Roast at Visitors’ Center bus shedJan. 7, 7-10:30 PM; Tickets available in Student Programs on the 4th; $10 for students (2 per ID), $13 for non-students or at door for $12 and $15, respectively 

Academic Vice President:  Carol Brown

New Business

iPads and iPod touches now available for check-out in the library for a week at a time.  Right now it is just limited to the students, then it will be opened up to faculty/staff. You can personalize them with your email, and then they will clear everything out before the next person checks it out.

ECL Learning Commons – food vendors in horseshoe and lobby ; First 3 Wednesdays in December (1, 8, 15):  Will have a healthy choice and a decadent choice

Treasurer:  John Brandt

Old Business

Feedback and participation evaluation from Hospice Candle Lighting event:  Amanda Pirovitz (CHP Rep):  it went well

Holiday Lighting Event:  Today; went very well.  Thanks for coming!

Fall Budget Review:  at your places.  If we spend the exact amount we are expecting to, we have made a profit.  Intramurals, we do have a negative balance.  These are complete.  Publications was minimal.  Cultural, we have a $800 negative balance due to the Art Walk, which we are still working on.  Educational $984 profit.  Service has not gotten a final number yet, but we should be positive there.  Our only allocations request is from PLS, which we have $900 to.  We did not use the cash reserves fund, so we are $6000 positive overall, which will roll over to the spring, which is more expensive.

New Business

Service sub-committee meeting


Secretary:  Meg Croom

Exam Break Powerpoint will be emailed out tonight, so please forward along to your classes.

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

Flag football champions:  competitive league is Club Med, noncomp was Don’t Squeeze the Juice, and it was their 4th year winning

Basketball captains’ meeting:  Tuesday, January 4th at 5:15 pm in this room for four-on-four basketball

Soccer:  drawing interest; I only have had 50 students respond, so remind your classes to email  The lowest amount is 211 players.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan

Student Programs:  Willette Burnham


Graduate Studies

Health Professions: sub for Clint:  Ronald McDonald reminder.  Tomorrow night with two sign-ups left for bands.  We will be selling shirts and coozies tomorrow in the library.  Doors open at 7, concert at 8, real concert afterwards, then after-party at Beer Works.

International Student Association:  Wenjun He:  Bake sale this Friday from 11-1pm with international baked goods.  We will have a table in the hospital and in front of the library.  The money goes to the Hope Lodge dinner we are supporting on the 16th.


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Matt Tice:  Meeting Monday in the nursing building 321.

Nursing:  Journey Henderson (CON Rep):  We have students graduating Saturday.

Pharmacy:  Meg:  Overall, the Pharmacy Pub Crawl was a great success.  Numbers of how much money was raised aren’t in yet, but we raised a lot of money and many presents were donated.  There are still some gift wishes remaining on the Christmas trees around campus, so please take one and grant a child’s Christmas wish!

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