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Meeting Minutes - August 31, 2011
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Speaker: Ms. Katie Schumacher – 2011 American Heart Walk
September 17th at Liberty Square; MUSC is a participant and has been the #1 lowcountry and SC state team in the past.  This year we are trying to get the University involved; Dr. Greenberg is the chair this year.  We are trying to get the students and faculty involved and have already raised greater than $10,000. This is a 3-mile walk.  Fundraising is through walker recruitment by asking for donations.  I have a handout with further details and the website information, where you can register for the SGA team as a walker and you can ask for online donations.  There is also an app for your smart phone, which allow you to fundraise as well.  You do need to register before getting the app.  The money raised will go for research, specifically at MUSC.  Last year we gave $1.3 million to MUSC and $800,000 was raised in the local community, so we are giving back more than is raised in this area.  Please feel free to contact me. 

President:  Carol Brown

Old Business
Reading of April 6 minutes:  Approved

New Business

Welcome and Introductions

SGA Retreat: 
Part I Wed 9/14 - 5 pm:  business portion of the retreat; normal meeting time; committees will be decided at this meeting
Part II Sat 9/17 - 8 a.m. to lunch:  Liberty Square (next to SC Aquarium) SGA tent; walk begins at 9 a.m. and should take about 2 hours.  Lunch will be in the Executive Board room at the Aquarium.  Food orders from Ted’s Butcher Block will be taken at the next meeting.

Women’s History Month Planning Committee; the month will be in March; monthly meetings from September - March at noon
One rep needed:  Cody Chiuzan (COM Rep)

Student Health Insurance:  It’s a bid year!  We are trying to get all questions and student opinions on this.  I have been working with Julie Reese to make a guide on how the bid process works to clear up confusion on how we select insurance programs.  I will email this document to you within the next week for you to send out to your classes.   Please ask for feedback and email me with suggestions so I can give these questions to Ms. Reese.  She will be coming to speak to us at a future meeting.

Smoking Resolution…Finally!  This has been going on for a few years, and we are hoping to get a smoking ban passed on campus.  In the past, we were told legislation needed to be passed for this to take place.  When the Board of Trustees met, we discussed the smoking resolution.  The Board voted to pass the smoking ban officially.  This has been handed to administration to determine how this will be enforced.  Dr. Greenberg wants this done by the end of the year.

Reps (2) to clean up after meeting:  Ryan Lee, Matt Littlejohn (CHP Reps)

Program Vice President
:  Erin Pardue

New Business

MUSC Student Activities, Library Services, and Volunteer Fair:  Wed 9/7 11:30 am-1:15 pm  in the Horseshoe
FREE iPAD drawing for students, technology vendors.  You can sign up for clubs you want to join.  If there are any clubs that want to participate, see Nadia after the meeting.  
Worker sign-ups:  Your responsibilities as an SGA rep include participating in 3 SGA events each semester, as well as 3 hours of community service.  If you work an event, you do get free admission to the event.  Worker spots are generally about 3 hours.  If you do not complete your worker spots this semester, you will not be able to get Winetasting tickets in the spring.

SGA Alcohol Awareness Series: “Pour Challenge”:  four-part series on alcohol education.  We will have giveaways for students who can pour one serving of alcohol. 
Edu-Palooza will also be at this event.  Last year they had a Wii tournament.

SGA Alcohol Awareness Month:  lunch will be served to the first 50 attendees
September 7:  “Pour Challenge” 
September 14:  “Effects of Alcohol and ADD/ADHD Medicines on the Body” 

BTS Party to be continued:  We are going to postpone the event.  This will take time to find a date as well as to reapply for alcohol permits.  My committee will have a lot of input on the event we are having in place of the BTS party.  Bring your tickets to get a refund!


Academic Vice President:  Brandon Hagan

New Business

Library update:  There has been a lot of confusion this summer with the construction.  There are now new rooms and carpet.  Later this fall we will have new furniture.

Carrels:  79 people applied this year; in the past we have had 30 carrels reserved.  This year we have 35 reserved and 30 not reserved.

Apple Tree/ Ed Tech Seminars Committee:  Chaired by Dr. Mary Mauldin to determine what is working well in the classroom.  They want to develop a mission statement.
Meetings every other month beginning in September, noon-1 pm
Two reps needed:  James Atkison (CGS Rep), Travis Ayers (COM Rep)

9/11 Commemorative Lecture and Poster Session:  You have gotten emails about this.
Poster submissions due by 9/9 at 5 pm; the posters don’t necessarily have to be for the lecture session.  They can portray other effects of 9/11 as well.
Session to be held 9/20, noon-1 pm in the Storm Eye Auditorium

University Honor Council meeting, Monday 9/19

Treasurer:  Kate Hicks

New Business

MUSC vs. Charleston School of Law Trivia Night at Midtown Bar and Grill, Thursday, 9/15 at 7 pm with a pop-culture theme.  $10/ticket; half of the ticket sales goes to the Heart Walk.  Worker sign-ups. 
SGA is providing food and Midtown is running drink specials.  There will be trivia and karaoke.  Charleston School of Law wants to know if we have any professors who would like to judge the karaoke.  We will receive a portion of the night’s proceeds for the Heart Walk. 

AHA Heart Walk website sign-up/fundraising, 9/17:  We are all participating in this event.  We would like to raise money for this event using a website.  I will email you the link to sign up for the team and to send out emails to fundraise.

Budget 1st read:  BTS allocations will be redistributed into other events.  Intramural sports—soccer is a subsidy for club soccer.  We now have a finance seminar series and the alcohol education seminar series.  For service, we are giving $300 for food for Trivia and money for food at the Make a Difference Day.

Volunteer overview:  You are required to work 3 hours each semester.  There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer
Habitat for Humanity 9/24
Fall Blood Drive 10/13; registration, canteen, clean-up spots available
Make a Difference Day 10/22:  University-wide event

Secretary:  Meg Croom

New Business

Rep responsibilities:  Just a reminder that the worker events and service events are separate.  Worker events are Erin’s events, so the cultural and social activities.  You must complete three events each semester.  Service events are chaired by Kate and three hours must be done each semester.

Communication suggestions:  If you have any suggestions on how to better on-campus communication, let me know!  

“Did you know?” on SGA website:  Please let your classes know about this!  There are a lot of interesting facts about MUSC and Charleston as a whole.

SGA binders:  Please look through these and bring them to each meeting!  Nancy has worked hard on these.  All of the meeting dates, as well as your responsibilities and community service events are in here.  The Oath of Understanding will be signed at the next meeting.  All of this is also online at, so please look here as well.  Also, I try to keep the website updated with your worker spots, etc. so please check this regularly to keep track of your events and let me know if anything needs to be changed!

Intramurals:  Kevin Smuniewski

Flag football:  Captains’ meeting tomorrow night 5:15 in HSC auditorium; games start 9/11 from 1-7 p.m. at North Charleston HS.  Directions online at  This will be a long season, until Thanksgiving.  The noncompetitive league requires 2 ladies to be on the team, competitive has no requirements.

Indoor soccer:  We are going to have an indoor soccer league in the gym.  We are still going to try to offer the subsidies for outdoor soccer as well.

College and Organizational Reports

MUSC Gives Back:  Liz Sheridan

MUSC Student Activities, Library Services, and Volunteer Fair, 9/7:  Please let your classes know about this event.  There will be a lot of vendors and people on campus to talk to you about their organizations.

Student Programs:  Nadia Mariutto

University Wide Committees
Waring Library Society Student Open House:  Erin Pardue
9/15, 4 - 6 pm with Harry Potter lecture by Dr. Weart beginning at 5:30 pm; Wine and appetizer reception.  Harry Potter themes will be related to medical history.
There is also a history club with the 1st meeting on the 21st; there will be a slideshow with the history of MUSC.  There will be free lunch.


Graduate Studies

Health Professions

International Student Association


Multicultural Student Advisory Board:  Daniel Odongo sub:  September 12th at noon in ECL117