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Meeting Minutes - October 27, 2010
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Speaker: Ronald McDonald Airband fundraiser:  Andy, Gavin (CHP)—MHA program fundraiser.  Anyone can participate through donating to RM; Thursday, December 2, from 7-9 pm at Music Farm.  Tickets can be purchased online or at Music Farm, also sold on-campus.  Tyler has our contact information.  You do get a tshirt for participating.  The first 12 bands will participate, with max of 6 people to participate at $10/person.  There will be judges from MUSC, the Stingrays, and hopefully one more celebrity judge.  There will be different criteria such as audience reactions, creativity, and how the band lip-syncs for judging purposes.  After the competition, another local band will be performing.  Tickets $8 in advance, $10 at the door; not limited to MUSC-only, so non-MUSC students can participate in the bands and attend.  We are also looking for sponsors for this event, and we do have a Facebook page:  Ronald’s Rock.

President:  Tyler Pierce

Old Business

Reading of October 13th minutes:  Approved

New Business

Pitts Lectureship; Friday, Octover 29th, need 4 volunteers.  This has happened at MUSC for over a decade.  This is a panel debate and should be interesting.  Need two people to help with registration in the morning and two in the afternoon; email me if you are interested.
Smoking resolution update:  We started this last year.  We have hospital and central admin support, but we are at stand-still until the elections are over because currently nothing is being passed.  We knew this was going to be a long process, and hopefully it will get started again in December/January.  Our lobbyists do believe this will get passed because we are just asking for the opportunity to go smoke-free, we aren’t mandating that campuses go smoke-free.
Dinner at the Greenbergs’: Nov 17th at 6:30PM.  Remember if you say you coming, please come!  If you do want a vegetarian meal, please check that box.
Rep reports:  Continue the great work with this!
SGA Campus Improvements:  We are asking for suggestions of things that you want done around the campus.  Many problems have already been addressed (parking, recycling), but we also don’t want to be idle if you hear students complaining or you think something can be improved.
Keep library warmer:  This has been issue for a long time; library was built in the 70s, so the 3rd floor won’t warm up and it will be millions of dollars to fix.
Bike racks:  addressing
MUSC tuition:  not decreasing, just staying at 7% increase.
Bee Street Garage:  Anna Lockamy (CHP Rep):  issue with leaving the garage and sitting in traffic in the garage.
Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Kat White (CON Rep), Kate Hicks (COM Rep)

Program Vice President:  Erin Pardue

New Business 
Charleston Stage- November 4th at 7:30PM, 39 Steps (Alfred Hitchcock); Dock Street Theatre; Reception at intermission.  Tickets are $5 and we only have 16 left.  We do have the entire upper balcony to ourselves.
Young Artist Series concert at CofC- November 15th at 8PM; free tickets for students only (limited, thru Student Programs Office); CofC students singing, performing music
Chamber music in ECL lobby- Wednesday, November 3rd at noon.  This will continue through this semester and maybe next spring.

Academic Vice President:  Carol Brown

New Business
Library Survey Winner- Lacy Gallagher (College of Pharmacy); this was for the Clemson students about how MUSC students use the library so they can help design the Learning Commons.  106 people participated in the survey and Clemson said it was very helpful.
New printer in ECL:  shortage of paper in ECL; Bob Poyer is aware of this and said a new printer will be installed, but all of the computers have to be updated for this printer, so it will be a process.  This printer will be on the 2nd floor and will have double the capacity of the old printer.  The paper runs out on the weekends, and a problem is that the CAE requires students to bring their own paper, so people take paper from the library.  The computers on the 4th floor will also be replaced (25 new Dells, 10 new Macs, new scanners)
University Honor Council meeting report:  faculty concerned about students asking for recommendations, but the faculty member doesn’t know if the student has had an Honor Code violation based on the confidentiality policy of the Honor Code.  We are suggesting a waiver so the faculty member would be able to access your records.

If anyone has any recommendations for getting discounted furniture for library, let me know.  Mary Mauldin has been contacting furniture stores.  We need three sofas.  Tyler mentioned doing a fundraiser for the Learning Commons, so maybe this could go to the lobby area.

Academic Affairs Committee meeting

Treasurer:  John Brandt

Old Business
Financial report for Oktoberfest:  Total expenses $14000, we did not sell out, so this affected the budget.  Net expense of around $9000, with $19.89/person.  We were $845 over-budget.
Feedback and results from Blood Drive:  We met our goal at the gym drive with 44 usable units (goal of 42).  In the fixed site, 33 people tried to give, and we got about 30 usable units (goal of 24).  The winner is CGS, followed by COP, COM, CHP, CDM.  CGS will have $200 of goods donated to their charity.
Feedback for Book Fair:  Raised money for SGA; we get 15% of total sales, so about $300.  There will be another one in the spring.

New Business
Second read of allocations fund request (Phi Lambda Sigma):  Requesting funds for 2011 Leadership Seminar.  They want us to sponsor non-pharmacy students with a request of $1500.  They will have this event regardless.  Period of debate.

Vote:  We pick, deans pick, let PLS pick students.  (Clint Larkins-CHP Rep):  Let the officers of each college pick.  Deans office will select students.
Vote:  Amount to give:  $1500 at $60/student. (voted down)

October 28:  Sugar Free Fall Festival; 5-8pm in HSC Gym.  We will have cornhole.  If you have a costume, please wear it.
November 18:  Hospice of Charleston Annual Candlelight Memorial; 5:30-7:30PM; Pre-Event Setup
December 1:  Holiday Tree Lighting; 3-5PM.  Ho ho contest:  Will Lake/Travis Ayers nominated as Santa.  Elves:  Emma Carter, Alicia Hoffart, Regan Root, Amanda Pirovitz, Meredith Smith
Service Committee meeting

Secretary:  Meg Croom

New Business
Website update:  The SGA website has been updated with all of the pictures we took at the last meeting.
Communication Committee meeting

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewksi

Student Golf Clinic:  November 9th/16th 6pm in HSC auditorium.  10 students came to the last one.  There are still a couple of spots available.  Email me if you want to come.
Volleyball rosters due next week in SPO

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back

Student Programs:  Willete Burnham:  Two financial workshops on managing your money.  There will be another one in the spring for loan consolidation.  Free lunch to the first 30 students.

University Wide Committees:  Amanda Pirovitz (CHP Rep)—bake sale next Wednesday in the horseshoe for SIPS


Graduate Studies:  Dina Moseley (CGS Rep), next Friday Student Research Day from 8-11 for posters, 11:45-4 in CHP for oral presentations

Health Professions

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Matt Tice (COM Rep):  Social November 6th from 7-9:30pm Tsunami downtown, open to everyone.  Next meeting on the 1st, CON 12-1 pm.


Pharmacy:  Andy Curtis:  November 19th, Christmas Crawl.  Everyone dresses up in Christmas clothes for a pub crawl downtown.  There will be ornaments on-campus like an Angel Tree.  Get the gift to enter the Crawl, or donate $10 to benefit Charleston Youth Development Center.  Usually 5-6 bars provide drink/food specials. 

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