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Meeting Minutes - November 10, 2010
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Speaker:  Ida Spruill, CTSA Biobank:  part of CON faculty; MUSC in the process of establishing Biobank, where MUSC will collect unused labs/blood from patients, where information can be collected.  This will be used for genetic research, so we need to have a plan to involve the community to see how people feel about this.  Any unused portion of labs can be used, including students’ labs.  We need your perceptions about this, and I am interested in your ideas.  If you want me to come talk to individual schools I can.  We have a small grant to elicit the support of students, faculty, and staff.  The last part of the grant is a survey that will be sent to all patients from the past six months.  We want to educate the students about what we are doing and find the best way to send the survey.  This is new for S.C., and we are basing our system off of Vanderbilt’s Biobank; there are six Biobanks globally.  The ones with the most success have involved the community because we need to be mindful of what people are signing to do and why.  Patients may ask you about this.  We want this to be a good thing.  My grant is for twelve months and we are particularly interested in students and in particular six counties where patients have come from, and we will be going to these counties to see how to generate partnerships.

President:  Tyler Pierce

Old Business
Reading of October  27th minutes:  Approved

New Business
Dinner at the Greenberg’s – Directions:  these will also be emailed out.  Please remember that if you sign up, come!  If something comes up, email Nadia beforehand (  Dress is business-attire; men should wear ties.
Bike Racks on the way!  We are not sure when they will be delivered.  The older bike racks have been repaired.
Traffic at the Bee Street Garage:  We have been told this will take awhile, but by December 15th things should be better.
Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Thomas Knackstedt, Crystal Johnson (COM Reps)

Program Vice President:  Erin Pardue

Old Business
Night at the Charleston Stage Evaluation:  over 100 people came; please let me know if you have ideas for other cultural events

New Business
Young Artist Series at CofC, class="apple-style-span"Monday, Nov. 15 at 8:00pm:  Recital Hall, Simons Center for the Arts, 54 St. Philip Street with FREE tickets for MUSC students!!  Nine different performances including guitar, cello, etc. of CofC students.
Chamber Music Charleston - MUSC Intermezzo Concert Series:  Wednesday, Dec 1st  –  12:00-12:45pm; class in the ECL lobby
Exam Breaks:  Exam Break I - Monday, Dec 6th – 7:00-8:00pm; Exam Break II - Monday, Dec 13th – 7:00-8:00pm on the first floor of the ECL with Chick-fil-a
Program Committee meeting afterwards

Academic Vice President:  Carol Brown

New Business
Jewelry Sales in the ECL:  last year students complained about these because they were in the way.  I talked to Dr. Shaw, who is going to try to move it outside of the lobby.  She is talking to Volunteer Services about this.
Crosswalk at Baruch and Pharmacy building on Calhoun St:  This is a big problem for COM and COP, as well as general employees.  I met with Melinda Anderson and Michael Mathis (Parking Management and City’s Traffic Office); hopefully in the next month, extra signs will be put up because one of the signs is currently covered by trees and people run by the traffic lights.  We are going to try to get flashers put up because we can’t have flags without a light.  The flashers are $10000, so we have to send a letter to the Department of Transportation.

Printer in library on 2nd floor has been installed, so paper issue should be resolved.

Treasurer:  John Brandt

Old Business
Feedback from Sugar Free Fall Festival:  SGA had a cornhole table for the kids.
Night at the Charleston Stage expense report:  almost $700 underbudget; cost per person around $13

New Business
November 18th:  Hospice of Charleston Candle Lighting Pre-Event Assistance 5:30-7:30PM
December 1st:  Holiday Tree Lighting; 3:00-5:30PM; Santa will be Travis Ayers (COM Rep); Four elves:  Alicia Hoffart, Emma Carter, Regan Root, Erin Pardue.  You will get an email about fittings and your responsibilties

Secretary:  Meg Croom
Clarion Competition:  November 19th, ECL 121 12:15-12:30 interest meeting
Actual competition:  March 1st 5:30 pm; SGA sponsors the reception and there will be a few worker spots for this event. 


Soccer start up:  Thomas Tyner; we are interested in having this for students.  I have talked to Kevin, and we just need to have enough interest.  I emailed our class, and we had more than 10% respond with interest.  The next step is for you to email you classes about this.  It would be indoor, co-ed.  Email with names and college just saying you are interested.  It would probably not start by this coming spring.  It is more expensive to play in Mt. Pleasant.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan; at each spot, there is a reminder about the Holiday Lighting.  There is an opportunity for you to act as hosts to guests (children from hospital, afterschool) and you would be there to great the children.  Contact MUSC Gives Back.  We will see all of you at 3:45 at the tree, then the event begins at 4 and we will have a reception and caroling.

Student Programs

University Wide Committees

Dental:  Credit card machine in CDM doesn’t work.

Graduate Studies:  Dina Moseley; We are having a canned food and toiletry drive until November 29th.  Donor boxes are on the first floor of BSB.

Health Professions:  Jay Wagner; Ronald’s Rock Fest on December 2nd at Music Farm.  We have four bands now; we will sell tickets in CHP and hopefully in the library.

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Social last week.  Next meeting December 6th, and we will give out gift cards.


Pharmacy: Andy Curtis (COP Rep):  Christmas Charity Pub Crawl next Friday.  I will be coming to talk to colleges in the next few days to give more information.  I have flyers for you to put up in your colleges, and please tell your classes about this.  It benefits the Carolina Youth Development Center.  I’ll email out information.  Meet at Mad River, all of the bars have drink and food specials.

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